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Kid Milli Profile and Facts

Kid Milli Profile: Kid Milli Facts and Ideal Type

Kid Milli (키드밀리)
is a South Korean rapper under Indigo Music.
He debuted in early 2016 with album “TN”.

Stage Name: Kid Milli (키드밀리)
Birth Name: Choi Won-jae (최원재)
Birthday: October 26, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 177 cm (5’10)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Instagram: @kidcozyboy
Facebook: 키드밀리 – Kid milli
SoundCloud: Kid milli ~7684-8☎
Twitch: realkidcozyboy
Agency Website: Kid Milli

Kid Milli Facts:
– He likes to drink alcohol.
– His favorite drink is soju.
– His favorite color is beige.
– His favorite artist is A$AP Rocky.
– He hates tomatoes.
– He joined Indigo Music in early 2017, after being promoted by fellow rapper No:el to Swings.
– His favorite clothing brands are Stone Island, UNDERCOVER, and Raf Simons. He also likes clothing from fashion designers like Marine Serre and Rick Owens.
– He was the first rapper in Korea to wear clothes from UNDERCOVER.
– He prefers pork ribs over pork belly.
– He has a cat named Kyung-duk (경덕이).
– Songs he enjoys the most is Justhis “Gone” and Loopy & Nafla “Woke Up Like This” (As of March 2019).
– He is often wearing long-sleeved clothes because it feels cute.
– His father used to visit Japan very often and that’s what got him interested in their culture.
– In childhood, he liked Japanese anime and clothing brands.
– As a kid, he planned to become a professional gamer.
– He visited Japan for the first time in 2015.
– He loves music by a band called Se So Neon.
– He used to own BMW i8 but he sold it in early 2020.
– He really spent 4000 JPY (Japanese Yen) at the Maid Cafe in Japan as he mentions in the song “Honmono”.
– He doesn’t understand why someone would visit Maid Cafe since waitresses don’t look like the ones presented in anime.
– His favorite anime is Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (코바야시네 메이드래곤) (As of October 2017) and Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪). (As of Match 2019)
– He broke up with his long term relationship girlfriend while making his first full album, that’s why it’s full of emotional pain and dark parts.
– He made his album “Maiden Voyage III” while shooting ‘SHOW ME THE MONY 777’, from a collection of songs that he wrote according to the feelings of the moment.
– He was a contestant in “Show Me The Money 4” where he wasn’t picked during evaluation and “Show Me The Money 777” where he got the third place.
– He was a judge in “Show Me The Money 8” in a producer crew with Swings, Mad Clown, and BOYCOLD.
– He was a mentor with Giriboy in “High School Rapper 3”.
– The contestant who caught his attention during “High School Rapper 3” is Lil Tachi, he admits he likes him the most among the others.
– Personally he doesn’t like “High School Rapper” because the image of people participating, is more of entertainers than rappers.
– He’s not satisfied with his body build that’s why he hides under big clothes, also because it’s easier to move on stage.
– When he visits Tokyo he likes to hang out with rapper Hiyadam at the clubs, bars, and parties.
– If he could be Hiyadam for a day he’d try to get along with many Japanese girls because he’d be fluent in Japanese.
– He is most interested in listening to other artists’ music, mostly from Korea (As of March 2019).
– He had a tendency to get annoyed by Korean music, so he deliberately avoided listening to it.
– He doesn’t want to be forgotten that’s why he tries to quickly release music.
– As of March 2019, he wants to live as a person who doesn’t do music for a while, so he doesn’t think about getting inspiration.
– He says people became scary to him, that’s why he doesn’t step outside. Mostly because they start rumors and he wants to be careful about it.
– When he’s not feeling good he’ll most likely not take pictures with people.
– In the future, he wants to experience with something outside of music.
– He thinks he’s handsome only with a full face of makeup.
– He says he hates Swings sarcasm.
– He wanted to join Giriboy‘s team on SMTM 777.
– He joined Giriboy‘s crew called WYBH around October, 2018 (@wybh_korea).
– He used to run an online clothing store with his ex-girlfriend.
– He dropped out of school because he wanted to become a professional gamer. After that, he joined a professional game club.
– Name of his album “Maiden Voyage” came from a box of sneakers he bought in a country he doesn’t remember the name of.
– He’d prefer a girlfriend who’s unfamiliar with hip-hop over the one who’s a huge fan.
– When he was in Los Angeles for about a month to work on his album “BEIGE 0.5”, he stayed in Santa Monica Beach.
– Artists like Kanye West and C Jamm have a big impact on him.
– If he had to pick any brand he’d like to work with, it’d be NIKE because it’s every artists’ dream.
Kid Milli’s Ideal Type: N/A

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