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Merry Bad End Members Profile

Merry Bad End Members Profile: Merry Bad End Facts

Merry Bad End (メリーバッドエンド) was a Japanese girl group based in Tokyo, consisting of three members Mikami CHiHiRO, Oe Hina, and Suwaru. Former members are Ah Yuina, Miyano, Honaming! and Yusura.
Merry Bad End is under the record label Low End Records and is managed by T-REX. It was announced that Merry Bad End was disbanded on January 9th 2022 and that they would continue as FiDZ.
In 2017, the group went by the name #CMYK but changed to Merry Bad End in March 2018. They made their live debut on March 6th 2018, and released their debut album RESTART on January 26th 2019.

Merry Bad End Fandom Name: Resistance (レジスタンス)
Merry Bad End Official Colors: –

Merry Bad End Official Accounts:
Website: t-rexpro.jp/
Twitter: MXE_Official
Youtube: メリーバッドエンド

Merry Bad End Members Profile:
Mikami CHiHiRO

Stage Name: Mikami CHiHiRO  (眠神ちひろ)
Birth Name: –
Position: Leader
Birthday: December 9, –
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 156 cm (5’1”)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: FiDZ_chihiro
Instagram: _nanamechan_
Blog: tsumu-3chi3

CHiHiRO Facts:
– Member color: blue
– She has recruited the original members in Merry Bad End herself in 2017/2018
– Her hobbies are sleeping, drinking, idols, manga, and listening to music
– She loves alcohol. Her favourite drinks are Jack Daniels, Akadama Wine, and Umeshu
– CHiHiRO auditioned for many idol groups
– She has been a fan of idols since 6th grade
– She is described by members as ponkotsu (ポンコツ), which means useless/trash, and my pace (マイペース), which means she is taking her own pace
– CHiHiRO would describe herself as inkya (陰キャ), which roughly translates to “a melancholic introvert” or someone who is asocial
– She is in charge of the screaming vocals
– She wrote the lyrics for their first single Merry Go Round, where she expressed many of her frustrations she had to go through to debut the group
– Her stage name translates to “Sleeping God Chihiro”

Oe Hina

Stage Name: Oe Hina (大江 陽菜)
Birth Name: –
Birthday: October 21, –
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: –
Twitter: FiDZ_hina
Instagram: void_me_222
Blog: void__me_222

Oe Hina Facts:
– Hina joined Merry Bad End on January 8th 2021
– She is a former founding member of Asaborake no Aka Iro wa Imada Kimi no Uchi ni Kowarezu ni iru (also known as Asakimi) with the same stage name up until their disbandment in July 2020
– Likes: music, anime, and movies


Stage Name: Suwaru (座る)
Birth Name: –
Birthday: May 18th, –
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: –
Twitter: FiDZ_suwaru
Instagram: suwaru_u

Suwaru Facts:
– Suwaru was revealed as a Merry Bad End member on March 3rd 2021 together with Miyano
– She’s from the Ogasawara Islands, Japan
– Likes: cranes, idols, manga, games, and photography

Former members:
Ah Yuina

Stage Name: Ah Yuina  (ああ ゆいな)
Birth Name: –
Position: Choreographer, Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: November 20, –
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 164 cm (5’4”)
Blood Type: –
Twitter:  tsubaki_bbts

Yuina Facts:
– Member color: purple
– She is in charge of making the choreography for Merry Bad End
– Her nickname is Mama
– Her hobbies are going to other idol’s performances and watching YouTube
– She has been dancing and singing since she was young
– Her skills are choreography and cutting onions
– Her personality is described by other members as air-headed, careless, yet acts put-together
– What interested her in auditioning for Merry Bad End was that it was a self-starting group. She also said if she hadn’t passed the audition, she would have chosen a different career path
– She is a fan of LADYBABY and her favorite idol is Kaneko Rie
– She graduted from Merry Bad End on June 27th 2021
– She joined Broken by the Scream with the stage name Nanaougi Tsubaki (七々扇ツバキ) on December 22nd 2021


Stage Name: Miyano (宮野)
Birth Name: –
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:

Miyano Facts:
– Miyano was revealed as a Merry Bad End member on March 3rd 2021 together with Suwaru
– She left the group May 16th 2021


Stage Name: Honaming! (ほなみんぐ!)
Birth Name: –
Position: Costume designer, Vocalist
Birthday: November 25, –
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 154 cm (5’0”)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: 437ing
Instagram: 437ing
Blog: honaming1125
TikTok: honaming1125

Honaming! Facts:
– Member color: red.
– Her nickname is Honami (ほなみ).
– She is from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.
– She is in charge of the costumes and outfits for Merry Bad Endas well as other idol groups.
– Her favorite food is udon.
– She is a big fan of Pokémon and her favorite pokémon is scorbunny. She collects merchandise and plushies.
– Honaming!’s skills are making costumes and calligraphy.
– Her hobbies are making costumes, Pokémon, and games.
– She is the mood-maker, and acts as a bridge between members.
– She got into idols and the idol world because she thought the outfits were very cute.
– For a long time she was conflicted between whether she wanted to be a costume designer or an idol wearing costumes, so when she saw CHiHiRO’s advertisement she decided to give it a try.
– Honami will graduated from Merry Bad End in October 2020 to pursue her costume-making activities.


Stage Name: Yusura  (ゆすら)
Birth Name: –
Position: –
Birthday: January 31st, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: –
Twitter: kamopi132 | mopi131 | yuagari_
Instagram: monu_0131 | yuagarihokahoka

Yusura Facts:
– Member color: black.
– In their twitter bio it says that they is pansexual and FtX (non-binary), and is openly LGBT on their social media.
– Yusura joined Merry Bad End in March 2018 and is the only member that wasn’t part of the lineup when they were #CMYK.
– Participated in the debut album and wrote lyrics for their debut single Rewrite.
– Their title is The Strongest Beauty.
– They like to draw and have an art account on instagram and twitter.
– Yusura was recruited by Chihiro.
– While in Merry Bad End, they were the closest with Honaming!.
– Their full stage name in Merry Bad End was Mofuku Yusura.
– They are a big fan of Ensemble Stars, but also likes Touken Ranbu, Pokémon, Haikyuu!!, and Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth.
– On November 2018 it was announced that they were going to graduate Merry Bad Endon January 26th 2019 on the date of the group’s debut due to health issues.
– After graduating they pursued modelling.
– In April 2020 they announced on their old instagram (@kamoppii) that they is no longer working as a model.

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