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Boy Story Members Profile

Boy Story Members Profile: Boy Story Members Facts

Boy Story (男孩的故事)is a six member boy group under Tencent Music Entertainment and JYPE China. They had a predebut project called Real!Project which was to launch four singles before debuting that started on September 1, 2017. They officially debuted on September 21, 2018. The group contains Hanyu, Zihao, Xin Long, Zeyu, Ming Rui, and Shuyang

Boy Story Fandom Name: BOSS
Boy Story Fandom Color: PANTONE 2905C and PANTONE 678C

Boy Story Official Sites:
Boy Story Official Weibo
Boy Story Official YouTube
Boy Story Official Instagram

Boy Story Members Profile:

Stage Name: Hanyu (涵予)
Birth Name: Jia Hanyu (贾涵予)
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: May 20, 2004
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Korean Name: Jia Han-Yu (지아 한유)
Blood Type: O

Hanyu Fun Facts:
-He was born in Henan, China
-His nicknames are Han, Jia Bao Brother, and Boss Jia (Boy News)
-His role model is Maroon 5
-Favorite Color: Blue
-Favorite Food: Bread
-Favorite Number: 6
-He can speak Chinese and basic Korean
-He likes to rap a lot
-During the filming of How Old RU, he hurt his knee because he was wearing pants with holes
-He can’t sleep alone at night so he he puts a stuffed toy hippo between his feet
-Motto: “There is nothing difficult if you try.”
-Hanyu takes an hour to get ready (Idol Plaining Agency)
-Hanyu is afraid of girls crying (Boy Story Confession Room Q&A)
-He gets scared around new people (Who’s the Boy episode 1)
-Hanyu, Xinlong, and Zeyu speak the best Korean
-Zihao and Hanyu share a skateboard they ride often
-He gets shy easily
-According to Mingrui, Hanyu’s a good cook and prepares most of the members meals and cleans their dorm
-Hanyu and Xinlong are good at public speaking
-He has a stuffed dolphin and Hippo that he likes to hug when he sleeps
-He is good at martial arts
-Only Hanyu, Shuyang, and Mingrui can eat spicy food
-Hanyu puts sesame paste in his hotpot
-When Hanyu was a trainee, he cried while stretching because it really hurt
-Zihao, Zeyu, and Hanyu all knew each other prior to trainees
-Zihao and Zeyu were in the same dance crew briefly where the competed against Hanyu one time
-When he grabs the other members it hurts since he has tough hands
-His Hand is 19 cm and his leg is 101 cm (180930 BOY STORY Interview in Idol Planning Agency)
-He wants to compose, write lyrics, and produce with GOT7’s Jackson
-The hardest moment for when he’s taking care of his members is when they don’t listen and act naughty
-The better moments are when they care for him when he’s sick
-When Boy Story covered BTS‘s Mic Drop he played RM and V


Stage Name: Zihao (梓豪)
Birth Name: Li Zihao (李梓豪)
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: October 22, 2004
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Korean Name: Lee Jiao (리지아오)
Blood Type: O

Zihao Fun Facts: 
-His Nickname are Qi Qi, Qi Brother, Li Daye (Uncle Li), and Model Li (Idol Planing agency and Boy News)
-He was born in Tianjin, China
-He can speak Chinese, English, and Basic Korean
-He can play the guitar
-He likes music a lot
-He’s danced since he was 8
-Favorite Color: Red
-He looks up to J.Y. Park (Interview with fans)
-He owns a Erhu (Boy News)
-Zihao is  fan of One Piece (Voice Star interview and Boy Story Confession room Q&A)
-He likes to dance to girl group songs, mostly Twice (Tik Tok, Idol Planning agency)
-Zihao and Hanyu share a skateboard they ride often
-Zihao can solve a rubiks cube in 40 seconds
-He is a fan of Ed Sheeran
-He is known as the laughing virus because of his contagious laugh
-Zihao looks up to JYP Nation
-Likes the manga One Piece and My Hero Academia
-Members say Zihao is very funny
-Members also say he is good at English
-He’s an only child
-He cried when his hair was cut short in Thailand
-Zihao often talks to Zeyu in Tianjin Dialect
-Zihao, Zeyu, Hanyu all knew each other prior to being trainees
-Zihao and Zeyu were briefly in the same dance crew briefly and competed against Hanyu one time
-His hands 19 cm and his legs are 104 cm
-He wants to learn how to drive when he’s older he can shoot a MV in a car
-Zihao’s role in BTS‘s Mic Drop was J-Hope

Xin Long

Stage Name: Xin Long (鑫隆)
Birth Name: He Xinlong (贺鑫隆)
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Main Dancer
Birthday: March 11, 2005
Height: 170 (5’7″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: RoosterBlood Type: O

Xin Long Fun Facts:
-His Nickname is Long Long and Little Dinosaur (Boys News and Tik Tok)
-His Birthplace is Taiyuan, China
-In Episode Three of Who’s The Boy, Hanyu said. “His singing is good, good to dance, pretty good at school, he’s also handsome, How can it exist?” And also said “He’s Perfect.”
-He’s been shown to have abs
-He is left handed
-He is close with Felix of Stray Kids
-Xinlong is good at B-boying and beat boxing
-He has glasses but wears contacts
-Out of all the members Hanyu, Xinlong, and Zeyu speak the best Korean
-Xinlong is ambidextrous
-He can speak fluent Korean
-Hanyu and Xinlong are good public speakers
-He eats with his left hand and writes with his right hand
-Zeyu and Xinlong have Mysophobia , Zeyu describes this as very serious with the exception of friends and family
-He likes Justin Bieber
-Some say Xinlong looks like f(x)’s Amber
-He says he is afraid of anything
-He’s hot tempered
-His hand are 17 cm and his legs are 99 cm
-He’s not afraid of anything
-Xinlong is known as JYP Cloning Project because it’s said he looks like Got7‘s Youngjae, Stray Kids‘s Seungmin, and Day6‘s Wonpil
-In the BTS’s Mic Drop cover he was Jimin


Stage Name: Zeyu (泽宇)
Birth Name: Yu Zeyu (于泽宇)
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Dancer
Birthday: December 24, 2005
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 40.2 kg (88 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
English Name: Harry/Teddy
Blood Type: O

Zeyu Fun Facts:
-His Nickname is Xiao Yu
-He was born in Tianjin, China
-Family: Parents and younger brother
-Before Boy Story was formed, Zeyu, Jackson (GOT7), and Fei (Miss A) traveled around to find other members
-His strength is being introverted (Who’s the boy episode 4)
-He has trained the longest out of all the members
-Out of all the members Hanyu, Xinlong, and Zeyu speak the best Korean
-He speaks fluent Korean
-He’s good at acting cute
-He is close to Got7’s Jackson and Stray Kids‘s Felix
-Zeyu and Xinlong have Mysophobia , Zeyu describes this as very serious with the exception of friends and family
-Zeyu has a bracelet from his mother that he never takes off
-He is good at aegyo
-Zeyu first trained in dance but later discovered he could be good vocalist
-According to Zeyu, Mingrui owns him a whole convince store
-He’s known as the ‘Drama King’
-Zihao often talks to Zeyu in Tianjin Dialect
-Zihao, Zeyu, and Hanyu all knew each other prior to debut
-Zihao and Zeyu were in the same dance crew briefly and competed against Hanyu once
-His hand is 16 cm and his legs are 94 cm
-In the BTS‘s Mic Drop cover he was Jin

Ming Rui

Stage Name: Ming Rui (明 睿)
Birth Name: Gou Ming Rui (苟明睿)
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: August 28, 2006
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 33 kg (75 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
English Name: Mark
Blood Type: A

