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Jiselle Profile and Facts

Jiselle Profile: Jiselle Facts and Ideal Type

Jiselle (지젤)
is a South Korean singer and songwriter under SM Entertainment Sub-Label: Million Market in “Off The” crew. She debuted on February 02, 2019, with a single “Missed Call” featuring Chancellor.

Stage name: Jiselle (지젤)
Birthday: July 24, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Instagram: @jjissselle
Website: JISELLE 지젤

Jiselle Facts:
– She was born in South Korea.
– She speaks English.
– She’s friends with a singer MOON.
– She writes lyrics and composes her own songs.
– She has a tattoo on her right forearm “MCMXC” (1990) and a treble clef behind her ear.
– She is close to singer SURAN and she really admires her.
– She has a brother who is a producer. (Super K-Pop)
– She majored in marketing in the business department. And has a master’s degree. (Super K-Pop)
Chancellor was the reason she was able to start the music. (Super K-Pop)
– She was releasing music independently with her own team before joining Million Market. (Super K-Pop)
– In elementary and middle school she was into hip-hop. So when she thought about being an artist she thought she’d be a rapper but she can’t rap. (Super K-Pop)
– She stayed in Atlanta, Georgia, US for 2 years, from 5th grade. After 7th grade came back to South Korea, graduated middle school and high school. Then she went to Japan to go to college, stayed there for 4 years, and again came back to South Korea. (Super K-Pop)
– An artist that influences her is Jhené Aiko. (Super K-Pop)
– She considers Ariana Grande the best and is obsessed with her. (Super K-Pop)
– As of 2021 she listens to pop music like Chris Brown, Ariana Grande. (Super K-Pop)
– An artist she’d love to work with is Baekhyun from EXO. She loves his “vocal color” and considers him a brilliant singer. (Super K-Pop)
– She worked with top artists like Chancellor, Changmo, pH-1, Bewhy.
– She wrote her song ‘Better This Way’ (2019) 6 months after a breakup. (Super K-Pop)
– She tends to write songs from her life experiences so 90% of them are about her and her story. (Super K-Pop)
– Her nickname is Elsa because she tends to be shy, hide things, and not really open up to other people. (Super K-Pop)
– She said that naturally, her voice is very weak. So if she talks a lot during the daytime she sounds very horse. To prevent it, she stays home and drinks a lot of water before the performance. (Super K-Pop)
– If she didn’t become a singer, she would finish her doctor’s degree. (Super K-Pop)
– She loves her voice but doesn’t consider herself a really talented vocalist. (Super K-Pop)
– She is very good at drawing. (Super K-Pop)
– She has a Russian Blue cat named Simba. In 2021 he turned 5 years old.
– She is a cat person. (Super K-Pop)
– She loves listening to H.E.R. (Super K-Pop)
– She goes to the shooting range in Myeong-dong where she has a membership card. She considers it a very good way to relieve stress. (Super K-Pop)

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