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Denise (Secret Number) Profile And Facts

Denise (Secret Number) Profile And Facts
SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom (Denise Teaser Image) : kpop
Denise (데니스) is a member of the South Korean group Secret Number.

Stage Name: Denise (데니스)
Birth Name: Denise Kim
Korean Name: Kim Jinsil (김진실)
Probable Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: January 11, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: O
SoundCloud: @denisekim

Denise Facts:
– She was born in Houston, Texas, USA. (Interview with Dive Studio)
– She’s the tallest member.
– She is a former YG trainee.
– She plays the guitar.
– She joined YG back in 2016.
– She is the youngest member (maknae).
– She appeared in Kpop Star 5.
– She was born in Texas, USA.
– In Kpop Star 5 she was part of The group “Mazinga”.
– She released 4 self-composed singles on her SoundCloud.
– She was the second member to be revealed.
– Her favorite food is pancakes.
– Her favorite color is blue.
– Her favorite animal is the whale.
– Her hobby is taking pictures.
– Her favorite season is Winter.
– Her favorite flower is Peony.
– Her favorite TV show ‘The Office’.
– Her favorite scent is vanilla.
– She shares a room with Dita.
– Her favorite artists are Tori Kelly, The Band CAMINO, The 1975, and Panic! AT The Disco (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She likes BLACKPINK (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She is friends with members of BLACKPINK and Jang Hannah.
– She has a dog and a rabbit as pets (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– A song that reminds her of summer is ATEEZ’s ‘Wave’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite K-Pop groups are EXO, BTS, The Boyz, ATEEZ, and SEVENTEEN (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite song at the moment is ‘Boyfriend’ ft. Khakii’ by CHAI (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her role model is Tori Kelly (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She is allergic to cats but still loves them anyways (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– When asked what Jinny meant to her, Denise said ‘family’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Jinny calls her ‘lil sister’.
– She likes Pewdiepie (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She likes balado (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite BTS song is ‘Boy In Luv’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She prefers dogs over cats (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Shows she wants to be on after she debuts are‘Running Man’ and ‘Knowing Brothers’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite Red Velvet songs are ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Psycho’.
– Her favorite EXO song are ‘Monster’ and ‘Obsession’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– She prefers books over movies but she does love movies as well (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her religion is Christianity (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).
– Her favorite Disney movie is ‘Mulan’ (Instagram Q&A 04.18.20).

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