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CODE KUNST Profile and Facts:

CODE KUNST (코드쿤스트) is a South-Korean rapper, producer and composer.
He debuted independently in 2013. He joined AOMG in June 2018. He’s a member of the crew Legit Goons.

Stage Name: CODE KUNST (코드쿤스트)
Birth Name: Jo Sung Woo (조성우)
Birthday: December 18, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: code_kunst
Twitter: code_kunst
TikTok: codekunst
SoundCloud: cokun1218

– His MBTI is ENTP.
– Favorite color: Blue.
– Nicknames: CoKun, Jossung.
– Born in Yeonsu, Incheon, South Korea.
– He grew up in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea.
– He’s currently living in Seocho, Seoul, South Korea.
– His shoe size is 280mm (43.5 in EU / 10 in US).
– His biggest influence is Mac Miller.
– He speaks Korean and English.
– He’s a pacifist.
– Family: Parents, and a younger brother.
– In front of his family members, he tends to act cute.
– In his family, his dad is the funniest.
– His dad does interior design.
– CoKun’s grandparents used to live in Ansung, South Korea.
– His mom is from Gwangju, South Jeolla, South Korea.
– His parents’ conception dream was a huge hairtail.
– On his first birthday (Doljanchi), he grabbed a pencil.
– CoKun’s mom enjoys cooking side dishes to friends and family.
– His mom used to paint a lot when he was younger, so he enjoys the smell of oil paints.
– CoKun enjoys giving his younger brother his clothes, and shoes that he isn’t using anymore.
– He enjoys giving away clothes to friends.
– CoKun enjoys pulling pranks on his younger brother.
– His brother’s always the first person who listens to CoKun’s music before it’s released.
– As of Jan.2022, it has been nine to ten years since he started living alone.
– Education: Yeonsung ES and MS, Yeonsu HS, Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts.
– In elementary school, he did bungee jumping.
– CoKun studied in Auckland, New Zealand for 6 months.
– He was a member of the Young Astronauts Korea in grade school.
– Him and his friends used to play lots of sports, mostly soccer, in their school days.
– He has been friends with Minseok (MINHO‘s brother (SHINee)) since elementary school.
– CoKun and his friends saw MINHO‘s debut performance so SHINee‘s song “Replay” is very meaningful to them.
– He has his driver’s license.
– His car is an Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Coupe in Black.
– His best friend is Lee Hi.
– He enjoys extreme sports, ziplining for example. CoKun isn’t scared of heights.
– He is a big soccer fan. He’s a big fan of Chelsea FC.
– CoKun admires Hwang Hee Chan and Son Seung Him.
– His favorite summer song is “Good Day“.
– The kind of weather he likes the most is when it’s raining or when it’s a very gloomy day.
– CODE KUNST enjoys buying plants, mostly trees.
– CoKun likes it when people compliment his music.
– He used to be a barista at a cafè, for a long time.
– Due to his ears getting easily dried, he uses lip balm on them.
– CoKun sticks to his shopping list whenever he shop for groceries.
– He likes bananas a lot, he even drink banana milk when he’s working.
– CoKun can drink one bottle of Soju.
– He cannot eat seasoned food. He would rather eat bland food.
– CoKun and Sandara Park are both picky eaters.
– He doesn’t like to eat directly after he has woken up.
– Favorite Foods: Sashimi, Sushi, Seafood, Fish (yellow corvina), Rice cakes, Fried squid, Fruits, Bananas.
– He likes cilantro, and chili peppers.
– He doesn’t eat sweets (candy, cakes, etc).
– CoKun love Korean dishes the most, and spicy foods.
– When he wants to lose weight, he watch eating shows so that he can get sick of food.
– He’s interested in reptiles. He wishes to raise reptiles some day.
– CoKun has a vivarium.
– Favorite Food: Jam, braised spicy monkfish.
– It’s very easy to make him laugh as he finds almost everything funny.
– CoKun enjoys organizing things, so his closet is very organized.
– He’s very indecisive when it comes to picking an outfit for the day, it takes almost 30 minutes.
– Based on clothes, the best color scheme for CODE KUNST is “Soft Summer”.
– He isn’t very interested in accessories.
– He enjoys being alone in his home with his 2 cats; Siru and Panda.
– CoKun has been living with Siru for 6 years, and Panda for 3 years as of Jan.2022.
– He trims his cats’ fur on his own.
– He uses a baseball bat to dust off his cats’ fur off his sheets. At first the baseball bat was meant to be used as a self-defense weapon.
– He likes cloudy weather.
– CoKun has stated that he’s weak with alcohol.
– CODE KUNST enjoys exercising.
– A goal he wants to achieve through working out is to gain weight.
– He works out for an hour; pull-ups, dumbbells, push-ups, abs workout, running.
– He likes falsetto.
– His favorite actress is Chun Woo Hee.
– A fan of Amy Winehouse, GAEKO, Choiza, Kim Hae Jun, Chun Woo Hee, and Lee Hyori.
– He really admires the Hip Hop duo, Dynamicduo. He knows the lyrics to all their songs.
– CoKun’s a big fan of “Howl’s Moving Castle“, so he listen to the soundtrack almost every day.
– Former judge on SMTM777Signhere, High School Rapper 3 and Show Me The Money 9.
– He is part of the cast in the variety show “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone“).
– CoKun learned boxing for the very first time with Kim Kwang Kyu.
– He wants to go visit his old school, just like Park Narae did on “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone“).
– CODE KUNST has gotten more interested in cooking after meeting the guests on “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone“).
– CoKun really likes sitcoms, his favorite are; “Why Can’t We Stop Them?“, “Soonpoong Clinic“, and “Three Friends“.
– During his military days, he was in the 6th Infantry Division.
– When he was serving in the military, that’s when he decided to start a music career.
– His mom was slightly against his pursue in music whilst his dad told him to do what he wants.
GAEKO was the first famous artist CoKun worked with prior to that, he only worked with unknown artists.
GAEKO is someone who CoKun trust completely with his comments about his music.
– When he gets tearful and sad, he feels empty so he writes songs.
– As he works alone most of the time, his emotions can get too deep.
– In 2020, he won Dingo‘s “Freestyle Awards“.
– In 2021, he won “Producer of the Year” award at Korean Hip-Hop Awards (KHA).
– He writes songs after deciding which theme or story to talk about. It takes him about 2-3 weeks to decide the theme.
– His daily routine is to always write at least 1 song every day, if he doesn’t finish a song in 1 day then he writes 2 songs the next day.
– He takes notes for each album, he even write down how he’d want the MV to be and what the people in the MV to wear.
– Whenever an artist he likes releases a new album, he listen to the song on a bus.
– Sometimes he takes the bus without a destination in mind.
– During concerts, he never forgets the face of the person he first see.
– CoKun donates anonymously. He doesn’t post the donations on social media.
– Between someone he likes vs someone who likes him, he picks the situation where he likes someone.
– If he were in a relationship where his partner likes him more then it gets hard for him. It makes him keep checking on whether the person still likes him or not.
– Between ghosting vs breaking up through text, he picks the latter.
– The reason why he picks breaking up through text is that he finds it to be less evil than ghosting. He still disapprove of both of the situations.
– CODE KUNST wants to get married some day.
– Love to CODE KUNST is when you think you can’t live without that person, and when you can imagine a future together with that person.

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