Ming Rui Fun Facts: 
-His Nickname is Gou Gou
-He was born in Chengdu, China
-He likes dogs
-He’s been pictured with a younger sister
-It is said he looks like Stray Kids‘s Felix
-He is good at bottle flipping
-Favorite Food: Hot Pot ( Idol Planning Agency)
-Hates Bugs (Who’s the Boy Special Episode and Idol Planning agency)
-He had the shortest training period
-He eats a lot
-When Mingrui joined JYP, his singing and dancing were bad but he improved a lot
-He likes JJ Lin
-He has a habit of sleeping in one place and waking up in another place
-Mingrui sleeps the most
-Mingrui learns dances the fastest so he’s called copy machine
-He is good at martial arts
-Only Hanyu, Shuyang, and Mingrui can eat spicy food
-Mingrui puts sesame oil in his hotpot if he eats in Sichuan, other places he puts sesame paste
-Mingrui’s thigh are sensitive
-He kicks things in the dorm since he’s so enthusiastic about soccer
-His hands are 16.5 and his legs are 90 cm
-He wants to harmonize with Zhang Jason or JJ Lin
-In BTS‘s Mic Drop cover he was Jungkook


Stage Name: Shuyang (书 漾)
Birth Name: Ren Shuyang (任书漾)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Youngest, Dancer
Birthday: April 24, 2007
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 40.1 kg (89 lbs)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Blood Type: O

Shuyang Fun Facts:
-His Nickname is Yang Yang
-He was born in Pingyao, China
-Shuyang has a younger sister born in the year of the ox (2 years younger).
-He was in the draft to join BoyStory but originally was chosen on accident
-He is good at locking
-In Who’s That Boy Episode six he said his strength is being tender and that he has no weakness
-Shuyang said that Zihao once made him laugh so hard his abs out
-He is the face of Boy Story shampoo (Boy News)
-He cried a lot when he came to Korea because he couldn’t understand anything
-He is sometimes mistaken as a girl especially in school
-Shuyang and Zeyu are good at aegyo
-Shuyang likes Michael Jackson
-He is afraid of ghosts
-He is good at locking (Dance move)
-He looks up to Stray Kids
-Shuyang’s shoe size is 40
-Only Hanyu, Shuyang, and Mingrui can eat spicy food
-His hand is 16 cm and his legs are 89 cm
-He wants to work with GOT7’s Jackson and Boy Story
-None of the members help him with homework. If they do help him it’s called cheating
-In BTS‘s Mic Drop cover he was Suga

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Note: Everyone, these weights/heights haven’t been updated in a while because there haven’t been any new information on there height nor weight. Keep in mind the listed weight/height may not be there current height/weight.

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  • Samantha Rogers

    Zihao’s other nicknames are Li Daye (Uncle Li) and Model Li (Idol Planing agency and Boy News)
    Hanyu’s other nickname is Boss Jia (Boy News)
    Mingrui has been pictured with a younger sister on one occasion
    It is said that Mingrui looks like Felix of Stray Kids
    Hanyu takes half an hour to get ready (Idol Planning agency)
    Hanyu sweats a lot (Voice Star Interview)
    Shuyang has said that Zihao once made him laugh his abs out.
    Xinlong has also been shown to have abs
    Zeyu is the visual of the group (Voice Star Interview, Idol Planning agency)
    Hanyu is afraid of girls crying (Boy Story Confession room Q&A)
    Xin Long’s other nickname is Little Dinosaur (Boy News and Tik Tok)
    Mingrui is very good at bottle flipping (Tik Tok and Daily Theater)
    Zihao says he looks up to J.Y Park (Interview with a fan)
    Shuyang is thefcae of Boystory shampoo (Boy News)
    Zihao owns a Erhu (Boy News)
    Hanyu gets shy around new people (Who’s the boy episode 1)
    Zeyu says his strength is being introverted (Who’s the boy episode 4)

    Mingrui’s favorite food is hotpot (Idol Planning agency)
    Zihao is a fan of once piece (Voice Star interview and Boy Story Confession room Q&A)
    Zihao’s favorite number is 666
    Mingrui hates bugs (Who’s the Boy Special Episode and Idol Planning agency)
    Zihao likes to dance to girl groups, mostly Twice (Tik Tok, Idol Planning agency)
    Hanyu’s role in the BTS Mic drop cover was RM and V
    Zihao’s role in the BTS Mic drop cover was J-hope
    Xinlong’s role in the BTS Mic drop cover was Jimin
    Zeyu’s role in the BTS Mic drop cover was Jin
    Mingrui’s role in the BTS MIc drop cover was Jungkook
    Shuyang’s role in the BTS Mic drop cover was Suga



  • Hannagw

    Your Welcome!

  • Hannagw

    Your Welcome 🙂

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    It drives me crazy if how I’m older than all of them!

  • Naé-Naé Productions

    Xinlong is left handed
    Xinlong is very close with Felix of Stray Kids
    Zeyu has been in training the longest (since 2014 i believe)
    Hanyu is 169.5 cm not 168
    Hanyu is also apart of dance line
    (he says it during all interviews that he is in charge of being leader, rapper and dancer)
    Xinlong can do b-boying and beat boxing
    Out of all the members it was said Hanyu, Xinlong and Zeyu speak the best Korean
    Zihao and Hanyu share a skateboard they ride often
    Mingrui had the shortest training period
    Xinlong has glasses but often wears contact lenses

    They haven’t debuted yet
    Their debut is set for August 2018
    (Voice Star Interview)

    Their debuted is rumoured to have a Chinese ver. and a Korean ver. of the album.

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  • Naé-Naé Productions

    i have noticed that Xinlong eats with his left hand and writes with his right…
    Xinlong is ambidextrous
    Zihao can solve a Rubiks cube in 40 seconds
    Shuyang cried a lot when he first came to Korea because he couldn’t understand anything
    Xinlong and Zeyu both speak fluent Korean
    (i found a video on Instragam of an ex-JYP trainee who trained with them who said it himself)
    Mingrui eats a lot
    Hanyu and Xinlong are good at public speaking
    Zeyu is good at acting cute
    Hanyu gets shy very easily
    Hanyu is a very good cook according to Mingrui… he cooks most of their meals and cleans their dorm
    Mingrui isn’t a dancer
    When Mingrui first joined JYP his singing and dancing were very bad but he improved a lot
    Xinlong is known as “JYP’s Cloning Project” because it is said he looks like GOT7’s Youngjae, STRAY KIDS’ Seungmin and DAY6’s Wonpil

    also.. i’m bad at converting cm to in. but wouldn’t 169.5 cm be 5’6.5? because i believe 170 cm is 5’7…?
    (according to my host family that is)

  • Hannagw

    I kinda rely on Google for converting cm to ft and it says 5’5 so I’ll change it to what your family says and update the rest

  • Naé-Naé Productions

    thank you! sorry if i seem picky about details like that.. it’s just google isn’t very accurate for a lot of things so i just like to make sure~

    i also found in one of their older videos Shuyang is often mistaken for a girl- especially at school.

    also.. (i’m going to be picky again i’m so sorry) you put “Clothing Project” instead of “Cloning Project” under Xinlongs profile facts^^
    i also checked with my teacher about the conversions and..
    161 cm is a little more than 5’3
    169.5 cm is a little more than 5’6.5
    147 cm is 4’9
    and i swear i saw somewhere where Xinlong announced his height so i’ll try to find it

    i know i’m very specific about things and i comment a lot so i do apologize- i just think this website is amazing and i want it to be the best it can be!
    (i also love boystory)

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  • Samantha Rogers

    Zihao likes Ed Sheeran

    Zeyu is close to Jackson Wang of GOT7 and Felix of Stray Kids

    Mingrui likes JJ Lin

    Shuyang likes Michael Jackson

    Xinlong likes Justin Bieber

    Some say Xinlong looks like Amber of f(x)

    Xinlong says he is afraid of everything

    Shuyang is afraid of ghosts and Zihao is afraid of roller coasters

    Hanyu has a dolphin and a hippo pillow he likes to hug to sleep

    Zihao is known as the ‘laughing virus’ due to his contagious laugh

    Xinlong and Zeyu have Mysophobia, Zeyu describes this as very serious with the exception of friends and family

    Mingrui has a sleeping habit of falling asleep in one location and waking up in another

    Zeyu has a bracelet from his mother which he never takes off

    Mingrui sleeps in the most

    Shuyang and Zeyu is good at aegyo

    Mingrui learns dance the fastest and is called the ‘copy machine’

  • Hannagw

    I fixed the facts and the 147cm to 4’9 ft but I looked up 161cm and 169.5 getting different heights. I tried a couple more websites and the ft I have there now is what I got.

