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List of official authors (Part 2)

Here’s a list of new official authors for the site (by alphabetic order) and the profiles made by them (Part 2: K-R).
(Part 1: @-J), (Part 3: S-Z)

Yukika Profile
Blue.D Profile

Kang Seulgi
Joyuriz (IZ*ONE) Members Profile

The Man BLK Profile

Uni5 Profile

Jewelry Profile
JewelryS (Jewelry sub-unit)

Big Marvel Profile
Mad Clown Profile
Celeb Five Profile
Haon Profile
What was your favorite Red Velvet era? Poll
JunCurryAhn (JUN) Profile
AWEEK Profile
Quiz: How well do you know NCT?
SpeXial Profile
Royal Pirates Profile
Jang Nara Profile
Munch Profile
Choi Woo-Shik Profile
Dok2 Profile
CAMILA Profile
Guan Xiaotong Profile
Lip Service Profile
Quiz: Who’s your MAMAMOO girlfriend?
Favorite ASTRO era? Poll
Flowsik Profile
Gong Myung Profile
Elo Profile
Verbal Jint Profile
Which boy group fits the cute concept the best? Poll
Quiz: How Well Do You Know f(x)?
Can you guess the girl group song by the screenshot?
Harisu Profile
J-Min Profile
Younha Profile
What Was Your Favorite MAMAMOO Era? Poll
M.Pire Profile
Han Ye-seul Profile
BLITY Profile
WITZ Profile
What Was Your Favorite NCT Era?
MiSO Profile
Unit Black Profile
Khalil Fong Profile
Sohyang Profile
Subin (Dal Shabet) Profile
Tritops Profile
Hitchhiker Profile
Park Hyo-shin Profile
Kim Soo-Ahn Profile
Road Boyz Profile
G.E.M Profile
Cho Yoon Woo Profile
Seo In Guk Profile
Do Ji Han Profile
Ugly Duck Profile
Lee Chung Ah Profile
Hong Jong-hyun Profile
Ahn Hyo Seop Profile
Park Boram Profile
Lee Won-geun Profile
Kim Na Young Profile
Two X Profile
Quiz: How Well Do You Know HyunA?
Crazyno Profile
What Was You Favorite TWICE Era?
Roh Jihoon Profile
Norazo Profile
Hash Swan Profile
Keem Hyo-eun Profile
Airplane Profile
Nafla Profile
Ash Island Profile
Ajoo Profile
AxisB Profile
Changmo Profile
Nucksal Profile
Punchello Profile
Swings Profile
CherryBerry Profile
Loopy Profile
Good Morning (Good Day) Profile
Midnight (Good Day) Profile
Good Night (Good Day) Profile
Hyene Profile
Nada Profile
RIRI Profile
Crucial Star Profile
How Well Do You Know Red Velvet?
Kim Go-eun Profile
Im Chang-jung Profile
Uee Profile
Raina (After School) Profile
Nana (After School) Profile
E-Young (After School) Profile
Kaeun (After School) Profile
Jung Ah Profile
Joo-yeon Profile
So-young Profile
Bekah Profile
Kahi Profile
Lee Joo-young Profile
Lexy Profile
Ahn Kil-kang Profile
Wu Qian Profile
Kim Jin-kyung Profile
J.Y Park Profile
Sonnet Son Profile
Lee Jae-yoon Profile
Kim Tae Hwan Profile
Kyung Soo-jin Profile
10cm Profile
Yang Hee-eun Profile
Han Dong-geun Profile
Can You Guess The NCT Song By The Screenshot?
Kang Ki-Young Profile And Facts
Baek Seung-Heon Profile
DMTN Profile
Vachirawit (Bright) Chivaaree Profile
Han Hyun-min Profile
Junoflo Profile
Fly To The Sky Profile

Woodie Gochild Profile
oh no nina/Nina Yu Profile
Who is your favorite soloist? [Female version]
Summer Soul Profile
Who is your favorite soloist? [Male version]
Woodie Gochild Profile
Keum Donghyun Profile

Jun (U-Kiss) Profile

Vinxen Profile

Lim Juyeon
ZGirls 2nd Generation Members Profile
ZBoys 2nd Generation Members Profile
Lena (GWSN) Profile and Facts
Green (RedSquare) Profile and Facts
Chaeyeon (Busters)
Jisoo (Busters)
Cherry Chu (Cherry Bullet Sub-Unit) Members Profile
Cherry Attack (Cherry Bullet Sub-Unit) Members Profile
PinkFantasy Shadow (PFSD) Profile and Facts
PIT A PAT Profile

