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Tomohisa Yamashita Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

Tomohisa Yamashita Profile: Tomohisa Yamashita Facts and Ideal Type

Tomohisa Yamashita (山下 智久)
also known as Yamapi (山P) is a Japanese singer, actor, and TV host under Johnny’s Entertainment/SME Japan.

Official Fanclub Name: Club9

Name: Tomohisa Yamashita (山下 智久/やました ともひさ)
Birth Name: Aoki Tomohisa (changed when his father left family)
Birthday: April 9, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: tomo.y9
Weibo: 山下智久_Yama-P
Agency Profile: 山下 智久
Official Website: tomohisayamashita.com

Tomohisa Yamashita Facts:
— He was born in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan.
— He has a younger sister.
— He speaks English.
— His nickname is Yamapi (山P).
— Education: Horikoshi High School, Meiji University.
— He majored in marketing.
— He was raised mainly by his mother after his parents separated.
— In 1996 he became a trainee under Johnny & Associates as a part of group Johnny’s Junior.
— He debuted as a singer in a three-member Japanese band called NEWS and as a soloist in 2006.
— He debuted as an actor in 1998 with a small role in “NHK’s Shonentachi”.
— He applied to the talent agency Johnny & Associates after watching one of Takizawa Hideaki‘s dramas.
— Sports he does are surfing, snowboarding, and boxing
— He started riding a bicycle without support at 4 years old.
— He is sensitive to smell after being a part of Johnny’s Junior so he has a fear of things that smell bad.
— He isn’t picky when it comes to food. He could eat anything, even grasshoppers.
— He wishes that he could speak Chinese.
— He could sleep anywhere, even on a tree.
— He has a car, motorcycle, and jet ski licenses.
— He has diving licenses and he would like to have a boat license.
— He is interested in helicopters.
— He learned swimming for 2 years.
— If he had to pick one thing to take to a desert island it would be music.
— At times when exhaustion and stress build-up he goes to the gym.
— He looks up to a lot of actors but if he had to pick one it’d be Tsutomu Yamazaki.
— An actor he’d like to work with is Jun Matsumoto. Matsumoto is his high school senpai.
— He keeps fit by going to the gym twice a week and eat well-balanced meals.
— He doesn’t have a shampoo preference. He chooses at random based on the bottle design.
— According to Harper’s Bazaar, he is the most followed Japanese male artist on Instagram as of June 2020. (x)
— He has been a big fan of Moncler and has worn their outerwear for a long time. (hypebeast 2019)
— His own sense of fashion is a laid-back style. (hypebeast 2019)
— He can’t throw away old sneakers that he bought a long time ago. (hypebeast 2019)
— During filming for “The Head” he started learning a little bit of Spanish.
— His favorite numbers are 1, 4, 9. Four, and Nine because his birthday is on the 9th of April. One because he feels that it’s great to be number one.
— His favorite alcoholic drink is beer.
— His favorite manga is “One Piece” as of 2011.
— Musicians who inspired him are Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo.
— His favorite entertainer is Ryuuhei Ueshima.
— His favorite place in Tokyo is his home where he can relax.
— He is a night owl.
— He is a dog person.
— His lucky number is 6.
— Time taken for a bath is around 20 minutes.
— Things he treasures are friends’ phone numbers.
— In Junior High, he joined the athletes club.
— His favorite animation is “Doraemon” and “Dragon Ball Z”.
— He prefers night time from the day because there’s more free time.
— His favorite Japanese food is sushi, Western food is pasta and Chinese food is Shark’s fin.
— Something he has to eat every 3 days is definitely ramen. His favorite is tonkotsu ramen.
— Something he cannot eat is sea cucumber with vinegar.
— The food he can prepare the best is half-cooked eggs with sauce or shoyu.
— His nickname when he was young was “Yama”.
— A movie that left an impact on him is “School of Rock”.
— The most important day in a year is his friend’s birthdays.
— Most respected people by him are his parents.
— If he became an astronaut he would visit the moon to look at the earth.
— If he could make a wish it would be to have Doraemon’s Door of wonders.
— An animal he sees himself as is a gorilla.
— His favorite part of his body is the chest and most disliked are his hands because he thinks they’re small.
— The first time he went aboard was for a vacation to Hawaii with his parents.
— The first time he confessed to a girl was in his 5th year in elementary school.
— When he gets drunk he starts talking a lot.
— The type of girl he cannot leave alone is the one he likes.
— His favorite character in “Sazae-san” is Namihei.
— Something that makes him forget about time is internet surfing.
— When he meets a girl for the first time he focuses on her eyes.
— He is close friends with actor Yu Shirota.
— When he will get in trouble, he will settle the problem himself instead of asking someone for help.
— On a first date, he’d go to a Chinese restaurant with delicious food.
— Something he will not compromise on are work-related matters.
— The first condition to marry him is being able to catch up with him.
— On a Honeymoon, he would like to travel around the world with the one he loves.
— He’d like his future wife to call him simply by his name.
— If he had to pick a NEWS member as his girlfriend it’d be Ryo-chan.
— His special skill is drinking malt tea using his nostrils.
— His favorite season is Spring.
— His favorite word is “Really?!” (Majide?!).
— He dislikes fans that make prank calls.
— Since kindergarten, he started learning karate and got a purple belt.
— He had a dog named Pi-chan given to him by Masaya Hattori and named by Hideaki Takizawa.
— On July 30, 2020 he was spotted drinking with underage girls and spending time with one of them at a hotel until 1 p.m. His agency stated that he was not aware of their real age as the girls were introduced to him and Kazuya Kamenashi by other friends at the club. (x)
— He wanted to have a baby really early to have such a bond with his child as he had with his mother who also had him early.
— On May 16, 2021, he was announced as the new Dior Beauty Ambassador. (x)
— Tomohisa Yamashita’s Ideal Type: “The type of girl that I feel is perfect, is one who has good manners and looks. Even if it is love at first sight or starting from being friends, all of these are necessary. The usage of greetings and formal words are the basic communication, To me, being able to let me feel that ‘by introducing her to my friends would not make me embarrassed’ is the most important criteria as a lover. Whether she has common sense or not, it is easily shown when she communicates with other people”. Appearance-wise straight long hair, he doesn’t care about her fashion if he likes her. He doesn’t like black nail polish.