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  • Aina Tasha

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  • Lali

    Korean names:
    Hanyu: 가함여 (Ka Ham Yeo)
    Zihao: 이재호 (Lee Jae Ho)
    Xinlong: 타흠융 (Ta Heum Yong)
    Zeyu: 유석우 (Yoo Seok Woo)
    Mingrui: 곽명예 (Kwak Myeong Ye)
    Shuyang: 인서양 (In Seo Yang)

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  • KProfiles

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    i can’t believe shuyang is 10

  • Delaram sotoudeh

    Omfg i hope they become like those kpop bands that dont give up and after 10 or 20 years they would be like looking back at their past and be like “we were starting when we were children” and that emotional ‘remembering the jurney’ moment happens

  • rxvm-vannessa ongpauco

    oml they’re around my age and I was born on october 17, 2005 JVli bRgkvb KVHKLBVDVB legits proves we all have a chance no matter our age nvdjfbvksjfbnsfjbfkv

  • Sultan Alsulaiti

    I’m Younger Than Shuyang (Sep 21 2007)

  • ahgase

    are you born in 2006 or something??? calling yourself old already,,, yikes

  • hanaa


  • hanaa

    Zeyu is 13 days younger than me :’) i feel old btw LMAO

  • Kaylen

    Lmao, I’m older than the oldest one by a month

  • NJewel

    Xin Long is 5 days older than me… 5 DAYS HOW

  • a-known

    girl…you feel old….
    I’m older than all of them lmfao

  • NovaMoon13

    I’m 2 months and a bit older

  • nobody important

    I’m older than all except for two

  • Luka Allen

    i think;

    Hanyu: Lead Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist
    Zihao: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center
    Xin Long: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
    Zeyu: Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper
    Ming Rui: Lead Vocalist, Vocalist, Rapper
    Shuyang: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

  • Luka Allen


    Ming Rui should be Lead Dancer and Shuyang should be just a dancer.

  • wei

    there isn’t a Dance position, because they all dance…. the Dance line contains only of Lead Dancer and Main Dancer


    My opinion is:
    Hanyu: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Leader
    Zihao: Lead Dancer,Lead Rapper,Sub-Vocalist
    Xinlong:Main Dancer,Lead Rapper,Vocalist
    Zeyu: Main Vocalist, Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Visual
    Mingrui: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
    Shuyang: Main Vocalist,Dancer,Rapper,Youngest

    BTW,I’m a fan of them since Can’t Stop era. And I witnessed many of their vids on their official channel that leads me to conclude these positions.😃

  • shinee twice and bts are my st

    My bias is Zeyu..he is younger 2 months than me lol😂

  • Anon

    I think Yu Zeyu is the kid that Jackson was spotted hanging out with when Zeyu (and also fed him ice-cream :(( ) was 10 years old and now 3 years later he’s debuting T-T

  • averine

    All of them still elder than me…:’)I’m 2008′ liner.Shuyang’s birthday share a same birthday as my uncle.

  • dream

    i’m older than all i was born march 2003

  • Mand


  • Kylie

    Hanyu is older than me by 31 days Zihao is older than me by about 7 months. I’m older than the rest of them. Finally, I’m a noona. It’s weird because I’m younger than all of the other groups that I listen to.

  • HanaDr

    This feels so weird when Stray Kids debuted i was like damn they are really close to me. Jeongin is only a year older than me… and now im like 2007?? wHAt thats 5 years younger than me. im-

  • Han


  • I feel so old bc the oldest one is 8 years younger than me…

  • Meori Lou

    I think they are way too young to be idols.. they should better life there kids life and the life as an idol

  • kookiejarlop01

    i was born in 22 may 2006. finally im a noona:’)

  • KYGtrash

    …..I officially feel old now.

  • Luka Allen

    I just found them today so I just tried something lol yours is quite accurate too

  • Raynanana

    One’s a day younger than me 😭😭😭😭 so three are younger in total ahhhhhhh im finally older

  • Raynanana

    Omg ikrrrr 2007!?! That’s younger than meee 😂😂😂

  • IHaveKpopIssues

    Ok not to be rude or any shyt but Zihao cant be 7 months older than u if hanyu is 31 days older than u cause hanyu is older than zihao

  • hA- THey R LiTTerALy The SamE AgE ThAn mE-

  • Annie

    ommy gawdd… im so old… what am I ah I should be them….. 2003, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Annie

    They are sooo cutee ahh remind me of me when I was young like them 4 years ago xD

  • Ken

    im the same age as the second youngest member so i feel good

  • Chuchugt

    Wow I’m the same age (older by a few months) with the older one. This never happens.


    No, all of them are dance line, but Mingrui still can’t surpass being on it. Are you new in the fandom? You should check out their old vids on their Youtube channel-BOY STORY OFFICIAL. 😉

  • NamJoons Wife

    RAREST THING TO HAPPEN IS ME BEING SOOO CLOSE TO AGE WITH A KPOP MEMBER THAT I STAN HARD SKSKSK GOD IS GOOD I’m in love with them all the oldest might have my heart😂😂‼️


    Welcome to the fandom! 😄🤘🎉

  • Lil Dino

    I have been blessed with people my age only 2 of the members are older than me and 2 of them are the same age as me Xin long and Zeyu are the same age as me🙏

  • Transformers

    Bruh Zihao is only a few days older than me…he said his favorite number is 666 lol. Sounds like an average 13 almost 14 year old teen.

  • Melissa Qin

    damn 4’9″

  • Mhia_Yoongi

    I’m age as the yougest, Shuyang OML THIS IS SO RARE FOR A YOUNG FAN AOINVOELOAIF. But of course he’s 2 months older than me T-T

  • Mhia_Yoongi

    OML THE YOUNGEST MEMBER IS THE SAME AGE AS ME DJKALOJCNOW. But of course he’s 2 months older than me… But still it’s really rare for this to happen. And I thought NCT Dream’s Jisung was young 0_o

  • Gummy Yang

    I’m 4 days older than Hanyu like huhuhu but i still have a chance lol age doesn’t matter

  • Diachi44

    I feel so old but I still love them

  • Kookie Bunny

    Boy story fandom name is Boss

  • I lak to drank tae with suga k

    Their fandom name is boss, they just released on instagram:D

  • Namjoon Stob It You Got No Jam

    I’m the same age as Hanyu but he’s a few months older then me

  • chamz

    the fandom name is Boss

  • Jazmin Mendez

    They’re so young I feel sad for them having to start young but I hope they succeed amazingly ☹️❤️

  • romantic video status

    Me and hanyu share same birthday 20 may 2004

  • infires mannn

    boy stoy fandom name is BOSS

  • Jamless

    Their fandom name is BOSS

  • Sherry Chan

    I never ever thought i would see a boy group who’s that much younger than me x”DD i’m 15 & the maknae is like my brother’s age x”D i’ll feel really weird if i choose a bias xD , but i feel sad for them having to debut so young… it’s gonna be really hard on them .. they’re just kids .. but i hope they succeed <3 ! fighting little brothers ~

  • ibustedanuwuforjungwoo

    Shu Yang is around my age hihu

  • Julia A. Santos

    I’m loving being older than the members by the first time, I can call them my precious babies without nobody saying “but u know he is older than you, right?”