EXID Discography
Stellar Discography
Girl’s Day Discography
Hello Venus Discography
Dal Shabet Discography
Fiestar Discography
AOA Discography

Chohee (Saturday) Profile
Sion (Saturday) Profile
Berryz Kobo Profile
Sunha Profile
Haneul (Saturday) Profile
Chaewon Profile
Yuki (Saturday) Profile
Wang Zi Wei Profile
Wu Xi Ze Profile
Guan Hong Profile
Juyeon (Saturday) Profile
Aywon (Saturday) Profile
Minseo (Saturday) Profile
Hu Yi Tian Profile
ONE N’ ONLY Profile
I LUV Profile
Shen Yue Profile
Heo Young Saeng Profile
Hwanwoong Profile
Kanna Hashimoto Profile

Dance Racha Sub Unit (Stray Kids) Profile
Vocal Racha Sub Unit (Stray Kids) Profile
CLOVER Profile
Sungjin (Day6) Profile
Wonpil (Day6) Profile
Dowoon (Day6) Profile
Hui (Pentagon) Profile
Jinho (Pentagon) Profile
Hongseok (Pentagon) Profile
Shinwon (Pentagon) Profile
SM Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
JYP Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
YG Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Big Hit Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Cube Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Starship Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Pledis Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
FNC Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Woollim Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Fantagio Music Profile: History, Artists, and Facts
Yeo One (Pentagon) Profile
Sky Rabbit Profile
Yuto (Pentagon) Profile
Kino (Pentagon) Profile
Play M Entertainment Profile
Seungsik (VICTON) Profile
Chan (VICTON) Profile
Sejun (VICTON) Profile
Hanse (VICTON) Profile
Subin (VICTON) Profile
WM Entertainment Profile
Changsub (BTOB) Profile
T.O.P (Big Bang) Profile
Taeyang (Big Bang) Profile
RBW Profile
Daesung (Big Bang) Profile
Yukyung (ELRIS) Profile
Hyeseong (ELRIS) Profile
Karin (ELRIS) Profile
Seoho (ONEUS) Profile
Leeteuk (Super Junior) Profile
Heechul (Super Junior) Profile
Yesung (Super Junior) Profile
Shindong (Super Junior) Profile
Eunhyuk (Super Junior) Profile
Siwon (Super Junior) Profile
Ryeowook (Super Junior) Profile
Park Soo-ah Profile
Chanhyuk (AKMU) Profile
Suhyun (AKMU) Profile
Minchan (VERIVERY) Profile
Dongheon (VERIVERY) Profile
Hoyoung (VERIVERY) Profile
Yongseung (VERIVERY) Profile
Yeonho (VERIVERY) Profile
Gyehyeon (VERIVERY) Profile
Huihyeon (DIA) Profile
Eunice (DIA) Profile
Jueun (DIA) Profile
Eunchae (DIA) Profile
Somyi (DIA) Profile
Dojoon (The Rose) Profile
Hajoon (The Rose) Profile
Jaehyeong (The Rose) Profile
Dongwoo (Infinite) Profile
Woohyun (Infinite) Profile

Choi Sihyoung Profile
Lee Dahee Profile
Team Spark Profile
Lady Jane Profile
Sibong Profile
December Profile
BiPa Profile
Pocket Girls Profile
Alice Vicious Profile
Kisu Profile
Corbyn Profile
My Darling Profile
Ahn Jaehyun Profile
EXO-K Profile
AGIRLS Profile
Kim Jaewook Profile
BLANC S Profile
J.Heart Profile
N-SONIC Profile
Kim Dong Hee Profile
Yoon Si Yoon Profile
Bang Minah Profile
Mark Wong Profile
Feeldog Profile
Oh Sae-Bom Profile
Shin Lim Profile
Jung Il Woo Profile
Lee Jung Shin Profile
Jang Dong Yoon Profile
Kang Tae Oh Profile
Hyun Su Profile
Lee Si Hoo Profile
Bae Hyun Sung Profile
Lee Tae Ri Profile
Zhang Liyin Profile
SM Ballad Profile
Jay Profile
Jung Gun Joo Profile
Kim Young Dae Profile
Kang Hoon Profile
Park Hae Jin Profile
Ji Sung Profile
Han Ji Min Profile
Oh Eui Sik Profile
Jang Seung Jo Profile
Park Hee Bon Profile
Lee You Jin Profile
Gong Min Jung Profile
Park Won Sang Profile
Lee Tae Hwan Profile
Lee Si Eon Profile
Cha Kwang Soo Profile
Kim Eui Sung Profile
Nam Gi Ae Profile
Cho Hyun Chul Profile
Kang Hong Seok Profile
Jung Dong Hwan Profile
Shin Jung Geun Profile
Cho Hye Jung Profile
Oh Ji Ho Profile
Choi Eun Kyeong Profile

