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MONSTA X Members Profile

MONSTA X Members Profile: MONSTA X Facts and Ideal Types
ImageMONSTA X (몬스타엑스) consists of 6 members: Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. They were created through the survival program NO.MERCY. MONSTA X debuted on May 14, 2015, under Starship Entertainment. Monsta X is also under the US label Maverick Agency as of February 26th 2019. On October 31, 2019 following the recent controversies, Wonho announced his departure from the group.

MONSTA X Fandom Name: Monbebe
MONSTA X Official Fan Colors: Lost, Guilty, and Beautiful

MONSTA X Current Dorm Arrangement:
– Shownu & Hyungwon & Jooheon
– Minhyuk & I.M
– Kihyun (single room)

MONSTA X Official Accounts:
Facebook: OfficialMonstaX
Twitter: @officialmonstax
Twitter (USA): @MonstaXAccess
Instagram: @official_monsta_x
Youtube: MONSTA X
Fan Cafe: monsta-x
Official Website: Monsta X
TikTok: @monsta_x_514

MONSTA X Members Profile:
Stage Name:
Shownu (셔누)
Birth Name: Sohn Hyun Woo (손현우)
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: June 18, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 77 kg (169 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @shownuayo

Shownu Facts:
– He was born in Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He doesn’t have any siblings.
– He was a former JYP Entertainment’s trainee with GOT7, but left due to training absences.
– He was a JYP trainee for about 2 years.
– He’s still friends with GOT7.
– He likes meat and to exercise.
– He was Lee Hyori’s back-up dancer and performed with her (“Bad Girls,” “Going Crazy” “U-Go-Girl”)
– He used to be a member of the K-Pop boy group NUBOYZ.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015), “Dae Jang Geum is Watching” (ep. 9-10)
– He participates in creating most of Monsta X’s choreographies.
– In 2016 Shownu was a contestant on the dance show “Hit the Stage”.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Bear.
– Hobbies: listening to music.
Shownu’s ideal type: A pure woman like the actress Gong Hyojin.
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Stage Name:
Minhyuk (민혁)
Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk (이민혁)
Position: Sub Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: November 3, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @go5rae

Minhyuk Facts:
– He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
– He has a younger brother.
– He likes cola, sweet potato, and pizza.
– He’s the mood-maker of the group, lightening up the atmosphere with his jokes and funny personality.
– He’s most confident in his lips.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)
– Minhyuk is going to be on “Law of the Jungle” in Chile, replacing Kangnam (he got ill)
– He would like to learn acoustic guitar, because he thinks it would go well with his husky voice.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Puppy / Dog.
Minhyuk’s ideal type: “A chubby girl. It’ll be nice if it’s someone who’s the opposite of me. ”
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Stage Name:
Kihyun (기현)
Birth Name: Yoo Ki Hyun (유기현)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: November 22, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
Height: 174.8 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @yookihhh

Kihyun Facts:
– Kihyun was born in Goyang, South Korea.
– He has an older brother (2 years older) that lives in Japan. (vLive)
– He’s the best vocalist of the group.
– He graduated from DIMA, Dong’Ah Institute of Media and Arts.
– He likes composing songs and writing lyrics.
– He can play the piano.
– He released a single with Sistar’s Soyou & Giri boy titled “Pillow”.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)
– He’s especially good at making ramen.
– Hobbies: Dancing and hanging out with friends.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Hamster.
Kihyun’s ideal type: A girl who seems like a baby and has a lot of aegyo.
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Stage Name:
Hyungwon (형원)
Birth Name: Chae Hyung Won (채형원)
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual, Center
Birthday: January 15, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 182 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Hyungwon Facts:
– He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
– He has a younger brother.
– He likes pork bbq, sashimi, and salted fried giant shrimp.
– He is known for his thick lips.
– He’s the one who sleeps the most.
– Before joining Monsta X, Hyung Won was a popular model. He participated in lots of fashion shows.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015) and “Please Find Her” (2017).
– He loves traveling. His parents own a travel agency, where he used to work when he was younger.
– He is a terrible cook, according to his band mates.
– Hobbies: Modeling and shopping.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Turtle.
– Hyungwon is also a DJ and he is known as DJ H.One.
Hyungwon’s ideal type: “A woman who is wise and kind. A woman with manners.”
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Stage Name:
Joohoney (his stage name used to be Jooheon (주헌))
Birth Name: Lee Ho Joon (이호준), but he changed his name to Lee Joo Heon (이주헌)
Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: October 6, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
Blood Type: O
SoundCloud: 주 honey

Joohoney Facts:
– He was born in Seoul but he grew up in Daegu.
– He has a younger brother.
– He admires Michael Jackson a lot.
– He was the best rapper among the trainees.
– Released a single with Hyorin & San E.
– In addition to writing lyrics and song production, he also wants to take part in creating the album jacket and music video.
– Featured in MadClown’s single even though he was still a trainee.
– He used to be a member of the K-Pop boy group NUBOYZ (Starship Entertainment).
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)
– He speaks Korean and English.
– Hobbies: Playing video games, going out with friends, watching movies.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Bee.
– On April 28, 2015 he released his 1st mixtape ‘JUNG JI‘.
– On August 31, 2018 he released the “Red Carpet” MV.
Joohoney’s ideal type: “A woman who suits well with jeans. All those people are my ideal type.”
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Stage Name:
I.M (아이엠)
Birth Name: Im Chang Kyun (임창균)
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: January 26, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @imnameim
SoundCloud: I.M

I.M Facts:
– He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
– He has an older brother.
– He lived abroad a lot during his childhood, because his father was a scientist and his work demanded of him to travel around the world.
– He lived 3 years in Boston and 4 years in Israel.
– His English name is Daniel/Danny (he used this name while he lived in the US).
– His role model is his father.
– He once wanted to pursue science and education.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)
– He can speak English fluently.
– Hobbies: Writing songs, hanging out with his group mates.
– He used to be part of the group Nu’bility.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Wolf.
I.M ideal’s type:I look at the person’s personality.
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Former Member:

Stage Name: Wonho (원호)
Birth Name: Lee Ho Seok (이호석), but he’s known as Shin Ho Seok (신호석) since his ulzzang days
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
Birthday: March 1, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 78 kg (168 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @iwonhoyou
Twitter: @official__wonho
V Live: Wonho
Fan Cafe: Wonho

Wonho Facts:
– He was born in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo, South Korea.
– Family: Parents, younger brother (married)
– Things that he likes: Protein, vitamins, other health products, electronics, studying song production.
– He is a former ulzzang.
– He appeared in “Ulzzang Shidae Season 3” TV show (2010/2011)
– He used to be a member of the K-Pop boy group NUBOYZ.
– He starred in “High-end Crush” (2015)
– He admires Kanye West a lot.
– Wonho has acrophobia (fear of heights).
– Hobbies: Going out with friends and playing video games.
– His representative animal from “Safari in Monbebe World” is a Rabbit.
– Following the recent controversies (the claims that he owes money to friend Jung Da Eun and suspicions of illegal use of marijuana back in 2013) on October 31, 2019 Wonho announced through a handwritten letter that he and Starship Ent. amicably decided his departure from the group.
– On March 14, 2020 Starship issued a statement confirming the investigation had concluded and Wonho was cleared of all charges.
– On April 9th, 2020 Wonho signed with Highline Entertainment (A subsidary of Starship Entertainment) as a soloist and as a producer.
Wonho’s ideal type: Someone who makes ramyun well. When asked about marrying he said he isn’t interested in marriage. “I’m not interested in marrying. My younger brother will marry someone, so there is no problem for my family.
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    Lee Hoseok is a RUMOR, his mom calls him by Shin Hoseok, we gon’ go by Lee Hoseok now?

  • kihyunie

    his birth name is Lee Hoseok, but he used the name Shin Hoseok since he was an uzzlang. so I guess that’s why his mom also calls him by that name, since that was the name he’s been using
    you can check wikipedia too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsta_X

  • رجاء الزياني

    love Monstax

  • Rhea Nette Anasco

    Oh! I see, thanks Nicole ☺

  • 안나 Monbebe

    Is Mihyuk really the “Face of the Group”? I thought it was hyungwon. 🙂

  • 안나 Monbebe

    Kihyun’s height is 175cm. Same as I.M. It’s just that Kihyun has taller legs than I.M.

  • Rania

    Hyungwon is the visual. The Face of the Group means the most popular member in SK.

  • kaozkyla

    taller legs???

  • 안나 Monbebe

    I see. I get it now. Thanks! 🙂

  • 안나 Monbebe

    Yep! They measured it in Deokspatch. 🙂

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    Could you please put their names in order from left to right for the first pic? Thank youuu <3

  • #LoveMyself

    longer legs would have been a better word to use ^^

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    Sarry! My bad. 🙁 Thank you by the way. 🙂

  • KProfiles

    From left to right: Jooheon, Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Shownu, IM

  • mara

    changkyun’s last name is im not lim !!

  • Yuhyun

    If I’m not missheard, Jooheon always call Hyungwon “Hyungwon hyung” even though they are the same age.. It’s jooheon just being polite bcuz hyungwon born early of the years?

  • JWook30

    do they really have 3 visuals?

  • nirvana

    Hyungwon is also the main dancer besides Shownu. Shownu is maybe better than him but since debut they (mx and Hyungwon himself) said that hyungwon is also the main dancer

  • Igot7

    That’s because Hyungwon was born in January and Jooheon in October the same year. In Korea people born in January and February are considered 1 year older (because they take into account the Chinese zodiac).
    That’s why you can see in many bands that even if the members are born in the same year, the ones that are born in January or February are considered 1 year older and considered the same age as the ones born 1 year before.

  • Ture

    Shownu is indeed considered better since he was the one sent at Hit the Stage.
    That wouldn’t make Hyungwon a lead dancer?

  • MiyakMiyak22

    Minhyuk and the members calls him “Jack of All Trades” since he can sing, rap, dance and is also good looking.

  • Kihyunah2_2

    Kihyun calls himself as a “Dancing Machine” (Weekly Idol). The members just laugh at this

  • meeemo

    I.M and seventeen’s wonwoo are close friends
    monsta X sang an OST for the drama shopaholic louis

  • Yurisla D. Virgusta

    is hyungwon really the lead dancer?? is it just me that i think even tho hes the dance line he rarely get the front position, its always shownu, wonho and minhyuk r in the front(ik that minhyuk is the face but still..) minhyuk’s moves is good tho,, no not good i mean great,,, especially on hero, why didnt he be in the dance line, maybe because hes already the visual and face of the group?
    IM also got some good moves there, he can also be the visual since hes “originally” handsome…
    not to be mention wonho’s moves also can make him the dance line

    also why does there r only 2 dance line here???? since they all can dance so f good..

    (sorry for ma eng. not ma nationality lang)

  • maison

    changkyun used to be the least liked member. im glad he has gotten the recognition he deserves 💞💞

  • Paige Buchanan

    All of the members were in High End Crush, as themselves, in supporting roles. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f32bba271ae7c284e83d7bf2765fdab9e55afc404545d86b3135e4b70680f721.png

  • :)

    They’re honestly the same thing.

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    Visuals for days

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    finally works

  • I.M HAVE MY BABIES *cough*

    Monsta X are the true visuals


  • ofthenights

    i’m new to this group – does Jooheon speak English fluently too, or is it just I.M?? because Jooheon seems to have a good grasp of English, but I haven’t heard him speak it much

  • hoshi

    Im can’t speak fluent..and Joheeon can say some things

  • Thugisa


  • 채 형수 몬배베

    Actually Is That Min Hyuk Has Younger Brother ( Married ) Not Wonho

  • Hyungmin

    But Wonho said in an interview that his younger brother was married. I think you mistake them.

  • ofthenights

    but it says up there that I.M speaks english fluently??