  • the youngest one is 11 oml such smOLS

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Ileana Mendiola

    To be honest my bias is Xin long and guess what we both have the same birthday MARCH 11, 2005! wtf now I know how it feels like to have the same birthday with my bias

  • Joshua Ramos

    omg I’m older than all of them hahashshahahshahahhshshs im 16 already 😅

  • Luka Allen

    Yeah I am new hehe

  • jhoe

    im older than hanyu by two days

  • Taehyungs you already know

    I am soo happy ! Hanyu is born the same day as me he is the first person that I know but I am 2 years younger I still love him a lot ♡

  • jellyjoon

    I’m older than Ming Rui by 3 years and 2 days but I’m glad to see these boys finally debuting

  • kpopdoughnut

    im 3 years older than the oldest member…feel old now

  • Luka Allen

    I watched some other videos and I think, Ming Rui is the main vocalist. Shuyang and Zeyu is only a lead vocalist i think.

    In their ‘Baby’ cover he shined a lot in the terms of vocals.


    Don’t focus in only one video. Try watching Boy story The Love You Want Cover. You’ll see the difference. Also take time to watch their predebut singles: How Old R U, Can’t Stop, Jump Up, Hands Up. There’s also an interview saying that Zeyu is main vocal while Shuyang is high pitch vocal.😄

  • jan

    so, shuyang is 8 days older than me. cool.

  • Kim Jichuu

    I’m older than zeyu by a few days I was born in December 16, I’m older than 3 members.

  • Tottonari

    I’m older than most of them 😂 except for Hanyu he’s like a month older than me BuT sTiLl, They are so freaking young I hope they still take care of themselves! Fighting!!

  • Laura

    I‘m 5-8 years older than all of them and I‘m oNLY 18 WHAT IS HAPPENING AHHHH

  • Laura

    I hope jyp won’t overwork them. Wishing all the members the best

  • lilly

    they are my age and younger wth

  • Kay

    Me and shuyang the same age but I’m older my birthday in March

  • Vick

    I feel old even if zeyu is like only 8 younger than me im still old Seriously AGHHHHHH i dont like being older than people

  • Vick

    I met months younger zeyu is 8 months younnger than me its 1:59am i should be asleep but whatever

  • Kim._.11

    Shuyang is older than me by month…..wth but I’m taller…. yay lol

  • User girl

    I can feel you , I’m also 18…….

  • Rayya

    Xinlong very like jimin bts
    He have many jimin poster at his bedroom

  • Nadine

    umm..let me get this straight the oldest is fourteen while the youngest one is eleven but in their group photo at the top why the hell do they look like their at least 17 years old my last brain cells cannot process beside the one in the middle uwu. I was surprised that I am older than half of them. i cant wait for their music in the future im stanning . fighting

  • Alana


  • Army.bts

    I’m older than the leader by a year…wait no…I’m older than everyone in this group, I fell like a proud mother for some reason idk. Just gonna wait till puberty hits them hard

  • Tammy Grace Cudiamat

    i am older than zeyu for 18 days lol

  • dysire

    xin long is my claimed child

  • Amy

    I’m older than Shuyang by 2 years 😂 but i’m only few centimeters taller(probably 5 or 6)

  • rawoawr

    i just found out about them today (from a friend)
    and now

  • Chanwoo’s NANANANANA

    Nope. If I love them, I would go into prison. Noona will wait for now.

  • Nevaeh kim

    Im his age but i will be 1 year older than him in october oof hes so cute

  • Velada Akhaphong

    Sksks I’m only older than one of them 😭😢😂

  • Krisztina Szőllősi

    Same :/ 😀

  • Roselyn


  • Seventeen BAPs

    Excuse me but Hanyu is taller than Changbin

  • jream

    i’ve literally never been older than an entire group before wtf

  • rawoawr

    Hanyu is ONLY 4 MONTHS OLDER THAN ME AND Zihao is A MONTH YOUNGER THAN ME (and the rest are younger than me…)
    but i think im shorter than all of em… maybe the same as Shuyang…
    i never EVER known a group that i’m the same age as (and older than some) i feel so…. proud 😳
    *rants on and on…..*

  • [17’s inna] has school :(


  • rawoawr

    is this odd but….
    *fangirl screams* THEY DEBUTED ON MY B-DAY

  • Kiyugare Monster

    Shuyang has O blood type. It’s stated in the youtube profiles from Who’s The Boy

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • flame me minho

    I tried to avoid the mv bc it is dangerous for me because of my age 😂

  • Rixiny

    OH MY GOD!!😱
    zeyu and i have the same birthday also the same year!! December 24th 2005!!!😱😱

  • Luka Allen

    Please update their probable positions @Hannagw

    Hanyu: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Leader
    Zihao: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Xinlong: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Zeyu: Main Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Visual
    Mingrui: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
    Shuyang: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Youngest

  • Esma Isik

    Oh my god me too😂😭

  • Rosy

    Members said that Zihao is really good at English

  • Rosy

    Members said that Zihao is very funny

  • Rosy

    Zihao likes the manga One Piece

  • Bokkie

    Oh my goddd!!!! So cuteeee~~~ 💕💕

  • Ayrie Spence

    im 10 days older then both of you sooooo ha

  • Keila-Zhi

    I adopted them all
    -Facts no printer


    I think it’s more appropriate to use ‘Sub-vocalists’ for Hanyu and Zihao. I know that Vocalist and sub-vocalist are kinda similar, but Xinlong takes more vocal parts than Hanyu and Zihao especially during their pre-debut.


    Please fix their Chinese surnames, Zihao’s is correct but everyone else is not correct. These are the correct forms:
    Hanyu — 贾
    Xinlong —贺
    Zeyu — 于
    Mingrui — 苟
    Shuyang — 任

  • kyung

    omg they’re all children. I’ve never been older than a complete group before!!

  • li

    i’m older than all of them except hanyu oh my god

  • Alexis

    im 2 years and 2 months older then both of you sooooo ha

  • Theycallmemontana

    Shuyang is olderthan me cause my b day is in nov. BUT i’m taller than him. sad 🙁

  • Lorrelaine Tompong

    I was born on April 21, 2005 shocks!


    just imagining them calling Jeongin(I.N) hyung hehehehehe so fuckin cuteee

  • LemonTreeOfManliness+

    That’s the funny thing about idols, you get older, they get younger. 😥😧😢

  • 4thPrinceSilicon

    Omg they are all babies.

  • I lak to drank tae with suga k

    do they speak Cantonese, Manderin orrr??

  • manu🇧🇷🥀


  • Kpop’ s Jams

    Who said it was a good idea to debut children?? Some of their voices haven’t even cracked yet! Not to mention that some of them are in the process of cracking! My little sister is a few months younger than the youngest here! That’s TOO young! I’m not much older myself! Why do they keep getting so young!

  • Elizabeth Choe

    Do you know when they auditioned cuz id like to rant to my mom that im not too young to audition since shuyang is younger than me

  • Melanie

    Im right in the middle im older than Zeyu and younger than Xin Long and why dont anybody like Zihao

  • Zihao is my bias, also we share a birthday xD

  • lol00

    The youngest is 4 days older than me

  • Ashanti Yancey

    I am 2 years older than the oldest! I shall protect them!

  • rosie

    the youngest is over 2 years younger than me holy shit

  • What a load of hooey.

    There all younger than me. What–

    And I said Hanyu was a cute little baby for being 7 months yonger than me– Omg Zeyu is my height (watch him, Ming Rui, and Shuyang gain like 10 inches jhufklahbef)

    Shuyang is so adorable oml must protect these small childrennnnnn

  • What a load of hooey.

    Dude, the youngest idol I had ever seen was born in January of 2003 (Kangmin, Verivery) and I’m an October birthday of 2003 lol- THEY’RE ALL BABIES SO CUTE

  • Karine_Po

    The youngest is taller than me by 2 cm and the oldest of the group is younger than me by 1 year

  • Karine_Po



    Zeyu and Shuyang is part of Dance line.
    Shuyang is good at locking (a type of dance where u need to lock every of ur moves)
    Zeyu first trained in dancing, but later on, he discovered that he can be a good vocalist too.

