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How Well Do You Know Suga (BTS)?

How Well Do You Know Suga (BTS)?
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Posted by: @marshmallow.chim

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  • Joshua Alto


  • luvbts

    10/10! I’m not surprised he is one of my bias’ after all.

  • kandyce4ever


  • MiyaMiyabi

    But isn’t his stage name suga because this is an old nickname his friends gave him because was the shooting guard back in the days as he played basketball?

  • marshmallow.chim

    There are multiple reasons for it.. I just chose one of them.

  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    4/10 🙁

  • YoonTaeKyung

    wtf i got 3/10, i think i’m a fake fan, I’ll work harder lol

  • marshmallow.chim

    Aww, you’re not a fake fan! Honestly, I didn’t know most of this until I researched to make this. You’re probably a great fan! <3

  • marshmallow.chim

    Good job lol. Better than I would have done if I didn’t make this.

  • marshmallow.chim


  • marshmallow.chim

    Good job!!

  • marshmallow.chim

    That’s really good!

  • Jaxie
  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    These 3 years of stanning paid off


  • luvbts



    8/10 but v is my bias so understandble love you suga

  • Yugyeom

    2/10😅 well i can’t be proud of myself but at least i learned a lot of new things

  • carm3n

    1/10 sorry army im a carat

  • wayvem

    10/10 my ult bias🥰

  • Rosaline Nguyễn

    10/10 <333 my biass

  • Leeloo Hargraves

    Bruh, these questions are way too technical and don’t show if you ACTUALLY know him, it just shows if you know Google. Knowing him is knowing his personality, not how many seconds he went without breathing in Cyper pt. 2. Some actual questions could have been like, “When Yoongi is stressed, how does he usually react?” or “What kind of humor does Yoongi usually provide?” Those would talk more about personality and who he is.

  • olivia

    the first one is wrong, his stage name came from shooting guard because he was that position in basketball 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • luvbts

    Thankz Alot

  • The first question is incorrect, he was named Suga because of his basketball position, shooting guard. (Shoo-ga) (Suga)

  • alexa


  • Nao Orihara

    First question is wrong

  • kandyce4ever

    great job

  • Benten

    The answer to the first question is because of his position in his basketballteam.
    SHOOting GUArd => Shoogua => Suga

  • idk

    A lot of people seem to have disagreements on the first question, so I’ll explain.

    The answer is NOT wrong. He said in an interview years ago (maybe a show, I don’t remember) that he was given the name by Bang PD because it suited him and because he was really pale/white like sugar. He also liked it because it was really unlike his character and I think he might have said he wanted to promote sweetly, but I could be remembering incorrectly. Again, it was a long time ago. The shooting guard thing was more of an afterthought. He kinda just liked the name more because it sounded like his basketball position, but it’s not why he was named as such

  • Esra Nur Yiğit
  • Esra Nur Yiğit

    well thanks a lot i’ve learned a lot of things

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    YAS! YEET! 8/10! yoongi would be proud of me!

  • Jordan JungKimMin

    the first question isnt wrong, to all the people saying it is. he said it a while back plus whoever hinted that it was pronounced shooga, its not, its pronounced shuga.

  • Totally.Not.Alasyn

    well its not wrong, but its also not right. part of the reason yoongis stage name is suga is because hes pale, but its also because in basketball he was a shooting guard. so he took the first syllable of “shooting” and the first syllable of “guard” and combined them to get suga.

  • QueenLisaxJhopeu💜

    10/10 even tho the first one was wrong I guessed 😂💜 my biasss

  • camcamcamcam

    The first question is not wrong. He was given the name choice of the name Suga by Bang PD because of how pale he is, but it also sounded like his position in basketball

  • jimin ssi

    bruh he likes kanye west not beyonce

  • jimin ssi

    its not
    even old armys know that

  • jimin ssi

    no cuz he is pale as sugar

  • Nao Orihara

    He got the name from bang PD and liked that it contradictes his stage appearance AND has a connection to shooting guards in basketball

  • Nao Orihara


  • ✨Jinsung ✨

    But that’s not the only answer.