  • Honk

    Jooheon can’t speak English fluently. He just has a really GOOD accent. I think Kihyun is the same way, but his understanding of the language is better than Jooheon’s. I.M.’s English is a little rough on the edges, but he’s still able to form sentences well and is plenty understandable to a native speaker imo. The other members often rely on him to do the translating/speaking during English interviews.

  • Tuy

    IM can speak English. He lived in Boston for 3 years.

  • ofthenights

    thank you!! so I.M is the only english speaker in the group??

  • Tuy

    You’re welcome! Jooheon can understand and speak basic English and I absolutely love his accent! Though, he’s not that confident to speak long phrases and have longer conversations in English. (yet)

  • Tuy

    Kyuhyun can also speak some English, while the others just know random English words. XD

  • sabrina

    actually, wonho is a dancer too. i’m not sure if he’s a lead or a main dancer tho, but he’s definitely part of the dance line.

  • Rina

    i’m pretty sure wonho said his fav color is red from Deokspatch but that was around debut era so it may be outdated… ><

  • Rina

    if you look at JB from got7, some say his last name is im but some also say lim.

  • Rina

    wonho used to be a ulzzang model. when they say ulzzang days, it means the time period when wonho still modeled.

  • xaoxii

    I.M can pretty much speak fluent english since he lived overseas quite a lot and jooheon is probably the second best english speaker but he is not fluent

  • ofthenights

    ohh thank you so much for the info!!

  • ofthenights

    thank you for thr answer!! i think that Jooheon’s accent is what made me think that he was fluent – i haven’t watched any of their english interviews yet, but i’ll definitely check them out :’)

  • ofthenights

    thanks for the explanation 😀

  • Kim Jisu Yang ROBLOXIAN

    Im scorpio just like minhyuk :v

  • Alex Stabile Martin

    Changkyun is left-handed.

  • Alex Stabile Martin

    Shownu and Wonho were both in the Shake It M/V by SISTAR.

  • Kim Mingyu’s Wife

    Jooheon is also a close friend of Jackson.

  • s_ree 🤙🏼

    I love how Changkyun lived in Israel for 4 YEARS, yet he can only say “Shalom” Like BOI 😂😂😂

  • KProfiles

    Yes, it’s already written in his individual profile. 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the comment, we added the fact in their individual profiles and gave you credits there. 🙂

  • Rozhin

    No it’s Wonho not Minhyuk. Minhyuk’s brother is now in the Army serving his time.

  • Antointte Matembera

    Happy birthday jooheon

  • Antointte Matembera


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    wonho is taller than jooheon????! pfffff never


    Jooheon’s real name is Lee Ho-joon

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • wonnie’s heart

    hyungwon lived in germany for three months

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    All the members had a small apperance in the drama series ‘Hit The Top’ (2017)

  • Megan Ja

    Can I just say I LOVE the fact that I.M. said he looks at the personality for the girl???? Like wow, I respect him and find him so much more attractive now.

  • Lois
  • Xuan

    He already said on vlive, it’s okay to call him Lee Hoseok or Shin Hoseok

  • Teddy2

    Can you update their individual pictures to their pics from the comeback please, thank you! 🙂

  • Teddy2

    Also their next comeback is very close, 07/11/17 to be exact, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! #DRAMARAMA #The_Code #Protocol_terminal

  • JBJ is my FANTASY


  • cassie

    Shownu and Wonho participated in Sistar ”Shake It” Mv

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for commenting! This information is already on their individual profiles. 🙂

  • illu

    their official colors are patone 2221 c (lost), patone dark blue c (guilty), and patone 2405 c (beautiful), they were announced with the monlight

  • krizaheartsx

    Is Shownu really the eldest? Why do they say that Wonho is the eldest here?


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    update the pictures to their latest comeback thanks

  • KProfiles

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  • KProfiles

    There were lots of debates regarding his birth year. Some sources were stating it as 1993 while other were stating it as 1992.
    But according to this video it seems his birthday year is 1992 though. Thanks for the comment and for providing the source! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    The pics have been updated, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    The pics have been updated, thank you for the heads up! 🙂

  • Bi Khung

    Kihyun can make ramen well. So Wonho can like him :))

  • They got their 1st win ever today 🙂

  • Yuhoa

    I was so happy for them. <3 When they started crying… my heart…. T_T

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    In Shownu’s profile, hyungwon’s name was mispelt as “hyungown” 🙂

  • Kitten

    Ikr !! When they started crying I was just sd;fkjs;dcasdf

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  • Kitten

    IKR I WAS SO SURPRISED bc IM looks so mature!

  • Kitten

    yeah he’s so underrated ;;;m;;;; he’s INCREDIBLE at rapping aND HE’S SO ADORABLE THEM DIMPLES AND THE AEGYO 😂 but hey, as long as we all love him, try not to think on it too much ^_^

  • Kitten

    XD np!

  • byeongkwan

    i’m just now starting to stan them but my bias will probably be shownu or jooheon

  • Monsta_P!NK

    The first time I encountered Monsta X (which was about 2 months ago), my bias was Kihyun. But now my biases are all of the members.

  • Ehyee

    I.M surname isn’t Lim?

  • Toren K.

    His family name 임 can be romanized as Im / Lim / Rim
    Example: SNSD’s Im Yoona (임윤아)

  • alicia

    Mine changed from Wonho/Hoseok to Minhyuk to Kihyun. I changed biases a lot when I start stanning a group XD

  • Alexa Roth

    Poll doesn’t work?

  • i started crying too hahaha

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    i taught kihyun shares room with shownu wonho and hyungwon

  • Zoologi

    Minhyuk: ” A Chubby girl…”

  • kkukkungie

    he used to. but then minhyuk on the other room was messy so kihyun needs to switch rooms for the sake of their dorm lololol

  • wingedllama

    Monsta X also has an official Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvCP6sWj75MwpUP4LVtpNw

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Ooohhh ok thanks for clarifying that 😊

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

  • δεπριτεrηαl

    Like seriously they’re 92-96Line? I thought that they are 94-97Line😲 Their visual doesn’t like idols who born on that time. I’m still shock😳

  • Yehet Ohorat

    What shows or programs should I watch to get to know them more. I really wanna stan Monsta X

  • HappySheepXD

    -no mercy, this is the programme that they are participated before they formed into a group
    -monsta x right now
    -monsta x ray s1 &s2

  • Kokoro

    I think there’s an error.
    It’s I.M that used to be part of Nuboyz not Jooheon.

  • Raina

    I’m sorry to tell you, but you are the wrong one. Jooheon was a member of Nuboyz!

  • Kokoro

    Oh wait… I.M used to be under the group called Nu’bility. No wonder why I mixed that up. -_-

  • Softforhopie
  • Softforhopie
  • Softforhopie
  • Softforhopie

    Also Minhyuk is going to be on “Law of the Jungle” in Chile, replacing Kangnam (he got ill)

  • m🌿

    Minhyuk and Jooheon were on Weekly Idol episode 336

  • Yehet Ohorat

    Thank you 😃 so much

  • Mark Lee’s other half

    Let me tell you this, This guy is mix of Hyungwon’s lips and Joheon’s eyes. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c612a1cd3b91be93fbe23ac11166139395b9bb22f406542a8d0c3464c5c7aa85.jpg

  • EunMinYeon_QBS


  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    JBJ’s Kwon Hyunbin

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    I am really impressed by Kim Sejeong. She legit carried Shownu on her back on Lipstick Prince. He weighs freaking 78kg!! And she weighs 48kg. It’s a freaking 30kg difference.

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    First kpop group where I sincerely love every.single.member. Just the perfect group.

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    I love how some of them judge by personality and kindness instead of looks. That’s hard to find nowdays.

  • sasi

    I’m really surprised at how many people are choosing changkyun. I’ve always thought that wonho was the most popular member.

  • Minghao

    In Korea the most popular members are Jooheon and Hyungwon, I can assure you. I think Changkyun’s pretty popular internationally but I always thought the visual line and Jooheon would be the most popular

  • Minghao

    You should also watch Deokspatch X <3

  • ofthenights

    can we please add their representative animals from monbebe safari <3

    Shownu – Bear
    Wonho – Rabbit
    Minhyuk – Puppy / Dog
    Kihyun – Hamster
    Hyungwon – Turtle
    Jooheon – Bee
    Changkyun – Wolf

  • philisia


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    Kihyun is good friends with Yoongi from BTS.

  • KpopFanboy’s Jam’s

    can i copy paste it and print? i will not paste it on websites i dont know how to do it
    even you didnt let me its okay

  • KProfiles

    If it’s for personal use, you can print it, that’s no problem. 🙂

  • KProfiles

    They have been added, thanks for the info! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    This info is already added in Kihyun’s individual profile, thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  • Jazriene Revalde

    i am on this listing to hamilton lol

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    Kihyun has the same birthday as me! Except for the year….

  • gabriel : no.1 ₍🍹₎ ⊹˚
  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for providing the comeback pics along with their names! 🙂

  • *~Nyx~*

    Shownu was on “Cool Kiz on the Block” ep. 113-114, “Hit the Stage”, “Video Star” ep. 73, “Law of the Jungle” ep. 216-219, “King of Masked Singer” ep.137, and “Running Man” ep. 307. He shot a solo commercial with DIA’s Yebin and split his pay with the other members. He also gave some of his lines in “Beautiful” to Hyungwon.

  • KProfiles

    Thanks for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

  • *~Nyx~*

    Thank you 😀 I also forgot to add that he was on Protect the Boss OST Part 6 for the song “Now I Know” in 2011

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    hyungwon is a sub rapper cause he raps in some songs like stuck

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    also the music film is not their latest comeback please change it back to dramarama until their comeback on monday is released

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the explanation, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Adina

    ‘Jealousy’ was released, please update! ^^

  • Celerina Kusuma Dewi

    and its hot!! hehehe

  • Adina

    i know, right??
    i am totally amazed, the entire album is AWESOME
    im in love with heavy rain, destroyer and special!!!

  • syoo

    changkyun pretty famous here~~~ They’re pretty famous Internationally, I love them all and also the fandom T.T Let’s support and love Monsta X now! Fighting Monbebe!!!

  • Rez Wu

    Jooheon can speak eng?

  • Soo-jin

    Basic English

  • yeah he can speak English hes pretty fluent

  • JennieKimIsQueen

    In 2017 all of Monsta X made a slight apperence in the last 3:00 of the Kdrama ‘The Best Hit’

  • JennieKimIsQueen

    And it was on Episode 4

  • ILoveKihyunAndHyungwon

    I Love kihyun’s Height 🙂

  • ffas

    shownu is in grad school for economics!

  • fangirljam

    hi guys can you name them from left to right?

  • Daryia Little

    Wonho, Hyungwon,I.M, Jooheon, Kihyun, Shownu, Minhyuk

  • Avatar Tenzin

    I.M has the same birthday as me! Wow! Not many idols with the same birthday as me so I am quite surprised!

  • Minghao

    Wonho/Hoseok is a 92′ not 93′. When they played yaja time (link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD9c5MPG9GM , Wonho and Shownu both said that they were 24 (in Korea, everyone born in the same year is the same age) hence Minhyuk and Kihyun always calling him ‘hyung’, because he is a year older. This also makes Wonho the oldest member. His mother also released this info when his real name was revealed.

  • Charlene Cachero

    Can you tell me what time they said it

  • Charlene Cachero


  • Allen Inigo

    Isn’t wonho is the oldest there because he’s March 01,1992 and shownu is june 18,1992

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    yeah but since shownu is the leader he has to be the first in the profile

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    “According to Starship, Wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok and is born in 930301. MONSTAXTRANS addressed this issue here(http://monstaxtrans.tumblr.com/post/133761396407/important-regarding-wonhos-real-name). They explained that more than a year ago someone had started spreading false facts about Wonho (since no mercy). As Wonho is born in early 1993, he went to school earlier, thus associating and going to school with those who are born in 1992. Monstaxtrans also checked his name ‘lee hoseok’ on the official monsta x fancafe and naver, and the incident had never come up. Six fansites have also said that wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok, and was born in 1993.”

    c.r: http://m-onstax.tumblr.com/post/138454008496/clarification-of-wonhos-name-and-birthdate

  • Charlene Cachero

    Since Wonho is the oldest, you should replace that fact to Wonho instead of Shownu.