Tomohisa Yamashita in Movies:
Reborn (解码游戏) | 2018 – Takeshi Mori
Code Blue: The Movie (劇場版コード・ブルー ドクターヘリ緊急救命) | 2018 – Aizawa Kosaku
Terra Formars (テラフォーマーズ) | 2016 – Mutou Jin
 Close Range Love (近キョリ恋愛) | 2014 – Sakurai Haruka
Ashita No Joe (あしたのジョー) | 2011 – Joe Yabuki
Kurosagi: The Movie (映画 クロサギ) | 2008 – Kurosaki

Tomohisa Yamashita in Drama Series:
In Hand (インハンド) | TBS, 2019 – Himokura Tetsu
Code Blue 3 (コード・ブルー第3弾) | Fuji TV, 2017 – Aizawa Kosaku
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu (ボク、運命の人です) | NTV, 2017 – God / Mysterious man
5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (5時から9時まで) | Fuji TV, 2015 – Hoshikawa Takane
Algernon Ni Hanataba O (アルジャーノンに花束を) | TBS, 2015 – Shiratori Sakuto
Kinkyori Renai: Season Zero (近キョリ恋愛 ~ Season Zero ~) | NTV, 2014 – Older Sakurai Haruka 
Dokushin Kizoku (独身貴族) | Fuji TV, 2013 – Himself (Ep. 7, 11)
Summer Nude (サマーヌード) | Fuji TV, 2013 – Mikuri‎ya Asahi
MONSTERS | TBS, 2012 – Saionji Kosuke
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata (最高の人生の終り方~エンディングプランナー~) | TBS, 2012 – Ending Planner – Ihara Masato
Code Blue 2 (コード・ブルー 2) | Fuji TV, 2010 – Aizawa Kosaku
Buzzer Beat (ブザー・ビート ~崖っぷちのヒーロー~) | Fuji TV, 2009 – Kamiya Naoki [SG]
Code Blue (コード・ブルー) | Fuji TV, 2008 – Aizawa Kosaku
Proposal Daisakusen (プロポーズ大作戦) | Fuji TV, 2007 – Iwase Ken
Kurosagi (クロサギ) | TBS, 2006 – Kurosaki Koshiro [Kurosagi]
Nobuta Wo Produce (野ブタ。をプロデュース) | NTV, 2005 – Kusano Akira
Dragon Zakura (ドラゴン桜) | TBS, 2005 – Yajima Yusuke
Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni.. (それは、突然、嵐のように…) | TBS, 2004 – Fukazawa Takuma
Stand Up!! (スタンドアップ!!) | TBS, 2003 – Iwasaki Kengo / “Kenken”
Lunch Queen (ランチの女王) | Fuji TV, 2002 – Nabeshima Koushirou
Long Love Letter (ロング・ラブレター〜漂流教室〜) | Fuji TV, 2002 – Otomo Tadashi
Kabachitare! (カバチタレ!) | Fuji TV, 2001 – Yuta Tamura
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (池袋ウエストゲートパーク) | TBS, 2000 – Shun Mizuno
Kowai Nichiyoubi: Shinshou (怖い日曜日〜新章〜) | NTV, 1999 – Doppelganger (Ep. 13)
P.P.O.I. (っぽい) | NTV, 1999 – Amano Taira/Hei
Nekketsu Ren’ai-do (熱血恋愛道) | NTV, 1999 – Guest (Ep.7)
Shounentachi (少年たち) | NHK, 1998 – Kakuta Shinya

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