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1st Mini Debut Album: Under the Moonlight
Release date: November 2 2015

VAV - VAV [UNDER THE MOONLIGHT] 1st Mini Album CD+Photobook+Tracking Number K-POP SEALED - Amazon.com Music

  • Under The Moonlight (달빛 아래서)
  • Good Bye
  • Long Journey (신세계)
  • Under The Moonlight (달빛 아래서) inst.

2nd Mini Album: Brotherhood
Release date: May 10 2016

VAV - VAV [BROTHERHOOD] 2nd Mini Album CD+Photobook+Tracking Number K-POP SEALED - Amazon.com Music

  • Brotherhood
  • I Don’t Gossip (소문내지마)
  • Brotherhood inst.
  • I Don’t Gossip (소문내지마) inst.

Repackage Album: Brotherhood: No Doubt
Release date: July 1 2016

VAV - 2nd Mini Album Part 2: No Doubt

  • No Doubt (노답)
  • Mirrage (신기루)
  • Brotherhood
  • I Don’t Gossip (소문내지마)
  • No Doubt (노답) inst.

Full Album: Spotlight
Release date: January 28 2018

VAV - VAV - [Spotlight]3rd Mini Album CD+Booklet+PhotoCard K-POP Sealed Korean Boy Group - Amazon.com Music

  • Spotlight
  • Gorgeous (예쁘다고)
  • Give It to Me
  • She’s Mine
  • ABC (Middle of the Night)
  • Flower (You)
  • Venus (Dance With Me) (비너스)
  • Winter Breeze

4th Mini Album: Thrilla Killa
Release date: March 18 2019


  • Thrilla Killa
  • I’m Sorry
  • Touch You
  • Senorita
  • Thrilla Killa (inst.

5th Mini Album: Poison
Release date: October 21 2019

VAV - Poison (5th Mini Album) | The Daebak Company

  • Poison
  • 119
  • Runway
  • Sweet Heart
  • Poison (inst.)

6th Mini Album: Made for Two
Release date: September 15 2020

Pre-Order] VAV 6th Mini Album - MADE FOR TWO – Choice Music LA

  • Made For Two
  • Into You
  • Moto
  • Hold Tight (놓지마)
  • You Taught Me Love
  • Made For Two (inst.)

Credit: IZ*ONE.48

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