  • Yvette

    I honestly don’t trust much anymore what Starship says because we have a lot of proofs that they faked their idols birthdays.
    When netizens searched for the former SISTAR member’s name on popular portal site Naver, they’ve noticed that Bora birthday has changed after she moved from Starship.

    When she was under Starship Entertainment, her birthday was listed as January 30, 1990.
    However, it has now changed to December 30, 1989. The change occurred soon after the news of her contract with Hook Entertainment.
    Also, Hyolyn birthday was also modified after she left Starship Entertainment.
    Many know of Hyorin’s birthday as January 11, 1991, but it turns out, Hyorin’s real birthday is December 11, 1990.

    Now back to MONSTA X, Shownu’s birthday is confirmed as 18th June 1992, right? The only question is about Wonho’s birthday which is 1st March 1992 OR 1st March 1993.
    BUT if he’s born in 1st March 1993 he’s younger than Shownu and the members said several times that Wonho is the oldest hyung. How is this explained?????

  • PB

    Hyungwon also has the same birthday as me. Well the year is different but the same date.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Shonwu is the oldest (92′) then Wonho (93′). Wonho is an early 93′ liner who went to school with the 92′ liners. Minhyuk and Kihyun call him hyung because they are a late November 93′ while he is an early March 93′. Shownu even says on “Weekly Idol” that he is the oldest followed by Wonho.

  • *~Nyx~*

    No Wonho is a 93′. He went to school with the 92′ liners because his birthday is early March. If you look at the part you are talking about at 5:40, Hyungwon is the same age as Minhyuk and Kihyun even though he’s a 94′ liner and they are 93′. Hyungwon is born in January 94′ so based on Korean age he is already one year older. Same with Wonho because he’s early March. This also explains why Minhyuk and Kihyun call Wonho ‘hyung’. They are late November 93′ while he is early March 93′.

  • Eveline

    It’s not only that they call him hyung, but Jooheon clearly says that Wonho is the eldest member of Monsta X
    (Skip to 2:20)
    Please also provide the video when Shownu said he is actually the oldest followed by Wonho!

  • *~Nyx~*

    Eldest and oldest have two different meanings. They are implying eldest as in an older brother, because he is the older brother to I.M. Not that he is the oldest in the group. Eldest does not mean oldest, it just means having a greater age to someone else. Like in this situation they are comparing Wonho to I.M = Wonho is the eldest to I.M.

    Skip to 51:20
    He uses eldest here because he is comparing them as a group. He’s the eldest to everyone followed by Wohno etc.

  • Eveline

    Eldest = (of one out of a group of related or otherwise associated people) of the greatest age; oldest.

    Ok, but Jooheon said: “You are now looking at the eldest and the youngest members of our group” <—– of OUR GROUP

    And both videos are from exactly same year, 2017. Smells fishy to me.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Wonho might be in the same situation as Hyungwon. During part of the year he may be the “same age” as Shownu. Well they are already considered same age friends since they both went to school with 92′ liners. Hyungwon is a 94′ liner, however he is the “same age” as Minhyuk and Kihyun even though they are 93′ liners because his birthday is early January. Honestly, until it is confirmed by Wonho or a birth certificate, no one is going to know for sure lol I’m just going by what his profile as always been on Korean websites and their Official Monsta X website. I think people started the rumor around the same time his other name came out. I guess it doesn’t really matter either way.

    here’s a link about the rumors if you want to read it.

  • Eveline

    Thank you for the link, I read what that Mon bebe wrote on her tumblr and on the cafe daum. I thought it was some official Starship notice at first but it was just her own opinion. XDD

    She said that Wonho’s real name is Shin because it was on his name tag when he was an ulzzang, but I read before that he actually legally changed his birth name (Lee) to Shim when he started being an ulzzang, so that is not much of an evidence that it was written Shin on his tag, because he already changed his name anyway (if the rumors are true).

    About the birth year………here is another proof that Wonho is from 1992 and is the oldest member:

    Wonho said it himself in the “X marks the Spot” interview that appeared in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016 that he is the oldest member

  • *~Nyx~*

    He has never stated that be was born in 92′ though. There are just videos and interviews were he has said he was the oldest, Shownu has those as well. On their Official Korean profiles Wonho is listed as a 93′ liner. For me at least, until he says himself that he was born in 92′, I will believe he was born in 93′ and the second oldest.

  • Ema

    Ok, can we stop bickering about Wonho’s birthday? It’s obvious they tried to lie about his age and then everyone keeps messing up and giving away the truth. Wonho is oldest, born in 1992.

  • Ema

    Uh….. since when does Wonho speak French? (like it says above)? That doesn’t look right. Just because he says MONBEBE a lot, which is technically French, doesn’t mean he speaks French. Also, since when does he speak Japanese? I mean, yeah, he can introduce himself, but so can every idol when it comes to Japanese, Chinese, English, Thai, Spanish.

    Also, saying Jooheon speaks English is dubious- it’s only about as good as Kihyun’s English, as far as I can tell. He just has a good accent.

    At this rate, I’m amazed this profile doesn’t say Hyungwon speaks Portuguese. “xjxjkxjkxjxkjxkjxjxksjkjsf OBRIGADO!!” hahahaha

  • namee

    plz do some math dude! if Wonho said he is the oldest, he can’t be from 1993 if Shownu is from 1992 lol

    also its pretty obvious that Starship wanted to lie about his age, like they did with Hyorin and Bora duh

    Wonho knows the best what is his age, not his company (who clearly were caught lying about others of their idols) and not Shownu who its obvious that says what the company decided lol

  • Ema

    I know, right?? They debuted pretty late.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Excuse you. I wasn’t talking to you. Don’t jump into people’s conversations. We weren’t even arguing, but having a decent conversation.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Sorry, but I was have a good conversation with someone. I haven’t seen all the information about their ages so I was curious to see the information about Wonho and Shownu. We aren’t arguing, just talking about what we have seen. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter who’s older. I just wanted to see where the confusion started.

  • Fanny

    I was also reading your conversation below with @Eveline bcz I was also curious about this since I always thought Wonho was from 1993.

    After seeing all videos, interviews and comments, I think he’s actually from 1992, because at first (2016 and even in 2017) he and the members said he’s the oldest member (if he’s from 1993 he can’t be the oldest anymore) but I guess the confusion started when maybe Starship decided to fake another of their idols birthday. (this makes me sad because I stalk Starship and I’m a fan of their bands and I was so dumb-folded when I 1st found they faked Bora’s bday that I thought it can’t be true, but when there appeared proofs that they also faked Hyolin’s bday …I actually had to accept it). But I can also understand them somehow (not that I’m too biased Lol) but given the Korean presion about age, … I can somehow understand them, though it’s not a good practice.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Well I could see them fixing a females birth year because they would want to make it seem like she’s younger than she is, which is totally wrong if that’s why they did it. It’s weird to hide a man’s real age though. They only reason I can think of for hiding Wonho’s real age is because of the leader thing. I guess most of the time the oldest is leader and when they made the switch, they could just say it’s because Shownu the oldest without digging deeper into the situation. However, it’s all back and forth with who is older lol It’s just a weird situation all together. If Starship really wants to hide is age, why not edit out the parts that say Wonho is the oldest? It’s clearly possible to do that, since nothing is totally live and everything goes through their editors. I don’t know, it’s just weird lol

  • Fanny

    Your explanation about the leader thing actually makes sense!

    I really can’t think of some other reason now. The whole situation is really weird. It’s like in 2016 they didn’t think about changing his age and let them say he’s the oldest, but then at some point in 2017 they came up with this strategy and started saying Wonho is the 2nd oldest. Maybe they couldn’t edit the old interviews since they were already out when the company decided to change his age? I really don’t know. It’s a really strange situation. Anyway I still love him the same no matter what his year of born is.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Yeah I agree as well. Thank you for talking normal with me lol I’m just really curious about the whole thing. Yupp same, doesn’t matter either way. I love them all♥

  • Ema

    I see Wonho no longer speaks French and Japanese………………. I could have sworn I made a comment about that. HAHA

  • wasabi

    I love their latest comeback! So happy they won in music shows with it <3 <3 <3

  • hoseok’s lisp in miss you

    wonho is born 1993
    it says so on the official website

  • monbebe

    no he isn’t! please read the comments below and you’d understand. the company most probably wanted to fake his bday as they did with other of their idols (like SISTAR’s Bora and Hyorin). just read the comments and the proofs. Wonho himself said he’s the oldest member. no comment!

  • Fanny

    I actually loved talking to you! ♥ I always like talking with other open minded fans who can come with arguments and have decent conversations! MONSTA X fighting! ♥

  • Ema

    Ok, I commented a few days ago that Wonho doesn’t speak French and Japanese, and you guys took down that info……… but you know what??? I think I might have been really wrong about the Japanese, because I saw this video just now, and WOW!!
    Wonho and Minhyuk made serious efforts to speak Japanese. Wonho actually answered it ALL in Japanese!! I didn’t expect that at all!!! I was so impressed. You can tell it’s basic level (because it’s about as much as I know) but OMG….. I’m really sorry for creating a mix-up. 🙁

  • hoseok’s lisp in miss you

    yeah i know but its the official birthday for him so i think its best they put his official birthdate rather then theorised one.

  • Eveline

    I don’t think it’s theorized one because Wonho, himself, said that he is the oldest member. Shownu is born in 1992. So he is obviously at least from 1992 if he is older than Shownu.
    Starship were also caught faking their idols birthdays before (they did it both to Bora and Hyorin)
    If you are so naive to still believe another of their try of faking, be my guest, but I choose to trust Wonho not his company

  • monstaxstan

    but i heard that none of them have a female siblings but why did here hyungwon have an older sister ?? care to explain i’m so confuseddddd

  • Eny
  • Alina Negoescu

    I just watched something interesting about age in South Korea. I think all missunderstending is because they put different than other countries. For ex if Wonho was born in 92 they say he is 27 not 26. It’s strange, other countries don’t understand. They have different calculations, this year system changed. I watched on YouTube. Weird. Not only this band, but they have different system. Nobody understand how is that.

  • monbebe

    they do count age differently. the thing is… all the Koreans count their age starting from 1 year in the moment when they are born, because they count the months they spend in the womb as well. so a new born baby would be 1 year old in Korea, a 26 years guy would be 27 in Korean age and so on

    but the thing is…. this rule applies to all the Koreans.
    so, if Wonho said he’s the oldest he should be at least from the same year as Shownu – 1992, because else he wouldn’t be the oldest

    if Wonho is from 1993 it would make no sense for him to say he is the oldest member, when Shownu is deffinitelly from 1992

  • Alguna Poráhi

    Lol, who cares how old he is.

  • Emily Bettencourt

    It’s stated on starship’s ofgical website for monsta x that wonho’s d.o.b. is march 1st,1993

  • *~Nyx~*

    Some can also be 3 years older than their international age depending on their birthday, like Hyungwon. Honestly, the whole thing is a mess. They said Shownu was the oldest when they debuted but now at times they say Wonho is the oldest. It’s all back and forth. It really doesn’t matter I guess. I was just curious to what was going on.

  • kel g.

    Could you please take down Jooheon’s birth name from his profile? He said he changed it because it made him very uncomfortable, I think it’s kinda disrespectful and I also saw some people were confused and started thinking that Jooheon was just his stage name

  • wenny

    but there is a category named Birth name…. you want them to lie and say his birth name was Lee Joo-heon? Jooheon explained why he changed his birth name, because he felt uncomfortable with his birth name and that’s why he changed it. but there is also written that he legally changed his name.
    some fans are really overreacting ….. pffft

  • kel g.