  • evette

    but if they are also lead dancers in that case they all are lead or main dancers excepting Ming Rui 😀
    I don’t think that would be correct.
    even if they know a certain type of dance if they don’t have the spotlight during the most important parts of the choreography then it doesn’t mean they are lead or main dancers

  • my opinions

    Tbh I feel like they’re too young to have debuted. JYP shouldn’t have let them debut yet in my opinion.

  • Agatha Charm Mendoza

    As I know shuyang is a part of a dance line

  • Marj Delos Santos

    They’re too young even the oldest in the group is younger than me by 3 years..


    They’re not lead dancers, what I mean is that they’re Dancers. But this page only post probable positions, not the real, exact one, so I guess… may be if the time pass, their positions will changed and be revealed as what exactly can do. 😀
    Even though I’m a BOSS since Can’t Stop era, I’m still confused of their positions. There is a show which says that both Xinlong and Zihao are ‘key dancers’, and Hanyu just took only the ‘dance’. I don’t know if both Xinlong and Zihao are the main dancers, but let’s just wait…

  • Jhanna Manonson

    They debuted on September 21, 2018 not September 20, 2018 please update it😊


    Where did you get this information?
    I would barely agree with you if you’re a fan since their pre-debut, but they have no official position yet and the probable positions above are enough for the mean time.


    Young idols in China are more popular than adults. For example is YHBoys. That’s why JYP let them debut even at young age.

  • 박지은

    ming rui kinda look like jihoon from wanna one

  • Boo


  • Yeongi Im

    Shuyang is now my child.

  • on xinlong’s profile it says Ta Heum Yoong in hangeul, Yong is 용 not 융 , you can probably notice the difference, especially if you study hangeul
    (lol im not trying to say this in a rood way btw)

  • KpopGal

    Im older than Zeyu by 6 days but younger than Xinlong…. I honestly stan Xinlong cuz our age are quite near. 🙂

  • KpopGal

    I think it is writtin as Yoong but pronounced as Yung. (i study hangeul and some idols name are also like that
    (dont mean to be r00d 😅)

  • Hannagw

    Oh Whoops! Thanks for telling me 🙂
    (P.S I don’t study the Korean Alphabet but I believe it’s Hangul not Hangeul. Don’t mean too be rude!)

  • You’re welcome (Hangul and Hangeul are the 2 ways rominazing it as it is still the same thing, I prefer hangeul idk why but it’s ok) 😀

  • C3l3st

    I’m only older than Zeyu by 1 month, honestly I don’t stan idols that are near my age😂

  • I know but on his profile it says ‘Yong’ (용) and not ‘Yoong/Yung’ (융)
    does this make sense?
    i don’t rly know how to explain it https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d4874c66dc8c80d650e2592c9dc49d7a8c09db0ebb75c5a7274cebb4c80738d9.jpg

  • Kitten

    Oh my gosh lol finally older than a boy group lol! I’m older than Zeyu by less than a month.

  • KpopGal

    BTW KpopGal1218 and KpopGal is both me. I accidentally added the 1218… Sryy

  • KpopGal

    Oh ok…
    Let me explain it more in detail.
    Let’s take Woojin as an example. It is written as 우진. But prounced as Woojin. Because if u direct romanized it, it say U Jin. It goes the same for his name. But since it is already changed, lets not fret over it. BTW Kook is so cute (looks jungSH00K.T.H);)

  • Sophie

    I’m older than all of them except hanyu 😂😂

  • yea i was gonna say the same thing lol

  • if ur bday is in november (happy birthday tho) that means im older than you by 4months lol
    im also taller than him (156cm)

  • Nashuka Snow

    Literally older than Ming Rui(by 4 months) and Shuyang(by 2-3 years) tho lol never been older than an idol wow

  • Caitlyn

    Im younger than ming yui by 11 days but at least Im old than the maknae by a year😂. Its weird being older than an idol lol.

  • Hanyu is one day older than I am.

  • Michelle

    Have to agree, this doesn’t feel right. Let them be kids for heck sake

  • Solar

    I’m older than Shuyang by two years ans two days 😂😂💕

  • lucas

    if only they pierced they’re ears

  • Katerina Papakanellou

    I’m 26, I wanna adopt Zihao as my son and marry Yixing, I am sooooo deluded and I feel old! They keep getting younger!!!!!

  • Kimberly Mizhquiri

    I’m older than Hanyu by 6 days

  • Carolina

    Im 14 years old…. they are so cute and they are so handsome 😍,Zihao is older than me one month


    So me and Shuyang are the same age born on the same day and year uet we are so different. He is mastaken as a girl and I am mistakened as a guy
    Too bad I am a female😁

  • Kpopbxbygirl 01

    I’m like born in between Xinlong and Zeyu and we are the same age and Xinlong is my bias and my bias wrecker is Zeyu. I’m speechless.

  • Joxie

    me and zeyu have the same birthday
    just hes a year older

  • Kpop Cupckake

    Shuyang is 9 months older than me :/

  • Christian

    I kinda feel attacked right now lol. I’m older than all of them for the most part. I need to get off my butt and do something with my life lol

  • Lila

    i’m older than all of them, hanyu is only 2 months and 2 days younger than me.

  • Ong Joey

    I am the same age as ming rui

  • Azel Kim

    they all younger than me, oh lord i’m kinda old:(

  • a little person on the planet

    I’m just a little younger than Zeyu and older than Ming Rui.

  • Thali

    I’m just 16 but I’m feeling old lol

  • Sophie Foster

    i feel like a loser. i’m older than the two youngest ones, and i currently feel like ramming my head into a wall because i’m just not cool

  • Zoe

    I LOVE HANYU!!!!!

  • Elena

    I honestly feel talentless, I’m older than all of them and I can’t even microwave popcorn right;-;

  • Rimmie

    Just a few corrections just to avoid any confusions😬Hope this would cause the editor too much inconviences
    Hanyu‘s birth name is Chinese is 贾涵予
    Xinlong’s stage name is 鑫隆 while birth name is 贺鑫隆
    Zeyu’s birth name is 于泽宇
    Mingrui’s birth name is 苟明睿
    Shuyang’s birth name is 任书漾

  • Squirrel

    i’m the same age as Shuyang

  • Cinta

    Ming rui is youngest than me :v wgwgwg:)

  • What a load of hooey.

    Honestly, same. I’m older than them but like I can’t even walk in a straight line lmao :’)

  • What a load of hooey.

    It’s weirder when you’re older than all of them, just looking at them makes me feel old even though I’m only 15. lol

  • Hannagw

    Thanks for the corrections! 🙂

  • Salem

    Ming Rui is ma bae… but he’s younger like just 6 months.. but stilllllllll!!! And there’s xin long… deymmmm… wahhhhh!!!!!!! I damn love this group!!!!!

  • Szion

    I have to say that Mingrui is the main vocalist and his singing was not bad when he joined JYP. He sang a ballad with high notes at the audition.

  • Shania

    All these kids are more successful than me and they’re younger.

  • gigi

    shuyang is only three days younger than me!

  • Samantha Rogers

    According to Zeyu, Mingrui owns him a whole convenience store xD

    Zeyu is known as the “Drama King”

    Shuyang’s shoe size is 40

    Only Hanyu, Shuyang and Mingrui can eat spicy food

    Hanyu puts sesame paste in his hotpot

    Mingrui puts sesame oil in his hotpot if he eats in Sichuan, other places he puts sesame paste

    When Hanyu was a trainee, he cried while stretching because it really hurts

    Zihao cried when his hair was cut short in Thailand

    Mingrui’s thighs are sensitive

    Mingrui kicks things in the dorm since he is so enthusiastic about soccer

    zihao often talks to zeyu in Tianjinn dialect

    Xinlong is hot tempered

    Zihao , Zeyu and Hanyu all knew each other prior to being trainees.

    Zihao and Zeyu were in the same dance crew briefly, where they competed against Hanyu at one point.

