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Kid Milli Profile and Facts

Kid Milli Profile: Kid Milli Facts and Ideal Type

Kid Milli / 키드밀리
is an South Korean rapper under Indigo Music.
He debuted in early 2016 with the album ‘TN’.

Rap Name: Kid Milli / 키드밀리
Birth Name: Choi Wonjae / 최원재
Birthday: 26th of October, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 177 cm / 5’10”
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: kidcozyboy
Cooking IG: yoricozyboy
Facebook: 키드밀리 – Kid milli
SoundCloud: cozylips
Twitch: realkidcozyboy
Agency Website: Kid Milli

Kid Milli Facts:
– His MBTI is INTP.
– Born in the year of the Rooster.
– His hometown is Yeouidong, Seoul.
– It has been said that he’s living in Mapo.
– Family: Mom, Dad, and his Cat.
– He has a cat named Kyungdeok / 경덕이.
– Kid Milli went to school in Gimpo.
– Education: Poongmu Middle School and High School Graduation qualification exam.
– Him and Hash Swan went to the same middle school.
– Milli was in third grade whilst Hash was in first grade.
– Dropped out of school as he wanted to become a professional gamer in Starcraft.
– In early 2017, he joined Indigo Music, after NO:EL promoted him to Swings.
– He says he hates Swings sarcasm.
– In 2018, he joined Giriboy‘s crew called WYBH.
– He’s also a part of COZYBOYS.
– Only with a full face of makeup is when he thinks he’s handsome.
– He was a contestant in SMTM4.
During SMTM777 he ended at third place.
– He wanted to join Giriboy‘s team on SMTM777.
– He has had a stage fright before which could be seen during SMTM.
– The album Maiden Voyage III was made whilst shooting for SMTM777.
– Former judge during SMTM8 with Swings, Mad Clown, and BOYCOLD.
– He was a mentor with Giriboy in HSR3.
– The contestant who caught his eyes during HSR3 was Lil Tachi, he admitted to liking him the most.
– Personally he doesn’t like HSR as the image is more of entertainers than rappers.
– The name of his album Maiden Voyage is from a sneakers box.
– Milli’s a very humble individuel.
– Doesn’t think that he’s any better than others as he thinks that there are many outstanding people in the world.
– A hobby of his is cooking.
– Milli always use his iPad when he’s eating, he sits in front of his coffee table in his living room.
– When he’s using the iPad, he watch YouTube quite often.
– Used to be into books, arts and movies.
– He wants to start with a YouTube channel.
– Favorite artist is A$AP Rocky.
– A band which he likes is Se So Neon.
– He listens to SIK-K a lot.
– He has mentioned that he also like The Quiett.
– Artists like Kanye West and C Jamm have a big impact on him.
– He’s very cowardly and a scaredy-cat.
– He cannot stand romantic dramas or even movies.
– Enjoys drinking alcohol, mostly soju.
– Milli likes sweet food, but not cakes or snacks.
– He hates tomatoes.
– He prefers pork ribs over pork belly.
– His favorite color is Beige.
– According to him, it gets heavy for the neck when wearing chains unless it’s fake.
– He was the first rapper in Korea to wear clothes from UNDERCOVER.
– His favorite clothing brands are Stone Island, UNDERCOVER, and Raf Simons. He also likes clothing from fashion designers like Marine Serre and Rick Owens.
– He’s often seen wearing long sleeved outfits.
– As he isn’t satisfied with his body build, he wears oversized clothes, plus it gives him more freedom of moving around on the stage when he’s performing.
– He can also be seen wearing shirts with a more stretched neck or bigger sizes.
– His father used to visit Japan very often and that’s what got him interested in their culture.
– In his childhood, he enjoyed watching anime and liked clothing brands.
– His two favorite Anime are Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and Seven Deadly Sins.
– In 2015 he visited Japan for the first time.
– He spent 4000 JPY at the Maid Cafe in Japan.
– But he got disappointed as the waitresses don’t look like the ones in Anime.
– When he visits Tokyo he likes to hang out with rapper Hiyadam at the clubs, bars, and parties.
– If he could be Hiyadam for a day he’d try to get along with Japanese girls as he’d be fluent in Japanese.
– He has stated that Instagrammer Girl was inspired by his attraction to a woman.
– According to him, HipHop and Ballads are both interesting.
– When he’s not feeling good, he won’t take pictures with fans.
– He says people became scary to him, that’s why he didn’t step outside.
– He used to run an online clothing store.
– In the future, he wants to experience with something outside of music.
– If he had to pick any brand he’d like to work with, it’d be NIKE as it’s every artists’ dream.
– He wants people to focus on streaming his music and give him feedback.
– Used to own an BMW i8, but sold it in early 2020.
– His new car is an Aston Martin DB11 Convertible, around $220,000.
– Made an appearance on GROOVL1N‘s YT with RAVI in 2020.
– Milli released Bankroll alongside dress in Dec. of 2020.
– In April 0f 2021, he released the album Cliché alongside with dress, Ron, and more.
– Milli released ‘Kitty‘ featuring MIYEON of (G)I-DLE in Nov. of 2021.
– He released ‘Summer‘ on the 19th Jan. of 2022.
Kid Milli’s Ideal Type: Someone whom isn’t a too huge of a fan of Hip Hop (someone unfamiliar with it).

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Latest Release: Summer ft. JAY PARK

Latest Release: Kid Milli, dress – Kitty ft. MIYEON

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