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Sunny Girls Members Profile

Sunny Girls Profile: Sunny Girls Facts and Ideal Types

Sunny Girls (써니걸스) is a girl group formed for the Inkigayo Music Crush project under SBS Contents Hub. The group consists of 5 members, who are already part of different girl groups: Yooa (Oh My Girl), Nayoung (Gugudan), Eunha (GFRIEND), Cheng Xiao (Cosmic Girls) and Nancy (Momoland). They made their official debut at Inkigayo SBS, on November 27, 2016, with the tittle track “Taxi“.

Sunny Girls Members:

Stage Name: YooA (유아)
Birth Name: Yoo Yeon-joo (유연주) but she legally changed it to Yoo Shi-ah (유시아)
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: September 17, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Yooa Facts:
– She is a member of Oh My Girl.
– YooA’s brother Junsun is a famous choreographer that works at 1mil dance studio (which is also very well know).
– Pre-debut she attended Hongyoungjoo dance academy.
– Her hobbies a.re: having time alone and listening to music.
– YooA is often considered taller than she is, because her limbs look long.
– She acted in “Idol Drama Operation Team”.
– YooA’s ideal type: Someone around the height of 175 cm; Someone who is honest. Among celebrities, she likes actor Jung WooSung.
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Stage Name: Nayoung (나영)
Birth Name: Kim Nayoung (김나영)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: November 23, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Nayoung Facts:
– Her hobbies are watching videos on YouTube and listening to music.
– She is a member of Gugudan.
– She trained in Born Star Training Academy and Dream Vocal.
– Her special talent is singing jazz.
– She appeared in VIXX‘s “The Closer” MV”, “Dynamite” MV and “Fantasy” MV.
– She was ranked 14th (ep. 11) in Produce 101.
– Nayoung’s motto: Be thankful and do your best for anything! Positive power!
– Nayoung’s ideal type: Eric Nam.
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Stage Name: Eunha (은하)
Birth Name: Jung Eun Bi (정은비)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 30, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 162.7 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Eunha Facts:
– She is a member of GFRIEND.
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Eunha is a former trainee of BigHit. She only trained there for 1 year.
– She only trained for 2 months under Source Music and got selected as a member of GFRIEND.
– When she was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) but was treated and is now totally fine.
– She likes to cook. Her specialty is cooking mixed noodles.
– She likes to watch cooking shows.
– She acted in the 2007 movie “Love and War”.
– Eunha’s ideal type: Jo Jung Suk & Crush.
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Cheng Xiao 

Stage Name: Cheng Xiao (성소)
Birth Name: Cheng Xiao (程瀟)
Korean Name: Jung Seong So (정성소)
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: July 15, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: A

Cheng Xiao Facts:
– She is a member of Cosmic Girls
– Skills: She is specialized in traditional Chinese dance, she is very flexible and good at gymnastics.
– She won the Idol Star Athletic Championship 2016 gold medal in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
– Cheng Xiao learned Chinese dance for 10 years.
– Nationality: Chinese.
– Place of Birth: Shenzhen, China.
– Family: Parents, younger sister (Cheng Chen).
– Cheng Xiao’s ideal type: During tvN’s ‘Life Bar’, Cheng Xiao picked actor Lee Min Ho as her ideal type.
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Stage Name: Nancy (낸시)
Birth Name: Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (낸시맥도니)
Korean Name: Lee Geuroo (이그루)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: April 13, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 162 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Nancy Facts:
– She is a member of Momoland.
– She was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– Nancy’s father is American and her mother is Korean.
– She has an older sister, who is a cellist.
– Her nicknames are Aenaen, Jonaensi.
– She was given a nickname “Spinach” during her childhood days.
– She speaks English, but she said she’s more fluent in Korean. (Pops in Soul)
– Since she was a child, she was an actress and model.
– Her hobbies are watching movies and singing Disney OSTs.
– Nancy’s ideal type: Someone with lot of dignity and someone with goals.

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