    When Hanyu grabs the other members, it hurts since he has tough hands

  • Alejandra

    I’m only 8 days older than zihao, nice

  • and you’re 6 monts younger than me congrats

  • Samantha Rogers

    Mingrui’s english name is Mark
    Zeyu’s english name is Harry and Teddy

  • ruwada

    mingrui is mine he is my age my type so bye B!!!!

  • moon cat

    Xin long has the same bday as me cidvweuifejfbshfb

  • Veronika

    Oh god same

  • Jamelia Lonzaga

    I have 4 biases in Boy Story
    the oldest one (Hanyu)
    the visual (Zeyu)
    the one who couldn’t stop laughing (Xin Long)
    and the one who’s in love with the oldest the most (Mingrui)
    for the second oldest (Zihao) and the youngest (Shuyang), i like them too but not as much.

  • He’s only 16 days older than me lmao

  • rip they are all still older than me

  • I remember seeing something about one of the members being 6’0 and I was like, what?!

  • 해바라기

    으이구 내가 누나닷ㅠ

  • holy shitu I’m a noona now somebody kill me

  • Diya Nusrat

    Xin Long has almost the birthday as me,lmao I’m 4 days older vhfdg

  • their new heights:
    Hanyu: 169cm
    Zeyu:156cm (hEs mY hEiGhT oMg)
    (180930 BOY STORY Interview in Idol Planning Agency)

  • other measurements (180930 BOY STORY Interview in Idol Planning Agency)
    Shuyang: Hand-16cm, Legs-89cm
    Mingrui: hand-16.5cm, legs-90cm
    Zeyu: hand-16cm, legs-94cm
    Xinlong: hand-17cm, legs-99cm
    Zihao: hand-19cm, legs-104cm
    Hanyu: hand- 19cm, legs-101cm

  • Jean

    oH MY GOD I’M OLDER THAN THEM I AM THEIR HYUNG XD they still all dance better than me but I about croaked when I saw that one was 11

  • izuxiu

    Oof I feel so old

  • Zihao is an only child. (180927 BOYSTORY’S SUPER DEBUT EP6)

  • calilisto

    Is it just me, or does it seem kind of wrong? They’re so young, yet they’re being exposed to an industry that young adults can barely keep up with

  • Jazzylyn

    Yes, it is so wrong they should be in school. Not be trained to death. But if they really want to be idols then they should finish school first. Then after graduation, they can be idols.

  • Rea


  • Rea

    I’m older than Ming Rui by a month and all what I get is being 24 cm taller than him

  • Rea

    my hands are 17 cm and my legs are 97 cm…but my height of 165 is…bleh

  • Rea

    I’m a noona to Ming Rui and Shu Yang


  • autumnseokgi

    I’m older than all of them exceot for my bias ( Zihao ) and my bias wrecker ( Hanyu ) XD

  • Kara

    I feel really old. I’m 17, and I love these kids so much. I can’t wait to see them grow into a more popular group!

  • chwe not chew

    jesus christ theyre so young

  • Kim

    I think the same. Maybe they don’t want to do this and the parents kind of forced them or they want to do it but I don’t think they really understand this. At the same tame it’s harder for kids their age to be away from home. It destroys their childhood

  • cookie

    same here UwU

  • Erika

    God…..when you’re 4 years older than the oldest….

  • Roxanne Borromeo

    Damn my bias Ming Rui is standing at 4’9 and I’m a solid 5’4 plus we’re the same age…

  • JiaSamanthaHe

    Im with the same age with my bias (Xinlong) but I dunno, is it just me or im nearly bias wrecked by Hanyu?

  • JiaSamanthaHe

    They also go to school while having this idol thingy😊

  • JiaSamanthaHe

    They also go to school while being an idol😊

  • JiaSamanthaHe

    OooooHhhhhhhh seems like You’re and Once and Boss😏😏😏

  • That Thing

    yeah same here im a noona plez helpppp

  • calilisto

    It’s great that they’re still attending school, but like I said, being an idol/trainee is tough. Constant training, dieting etc. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not the best for both their mental and physical health.

  • [17’s inna] has school :(

    when you’re older than all of them :’)

  • Jade2740

    ikr my bias is zihao but hanyu is making me rethink my choice😢

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Yay I’m just near their age

  • Ari

    Is it just me or does Shuyang and Sian (the return of superman) look alike.

  • JustAHumanBeing

    Some of them are younger then me and doing amazing stuff while I’m here laying on my bed commenting on these boy’s profiles

  • Ellelelel

    Zeyu was born 12 days after me lol

  • All of them are younger then me MOST HAVENT EVEN HIT PUBERTY YET!!! I can’t anymore….

  • K-Pop and Chill

    why is that so relatable

  • jen

    i’m the same age as shuyang and i’m 5’3 WHYYYY HES QUTEE

  • lol i sTaN tOo mAnY gRoUpS haHahAha

  • haesungi

    c4ll me n00n4

  • Shuyang has a younger sister born in the year of the ox (2 years younger) 181105 BOY STORY Daily Theatre:Vlog in Hangzhou

  • KProfiles

    @tHaTnCtZeN:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • hmmm

    rip all are still older than me

  • ch0vuu

    I’m older than 4 of them

  • Savannah

    I’m older than one of them, but the rest are older than me

  • Jazzylyn

    But won’t they get more stressed? Like imagine you being a idol and still have to study for a test. Or having a award ceremony and final exams at the same day.

  • Jazzylyn

    I didn’t thought of it like that, but yeah the parents may have done that. But the parents should have a brain and be like “oh this is not good for my child I can’t let them do this.”

  • i’m older than all of them

  • Yeonjun STUDIOS

    So Im younger than Shuyang (few months older than me)and Ming Rui .Im 5’1 and I thought Vietnamese were short lol….. Im sad they are so cute but short like a mushroom.. ;-;

  • cmjj2004

    im younger ONLY than Hanyu and its only by 2 months damn…

  • Lily Van

    wait your vietnamese? oh ma gawd! so am I 😀 but im actually older than shuyang and mingrui… im also 5’1 :3

  • Lily Van

    my bias used to be Xinlong but i just got totally BIAS WRECKED by the amazing leader hanyu…:’/ my bias wrecker is now every member

  • Lily Van

    oof…Hanyu is the same height as Han from stray kids and is taller than changbin….OOOOOOOOOOF…honestly he kinda make me feel short but i still love him :3

  • Yeonjun STUDIOS

    And I thought other asians were tall I thought Vietnamese were the shorties..

  • Yan Yan

    Im older than Shuyang and Mingrui
    and 4 of them are older than me…but still I feel small…

  • Hoe101

    theyre a little young but enough was iconic

    edit: theyre too young

  • 매진

    Mingrui is the main vocal of the team, and some more things about them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxFl0fWHxnU

  • Kidsmyagearemoretalentedthanme

    I watched that vid! But I am just wondering if you know what they mean by that they were chosen accidentally by a public draft

  • Nekomochiixox

    Their weights are :
    Hanyu : 50kg
    Zihao : 44+kg
    Xinlong : 45kg
    Zeyu : 40.2kg
    Mingrui : 33kg
    Shuyang : 35kg
    Hope this helps :3

  • 비자비자

    lmaooo how old r you then?

  • Aine

    N08 10ll0w m3 n0w

  • Alex

    I admit that they are into their dancing like any other kpop band I have seen dance

  • Sapphire

    fuck im actually older than all of them

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    Finally some famous idols who can dance, rap and sing that I can marry. Well, I like older boys so sorry Shuyang ;-;

  • DoneWithHumanity [Luna]

    I’m older than Hanyu by literally one day.

  • Durati Liban

    shuyang is older than me by a few months

  • Emma De Meyer

    Zeyu is just 3 days older as me 😂

  • Connor RAmirez

    I can’t believe their oldest member is only like 4 months younger then me wtf

  • hsjs

    I’m 3 months older than the oldest member I’m crying

  • epiphany-moonchild

    Im dying I have the same birthday as Xin Long OMG what an honor to share the same birthday with a JYP Entertainment god~

  • Mary Erica Ortega

    Im 3 years older to there oldest member Hhaha 누나야~

  • Ness Chwe

    I’m younger then all of them they’re my oppas lol joking it’s sad I’m younger then the maknae by one year 😔

  • Rosy

    And u already have a mobile phone?