    It’s not about lying, it’s just not giving a piece of information that is very useless anyway. Most people who change their birth name don’t want others bring it up anymore, especially if they changed it because it made them VERY uncomfortable. I also changed my birth name and trust me I would not like people still mentioning it. Btw, his legal birth name is now Lee Jooheon, and with writing his old name in his profile people would think it’s okay calling him that when it’s not.

  • literally no one is overreacting. as a fan and someone that likes and appreciates jooheon, you should support his choice and don’t publish or mention his birthname anywhere because he publicly said that it makes him uncomfortable. like kel, i changed my own and i HATE hearing my birth name because it makes me very upset. putting “lee jooheon” in the bio isn’t lying. when you legally change your name, it doesn’t appear on documents and stuff. so what’s the point of using it in his profile? it just makes people think that it’s okay to use it even though it’s not

  • Nichole Kim

    I cant believe my baby changkyun leads the votes here ♥

  • Mico Tajos

    ♥ All Visuals xD

  • hyunghyuk

    Can we stop with the age debate? I thought this was over already a while ago. Whether Wonho was actually born in 92 or 93, we have been told officially that it’s 93, and so 93 it is. Why is this even an issue?

  • eka

    the thing is that Starship was officially caught lying about the ages of it’s idols (ex. Bora and Hyolin) and Wonho said himself that he is the oldest member in the group
    it’s funny how some fans want to blindly negate all the evidences and want to be told a lie

  • NuraddinaVixx

    Hyungwon once did a special stages with VIXX’s Hyuk, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, Halo’s Ooon and UP10TION’s Wooshin, where they sang “Man Man Ha Ni” by U-KISS.

  • monstaxstan

    i have heard it too and i have seen his picture with a girl which they say his sister . now i’m so confused . hahaha help mehh

  • .

    @garedunord:disqus Just so you know birth name and legal name are two different things. Birth name is the name your born with and legal name is the name you legally go by. So yes putting “Lee Jooheon” is lying.

  • Ema

    During the latest Mwave M&G for “The Connect”… they messed up again. Hahaha. Wonho accidentally said there’s 2 years between him and Hyungwon, and then covered it up by saying “oops, I forgot he has an early birthday”…. Yeah, ok. This was after they already played games where they all got each other’s birthdays correct, and then Wonho proved he was good at math by calculating the exact number of days since their debut. Yeah…………. they make too many mistakes for anyone to believe 1993 is real anymore.

  • for the last time: jooheon HIMSELF said that his birth name made him uncomfortable. a lot of people didn’t feel good with their birth name either so they decided to change it. and no matter what their old name is, if a person decides to change it, no one, and i said NO ONE, has the right to use it.

  • wenny

    can you link me to where he said he’s uncomfortable with his birth name? which interview was it?

  • kel g.

    “I changed my name three times. […] Because there was a time things stopped working and didn’t go well. I tried to debut and failed. […] So I changed my name, and now I’m doing just fine under the name Jooheon.”
    He’s basically saying that he thought his birthname made him unlucky and unable to success in life. I don’t get why it’s that difficult to respect his decision? I mean, whatever, you can keep his birthname on this page at this point I don’t even care, just if someone says they’ve changed their name, it’s probably because they didn’t like it and didn’t like people calling them that.

  • wenny

    he basically explained why he changed his birth name in that interview… because he was superstitious and thought the new name will bring him more luck. that is a very used practice in Korea. Jun.K from 2pm also changed his name from Junsu to Minjun and a lot of other Kpop artists did the same thing. it doesn’t mean that Jun.K is very uncomfortable with his old name (even if he also had a bad luck period when he changed it). some people even now call him Junsu and it’s not a big deal at all.

    Koreans often go to fortune tellers to ask which new name would be luckier.
    but Jooheon didn’t say he was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with his old name as some fans said. why do fans assume and make up words he NEVER said???????

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Please at least add to shownu’s profile that he is the dad of the group

  • Federica Colaceci

    Sorry but I know that Wonho was born in 1993, I also visit the Starship’s website and it says that Wonho was born in 1993

  • Minghao

    He wasnt. Kihyun and Minhyuk are always calling him hyung and he doesnt call Shownu hyung. During yaja time, he said that he was 24 and so did Shownu, meaning they were born in the same year. It isn’t theorized if he said so himself

  • Minghao

    He wasnt. Kihyun and Minhyuk are always calling him hyung and he doesnt call Shownu hyung. During yaja time, he said that he was 24 and so did Shownu, meaning they were born in the same year.

  • Minghao

    Sorry to interrupt but Wonho has mentioned on many occasions that he is the oldest, hence Kihyun and Minhyuk calling him hyung. He also doesnt call Shownu, hyung. During yaja time, he and Shownu both said that they were 24, meaning they were born in the same year. He even said it in a magazine interview.

  • hoseok’s lisp in miss you

    yeah hes also called the oldest all the time.

  • Minghao

    Sorry to interrupt but Wonho has mentioned on many occasions that he is the oldest, hence Kihyun and Minhyuk calling him hyung. He also doesnt call Shownu, hyung. During yaja time, he and Shownu both said that they were 24, meaning they were born in the same year. He even said it in a magazine interview

  • Federica Colaceci

    I am very confused … I know that he was born in 93, the Starship website says the same, and lately at the Seoul concert they had a unit stage (93 line) which consisted of Wonho, Kihyun and Minhyuk

  • Federica Colaceci

    Ah, okay. Thanks~

  • Federica Colaceci

    By the way… thanks~
    I am a monbebe and yet I have always been confused about Wonho’s date of birth ahahah

  • OH Suma

    Wonho was born in 1993

  • OH Suma

    In deokspatch Ep2 they write the oldest Shownu .. and i think all monbebe know that .. wonho was born in 1993

  • eka

    I think that is Starship’s strategy…. they want to make their idols look younger. it happened before when they were caught faking both SISTAR’s Bora and Hyolyn’s height. they made them look they were younger, but when they left Starship they both revealed their real age and made fans shocked.
    so, I’m sorry, but I already don’t believe in Starship’s strategy anymore….

    why did Wonho himself said he is the OLDEST member in “X marks the Spot” interview that appeared in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016??
    Jooheon clearly says that Wonho is the eldest member of their group!
    (Skip to 2:20)
    there were too many times when they admitted Wonho was the oldest (obviously from 1992 if Shownu is from 1992) and then Starship decided to change it and make them say Wonho is actually from 1993 instead.
    but it happened before to both Bora and Hyolyn, Starship made them FAKE their birthdays. so, no comment….. I trust WONHO cause he knows better his age!

  • OH Suma

    I think they write that because Wonho older then Im not Shownu

  • eka

    please check again, Jooheon said:
    ” You are looking at our eldest and youngest members of OUR GROUP”
    also, Wonho clearly said in “X marks the Spot” interview:
    “I am the eldest in the group”

    but Starship did it again…. they were caught with both Bora and Hyolyn, they tried to fake their idols birthdays 🙁

    so I just trust Wonho and not a company that was caught putting their idols to lie about their birthdays before…

  • *~Nyx~*

    It been back and forth though. Shownu has also said he was the oldest and their first time alone on “Weekly Idol” Shownu was introduced as the oldest. Also, during yaja time, Hyungwon said he was same age as Minhyuk and Kihyun even though he is a 94′ and they are 93′

  • Chaehyun Lee (Julia)

    I’m sorry, but where did you hear that superstitious-name-changing is a very used practice in Korea? As a Korean myself, I believe this is not true.
    Also, Jooheon clearly stated that he does not want to be associated with his ‘old name’, and as a fan, I believe we should respect his decision. It does not matter if he was superstitious, or the name makes him uncomfortable, the only thing that matters is HIS wants, and HIS decision. I do get where you are coming from -everyone who thinks his old name should be on this page-, but it might be better if this site could put a little note saying that Jooheon does not want to be identified with this name, or something like it. I personally think we -those who know his old names- should not be (for the lack of a better word) ‘promoting’ his old names.

  • Clary

    Hyungwon being considered by Koreans the same age as Minhyun and Kihyun actually makes sense, because according to the Chinese year (that is followed by Koreans) they are the same age.

    Hyungwon has an early birthday – 15th January 1994, and the Koreans follow the Chinese year.
    The year of Dog only started on 10 February 1994, so Hyungwon is still considered a Rooster like Minhyuk and Kihyun a.k.a same age.
    That’s why the ones who were born in January are consider an year older in Korea, because they still belong to the previous Chinese year.
    That doesn’t apply to Wonho though who was born in March and doesn’t belong to the previous Chinese year.

    I don’t get why Wonho said “I’m the oldest member in the band” and Joohyun also confirmed it, and then after a while Shownu also said “I am the oldest”. Looks like Starship was trying to do it again…that’s the only logical reason that I can think of.
    Looks like a bad plan because the members messed up several times saying contradicting things. It’s disappointing that this things happen one again with a Starship idol.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Well that’s what I mean. For their first time alone on “Weekly Idol,” Jooheon and Wonho confirmed that Shownu was the oldest. It’s constantly back and forth. I mean I guess it doesn’t really matter lol It’s not like they tried to say he was 2 or 3 years younger than what he is. It just weird that they would lie about a man’s age and if they wanted to make him younger why only by one year? Shownu’s the same age so it doesn’t seem like they have a problem with anyone being from the 92′ line. Like that’s “too old” or anything.

  • Clary

    In my opinion it makes no sense to make Wonho 1 year younger when Shownu is also from ’92.
    The only reason I could think of is the fact that Shownu is the leader – 18th June 1992 and not Wonho – 1st March 1992 (in case this is the right date). In this case it would make somehow sense they tried to change and say he’s actually from 1st March 1993.

    In the case that Wonho is actually from 1st March 1993, why Wonho said before he’s the oldest member? Why are Minhyuk and Kihyun call him ‘hyung’ when they would be all from 1993 (when Wonho clearly doesn’t have an early birthday to be considered as part of the previous year), and so on…

  • Clary

    That is because the Koreans follow the Chinese year, which only starts in February. So, someone born in January will be considered part of the previous calendar year.

    For example Hyungwon has an early birthday – 15th January 1994, and the Koreans follow the Chinese year.
    The year of Dog only started on 10 February 1994, so Hyungwon is still considered a Rooster like Minhyuk and Kihyun a.k.a same age, a.k.a still part of 1993.
    That’s why the ones who were born in January are consider an year older in Korea, because they still belong to the previous Chinese year.

    So a person born in January 1994 is considered is considered 26 years old in Korean age (in June 2018). He would be just 24 in international age (but they add 1 year when the baby is born since they also count the months spent by the baby in the womb, + they consider him as part of 1993 because in January the new Chinese year of 1994 didn’t start yet)

    It’s quiet complicated, but that it is.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Right that’s what I was saying. There’s no reason to make him younger if Shownu is already a 92′ liner. I thought maybe it was because of the whole mess with who became leader. Like they lied to say Shownu was leader because he’s the oldest so it would go over smoother. However, there have been groups were the oldest isn’t the leader, so there’s no reason to lie for that either. Well I have seen members from other groups call someone ‘hyung’ even though they are same age friends. There’s no reason to say he’s younger, but it also doesn’t explain why they all agreed to Shonwu being the oldest first. Then later it was said that Wonho is the oldest. It’s just too much back and forth.

  • Hmizi Ismail

    Hyungwon became a DJ with the name DJ H.One

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Kihyun is a self proclaimed visual

  • m i n e l l e

    Korean stage names:
    Shownu (셔누)
    Wonho (원호)
    Minhyuk (민혁)
    Kihyun (기현)
    Hyungwon (형원)
    Jooheon (주헌)
    I.M (아이엠)

  • lylah tun

    Wonho is actually born in the year 1993 not 1992

  • Ness

    Hello, do they not have individual instagram accounts?