Gwak Jinsung Profile

Lucas Bieber
THE T-BIRD Profile

DSP N Profile
Bandage Profile
OUI Boyz Profile
Blackleaf Profile
CIRCLE Profile
Ggumnamu (WM Boys) Profile

PinkFantasy Discography
J-Hope Discography

WayV Discography

Han Sung Min Profile

Quiz: Guess the M/V pt 2 (Special Event)

Yodayoung Profile

SHA Boy Trainees Profile
SHA Girl Trainees Profile

Penomeco Profile
PLT Profile
Millic Profile
Fanxy Child Profile

BoybandPH Profile
MNL48 Team NIV Profile

Dia Girls Profile
A-Seed Profile
Alice White Profile
Bebop Profile
Ureka Profile
Goddess Profile
Purplay Profile
Global Icon Profile
Gangkiz Profile
Kim Jaeyeon Profile
CHI CHI Profile
She’Z Profile
Son Hyun Mi Profile
N*White Profile
Scarlet Profile
New-A Profile
Queen B’Z Profile
Tae Wan Profile
Shin Hae Gyeong Profile
Bryn Profile
Dasom Profile
Koh Nayoung Profile
Min Seyoung Profile
fishingirls Profile
Melody Pink Profile
Mighty Mouth Profile
Killagramz Profile
Kim Sawol Profile
Daydream Profile
Z.Hera Profile
HeartB Profile
12DAL Profile
Lafée Profile
SBGB Profile
Call Lee Profile
Stella Jang Profile
Moonlight Girls Profile
Choyoung Profile
Coda Bridge Profile
Shin Seol Hee Profile
Lofibaby Profile
Dongnae Oppa Profile
Taesaja Profile
HADY Profile
Jang Woohyuk Profile
Sunny Days Profile
Sunny Days Real Vocal Profile
Honey Apple Profile
Cashcoma Profile
Jenny Jeon Profile
Champagne & Candle Profile
Dawg’loo Profile
Bursters Profile
Lee Junghyun Profile
KISSES Profile
S.E.T Profile
Justhis Profile
DICE Profile
Fri.D Profile
Isabella Profile
Goodnight Stand Profile
Red-In-Ear Profile
Hailey Profile
Black Bunny Profile
Heart Profile
Suzanne Profile
109 Profile
Delight Profile
Park Chaoreum Profile
B.I.T (2017 group) Profile
Ban Seolhee Profile
Demion Profile
Cherry Coke Profile
Walking After U Profile
Lo Volf Profile
Woorizari Profile
Vince Profile
≠ME Profile
Kang Hee Profile
Startline Profile
2o Love to Sweet Bullet Profile
Solbi Profile
OnePixcel Profile
Im Jaegeun Profile
Littles Profile
SE O Profile
Gracie Profile
Ahn Byeong Woong Profile
608 Profile
Park Han Eol Profile
Kim Sora Profile
Nolza Profile
Kyung Dasom Profile
yourbeagle Profile
Peach Girl Profile
Wu Jinyan Profile
Cherish Profile
Blenn Profile
2NYNE Profile
VINCIT Profile
WABLE Profile
Riyou Profile
Son Jonghak Profile
Neonblack Profile
Classmate Profile
Twin Girls Profile
Swalla Profile
4CARAT Profile
KOKOON Profile
Yunsae Profile
Seo Jian Profile
Kim Soojin Profile
Surple Profile
1set Profile
VOID Profile
YEIN Profile
Night Off Profile
Okdal Profile
Rose Queen Profile
Bling Profile
HENNY Profile
Which is your favorite TWICE ship?
Which is your favorite TWICE ship?
Which is your favorite BlackPink ship?
Which is your favorite Stray Kids ship?
Which is your favorite ATEEZ ship?
Messgram Profile
What’s your favorite ITZY ship?
Which is your favorite Everglow ship?
Which is your favorite Got7 ship?
GyeongseoYeji Profile
HYNN Profile
Say Sue Me Profile
Yellopumpy Profile
Chu Hwajeong Profile
FR:EDEN Profile
Superbee Profile
Which is your favorite TXT ship?
MYORI Profile
Yang Jiwon Profile
Jeong Dongwon Profile
Which is your favorite The Boyz ship?
Lee Daewon Profile
Who’s the best vocalist/rapper in TWICE?
SE SO NEON Profile
Sister’s Barbershop Profile
Celine Profile
Ash-B Profile
NEWRED Profile
Choi Yegeun Profile
Mail Profile
Aisle Profile
maRe Profile
Hello Gayoung Profile
Which is your favorite OH MY GIRL ship?
Which is your favorite Dreamcatcher ship?
Seori Profile
Keumjo Profile
Kim Chaeli Profile
Lee Hana Profile