  • Stan Mingi

    I’m older then the last two… Holy sheet

  • Emma

    I’m a little under a year older then the oldest. 😂😂


    I’m dying!!!!!! I feel so old! 😭😂

  • hobi’s sprite

    Im 12? What am i doing rn i was suppose to go to bed but you’ll know in fanboying over them so bad!

  • ryleigh

    they are babies….

  • ryleigh

    and the comments are babies as well…. oh god

  • ryleigh


  • Yeonjun’s Baby

    I’m a few months younger than the youngest o m g

  • I’m four years older than the oldest wtf y’all here in the comments are like 3 years old and I feel ANCIENT

  • Kpophope

    Omggggg I’m dying they are babies!!! Like im a 04 aswell but like wthhh everyone else are like 07 and I’m like uwu
    Help me I wanna be here and protect them they are like babies

  • s.scuicide_x

    omg their so adorable a young kpop boys awww adorable well im 14 .-. and im july em i the oldest of all of them .-.? wait nvm one of them is also 14 but hes may and im july? .-. wow still their adorable

  • XiuminLove12

    Younger than the youngest and taller than Zihao 😏 (I also have a brother the same age as Xin Long and he’s taller than the oldest…)

  • cucumbernoona

    you’re a baby uwuu

  • cucumbernoona

    i made this name as a joke now i really am cucumbernoona 😔👊

  • rrose1

    same here

  • STAY.ARMY.93

    zihao is one day older than me…
    plus one in the bias list! 🙂

  • moon cat

    happy birthday xin long and to me

  • ARIAdalidalia

    they’re cute uwu
    although i’m 20 …. i feel freaking old and its no fun

  • Mia Haldora Magnussen

    omg Hanyu is 3 months older than me and im older than all the others and my bias is Xin Long.-.

  • Hobimanime


  • korean pop stans chinese pop?.

    I’m surprised than I’m younger than Xin Long buy 2 years but I’m taller than him 😐

  • ☆ Yoolic ♡

    Before i come here, i thought that visual is Ming Rui 😅

  • Holy shit they’re literally kids… I’m a 01 liner but I feel like Im 90 years old

  • cerise

    fr not even 18 but i feel like a gotdam grandmother…..

  • 혜bbb캉민

    I’m the same age as shanyu and I’m 164cm and he looks like a 7 year old compared to me (lmao) but I can’t compare cause he’s a boy and I’m a girl.

  • vik | persona + thrilla killa

    iM crying im legit older than all of them except hanyu and zihao eye-

  • vik | persona + thrilla killa

    mOOOOD like their oldest is legit a year and 2 months older than me which is crazy to see happening, tbh

  • vik | persona + thrilla killa

    haha have you seen coco broo they’re a gg and they’re all so young too

  • nemo

    im younger than everybody, i’m a little bit younger than Shuyang by like a couple months, and jyp sign up kids and Zeyu birthday is on my half birthday but he is two year older than me so

  • Zami Hrahsel

    Wow.. You’re so young, I’ve never met such a young fan

  • Hoe101

    yikes people are really about to traumatize these kids😬

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    Boy Story make me feel like a piece of trash. They out here dancing, singing, doing performances, modeling etc. But, I’m over here, sitting over here, moping about how pretty or handsome every kpop idol is on my couch eating cheesecake & Ice cream

  • vik | persona + thrilla killa

    hhh ikr even if their schedule isn’t as hectic, they’re gonna get hella traumatized and legit watch them get sexualized no cap

  • Tasha Ameera

    Well…My bias is 13 years old now (2019) same old just like me and my bias in Stray Kids is Felix and his face(Ming Rui) just like him(Felix)

  • Sanajaff

    shuyang is four years younger than me and 1cm taller than me :)<3

  • Hoe101

    idols should have to like… finish high school so then at least they’ll either be legal or almost legal by the time they debut and we won’t have kids being sexualized and traumatized at 9 years old😤

  • vik | persona + thrilla killa

    yea they should take those high school years to be trainees and work on their education instead of debuting before they even start high school!

  • Klariz Asinas

    Zeyu is 1 year and 6 days older than me💕

  • So YeMilk

    I’m still younger

  • Hoe101

    yea I 100% agree lol

  • Joker

    Am i supposed to feel old?

  • No name

    Im younger than all of them by a couple of months but my height is 160

  • Nataly Habit

    I feel old, and I am only 13! How is that possible???

  • Xian

    omg whattt your a BABY

  • Xian

    It’s so cute how Jackson is like their role model uwu

  • CherryJae
  • Pizza_Mon

    Omg! They’re so cute & tiny!!!

  • Kkk _inhye

    my first time seeing an idol born in 2006 + he is my bias and my bias wrecker
    sadly he’s shorter than me… we are 12 cm apart T.T

  • animelife

    omg i’m older than them all by years XDD and the comments are soooo young still babies lol

  • Yomna H
  • Cσℓιиє Ρα∂мσαѕмσℓσ

    My Dream is Being KPop Idol
    But im 2007
    My dream is Being Trainee in JYP And debut
    I Wish My Dream Come True

  • Marisa

    I am two years older than the oldest, and I feel like a crippled old lady now

  • weird_af_kpopper

    Omo i’m almost Shuyangs age he’s about to turn 12 on April 27 and i was born May 28 2007 his same year lmao😂😂

  • Anya

    I feel so old…

  • Oh wow you’re young :O (then again anyone younger than me is young in my eyes)

  • Svt952

    So, because of the updated names, these are their Korean Names:
    Hanyu: 가함여
    Zihao: 이재호
    Xinlong: 하흠융
    Zeyu: 우석우
    Mingrui: 구명예
    Shuyang: 임서양

  • givemesomeMilk

    i feel short. i am literally the same age with zeyu and xinlong but i’m 152cm hsjssjsksk

  • Ppong. delay


  • Ppong. delay

    Oh my gosh I forgot my height pfft.

  • Camusicera

    I feel so dang short OMG ;-; at least I’m taller than the maknae line….;-;

  • Yonmi kookies

    I was born in 2007 April 15😅

  • karina

    hanyu is older than me by 2 months 💀

  • lol you shouldnt give out your birth date on the internet just like that

  • StanMagicTouch

    On Xin Long’s it says “he says he is afraid of anything” but it also says “he’s not afraid of anything”

  • Av.Yu

    Haha lol im only 1 day older than shuyang yet im taller than zeyu, mingrui, and shuyang (158cm)

  • Kim Seo Ahh

    I’am in the same age as Shuyang. But i’am born in 15 May.. HE IS OLDER THAN ME SMH

  • Just_ATEEZ

    I’m 2 days older than Xinlong lol

  • asian_popfan

    they debuted on 31 august 2017

  • Chloe

    Me and my bias zeyu were born Same months day and year lol https://media2.giphy.com/media/11sBLVxNs7v6WA/giphy.gif

  • Brooklynn

    Only 3 are younger than me

  • Qt Pie

    Is it ok for them to be that underweight?! It brings me a little bit of concern

  • Qt Pie

    Is it ok for them to be this underweight?! Or is this just not that updated

  • Farah Cookies


  • Hannagw

    On September 1, 2017 they started there predebut project with 4 singles and then on September 21, 2018 is when they officially debuted

  • ❁ 아드리아나 🗝 STREAM MIROH

    i’m older than all except for hanyu, which is three months older than me. <3 babies all of them!!

  • •♡《STREAM MIROH》♡•

    Shuyang is only 3 days older than me. I was born the same year as him😊

  • ParkBaekyolks

    good to know i’m not the only one that is 145 in the 2007 com :’

  • Jeanette Ordon

    Already felt old discovering this group, feeling even older reading the comments am I the only adult here? lol

  • You got no jams

    I’m older than Shuyang for like 19 or 20 days cause I was born on April 8 2007.

