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Chanmina Profile and Facts

Chanmina (ちゃんみな) is a Japanese Hip-hop / Pop rapper and singer under Victor Entertainment. She officially debuted as a soloist on April 18, 2016.

Stage Name: Chanmina (ちゃんみな)
Birth Name: Otomonai Mina
Birthday: October 14, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Korean-Japanese
Website: Chanmina Official
Instagram: Chanmina Official
Facebook: Chanmina Official
Twitter: Chanmina Official
Youtube: Chanmina Official

Chanmina Facts:
– She was born in South Korea.
– Her father is Japanese and her mother is Korean.
– She’s fluent in Japanese, Korean and English.
– Her nickname is “Nerimaʼs Beyonce”.
– She started learning ballet, piano and violin at a young age.
– She lived in South Korea until she was 3 years old.
– She spent her childhood visiting South Korea, Japan and the USA.
– She started writing lyrics in elementary school.
– In high school, she started composing seriously.
– Chanmina applied for the 9th tournament of “BAZOOKA!!! High School Student RAP Championship” (BAZOOKA!!! 高校生RAP選手権), where high school students compete at freestyle rapping.
– She lost on the 2nd round.
– She debut with the single “Mirror”, which topped the iTunes Store hip-hop ranking.
– Her single “LADY” got No. 1 on iTunes Japan HIPHOP / RAP chart and LINE MUSIC overall chart.
– Her 2nd album “CHOCOLATE” got No. 1 on LINE MUSIC overall chart.
– She was chosen as 2017ʼs Best New Artist on KKBOX JAPAN.

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  • In her second year of high school, she considered moving to South Korea, but her friends convinced her to stay in Japan.
    She got signed with to a major label in 2016 after a rap battle.
    She was born in South Korea, and her mom was a ballerina so they moved a lot.
    She took ballet classes and in the same building there were hip-hop classes, and right after she saw one of her classmates dancing hip-hop she switched classes.
    She discovered Haru Haru by Bigbang when she was being bullied, which helped influence her music.
    Her first concert was Bigbang at Budokan.
    On her song Pain Is Beauty she wrote in a really high note, which she said almost killed her.
    Her breakout moment was on 2016’s “Bazooka!!! Kokosei Rap Senshuken”, even though she was out in the second round.
    Chanmina gets annoyed with all the negative comments so she ignores them, but she does read most direct messages.
    She has always wanted to work in Korea, and wants to go global.
    Her dream gig is to preform in New York City.

  • She released her debut album MISEINEN (underage in English) in 2017, and it was inspired by being young and having conflicts within herself and with others due to being inexperienced.
    She grew up in an ordinary double-income family and is an only child, and she is thankful that she is an only child because if she wasn’t it would have been difficult financially.
    Chanmina says her concentration probably came from playing by herself often growing up.
    The South Korean TV program was on all the time at her house, and she used to watch live music programs and many K-pop artists. She was fascinated by their performances, singing and dancing.
    She started writing lyrics in elementary school, and recorded simple stuff with a piano until high school, when she started making music with a drum machine.
    When she was taking piano lessons, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky were her favorite composers, and she especially liked Tchaikovsky because of his horror-ish music, and he is still one of her favorite composers.
    She grew up watching Disney Channel and loves Disney films, especially the villains and the Grimm version of Cinderella.
    In her Pain Is Beauty photo shoot, she is wearing a white dress holding rainbow flowers. She loves how the different colored roses have special meanings, and even has a rainbow rose tattoo, which when she got it done, she asked her tattoo designer to incorporate its meaning into designing the color. She did the shooting in her hometown, which she said to show “I got that infinite possibility here.”
    “Pain is beauty” is her motto.
    To her, all pain is beauty and many of her songs are based on her own pain, frustration and sorrow from her past experiences. She believes the “pain” she experiences will turn into a creation that will then be known to the world as “beauty.”

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