Roya Profile
MyoU Profile
g1nger Profile
2000WON Profile
MAY Profile
Hong Daekwang Profile
Jinhyeon (flor_us) Profile
Suhwa (flor_us) Profile
Jisong (flor_us) Profile
Hyejeong (flor_us) Profile
Which is your favorite MCND ship?
Pride Band Profile
Say Yes Profile
415 Profile
Wilcox Profile
Yumin Profile
Phonebooth Profile
Seoulmoon Profile
Which is your favorite MONSTA X ship?
The Solutions Profile
GK (DKB) Profile
Dakyung (PRISM) Profile
Yoonseol (PRISM) Profile
Terra (PRISM) Profile
Ryeowon (PRISM) Profile
Jihye (WhiteDay) Profile
Eunji (WhiteDay) Profile
Yujung (WhiteDay) Profile
HÜ Profile
Risso Profile
Lee Youngi Profile
Queen Wa$abii Profile
Sleeq Profile
Neon Bunny Profile
Fool in the Pool Profile
D1 (DKB) Profile
OOHYO Profile
Aseul Profile
Yiyeon (BVNDIT) Profile
Motte Profile
Sunjin Profile
Songhee (BVNDIT) Profile
Jungwoo (BVNDIT) Profile
Simyeong (BVNDIT) Profile
Seungeun (BVNDIT) Profile
IT’S Profile
Baek Juyeon Profile
ultimadrap Profile
Rano (E’LAST) Profile
Choi In (E’LAST) Profile
Seungyeop (E’LAST) Profile
Baekgyeul (E’LAST) Profile
Romin (E’LAST) Profile
Won Hyuk (E’LAST) Profile
Wonjun (E’LAST) Profile
Yejun (E’LAST) Profile
Limji Profile
Jo Sungbeom Profile
Sool J Profile
Han Heejeong Profile
Hello Youth Profile
Lunch Profile
ROA Profile
P.O (Block B) Profile
SG Entertainment Girl Group Profile
Hail Profile
Lee Sieun Profile
Swan Profile
Keonhee (Oneus) Profile
Ryu Jisu Profile
LYURI Profile
Ivone Profile
Junseo (DKB) Profile
Root Sixteen Profile
40 Profile
Jang Jaein Profile
Echae en Route Profile
Echae Kang Profile
Gowoon Profile
Seo Chulgu Profile
Danggisio Profile
Oh Heejung Profile
Beautiful Days Profile
Like Me Members Profile
OuiOui Profile
Hyungdon & Daejun Profile
HOA Profile
Lim Youngwoong Profile
PULLIK Profile
Delight (2020 group) Profile
Maka Maka Profile
Lee Sangmi Profile
Crescendo Profile
Cha Gaeul Profile
Jung Yewon Profile
Sin Yeyoung Profile
I.G Profile
Jeon Sangkeun Profile
Royeon (ANS) Profile
Lina (ANS) Profile
J (ANS) Profile
Dalyn (ANS) Profile
Raon (ANS) Profile
Bian (ANS) Profile
Dam I (ANS) Profile
Haena (ANS) Profile
Yunu Profile
O.WHEN Profile
Lim Heonil Profile
Shin Insun Profile
Carcar Girl Profile
A.I.N Profile
Novadox Profile
Baek Jiwoong Profile
Baek Jiwoong Profile
Shin Youme Profile
Epitone Project Profile
GA EUN Profile
250 Profile
Min Keumyong Profile
Lucite Tokki Profile
Kim Haewon Profile
Kim Sawol x Kim Haewon Profile
Jang Deokcheol Profile
Sohn Yerim Profile
Byulzzi Profile
GOLD Profile
Jun.H (UNVS) Profile
YY (UNVS) Profile
Eunho (UNVS) Profile
Changgyu (UNVS) Profile
Jen (UNVS) Profile
Forestella Profile
J.UNA Profile
Han Joowan Profile
9 and the Numbers Profile
Yunji (ARIAZ) Profile
Dawon (ARIAZ) Profile
Sihyeon (ARIAZ) Profile
Yeori (ARIAZ) Profile
Hyogyeong (ARIAZ) Profile
Jueun (ARIAZ) Profile
Yebit Profile
BIYA Profile
Yujihi Profile
Dalie Profile
Jung Yihan Profile
Sunny Dahye Profile
Geunsu Profile
Yuzion Profile
Doyi Lee Profile
Tri:al Profile
DKSN Profile
BUDY Profile
Yuk Jidam Profile
Hanhae Profile
Lubless Profile
Lim Jaehyun Profile
Doritori Profile
Bluedawn Profile
Rainbow99 Profile
Sogumm Profile
Odee Profile
OOSU:HAN Profile
P1Harmony Profile
Electricity Flowing Profile
Lim Jaehyun (1997) Profile
AREAL: Who is Who?
ARIAZ: Who is Who?
A-Seed: Who is Who?
ANS: Who is Who?
Luminous Elf
Poll: Who’s the best dancer in API?
Poll: Who’s the best vocalist/rapper in API?
BLASTAR: Who is Who?
API: Who is Who?
Episode: Who is Who?
Hwilyn Profile
Jukjae Profile

