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WOO!AH! Members Profile

WOO!AH! Members Profile:

WOO!AH! (우아), stylized as woo!ah!, is a 5 member girl group produced by Han Jiseok and Kim Kyusang under NV Entertainment, consisting of members Nana, Wooyeon, Sora, Lucy and Minseo. They debuted on May 13th, 2020 with 1st Single Album ‘’Exclamation” but the mv for “Exclamation” was delayed to May 15th, 2020.

WOO!AH! Fandom Name: WOW
WOO!AH! Official Fan Color: 

Official Accounts:
YouTube: woo!ah!
Twitter: wooah_nv
Instagram: wooah_nv
Facebook: wooahofficial
TikTok: wooah_nv
Spotify: WOO!AH!
V Live: woo!ah!

Members Profile:

Stage Name: Nana (나나)
Birth Name: Kwon Na Yeon (권나연)
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Visual
Birthday: March 9th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 164 cm (5’4″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B

Nana Facts:
– She was born in Sanggye-dong, Nowon, Seoul, South Korea.
– Her specialty is arm wrestling.
– She trained for 2 and half years.
– Nana’s favorite color is Blue.
– Her roommates are Wooyeon, Lucy and Minseo and sleep in the big room.
– Her favorite food is chicken feet.
– Nana’s role model is her mom and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.
– She loves playing games on Nintendo games.
– Nicknames: ‘Kwon Orange Blue’ (TikTok Live), Kwon Shiro (in Korean 흰둥이 is the dog’s name in Crayon Shin Chan), Kwon Moth, Nana, NanNi, NaNi (Self-Written Profile)
– Her charm point is reversal charm. Although your first impression of her would be very chic and haughty, but she listens a lot and after some time you’ll find out she’s not fake and is easy-going (Self-Written Profile)
– Other charm points: lots of aegyo, laughs well, slightly sloppy, mood maker (Self-Written Profile)
– Likes: the dog in her house, shopping, watch movies, play Nintendo, hugging, the sea, sleeping, eating (Self-Written Profile)
– Dislikes: bugs, dirty things, scary things (Self-Written Profile)
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Stage Name: Wooyeon (우연)
Birth Name: Park Jin Kyung (박진경)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: February 11th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 167.8 cm (5’6’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: AB

Wooyeon Facts:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Her favorite color is purple.
– Her favorite foods are Pizza and Pork Belly.
– Wooyeon’s roommates are Nana, Lucy and Minseo, and they share the big room.
– Her nicknames are Park Doctor, JinGaeng and BakuYeon (which means Change Yeon). (Self-Written Profile)
– Charm point: her eye smile (Self-Written Profile)
– She is a former SM Trainee.
– Likes: dogs, writing diaries, watching dramas/movies, singing, Sanrio characters (Hello Kitty, Melody etc.) (Self-Written Profile)
– Dislikes: being woken up in the morning (Self-Written Profile)
– She didn’t dream of becoming an idol when she was younger.
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Stage Name: Sora (소라)
Birth Name: Sakata Sora (坂田そら/사카타 소라)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: August 30, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 159 cm (5’3’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: O

Sora Facts:
– She was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
– Her mother is Korean and her father is Japanese. (Source)
– Her roommate is Songyee and they share the small room.
– She’s liked K-Pop since she was young.
– Her name Sora means ‘sky’ in Japanese.
– Nickname: King Sora Crab (Self-Written Profile)
– Her charm point is reversal charm, whether normally or on stage. (Self-Written Profile)
– She likes to walk her pet, watch movies, pig trotters (as food), sleep. (Self-Written Profile)
– She dislikes bugs, catching a cold, staying up for the whole night. (Self-Written Profile)
– Her role model is Mina from TWICE.
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Stage Name: Lucy (루시)
Birth Name: Kim Da Eun (김다은)
Probable Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday: April 9th, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 161 cm (5’3’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B

Lucy Facts:
– She was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– Lucy likes Korean food especially Kimchi stew.
– She is a fan of Wonder Girls and Lee Hyori.
– She was a child actor.
– Lucy likes watching things on Netflix with member Songyee.
– She likes to style her hair and play with the members hair.
– Nicknames: Dageum, Daeng-ie, Gyeomda, DaDa, Dan-i (Self-Written Profile)
– Charm points: sloppiness, beauty, brightness (in attitude) and a slight chic in her (Self-Written Profile)
– Likes: eating, sleeping, playing, chattering (Self-Written Profile)
– Dislikes: when she can’t sleep and the atmosphere after getting scolded (Self-Written Profile)
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Stage Name: Minseo (민서)
Birth Name: Kim Min Seo (김민서)
Probable Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: August 12th, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 163 cm (5’4’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B

Minseo Facts:
– She was born in Osan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– Her favorite colors are white and black.
– Her favorite food is Chicken feet and Tripe.
– What made her want to become an idol was watching Girls’ Generation and IU.
– She likes to go shopping with her friends and family.
– She likes to eat a lot.
– Minseo tends to lose things often.
– Nicknames: ‘Frog’ and ‘KamManSeo’ (Self-Written Profile).
– Charm points: her unexpected charms, corners of her lips, and that her face looks like Squirtle (Pokémon) (Self-Written Profile).
– Likes: eating foods she likes, shopping, or just hanging out, watching dramas (Self-Written Profile).
– Dislikes: when people touch her belongings (Self-Written Profile).
– Minseo’s role model is Rosé (BlackPink).
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Former Members:

Stage Name: Songyee (송이)
Birth Name: Park Song Yee (박송이)
Probable Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: September 25, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 162 cm (5’3’’)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @songiyee / @geyhoodie____
TikTok: @songyeepark

Songyee Facts:
– Her favorite colors are khaki and black.
– Her favorite food is cheese balls
– Songyee’s roommate was Sora.
– She is a fan of Girls’ Generation, especially Taeyeon.
– She became an idol because of Taeyeon.
– Songyee likes watching dramas in English and Chinese, even though she doesn’t speak Chinese.
– Nicknames: Choco Songyee, Songyee mushroom, and hippo (Self-Written Profile)
– Her charm points are that while she shows her chic expression on stage, she normally has a fool side of her, and non-double eyelid
– Likes: her elder brother, grey hood tee, macaroons, watermelons, making (like making clothes, baking) (Self-Written Profile)
– Dislikes: peanuts, anything she can’t eat and when she can’t sleep (Self-Written Profile)
– She’s flexible.
– She speaks fluent English.
– On August 14, 2020 due to personal issues, Songyee has decided to leave Woo!Ah!.
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