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Yeoun (Argon) Profile and Facts

Yeoun (Argon) Profile and Facts

Yeoun (여운) is a member of the group Argon under MSH Entertainment.

Stage Name: Yeoun (여운)
Birth Name: Lee Kyeongbin (이경빈)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: September 3, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Korean
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Instagram: argon_official_
Twitter: ARGON_twt
JP Twitter: ARGON_jp
TikTok: official_argon

Yeoun Facts: 
-He loves to play animal crossing.
-He likes to joke that his shoulders are 1 meter long but they are actually a little shorter then 1 meter.
-He does not like mint chocolate ice cream.
-He relives stress by eating.
-He likes to play the guitar but he hasn’t played it for a while.
-He wants to try a refreshing summer concept the most.
-He chose the name Yeoun because he liked the word when he heard it on Youtube.
-He wants to try a bright hair color.
-He uses the heart emoticons the most.
-He wants to visit Switzerland the most.
-If he could travel to the past or future, he would chose future.
– A thing he wanted to accomplish when he debuted was being able to call his family’s name at an award ceremony. 
– An artist he respects is BTS and BTOB. 
– He thinks the loudest member of Argon is Haneul. 
– He has the members saved in his phone as this: BangJunho, Seonho’s, JAEUN, SEONGJOONG, ArrrrrrHANEUL
– His favorite food is Bossam and aloe Vera beverages. 
– When he sings at karaoke, he sings Let it Go from Frozen. 
– He wants to visit Switzerland because of the beautiful scenery. 
– His specialty is that he cares about his fans. 
– A habit he wants to break is biting his nails and lips. 
-He is rumored to be a former UpVote trainee, he has a few dance covers on there youtube page.
-He is in charge of English in Argon.
-He has some regrets after each performance he does.
-He was the table tennis king in middle school.

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