  • Kellee Ann McAdams

    Why did you change Wonho’s birth year back to 93? H was born in 92. It’s been said many time that he’s the oldest. Even by himself and other members. If you found something to prove otherwise it doesn’t say so here.

  • sichengeese

    shownu and wonho both had appearances in the shake it music video by sistar

  • Emily Vitoria

    Love k pop

  • Emily Vitoria

    Wonho hyungwon love

  • kpop_heart

    Didnt they also fake some of WJSN members’ birthday to fit WJSN narrative? It was discovered during one of Korea’s election.

  • Mirage

    What color is it now for Monbebe? Green?

  • LYA

    Wonho also likes a girl who is sexy and cute at the same time and has the same profession as him (idol).

  • Jooheon and Minhyuk Biased <3

  • Chloe Russell (the superior se

    In no mercy minhyuk said that Soyou is his ideal type

  • yojily

    I’m probably wrong, but I always figured that rap positions were

    Jooheon-High tone rapper
    I.M-Low tone rapper

    I always felt like there wasn’t a main or lead rapper

  • Yvette

    They are from Starship and they use normal rap position like Main, Lead, etc.
    They groups from TS Entertainment use the High tone rap and Low tone rap positions. (like Sonamoo or TRCNG)

  • daehwi

    this whole wonho thing is dumb. he was born in 93. theres a difference between eldest and oldest + wonho is considered the same age as hyunwoo because of the korean system. its literally the same case with hyungwon since he was born early 94 so he is technically considered a 93 liner.

  • Eveline

    eldest = (of one out of a group of related or otherwise associated people) of the greatest age; oldest.

    Jooheon clearly says that Wonho is the eldest member of their group!
    (Skip to 2:20)

    Jooheon said:
    ” You are looking at our eldest and youngest members of OUR GROUP”
    also, Wonho clearly said in “X marks the Spot” interview:
    “I am the eldest in the group”

    Wonho said it himself in the “X marks the Spot” interview that appeared in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016 that he is the oldest member

    Shownu was born on June 18, 1992
    if Wonho was born on March 1, 1993 he cannot be the ELDEST member anymore

    It’s obvious he’s from 1992. 😀

    They (even Wonho himself) said it several time that Wonho was the eldest in the BAND

    I think Wonho knows best his age!

  • i always loved listening their songs, i dont know why i decided to watch their weekly idol episode, i get to know more about them now i just love them!!! all of them are so handsome and talented. Their songs are so catchy and unique, hope to see them getting more population <3 i admire them all, dont know how to choose !!!

  • Jessica Gallagher

    Wonho was born in 1993 not 1992, he’s not older than Shownu

  • Eveline

    he is older than Shownu, he, himself said he is the eldest in MONSTA X

    Jooheon also clearly says that Wonho is the eldest member of their group! (Skip to 2:20)

    Wonho said it himself in the “X marks the Spot” interview that appeared in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016 that he is the oldest member

    ******eldest = (of one out of a group of related or otherwise associated people) of the greatest age; oldest.*******

  • kihyuntea

    Kihyun is really good at English now, so you could say that kihyun can speak and understand English well!

  • Taima Castor

    Sorry but you’re wrong Shownu his the oldest member of monsta x and if you listen when they’re talking to each other even Wonho his calling Shownu “hyung”. So the true birth year of Wonho his 1993 and not 1992. P.S : I’m still learning how to speak in english so if I’ve made some mistake please tell me.Have a good day

  • Taima Castor

    You’re right

  • Taima Castor

    Wonho really like to joke around, he said it to be funny but when he talk to Shownu he’s always calling him “Shownu hyung” or “hyung” because Shownu is older that him.If you want a proof in monsta x right now episode 2 I think Shownu and I.m should have go on a ferris wheel and all th members were like” the maknae and the oldest member alone it will be so awkward ….” here is the link of the video https://youtu.be/BCSzTvyOFbE

  • Rosymendes

    Same Jooheon

  • mad.hatter

    wonho is a ’93 liner and I’ve the evidence, as you can see from the pic.


  • Yvette

    I’m sorry, but can you tell me the approximate time when it was said ” the maknae and the oldest member alone it will be so awkward ….”
    I watched it but didn’t see that…

    Just when IM said in the bus that ‘Now Shownu is my bf next time my bf will be Wonho” just then it was written ‘he likes to joke with the oldest members’

  • Yvette

    Wonho said it himself in the “X marks the Spot” interview that appeared in Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016 that he is the eldest member

    Jooheon clearly says that Wonho is the eldest member of their group!
    (Skip to 2:20)

    So why they say several times that the eldest member in the band is Wonho??

  • Rosymendes

    Since when Jooheon can speak English? Is he better than I.M?

  • wenny

    he’s not better than I.M since I.M lived 3 years in the US but Jooheon’s pronunciation is better

  • *~Nyx~*

    It really doesn’t matter. But Shownu just said the other day during the live broadcast section that he is the oldest lol

  • kimmy

    is he fluent now, I saw him speaking in English before, but he was not fluent as I.M or Jooheon.
    can you sahre a video where he speaks fluently Eng please?

  • Yvette

    Really?? OMG these guys are playing with us?? XD

  • *~Nyx~*

    haha yupp he did.

  • Eveline

    Can you please link me to Shownu’s vlive where he said that he is the oldest?

  • *~Nyx~*

    Shownu says it right in the beginning when they ask him why he’s the leader of Monsta X. He says it’s because he’s the oldest.

  • Eveline

    I’m also done with this. They both say they are the oldest. I don’t even care who’s actually the oldest anymore. >_<

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    I’m glad that you finally put Wonho’s year as 93 cause why would you put him as a 92 liner?
    Is it because Kihyun and Minhyuk call him hyung or Jooheon saying that he is the oldest?
    Then explain to me why Jooheon call Hyungwon hyung even though they are the same age and year

  • Eveline

    It’s not only that Jooheon said Wonho is the oldest, but I remind you that Wonho HIMSELF said he is the eldest member in the group!
    As for Jooheon calling Hyungwon hyung I can understand why. Hyungwon is a few months OLDER than Jooheon. I know that according to Korean standard they are the same age, but there are other bands too where members call other members ‘hyung’ even if they are just a few months older if they respect that members a lot! So this is not so surprising!

    But to say several time a member is the oldest in the group, if he isn’t…. that makes no sense indeed. Plus, why there were rumors about his birthday year being 1992 even from when he was a model??
    Not to mention that Starship was caught FAKING their idol birthdays before! They faked Hyorin and Bora’s birthday and they also faked Cosmic Girls’ birthdays!

    So honestly, I still think this is fishy and I still think his real birthday year is 1992.
    If K profiles decided to changed his birthday to 1993, ok, I can understand that, but I personally still think his REAL birth year is 1992

  • Yugyeom

    Three people are visuals😱

  • Ema

    I’m seriously laughing my face off right now……… I’m watching the latest Monsta X-ray3 ep.7, and they apparently forgot what Wonho’s age is. At 39:50 the CG text calls him the oldest. Seriously. This has to be the millionth time that he’s been called the oldest.
    How much more proof do you guys need that Wonho is born in 1992??

  • Ema

    I might have mentioned somewhere in this thread a few months ago, but I’m going to keep pushing for people to wake up…….
    Remember at the 2018-05-02 Mwave M&G (6th Mini Album, The Connect: Dejavu) Wonho correctly calculated how many days since MX debut (proving that he’s good at math), and they all said each others’ birthdays (month & day) correctly, then like 2 minutes later in a game Wonho said that he is 2 years older than Hyungwon but the “official” answer said he’s wrong, it’s only 1 year difference. Then he pouted and covered it up by saying he forgot HW was born in an early month (even though they JUST SAID what it was!)…. Yeah…

  • Ema

    Sure. Because that’s the age Starship is saying he is. The problem is that they’re lying and there’s a million other times when everyone “forgets” how old he is. In official and unofficial places. It’s crazy to think that so many people and places make the same mistake so many times. Once, twice, ok maybe. But if you go through the evidence, there’s seriously at least a dozen of the same mistake, and then you just have to accept reality that idol companies lie.

  • Ema

    There’s also the well known fact that Wonho was leader until literally the day before debut. He acts like it back then too. Then when Shownu got made leader, Wonho got made one year younger, since it’s the “norm” for the oldest to be leader. We all know that compared to many idols, MX were all pretty old when they debuted. Wonho and Shownu were 23 (international age) when MX debuted 2015-May-14, which is REALLY OLD. Even one year younger is better. A company will always want idols to be younger, and Starship has a history of lying about their idols’ ages. Anyway, It’ll be fun when they have to go to the military and then the truth will come out. Don’t worry, Wonho will go first. 😉

  • Ema

    Deokspatch ep.9, “Age flip/Yaja time” part (5:39)… Wonho says “Not good for me..” also then CG text says:
    “Shownu=24” (international 23=1992), and “Wonho=24” (international 23=1992).
    Deokspatch ep.9 airdate is 2015-Feb-10, pre-debut when Starship hadn’t changed his birthday yet because Wonho was still leader.

    No.Mercy ep.6 (15:30) Wonho: “Since I’m the oldest in the group…”
    No.Mercy ep.10 (around 24:20) CG text lists 3 member’s ages: “#Gun=22, Minhyuk=23, Shownu=24”
    No.Mercy was pre-debut. Back then, Starship hadn’t changed Wonho’s age yet.

    2017 MAMA Star Countdown D-13 (2:20), Jooheon says Wonho and IM is “eldest and youngest” and the CG text points to Wonho as “eldest member”.

    There’s also the Sparkling Magazine Winter 2016 “X marks the Spot” interview:
    Wonho: “…and I’m the eldest in the group.”

    Forget all the times Shownu is said to be the oldest and all the merch and official websites, because that’s what the “official age according to Starship” is. Pay attention to the fact that it’s insane for the same exact mistake to happen so many times and use some common sense please.

  • Eveline

    IKR? I’m also sure he’s from 1992 in fact.
    Starship decided to do it again… but they kind of fail this time. They mess up in almost each interview. It’s like they can’t decide if they should lie till the end or to just suddenly reveal the truth…

    There are clear proofs when Wonho said he’s the oldest, Jooheon also said Wonho is the oldest. Ok, they confessed, then they should keep it like that. But no.
    In the next interview Shownu comes and say he’s actually the oldest member. Then Wonho again, then Shownu again…
    (Someone posted this recent vlive where Shownu says he’s actually the oldest and that’s why he was chosen as a leader – right in the beginning)

    I also find it funny that even on their official site, only Wonho had his birthday noted in a different format (I saw they modified the bday format for all the members now)

    Also in their official photos when Wonho was asked to wear his ‘year of birth’ t-shirt my impression is that he looks ashamed and keeps his head down

    Everyone is confused about this ‘I am actually the oldest member’ game.

  • Ema

    More proof, but this one requires some math and googling:

    On 2009-Aug-8 (air date), fetus-Wonho appeared on Ulzzang Shidae S1 E10.
    The CG text for his introduction reads: “Shin Hoseok (18)” = international age 17. Which clearly indicates a 1992 birthday.
    Furthermore, during the episode Wonho calls a fellow contestant (Jung DaEun–>Lee TaeGyun) “noona” but the response is:
    “I’m not your sis (older sis/noona), wake up.”
    “They’re the same age!”
    ….meaning they must be the “same age” (same year) or Wonho must be older than TaeGyun.
    This contestant is the transgender ulzzang boy (used to be girl) that Wonho is heavily rumored to have been friends with (there’s a million pics of them together), and he has two birthdays when you google him, which would make him these ages during that show in 2009-Aug-8:
    Birthday: 1992-Oct-6 (=international age 16, going on 17 in a month),
    OR Birthday: 1993-July-6 (=international age 16, 15 a month ago).