Min Ailin
Bang Yongguk Profile
Zelo Profile
Himchan Profile
Jongup Profile
Sung Hoon Profile
Yoo Youngjae Profile
Park Bom Profile
Thunder Profile
Taecyeon Profile
Nichkhun Profile
BM Profile
Sandara Park Profile
Kwon Hyunbin Profile
Wooseok Profile
SoljiHani Profile
Angelababy Profile
Liu Yifei Profile
Dylan Wang Profile
Yeji (ITZY) Profile
Lia (ITZY) Profile
Ryujin (ITZY) Profile
Chaeryeong (ITZY) Profile
Yuna (ITZY) Profile
Yanan Profile
Chancellor Profile
HIGH4 20 Profile
Min Hyorin Profile
Lin Yanjun Profile
Who’s your favorite vocalist in BTS? Poll
Shin Sekyung Profile
EXO-SC Profile
Lucy Profile
Lim Jiyeon Profile
Blackpink Discography
B.A.P Discography
Monsta X Discography
Orly Profile
Quiz: How well do you know SF9?
Quiz: How well do you know VIXX?
James Lee Profile
What’s your favorite TXT Official MV?
Yezi Profile
Mackenyu Arata Profile
Young K Profile
Lee Seyoung Profile
Benji Profile
Son Jihyun Profile
Quiz: How well do you know kpop? (Special Event)
E:U (Everglow) Profile
Sihyeon (Everglow) Profile
Mia (Everglow) Profile
Onda (Everglow) Profile
Aisha (Everglow) Profile
Yiren (Everglow) Profile
Jun (A.C.E) Profile
Donghun (A.C.E) Profile
Wow (A.C.E) Profile
Kim Byeongkwan (A.C.E) Profile
Chan (A.C.E) Profile
Bora Profile
Jimin (AOA) Profile
Yuna (AOA) Profile
Hyejeong (AOA) Profile
Seolhyun (AOA) Profile
Chanmi (AOA) Profile
What’s your favorite ATEEZ Official MV?
Kim Dami Profile
Hyelim Profile
Kwon Sohyun Profile
Heo Gayoon Profile
Arden Cho Profile
Lee Hyun Profile
The Gazette Profile
Yuan Shanshan Profile
What’s your favorite BLACKPINK Official MV?
Quiz: Who’s not the member? (Special Event)
Kwon Mina Profile
Agust D Discography

