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pH-1 Profile and Facts

pH-1 Profile: pH-1 Facts and Ideal Type:

pH-1 / 피에이치원 is a Korean American rapper under the label H1GHR MUSIC.

Rap Name: pH-1 / 피에이치원
Birth Name: Park Junwon / 박준원
English Name: Harry Park / 해리 박
Birthday: 23rd of July, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Korean American
Height: 180 cm / 5’11”
Blood Type: O
IG: ph1boyyy
YouTube: pH-1
Twitter: ph1boyyy
SoundCloud: ph1boyyy

pH-1 Facts:
– His MBTI is INFP-T.
– Moved to America around the age of 12.
– He lived in New York for 15 years.
– Grew up in Long Island. His parents still lives there.
– He doesn’t mind how people write his rap name.
– He is a Christian and his faith is very important to him.
– When he was a child, he wanted to be a football player.
– A tiny poodle named Holly. He named her after watching ‘Breaking Bad‘.
– Former contestant on SMTM777.
– pH-1 made a special appearance on SMTM8.
– He was featured on Mirani‘s ‘Achoo‘ during SMTM9.
– Former producer on HSR4 with Jay Park and Woogie.
– He has been rapping since 2015.
– Made his Korean debut with the song ‘Perfect‘.
– Him and Owen Ovadoz has a duo together, Sous Chefs.
– In 2017 he released his EP, ‘The Island Kid‘.
– His rap name stands for Park Harry and 1. The 1 stands for Won because they have a similar sound.
– Has played the piano since he was a kid. He can also play the guitar, drums, saxophone, and other musical instruments.
– During his freshman year of college, he realized that rapping was most important to him and began to take it seriously.
– He graduated from Boston College. Afterwards he studied to get into dental school but later changed his mind and became a web developer.
– pH-1 went to college with Eric Nam.
– Classmates with BEAST‘s Yang Yoseop. They were on the same samulnori team together.
– Decided to move to Korea due to not being able to live without the music industry.
– His biggest challenge in the industry was that he didn’t know anyone in Korea so making connections was hard for him as well as the cultural differences.
– A homebody and values his private life.
– His favorite color is Orange.
– He doesn’t like rain.
– Gets picked on by his younger label mates.
– Hwimin and Gyujeong love to ‘torture’ him.
– According to Mirani, pH-1 likes Haribo classic jellies.
– The most memorable thing to happen to him was when he was signed to H1IGHR MUSIC after moving to Korea.
– For him, autotune doesn’t cover up the skills of an artist, it’s simply a style.
– He tries not to put any swearing, sexual stuff, drugs or money in his lyrics. He hopes his lifestyle and his beliefs are evident through his music.
– Due to not wanting to seem desperate, he doesn’t text the person he really likes right back on purpose.
– The LP ‘BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE‘ released on the 15th Sept.
– pH-1’s Ideal Type: Someone goal-oriented, independent, well-mannered, and polite. He says he doesn’t have high standards.

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Latest Album Release: BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE

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