    Assuming that Wonho is born 1992-Mar-1 or 1993-Mar-1, and TaeGyun is born 1992-Oct-6 or 1993-July-6,
    then there are 4 possibilities:
    #1. Wonho=1992 & TaeGyun=1992 —-> Wonho is older but in the same year.
    #2. Wonho=1992 & TaeGyun=1993 —-> Wonho is older.
    #3. Wonho=1993 & TaeGyun=1992 —-> Wonho is younger.
    #4. Wonho=1993 & TaeGyun=1993 —-> Wonho is older but in the same year.

    #1. POSSIBLE.
    #2. POSSIBLE.
    #3. WRONG due to dialogue/comments on the show.
    #4. POSSIBLE, BUT UNLIKELY: The only way that Wonho=1993 is for TaeGyun to also be 1993. So here we go:

    In Ulzzang Shindae S1 E6, they’re skimming TaeGyun’s ID card and the subtitles says:
    “the social insurance number is…. 92 blah blah blah… 10… 1!… Then you are a boy!”
    “Don’t kid with me please. It starts with a 2.” (1=boy, 2=girl on Korean SIN).
    Now, I don’t know what the numbers 92 and 10 are supposed to mean, but it makes sense that it’s the birth year and month, don’t you think? Which would confirm his 1992-Oct-6 birthday.

    TaeGyun’s friends in one online profile are listed as being:
    Ho JunYeon [best friend according to Ulzzang Shindae S1] (dob. 1991-Feb-17),
    Shin HoSeok (dob. ???),
    Kwak MinJun (dob. 1992-Nov-4),
    Choi HaNeul (dob. 1990-Feb-26),
    Cho AhRam (dob. unknown).
    Wonho also friends with ulzzang Kang HyukMin (dob. 1991-Apr-1).
    TaeGyun=1992 seems more likely based on proximity to friends’ ages (1991/1990/1992/1991).
    TaeGyun=1992 again seems more likely because the 1992 profiles I found had TaeGyun’s correct school listed also, but the 1993 profiles did not. This part about friends ages is circumstantial evidence, but we know that in Korea students are much more likely to be friends with those of the same age.

    It’s either #1 or #2, and in both of those scenarios Wonho=1992.
    Since I’ve basically also proven that TaeGyun is also super likely to be born in 1992, then that confirms that scenario #1 is MOST LIKELY.

    Can we start getting used to reality please? We can’t talk about this birthday debate on official SNS, but we can talk about it here. Everywhere else we can be good Monbebe and follow the 1993 script. But that doesn’t mean we have to believe Starship’s lies.

  • Ema

    Lastly, I want to dispel the myth that Wonho could be considered some other year based on how to convert from Korean age to International age. The lunar calendar (for those that convert based on Chinese/Korean lunar year instead of Gregorian calendar) starts “early February” and Wonho’s birthday is afterwards; March 1st. So I’m sorry, but that argument is invalid. For him, you literally just subtract 1.

  • Ema

    HAHAHA! T H A N K Y O U !!
    I’ll add that website screencap with different date format to my growing list of evidence. Cuz I’ve started keeping proof. hahaha

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Jooheon calls Hyungwon “hyung” because in Korea they follow the Chinese New Year calendar, which determines that people born in January and the first half of February are considered part of the previous year. This would make Hyungwon, born January 15, part of the 1993 line in Korea instead of his actual birth year of 1994. His Korean age is 26 (two years ahead of his international age) while Jooheon’s Korean age is only 25.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    It always seems to me that whenever Shownu claims he’s the oldest, it’s because that’s what Starship has instructed him to say. When Wonho claims he’s the oldest, it’s because he slips up and forgets that he’s supposed to pretend to be a 93-liner.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Wonho’s birthday doesn’t fall under the Korean system (only January and the first part of February are grouped with the previous year). He would have to be born in 1992 to be considered the same age as Shownu.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Hyungwon now shares a room with only Shownu and Jooheon in the dorm. He stated this at 42:08 in his most recent Vlive: https://www.vlive.tv/video/83414?channelCode=FE123

  • Ema

    Let me get some stuff off my chest about how Monsta X got made……….. (excuse the length):
    I believe that Wonho’s re-assigned age (there’s no doubt he’s actually born in 1992) is heavily linked to the whole group dynamics during No.Mercy era.
    Shownu, Sino (Wonho), Black J (Jooheon), and #Gun were already part of Nuboyz– they were the strongest trainees Starship had, but the group had major holes in some necessary idol skills, and 2 of the 4 were getting too old to wait any longer for debut……. So they make No.Mercy. Pay attention to how Jooheon quickly shows himself to be the only outstanding rapper and this drives the rest of the whole competition. It drives the reason MX makes hardcore R&B and not ballad songs. You need 2-3 rappers in a 7-idol group. Jooheon gets the first spot in MX, no questions asked. I.M got selected purely because he could stand up and *hold his own* next to Jooheon’s extreme power and no one else could. As an afterthought, they needed someone, literally anyone, to speak a drop of English. Because Jooheon was and is the perfect idol, it single-handedly eliminated all the other rappers as debut candidates. By the end of No.Mercy it’s obvious Starship was grasping at straws to get rid of #Gun–wanted him GONE YESTERDAY–because he’s much more suited to being a soloist–he’s loud, stagnant, can’t take a hint to stop saying his own name, can’t take criticism, ego, and can’t dance at all. It’s a recipe for being terrible in a group, and it doesn’t matter if he’s great and very memorable in No.Mercy–he’s not group debut material long-term. Shownu, Wonho, Jooheon, and I.M, leaves 3 more spots: The remaining vocalists had no personalities and mediocre skills, which is why they chose Minhyuk, who can *talk* and balances out the fact that the rest are quiet as door-nails (at least, back then). And for his face and Japanese skills. Kihyun for the *voice* because no one else can sing. Kihyun is an example of what I call “BigBang Seungri syndrome” (not that Seungri is a great vocalist, but because he gave the the CEO exactly what the CEO needed to complete/balance the team). CEO asks for a *singer* so Kihyun *actually sings* in order to gain his spot. And does a brilliant job of it., because Kihyun is subtle but smart. Other talents are meaningless if you don’t fit a necessary hole in the group. Hyungwon because his face is so exceptional, this on it’s own will draw fans into the group. And he’s good under pressure in No.Mercy. The rest other trainees they eliminated were boring– I’ve seen No.Mercy twice and can’t remember their faces or their names. Ugh. Now for Wonho…… Wonho seems to carry almost everything on his shoulders for his team behind the scenes, which makes him essential glue–like, the group doesn’t exist without him (Wonho for the leadership and smart decisions, and Jooheon for pure talent) but he has a divisive character on stage, and tends to fail in unpredictable ways when he’s put on the spot. He’s a character for a memorable first impression, not necessarily a good one. I also sense a fear at the time that Wonho could have grown an ego, the kind that can inspire the group to mutiny and follow him, regardless of Starship’s wishes, if given too much power. They re-branded his image from Sino (former-ulzzang-turned-idol persona) to Wonho (they gave him this name because it means “protector”) but it wasn’t enough for them, to tone him down. He changed from literal sex on stage to cute-bunny. Notice how *controlled* Wonho’s sex-appeal is, to this day, even if his sex-appeal is a cornerstone of MX’s whole image. It’s like a lion in a cage. Shownu has strong performance on stage, and he’s quiet and moderate. He has a respectable but wet-blanket personality that if not given the spotlight of leader would have been shoved under a rug and wasted. As leader you actually pay attention to him to figure out that he’s subtle and a great wholesome first impression. He’s much better than Wonho at representing an appealing image for the group, to help engage diverse age groups, and they needed someone to do variety shows and stuff without having an ego, Someone really stable who performs reliably. Jooheon is too young to be leader and they probably want to stack actual musical work on his schedule–the only fear with him is that you might actually kill him by drowning him in too much work that he’ll never say no to. For all Wonho’s bravado he’s better behind the scenes. So who do you pick to be leader?–Wonho (best behind the camera) or Shownu (best in front of the camera)? This dynamic between them still exists if you pay attention. Both are too old and have trained too long, yet they’re the best. Starship made the right call in the end, strategically Shownu should be leader, but Wonho paid dearly for it. It was a strategic move to level out the power balance in the group, by creating a Sword of Damocles above his head. That’s why they changed his age, why he’s not leader, why he’s Wonho and not Sino.
    ………..I’ve just said some really really rough stuff here, but think like a CEO and not a fan.

    tl;dr– Wonho’s age was changed from 1992 to 1993 because Starship re-branded him for the benefit of MX as a whole.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    I was replying to another post that had a really good theory about the power dynamics in the group that likely contributed to Wonho’s birth year being changed from 1992 to 1993, but that post got removed before I finished my response, so I’ll put it here since it’s also relevant to your post:

    Wonho’s image did indeed get altered after No Mercy, and Jooheon even mentioned during their Fancon Picnic VCR that Wonho actually did used to act like a hyung, but his persona changed to act more childish/cute after debut. And between him and Shownu, it was likely a well-strategized decision by Starship to appoint Shownu as leader of Monsta X despite the fact that Wonho demonstrated more fine-tuned leadership skills during No Mercy. Pre-debut, Wonho’s talents in music composition and performance were eclipsed by his tendency to use his sex appeal and looks to capture the audience’s focus; and when put on the spot, he sometimes failed in unpredictable ways. Shownu, who was more reserved, had a powerful but more “tame” and stable stage presence that Starship probably preferred to balance out Wonho’s wilder vibe. If [the OP’s] theory is accurate, I can see why Starship would feel the need to change Wonho’s public birth year–so they wouldn’t have to explain why they didn’t pick the oldest and most suited candidate for Monsta X’s leader. Easier to just say they picked Shownu, the “oldest” member, than to say they didn’t want to deal with the predicted issues that could have occurred if Wonho–a possible wild card–had been given too much power in the group.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    The Korean new year starts in the middle of February, not March, so Wonho’s birthday wouldn’t fall in the previous year. Hyungwon is considered a 93-liner because he was born in January, which would fall in the previous year. That doesn’t apply to Wonho.

  • *~Nyx~*

    I don’t really care who is oldest, but Shownu was given leadership over Wonho because he is the better leader. Regardless if Wonho was supposed to be leader or not, he wasn’t picked for a reason. For example, Shownu doesn’t like going forward because he’s shy and it makes him uncomfortable. However, that doesn’t mean he lacks leadership because of it. He’s under a lot of stress as leader but doesn’t have a high depression because he manages himself well. He can control his emotions, which would help the other members relax. He also is the most hardworking and puts the members before himself in every situation. He doesn’t have a ego and is willing to rely and take advice from others if needed. Wonho is the complete opposite in some aspects. He has the confidence to speak publicly, but he has low self esteem and seeks approval. He’s also extremely emotional which could cause trouble for the group because he could recklessly act on those emotions. Wonho just doesn’t have the mental stability that is needed for a leader. It’s pretty obvious why Wonho wasn’t picked as leader, age has nothing to do with it. If they wanted to make it easier by not dragging Wonho on why he was removed as leader, I guess it would make sense to change his age. However, not all leaders are the oldest in the group, so why would it matter?

  • Eveline

    My opinion is also that the idea of age change came after Starship decided to switch the leader position to Shownu, right before the debut.
    Shownu do have all the qualities for a wise leader, he’s quiet, but he’s calm, considerate, he doesn’t have a big ego, etc. so it’s easy to understand why Starship would choose him as a leader.
    So, if he became the ‘oldest’ it’s easier to answer the question ‘Why were you choose as a leader?’ as it happened here…

    Now, other bands also have a younger member as a leader, why would that be a huge thing? Yes, true, but usually that member was chosen as a leader because he/ she had the most training years for example (Jihyo – Twice), or because that member was super popular even before the band’s debut ( Seungyoon – Winner), etc.

