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Jiselle Profile and Facts

Jiselle Profile: Jiselle Facts:

Jiselle / 지젤
is an South Korean R&B Singer and Songwriter under Million Market (SM Ent.).
She’s currently in the Off The crew in Million Market.
Debuted on the 2nd Feb. of 2019 with, ‘Missed Call‘ featuring Chancellor.

Stage name: Jiselle / 지젤
Birth Name: Song Yunso / 송윤수
Birthday: 24th of July, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 169 cm / 5’7″
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: jjissselle
Website: JISELLE 지젤

Jiselle Facts:
– Born in South Korea.
– Family: Parents, Simba, brother (a producer).
– She’s a cat person.
– Owns a Russian Blue cat, Simba (5 years in 2021).
– She’s very good at drawing.
– Friends with the singer MOON.
– She loves listening to H.E.R, her role model.
Chancellor was the reason she was able to start music.
– She writes lyrics and composes her own songs.
– Speaks Korean, English, and Japanese.
– Stayed in Atlanta, Georgia, the US for 2 years, from 5th grade.
– After 7th grade, came back to South Korea, and graduated middle school and high school.
– In college, she went to Japan (for 4 years), before coming back to South Korea.
– A tattoo on her right forearm “MCMXC” (1990) and a treble clef behind her ear.
– Close to singer SURAN whom she really admires.
– Majored in marketing in the business department, a master’s degree.
– Released music independently with her own team before joining Million Market.
– Her nickname is Elsa because she’s shy, and hides things.
– She has a hard time opening up to other people.
– Jiselle was really into Hip Hop in elementary and middle school so at first she wanted to be a rapper, but she cannot rap.
– An artist that influences her is Jhené Aiko.
– Considers Ariana Grande the best and is obsessed with her.
– As of 2021, she listens to pop music like Chris Brown.
– An artist she’d love to work with is Baekhyun from EXO. She loves his “vocal color” and considers him a brilliant singer.
– Has worked with Chancellor, Changmo, pH-1, Bewhy.
– Tends to write songs from her own life experiences so 90% of them are about her and her story.
– Wrote her song ‘Better This Way‘ in 2019, 6 months after a breakup.
– She said that naturally, her voice is very weak. She drinks a lot of water before a performance.
– If she didn’t become a singer, she would finish her doctor’s degree.
– Loves her own voice but doesn’t consider herself a really talented vocalist.
– She goes to the shooting range in Myeong-dong where she has a membership card, a way to relieve stress.

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