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Sakurai Miu Profile & Facts

Sakurai Miu Profile & Facts

Sakurai Miu
(사쿠라이 미우) is an individual Japanese trainee known for being on the survival shows Girls Planet 999 and Nizi Project.

Birth Name: Sakurai Miu (櫻井 美羽)
Birthday: January 11, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 162.5 cm (5’4″ ft)
Nationality: Japanese

Sakurai Miu Facts:
– She was born in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.
– She likes using Shiro Fragrance.
– She recommends using Romand Matte Lipstick, Romand Neonmoon Glasting Water Tint, YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick Balm,  JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion, CLIO Pro Eye Shadow Palette, CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner, and CEZANNE Nose & Eyeshadow Powder for makeup.
– She recommends eating Naengmyeon.
– Her favorite dessert is Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
– She would choose pineapple pizza over mint chocolate.
– She likes drinking iced latte at a café.
– Her favorite ways to relax are listening to her favorite songs, seeing her best friends, playing with her dog, and eating whatever she wants.
– She speaks Korean, Japanese, and a little bit of English.
– Her favorite songs are “I’ll Be The Light” by Younha, “Hold My Hand” by IU, and “Through The Night” by IU.
– Some of her closest friends from Girls Planet 999 are Wu Tammy, Kim Dayeon, Choi Yeyoung, Jeong Jiyoon, Ando Rinka, Kishida Ririka, and Ikema Ruan.
– Her favorite K-drama is Graceful Family.
– Her hobbies are collecting earrings, watching K-dramas, and studying K-POP MVs.
– Her specialties are making cookies, playing the trumpet, baton twirling.
– She prefers ice cream over cake.
– Her favorite makeup brand is Romand.
– Her favorite movies are The Shawshank Redemption, Titanic, Les Misérables, and both Frozen movies.
– Her favorite songs by IU are My Sea, Dear Name, Above The Time, Celebrity, Lullaby, Love Alone, Ending Scene, Hold My Hand, Into the I-LAND, Blueming, and Love Poem.
– Some of her closest friends from Nizi Project are Oguri Kako and Kishida Ririka.
– Her alarm songs are “HAPPY HAPPY” by TWICE, “Hey. Bae. Like It” by IZ*ONE, “LOOK AT ME” by TWICE, “GET LOUD” by TWICE, “LOVE FOOLISH” by TWICE, and “SWEET TALKER” by TWICE.
– She recommends listening to “Green Light” by Girls’ Generation.
– Sometimes she eats pasta for breakfast.
– One of her favorite people is Kwon Eunbi.
– She rather go 5 years into the past instead of 5 years into the future.
– For lunch she either eats cheese dumplings, boiled eggs, spicy tofu, chicken nuggets, or ice cream.
– She chose her Instagram username because Miu in Chinese meant beauty feathers.
– She rather have 5 Yeyoungs instead of 5 year old Yeyoung.
– She says the best time to nap is around 4-5pm.

Girls Planet 999 Information:
– Motto: “Lovely but mature, MIU loves eating”
– Miu was introduced with the keyword “Girl who loves chicken feet”
– Signal Song ranking (Ep. 0): J-15
– 1st Cell: Lucky 7 (with Kim Dayeon and Wu Tammy)
– Connect Mission (Ep.3): Hidden Card (Vocal 3)
– Cell Ranking (Ep.5): 9th Place
– Individual Ranking (Ep. 5) Individual Ranking: J-08
– Combination Mission (Ep. 7): Taeyeon – All About You Team (Vocal)
– Individual Ranking (Ep. 8): J-11 (Eliminated).
– She was in the ‘U+Me=LOVE’ team before her elimination.
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