    *When kids the same your age gets better future than you🤦life is so cruel😭*

  • zee

    Oh my gosh!! Huft…they’re all younger than me hngg


    Im one month and one day older than Shuyang.

  • EmStar0228

    Shuyang is less than a month younger than me considering I was born in February 28, 2007, and he has a better life and future than me, WhAt aM i DoiNg WiTh My LiFe, and he probably taller than me, my height last year was 4’5 ft, for all I know, I could be 4’6 ft right now

  • Melisa Celil

    LoL you’re so young I was born in 2003 I’m older than all of them and now I’m eating my hamburger on bed.

  • Melisa Celil

    Omg they all are just new born babies I’m 2003 liner and I felt so old even I’m not old wth

  • Melisa Celil

    He is four years younger than me too but I’m 11 cm longer than him I think it’s the first time for me

  • Rachel Long

    The C-Pop community is more chill. Plus they’re the ones who were trainees (I understand some parents might push their kids to be idols) but they’re really talented and are taken care of really nicely, you can see that they’re happy as C-Pop idols. It’s none of your business whether or not they succeed, they’re under a good company too.

  • Ava H

    How the fuck would you know if they want to be in this industry or not? and NO it shouldn’t be illegal! the entertainment industry is basically the only way most minors can make money early on. Your just being rude and doubting their ability’s as artists.

  • Rea

    Correction: All of them are visuals.

  • Rea

    update: i’m already 168 cm

  • Mint

    I was freakin’ born in 2006, then seeing and 2007 liner as an idol makes me say, “what the fuck?!?”

  • rmchan_

    Lol i’m born at 2004 and seeing them already being idol at the age 15 makes me questioning my entire life

  • Vyona

    HEY WE’RE SAME! I’M APRIL 8, 2007 TOO! WE’RE TWINS!🤣🤣Btw can i have your instagram? Follow me first if you see this then i’ll follow you back-! My twins-!😂

  • Vyona

    we’re long lost twins😂😂 btw can i follow your instagram? If u have lol. Follow me first then dm me and i’ll follow you back, my long lost twins-!🤣🤣luv ya, vyona

  • maggie-cian

    it’s so freaky to see 12 yo babies debuting already while my 2000-born ass has barely turned into “an adult” and doesn’t know what to do with her life

  • NTheQ

    just a small critique but an important one. In Chinese the characters nor the pinyin with the exception of surnames. In this case Hanyu in Chinese should have been written like this (涵予). Xinlong’s full name should have been written as He Xilong.

  • suga.topia

    Nope lol I’m 20, so I can relate lol

  • suga.topia

    I feel so old compared to them. I’m born in 1999 and 20 years old jssjsjj

  • Joey Palmer


  • Ana

    Shuyang birthday is on April 24 not in April 27

  • Ana

    Shuyang birthday is inaprlin 24 not on April 27

  • Peaxhyjeongin

    Shuyang was born April 24 not 27 they posted it on Instagram today

  • Melanie

    Same but im 2005

  • Melanie


  • Melanieneedsjesus

    Same hanyu is almost a exactly 1 year older than me cause he is born may 22 04 and im may 28 05

  • Melanieneedsjesus

    Wow you are exactly 2 years younger than me and your the same age as my little sister i feel old now i mean no harm/offence in any way

  • Kate

    Enough came on in my recommend and I was like these boys sound so young. Because they sounded kind of like my brother so I looked them up and was like damn they’re as old as my brother.

  • May Al Sultani

    Shuyang is a year older than meee

  • Rea

    “He has glasses but wears contacts.”
    I don’t kinda get it.

  • NTheQ

    In Shuyang’s profile 임 is incorrectly romanized. It’s Im not In. In Mingrui’s profile 구 is romanized as Ku/Gu not Kwak. Zeyu’s Korean family name is romanized as Woo not Yoo (유). In Xinlong’s profile 하 is romanized as Ha not Ta. Correct me if this is wrong.

  • Kpopbxbygirl 01

    Shuyang is born on 24th April.

  • Ella Cunningham

    Shuyang’s only 5 months younger than me I feel so young😂😂

  • Tiff

    Aye I have Have the exact birthday as ming rui

  • Elizabeth

    Why do I feel old when the oldest is only 2 months younger than me😂😂

  • Rhaizel❤mingrui

    Mingrui’s birthday is on Aug. 28 after 4 days it will be my bday (Sept. 2 ,2006)

  • Angie

    It‘s „那还故事” without „的” & Shuyang‘s Birthday is at the 24th April not the 27th !

  • SaltehChips

    Shuyang is a year younger than me…I’m not used to this…

  • Karen

    the oldest is younger then me 2 years

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    Welp so Ming Rui is older than me? So it means hes 13 and im 12? Cause i was born in 2007.

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    And shuyang is 5 months younger than me!

  • Woojin

    I see some Kevin Moon in Xin Long lol hahaha

  • Elle

    Im older than all of them… Not used to this lolol

  • Aaron

    It means he owns glasses but prefers to use contacts.

  • XinlongxSeungminxVxWoozi

    Me and Shuyang have the same birthday (April 24th) but he is a year younger than me

  • Ojasbini Lohani

    I’m actually older than an idol..Not use to this

  • SofiSofia

    I’m taller than my own bias (Mingrui) haha this is new

  • rrose1

    he was born in 27th of april

  • Sawyer

    The oldest is 7 years younger than me 😶
    I’m sorry but that’s a weird feeling, even though I really like their music 😂😂

  • Jennie

    The oldest is as old as my brother and he’s my bias this feels weird for some reason but anyway I love you all and have a great morning/night/afternoon I purple you all💜💜💜 much love from Michigan

  • Kasim

    I was born in 2008 and taller ı am taller then nearly everyone ahahsh look at these littles 33kg really ı am 11 and 161cm now

  • angie.ouyangg🍡

    It’s “男孩故事” not “那还故事”😂

  • Hannagw

    Um..no offense at all to you but I don’t really understand what you mean about Xinlong’s name being written out He Xilong

  • 柳渡なべ (Ryu Watanabe)

    Dear…I’m around Mingrui’s age and I’m like 153 cm, Im now short

  • 柳渡なべ (Ryu Watanabe)


  • Paula

    I’m 13(in china 14)and 1,63 height

  • Sarah

    I’m 12 years old, and I’m vietnamese, acually my whole family is small, except my father and my brother. Well in china i think I’m 13, born in 2007. I’m 1 months older than Shuyang and I’m 1,63m

  • 강지수

    How is that most of the comments (I’ve seen) are about them being older? Seriously, I ‘m honestly younger than all of them I feel so small I’m only 1 year younger then Shuyang.

  • Annie

    Same. I was born February 11 though

  • Annie

    Now I feel a bit old. Many people here were also born in 2007 like me….but I’m still older than most of the 07 liners…….this makes me question my entire existence. I’m out~~~


    Me and Shuyang were born the same day and the same year and we’re the same height I’m shook

  • 용두암 is not the hangul for ta heum yong?

  • Meeli

    boys usually have later growth spurts so they start growing a lot later

  • Meeli

    bc most of their fans are either the same age or older than them

  • Meeli

    samee 07!! but i’m born on the later half of the year too, so you might still be older xd

  • Meeli

    ooooh same month too?

  • Meeli

    there’s plenty of younger idols these dayss

  • Meeli

    ^^07 🙂

  • Meeli

    we have trainees in china born in 2008 sooo………

  • Meeli

    it’s not updated, in their more recent interviews/variety shows Shuyang is measured to be taller than 150cm

  • Finally Idols that are the same age as me and one year older yay! I’m kinda shook tho because the 07 liners are same age as my little brother

  • Is the best Blackpink

    I’m 07′ liner.
    And i’m older than Shuyang!
    I think i’m tall. I’m 164 cm.😅
    And my weight is 43 kg.

  • Welp

    So many 07 liners, here just like me. And here I was thinking I was still kinda young.