    In Monsta X, Wonho would also be suitable for the leader position, as he’s talkative, has attitude, etc. Not to mention he also has ego, so I don’t think he’d like an answer like ‘Shownu was chosen just because the company consider he’d be a better leader’
    This is just my personal opinion.

    I will accept Starship official age for Wonho and their explanations as for why the leader is Shownu as well.
    I do believe that Wonho is a ’92 liner though, because too many times they revealed he’s actually the oldest. I don’t care about who’s the oldest though. I love them the same.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    I never said Shownu lacked leadership or that Wonho should have been leader over Shownu, I specifically stated my opinion on why Starship selected Shownu as the leader of Monsta X instead of Wonho. It’s a fact that Wonho demonstrated more leadership skills than Shownu did during No Mercy, but it’s also a fact that Shownu was the safer choice to lead the group after debut. The OP surmised that Wonho is the glue of Monsta X behind the scenes–the group wouldn’t exist without him–and that’s where his leadership shines. Shownu, meanwhile, presents a much more impactful image as the head of the group, and that’s what I was saying was the reason why Starship selected him as Monsta X’s official leader. Wonho’s ego before debut was capable of inflating to a point that might have become a problem for the company if he had been selected as leader. It’s not a matter of who is the better leader at this point, it’s simply that Shownu and Wonho are different types of leaders who have been strategically placed in positions where their leadership skills are strongest and most manageable for the company.

    The question of why Starship would change Wonho’s age just because he wasn’t appointed the leader was really answered in the OP’s post, but that post was unfortunately deleted. The gist of it was that while, yes, other groups have leaders that aren’t the oldest, both Shownu and Wonho were trainees who were atypically advanced in age. The OP’s theory was that Starship appointing the second-oldest out of the two experienced trainees might have put Wonho in an undesirable light, raising questions about what was “wrong” with him to not become leader if he was the oldest and most experienced trainee. Obviously that’s speculation and the fanbase can see right through Starship’s waffling, and that’s why I said one reason Starship MIGHT have changed his public age is so they could try to avoid explaining that the trainee who had proven to be an efficient leader through each mission during No Mercy actually had too many flaws in the company’s eyes to lead their new boy group after debut. Starship has already been caught lying about the age of some of their idols, for reasons many fans find silly, so it’s not far-fetched to consider that they might have done the same with Wonho, for reasons that are, again, silly.

  • *~Nyx~*

    I think Shownu saying he was chosen as leader because he’s the oldest, is his modesty. He’s never introduced himself as leader, he only say it when it’s asked. Also, we all know that Wonho was angry that he lost his title as leader and even said he probably made Shownu feel uncomfortable and unsure of himself. Of course Wonho wouldn’t like that answer, but it’s true lol Shownu trained for 7 years, which they could have said was the reason for him becoming leader. It doesn’t really matter who’s oldest though lol it doesn’t change anything. Also, Mino was supposed to be leader of WINNER but then he got injured and they switched over to Seungyoon.

  • Ema

    Yeah… I definitely believe that the leader thing is still a sore subject, and something both of them probably want to avoid due to modesty and friendship.
    As you guys mentioned, in the Google Questions, “Why is Shownu the leader of MX?”
    Shownu answers, “Because, I’m oldest, man!”
    Kihyun adds, “Nooo [or Ohh]… Y-you have a… good leadership.”
    Shownu: “Yeah. Ok.”
    In the BuzzFeed Puppies Interview, Shownu was also asked, “What’s the best thing about being leader?”
    He answered, “I’m just leader.” And Wonho was sat right next to him, and I could *feel* how awkward that moment was. To me, it feels like these are not questions anyone feels comfortable answering, and they try to get it over with as quickly as possible without making either Shownu or Wonho feel bad.
    Poor guys, for having to smile for the cameras, I respect both, and all of them, for their efforts.

  • Ema

    Right. For the image and well-being of the group, I will pretend Wonho is 1993-line….. but we know better. tsk tsk.

  • Ema

    I think my theory about group dynamics is perfectly corroborated by the way they devised the challenges and split the unit groups during No.Mercy. You can tell exactly which trainees they have on the chopping block for each round, which trainees they’re testing for what skills, and so that no matter how the performances turn out, they lose who they want to lose. It also becomes obvious from the amount of screentime they gain over the episodes that the real winners of No.Mercy were Minhyuk and Hyungwon. In the beginning, they were just part of the meh “others”, but by the end, they where proven to be the correct choices; and this is reflected in the team selections in challenges also, as the show goes on. I.M very obviously replaces #Gun because he has everything #Gun lacks and Starship needs.
    As an addendum to my original theory (reposted now) … I’d like to say I’m glad Wonho has the pressure taken off him. The cute/cuddly/caring side of him has been able to flourish, and he has more freedom to pursue more behind the scenes activities, like producing, for the group. And as the years have gone on, the other members have grown and honed their skills and roles within the group, so that MX is really balanced all around. It’s nice these days. I think they’re comfortable, and I hope they feel that way too.
    From what I see, making their own music is the next avenue for MX to distinguish themselves and grow. They’re all developing skills to make the group more *self-sufficient*: JH, IM, WH write and produce, and duet with other artists. HW choreographs and DJ’s–breaking into DJ and EDM culture is a huge market, to expand both their musical sound and promotion venues. KH photographs, and makes OST’s which broaden their audience into middle-age/daytime/drama market, not just teen girls. MH is literally made to host/MC and be part of every tv show ever. And he monitors everything between MX and MBB. MH may even pursue the cover-song route, as we saw a glimpse of recently? SN: dance/choreo, and is a great first impression and so enjoyable when he promotes MX on variety shows. Their English has drastically improved recently, and they never forget their Latin fans too. I think they’re building and plotting between themselves. I think they have big dreams. …Anyway, I’m trying to say that MX still has that deep hunger to grow and prove themselves and make more happen, *as a group*; not split off their efforts into solos or units unless it benefits the team… They’re still climbing, haven’t peaked or plateaued yet, and I’m so proud of them. 🙂

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Yes, thank you for reposting your original comment–I, too, am completely fine with whatever Wonho’s age is, but your theory was very well thought-out, and I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    I also agree that MX is such a balanced group, full of a wide array of talents, and that they’re doing quite well both domestically and internationally. Taking into account all their activities, their fervent love for Monbebes, their multilingualism, and their unique roots in the industry, there really isn’t any other group like them. If Starship ever had any concerns before their debut, I’m sure they’ve already proven to the company that they’re one of the absolute best in K-pop <3

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the update and for providing the source, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

  • Ema

    (Prepare for a super long story that no one needs to read.)

    No.Mercy SUMMARY/Timeline:

    •”Auditions” Mission: All trainees tested in front of judges; not fully aired.

    1- Shownu
    2- Jooheon
    3- Kwangji
    4- Wonho
    5- Yooho
    6- Minkyun
    7- #Gun
    8- Kihyun
    9- Hyungwon
    10- Minhyuk
    11- Seokwon
    12- Yoosu

    Shownu, Wonho, Jooheon, and #Gun (already part of Nuboyz), are the 4 strongest trainees Starship has.
    Kihyun messed up by not showing off his vocals enough.
    Wonho is well-rounded but not strong enough to beat Shownu and Jooheon on stage.
    #Gun can’t dance.

    •1st Mission: Solo song. No elimination.

    Results & Reason:
    1- Jooheon = Monster rap. Monster everything.
    2- Shownu = Great dance. Great vocal. Solid.
    3- #Gun = Good rap. Great power and presence, emotion. In it for himself.
    4- Kihyun = Best power vocal. Picked ballad that no one else could sing, even strong singers, didn’t dance. Proved confidence, vocal range, emotion, stage presence, smart decisions, set himself apart from other vocalists. Proved that he knows what the judges want and what the group needs and gave them EXACTLY that.
    5- Kwangji = Rap. Appealed to women. Solid but meh.
    6- Yoonho = Rap. Dance. Solid but meh.
    7- Hyungwon = Unexpectedly good dance. Ok vocal. English song choice (always prefered). Made them pay attention to him. More importantly, showed stage presence, A++ visuals, expressive face, good decisions, and charisma.
    8- Yoosu = Better than before, saved by the song selection. Still meh.
    9- Minkyun = Fail. Crap vocal.
    10- Wonho = Played it safe and stuck to what he knows: charisma, A+ visuals, sexy body, confidence, stage presence. It was memorable but poorly planned, and he was nervious. Ok vocal. This makes judges question his reliability. In my opinion, they scored him lower than deserved, to give him a scare and for tv shock. They expected better from him. Notice that Wonho says before the results that he thinks he’ll be #9; Wonho knows exactly how the game is played, knows he failed.
    11- Minhyuk = Cute, made them laugh. Fail preformance even with meh vocal.
    12- Seokwon = Fail. Boring. Seriously meh.

    •2nd Mission: Duet performance. 1 rapper and 1 vocal to be eliminated. 1 rapper winner and 1 vocal winner to each release a song.

    Pairings & Reason:

    [RAP] Jooheon VS #Gun
    = Battle of the good rappers.
    A test to see what they sound like on stage together. Since they’re already set to be the 2 debut rappers.

    [RAP] Kwangji VS Yoonho
    = Throw-away group. There’s only gonna be 2 rappers to debut anyway. Can’t have 3 if Jooheon is so strong.

    [VOCAL] Shownu VS Kihyun
    = Battle of the good vocals.
    To see how power-vocal Kihyun looks next to dance-king Shownu. Will Kihyun still shine next to the best performer?

    [VOCAL] Wonho VS Hyungwon
    = Battle of the visuals.
    A test for Hyungwon to see how good he is compared to Wonho, who they know is strong and charismatic.
    A test for Wonho to see how he’s going to pick himself back up off the ground and play with a partner.

    [VOCAL] Yoosu VS Minkyun
    = Throw-away group.

    [VOCAL] Seokwan VS Minhyuk
    = Throw-away group.

    Results & Reason:

    [RAP] WINNERS: Jooheon, Yoonho —–> RAP WINNER: Jooheon
    Obviously they want to release a song with Jooheon. Literally any song, any time, they’re salivating. Obviously.

    LOSERS: #Gun, Kwangji —–> ELIMINATED: Kwangji
    Can’t eliminate #Gun. But Kwangji is not gonna make it to debut anyway, so byebye.

    [VOCAL] WINNERS: Kihyun, Hyungwon, Minhyun, Seokwan —–> VOCAL WINNER: Kihyun
    Obviously they want to release a song with Kihyun because he’s the best vocal, duh.

    LOSERS: Shownu, Wonho, Yoosu, Minhyuk —–> ELIMINATED: Yoosu
    Can’t eliminate Shownu or Wonho. So between Minhyuk and Yoosu, Minhyuk proved himself a capable contender. Byebye Yoosu.

    Detailed Reason:

    [RAP] Jooheon=WIN, #Gun=LOSE
    Great performance overall. Jooheon was good, but made worse by having #Gun beside him. #Gun shows he’s only a hypeman next to him. This performance makes the judges afraid that they’re not constructive together, that their friendship is actually distracting.

    [RAP] Kwangji=LOSE, Yoonho=WIN
    Kwangji saw his own elimination written on the wall. This was almost like self-sacrifice; he helped his younger bro win. This was painful.

    [VOCAL] Shownu=LOSE, Kihyun=WIN
    They compromised on a dance song (so Shownu could show dance) with strong vocals (so Kihyun could show vocals). Song chosen by Kihyun in order to “combine their strengths”, but this sets up Shownu for failure.
    Because Kihyun isn’t as strong a dancer as Shownu, this makes Shownu lower his performance to duet with him.
    On the flipside, even while dancing, Kihyun’s vocals shine much more than Shownu’s, and Shownu ends up sounding like his backup singer. It’s not obvious how much Kihyun intended to “play” Shownu, but either way, Kihyun was ruthless. Knowing he can’t beat Shownu as he is, he tore him down to beat him.
    But he did win, even with a crap performance, and this along with his power vocal from last round secured his debut. This was the most backstabbing move in all of No.Mercy, and only mitigated because Kihyun knew Shownu would debut anyway. Kihyun always says that his voice is his weapon.