SB19 Profile
WhiteDay Profile
BaBa Profile

Leedo (ONEUS) Profile
Xion (ONEUS) Profile
Seunghun (CIX) Profile
Hyunsuk (CIX) Profile
Yonghee (CIX) Profile
Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) Profile
Y (Golden Child) Profile
Jangjun (Golden Child) Profile
TAG (Golden Child) Profile
Seungmin (Golden Child) Profile
Jaehyun (Golden Child) Profile
Ravn (ONEUS) Profile
BX (CIX) Profile
Yook Sungjae (BTOB) Profile
MONNI Profile

PEACE Profile
BY9 Profile
Rumor Special Sub Unit (IZ*ONE) Profile
Ambush on All Sides 2 Group A Profile
No Time For You Profile
172 GIRLS Profile
Hard Candy Girls 303 Profile
AWINK Profile

Kang Xiwon Profile
MUSKY Profile
Handong (Dreamcatcher) Profile
Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) Profile
Gahyeon (Dreamcatcher) Profile
Moon Ga Young Profile
Poll: What is your favorite Stray Kids title track?
Poll: What is your favorite ATEEZ title track?
Minkyeung (HINAPIA) Profile
Gyeongwon (HINAPIA) Profile
Eunwoo (HINAPIA) Profile
Yaebin (HINAPIA) Profile
Bada (HINAPIA) Profile

ONF Discography
Hyojin (ONF) Profile
E-Tion (ONF) Profile
J-US (ONF) Profile
Wyatt (ONF) Profile
MK (ONF) Profile
U (ONF) Profile
Poll: Who owned ONF’s On/Off era?
Poll: Who owned ONF’s Complete era?
Poll: Who owned ONF’s We Must Love era?
Poll: Who owned ONF’s Why era?
Poll: Which is your favorite song from ONF’s On/Off album?
Poll: Which is your favorite song from ONF’s You Complete Me album?
Poll: Which is your favorite song from ONF’s We Must Love album?
Poll: Which is your favorite song from ONF’s Go Live album?
Poll: Who is your favorite vocalist/rapper/dancer in ONF?
Poll: Who owned ONF’s Sukhumvit Swimming era?
Poll: Which is your favorite song from ONF’s Spin-Off album?

Aito (SB Boyz) Profile and Facts
Seita (NEXZ) Profile
Ken (NEXZ) Profile & Facts
Tomoya (NEXZ) Profile & Facts
Yu (NEXZ) Profile
NEXZ Members That Share A Birthday With Other Idols
BEBE (Dancers) Members Profile
Mo (ALAMAT) Profile, Bio , & Facts
Taneo (ALAMAT) Profile, Bio, & Facts
JIMMY (PSYCHIC FEVER) Profile, Bio, & Facts
Jeon Wooseok (3WAY) Profile & Facts
Jeanne Cherry Profile & Facts
Luo (DIGNITY) Profile & Facts
W Members Profile
Judy (UMESHU) Profile and Facts
Rikka (UMESHU) Profile and Facts
Cheerbell (Umeshu) Profile and Facts
Quiz: Whose K-Pop Idol Eye Is It?
Quiz: Kpop Questions Every Kpop Stan Should Know
Quiz: How Big Of A Once Are You? TWICE (Easy) Edition

LABEL UP Profile
Minho x Jisung (MINSUNG) Stray Kids
CoCo Profile
GROW.B Profile
KQ FELLAZ (KQ Entertainment Trainees) Profile
HitGirls Profile
NT9 Profile
Nizi Project (Survival Show)
XENEX Profile
Girls2ooo Profile
Kpop Idols in Public Relationships
KAACHI Profile
BYUL, DAL Profile
JUO Profile
Hickey Profile
DXT Profile
MOOM Profile
Good Girl (Survival Show) Profile
Talay (Lay) Sanguandikul Profile
Cheek Touch Boys Member Profile (Stray Kids X NCT Dream Collab)
OXQ Profile
00z Profile
JaeHyun’s Profile
M.O.L.A Profile
Who owned NiziU’s ‘Make You Happy’ Era?
U.SSO Boy Profile
Super Kids Profile
Changbin & I.N (Stray Kids Unit) Profile
Hyunjin & Seungmin (Stray Kids Unit) Profile
Han & Lee Know (Stray Kids Unit) Profile
CHANCE (Stray Kids Unit) Profile
KissboysTH Profile
V.R.P Profile
The Comet Profile
6Teen Profile
Aliz Profile
Kayavine Profile
LYRA (BNK48) Profile
Mimigumo (BNK48) Profile
Chic Chili Profile
Chic Chili S&R Profile
Siam☆Dream Profile
Pretzelle Profile
Hi-U Profile
JNP Profile
Per6ix Profile
Fever Profile

