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Hyukjin (FAVE1) Profile and Facts

Hyukjin (FAVE1) Profile and Facts
Hyukjin () is a member of FAVE1 and formerly 100%.

Stage Name: Hyukjin (혁진)
Real Name: Jang Hyukjin (장혁진)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: December 20, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 64 kg (140 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @100per_hyukjin
Instagram: @100per_hj

Hyukjin Facts:
– Hyukjin was born in Busan, South Korea. He has an older sister named Yoonseol from PRISM.
– His nicknames are “Piggy” and “Hyukjinnie”.
– His hobbies are going to the arcade, watching TV, and imitating Squirtle from Pokemon.
– His favorite dishes are coffee, ice cream, and Steamed Mackerel with Firewood.
– Hyukjin was a participant in KBS’ survival program The Unit, where he ranked #35.
– His best friend is Chan-yong and they hang out often in their free time.
– He participated in writing the song “To”.
– He enlisted on August 26th, 2019.
– He likes Line Friends and took photos of a few character statues.
– Hyukjin is in a band with some people he serves with, but their information, such as name and members, is unknown.
– He also sings in the choir at his church.
– Hyukjin owns a rabbit named Retta (렛타).
— After 100% disbanded, Hyukjin became a member of FAVE1 on July 20, 2022.
– He has the same date of birth as AS Roma’s Andrea Belotti.
– Hyukjin’s Ideal Type: A girl who is pretty when smiling. A celebrity he admires is Park Ha Sun.

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