Jion (N.TIC) Profile

Rothy Profile
SOLE Profile

Mia Profile

Mokyo Profile
Colde Profile

WeAreYoung Profile

Minzy Profile
TRCNG Profile
Epik High Profile
H.U.B Profile
Rain Profile

Soso (GWSN) Profile
Anne (GWSN) Profile

MR-X Profile

Kim Hyang Gi Profile

What’s your favorite Everglow B-side?
Who owned HINAPIA’s Drip era?
Poll: What’s your favorite Everglow Onda hair color ?
Quiz: Can you guess which female K-pop Idol is in each picture?
Poll: Who owned PinkFantasy’s Shadow Play Era?
Quiz: Can you guess what song these Red Velvet lyrics are from?

Yoo Seonho Profile
Jeon Soyeon Profile
Yuehua Project (Hyeongseop X Euiwoong) Profile
CUBE TREE (Cube Entertainment Trainees Profile)
Jung Hae In Profile
OG School Project Profile
Jang Hyunseung Profile
Jo Kwon Profile
IDLE Profile
A Train to Autumn Profile
Wooseok X Kuanlin Profile
Castle J (MCND) Profile
BIC (MCND) Profile
Minjae (MCND) Profile
Huijun (MCND) Profile
Win (MCND) Profile

Kang Sira Profile
Orange Caramel Profile
Kim Sae Ron Profile
Kim So-Hyun Profile
Crush Profile
Jung Sewoon Profile
Unicorn Profile
SeeArt Profile

BNF Profile
MustB Profile

Kobushi Factory Profile
MeseMoa. Profile

Fan BingBing Profile
Kyline Alcantara Profile
Who’s the best dancer in Twice? Poll
Gabbi Garcia Profile
Maine Mendoza Profile
Julie Anne San Jose Profile
Most Popular Kpop Girl Group Face of the Group?

Sori Profile
Apeace Profile
LST Profile
Young West Profile
FlowBack Profile
Lip B Profile
ALFA Profile

Minty Profile
March 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
Cleaun Profile
Idol School Profile
AAA Profile
Boys24 Profile
April 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
Deluxe Profile
ASTORY Boys Profile
VL Boys Profile
MONT Arena Profile
Happiness Profile
TO.1 (Top of One) Profile
Sudannayuzuyully Profile
MMIXNINE (Top 9) Male Profile
MMIXNINE (Top 9) Female Profile
Dreamer Profile
May 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
OBON Profile
June 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
MIN Profile
The Unit Profile
July 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
SUPER9 Profile
T.E.N Profile
ONE A DAY Profile
Bích Phương Profile
SAVE Profile
Challenger Profile
NPI Profile
A-Prince Profile
TOUCH Profile
Twi-Light Profile
ON AiR Profile
R1AN Profile
September 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases
BLAST Profile

How Well Do You Know Twice? Quiz
How Well Do You Know IZ*ONE? Quiz

The Legend Profile
Kang Ha-Neul Profile
Oh Seung-Hoon Profile
Ha Yeon-Soo Profile
UP Profile
IZ*ONE Profile
Lalary Profile
N.CUS Profile
The Untamed Boys Profile
Cao Yu-Chen Profile
Episode Profile
3unshine Profile

MIND U Profile
iKON Discography
High Tension Profile
YongYong Profile
WJSN Discography
The Boyz Discography
Lim Bora Profile
WEi Profile
Wonho Discography

For Part 1 of the list (@-J) please visit: List of official authors (Part 1)

For Part 3 of the list (S-Z) please visit: List of official authors (Part 3)

Thanks a lot! <3