    [VOCAL] Wonho=LOSE, Hyungwon=WIN
    This was a strange performance, where Wonho almost threw himself under the bus in order to get their unit noticed/praised *together* instead of alone–putting himself at a disadvantage because Hyungwon is the stronger visual and dancer. He must have been counting on having stronger vocals, which he did, and not being eliminated even if he loses next to Hyungwon. Hyungwon even says he feels uncomfortable winning like this.
    The performance was memorable, enjoyable, attention-grabbing, but it was cheesy and almost funny, with a “we can make fun of ourselves” quality. It was calculated and played to many strengths as visuals & dancers: English song, up-tempo choreo, sex-appeal, powerful, confidence, stage presence, facial expressions, good teamwork on stage, rising to the challenge of crazy song selection. Everything was made to grab attention.
    Hyungwon proved he’s very capable of competing with strong Wonho, rising to the challenge of exuding the charisma English music requires. Wonho proved he’s a diligent and selfless leader, and instead of showing an improved version of himself, as the judges probably would have wanted, he showed diversity, creativity, dedication.

    [VOCAL] Yoosu=LOSE, Minkyun=WIN
    Two meh vocalists that have totally different voices, and meh stage presence. They were supposed to rise to the challenge but it was meh. They tried to show good vocals so they didn’t dance. It wasn’t horrible, but everything about this performance was meh and forgettable. Minkyun won because he has a slightly more charming personality.

    [VOCAL] Seokwan=WIN, Minhyuk=LOSE
    This performance was a tie, but they said Seokwan sang better. Good performance, especially from the extreme underdogs. Though Minhyuk lost, he’s the winner overall because he proved to the judges that he’s a pick-me-up, the driver behind their good performance and good attitude. He knows how to work as a team, and bring people up, not down. From the deepest dispare, Minkyuk proved he can stand back up. He showed solid vocals, thoughtful performance, hard work, and worked to the only strengths underdogs can have: charming personality.
    Minhyuk showed charisma; was captivating, funny, friendly, honest, made judges love him. Also due to a “mistake” proved that he’s a graceful loser and winner. Minhyuk thought he was getting eliminated for good.
    This sunshine/vitamin quality is what makes judges notice him and sets him apart from now on. No one else is cute and funny like he is.

    •Summary so far:
    “SAFE” trainees are: Jooheon, #Gun, Shownu, Wonho, Kihyun.
    “MAYBE” trainees are: Hyungwon, Minhyuk.
    “NO” trainees are: Seokwan, Minkyun, Yoonho.

    Jooheon is the main rapper. Shownu is the main dancer. Kihyun is the main vocal. And #Gun is about to fall from grace. This puts Wonho in a difficult position: he’s not the best at anything. His only weapons are his leadership and his body. Wonho says clearly that his body is all he’s got left, and that remains true to this day.
    As for all the trainees with “meh” performances, that are just ok or good but fail to grab attention, they’re all on the chopping block.

    •3rd Mission: Group performance. 2 groups of 5 trainees. 1 vocal-performance & 1 dance-performance each.
    1 trainee from losing team to be eliminated.


    Shownu – SAFE, but needs to show leadership, not just good performance.
    Jooheon – SAFE, because he’s perfect.
    Hyungwon – MAYBE YES. Probably yes, but they need to see how stable he is.
    Minhyuk – MAYBE NO. New rising star?
    Minkyun – NO. Might as well eliminate him now, but let’s see how the others work in a team with him.

    Wonho – SAFE, but on shaky ground. Needs to prove himself as a leader and use his strengths.
    Kihyun – SAFE. Let’s see what he’s made of.
    #Gun – MAYBE YES. The more judges think about him, the lower he sinks. How will the team deal with such a weak dancer?
    Yoonho – MAYBE NO. Losing hope with him. 7 years of training and he’s so meh.
    Seokwan – NO. Meh. At least he won’t cause problems, but it doesn’t matter cuz we’re not debuting him anyway.

    Wonho VS Shownu as leaders in each team. Kihyun VS Shownu as vocals & centers. Jooheon VS #Gun as rappers and centers. Minkyun VS Seokwan as throw-aways. Each team has 2 SAFE, 1/2 MAYBE, 1 NO.


    Vocal Performance = BLACK/Wonho team WIN
    Dance Performance = RED/Shownu team WIN
    Overall —> RED/Shownu team LOSE —> Minkyun eliminated!


    Shownu has fantastic performance as always, but a weak leader. Jooheon is killer on stage but has too big a role.
    Hyungwon proves he can play with the big boys; good dance.
    Minhyuk secures himself a very solid MAYBE; good vocal, great personality on stage and off; plays fair, and is a very effective motivator and team cheerleader behind the scenes where Shownu is weak.
    When their team loses, it’s not fun because Shownu knows he has poor leadership, and it gets poor little Minkyun eliminated.

    During this round Wonho proves he’s the superior leader by creatively working with and around obstacles, like the fact that #Gun can’t dance. Shows a creative and colorful dance performance to make up for the fact that the better dancers are on the other team. Wonho takes on far too much work *behind the scenes*, but makes sure they all show their best sides and shine as a group. He is humble and calculated. He also proves himself an asset in valuable behind the scenes technical skills: song arrangment, choreo, long hours, etc.
    This secures Wonho’s spot for debut, but he’s a bit of an underdog leader with a big head. He didn’t put enough attention on his own performance.
    #Gun’s performance is good, on the surface, but looks like a weaker copy of Jooheon. He is proven to be such a weak link when it comes to dance that Starship is now scrambling to replace him. They can’t give him special treatment for every performance if he were to debut in the group! They never counted on him being such a weak dancer. Not only that, but it’s become obvious that he hogs the spotlight and clashes badly with Jooheon on stage in a way that makes things worse, not better. He has blinders on and takes no corrective action. If Starship hadn’t already started searching for his replacement last week, they’re doing so NOW!!!
    And no, Yoonho is not a debut candidate because his rap looks ridiculously weak next to Jooheon.

    1- Jooheon
    2- Wonho
    3- Shownu
    4- Kihyun
    5- #Gun
    6- Yoonho
    7- Hyungwon
    8- Seokwan
    9- Minhyuk

    Riiiight. Those are the official results, but the truth is pretty different, which is where I.M comes in……..

    •Requirements for #Gun’s replacement:
    Rapper that can hold his own on stage and in the recording booth next to Jooheon; that can work together, sound good together, but still be individual.
    Preferably young (because all the other SAFE members are bloody old!)
    Preferably speaks another language (English preferred).
    He must be at least an ok or better dancer.
    Vocals/visual/personality doesn’t matter.
    …..Let’s go make every phonecall known to mankind to find such a trainee somewhere in Seoul!!! We need him ASAP!! …..Lo and behold, they found EXACTLY what they needed (everything #Gun lacks) with Im Changkyun, isn’t that funny? that someone like I.M mysteriously joins the cast?… Yeah… Poor #Gun.

    •Summary (REAL RANKING, not the TV version) after I.M joins the show:
    SAFE: 1. Jooheon, 2. Shownu, 3. Kihyun, 4. Wonho, 5. Hyungwon.
    PROBABLY YES: 6. I.M, 7. Minhyuk
    TO BE ELIMINATED: Seokwan, Yoonho, #Gun

    If Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Wonho are chosen, then Yoonho is completely redundant. He’s just there as a solid 7-year trainee in case someone else fucks up royally last minute. I.M replaces #Gun easily and necessarily.
    Why is Seokwan still here? for an even body count? He’s not painfully bad, but he’s been on the chopping block since day 1.

    •4th Mission: 2 teams of 5 trainees each. Both groups record 1 song each.

    WHITE/Shownu TEAM:
    Shownu, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, #Gun, Yoonho.

    RED/Wonho TEAM:
    Wonho, Kihyun, Jooheon, I.M, Seokwan.

    These teams are supposed to test the members of the WHITE/Shownu team: Shownu for leadership, and Hyungwon and Minhyuk to prove they should debut and can hold their own against Kihyun and Jooheon on the other team. Yoonho, Hyunwon and Minhyuk are on the same team just in case Starship wants to switch their ranking last minute. Yoonho could safely take over for Hyungwon as visual, or take over for Minhyuk as charisma if necessary. It’s likely that Hyungwon will do well, but if Minhyuk also does well, then Yoonho and Seokwan are on the chopping block, no matter which team wins/loses. Jooheon and I.M are teamed together because they’re now the rap duo set to debut, and the solid pairing of leader Wonho and Kihyun will balance the team and help I.M get adjusted.

    From this point on, the order of debut is pretty much set. #Gun will be eliminated at the end, Starship just needs to prove their own reasoning that I.M is better, and because they have to keep #Gun around until the surprise at the very end. Also because until then, he’s good on camera.
    4th Mission tests leadership again, and though Wonho proves again he’s the better leader, he drops one rank lower in debut ranking when he unexpectedly fails at being ready to record one day, reason unknown. It’s a fluke and he makes up for it with hard work behind the scenes.
    He knows exactly where he is in the ranking, knows he’s in danger even if his rank is high; knows he’s “#2” just for the TV because he did well last mission. Remember he’s very surprised to get #2? He knows it’s not real. So he falls back into his only on-stage weapon: uses his body to make himself stand out.
    But this makes Wonho a strange leader: not the best, but with solid skills and confidence, with good decision-making; unreliable when he fails to show his own skills and always puts the team before himself; potential for ego because he can control so much behind the scenes.
    Starship likely fears they may lose control of Wonho and therefore the whole group in the long run, due to Wonho, if they give him too much power. Shownu is better in front of cameras and easier to control.

    It was basically a tie, but WHITE/Shownu team = LOSE —-> Yoonho eliminated!
    Yoonho knew he was about to get cut, because 7years of training teaches you a few things.
    He knew it was coming from 2nd Mission, when Kwangji sacrificed himself for him.
    “Is there any way I can not be eliminated?” he says.

    This officially cements the debut rankings now that Yoonho, who was a redundancy, is gone…
    REAL rankings (not whatever the they showed on TV):
    1- Jooheon
    2- Shownu
    3,4,5- Kihyun, Hyungwon, Wonho
    6- I.M
    7- Minhyuk
    8- Seokwan
    9- #Gun

    •5th/Final Mission: “3-3-3 Unit Battle”. 3 teams of 3 trainees each. Each team prepares 1 performance.
    Lastly, all 9 come together to dance final song. 2 will be eliminated. 7 will debut.

    TEAM #1: Wonho, Kihyun, Seokwan —->
    Wonho and Kihyun work very well together, they’re both strong, and it’s supposed to test them again, to see how good they really are. They’re supposed to balance out the weak link, which is Seokwan. Seokwan has one last chance to steal Minhyuk’s spot, otherwise byebye.

    TEAM #2: Shownu, #Gun, Minhyuk —->
    Minhyuk is supposedly the weakest in this team; he’s supposed to really prove his skills next to Shownu, because he’s in 7th place. #Gun is there because he’s a strong performer, even if he can’t dance and is about to be eliminated, Minhyuk should be the balance and glue for this team. This also tests how good Minhyuk’s vitaMIN quality is at helping Shownu to lead better, since #Gun can be limiting to work with.

    TEAM #3: Jooheon, I.M, Hyungwon —->
    Jooheon and I.M are supposed to have time to work together now. Hyungwon is there to test his skills as the only vocal between the 2 rappers, since vocal is Hyungwon’s weakness. But this also gives the rappers plenty of airtime for the judges to see the new rap duo together in action.

    The debut ranking is already set before this mission even starts, and this is proven but how they split the teams.
    There’s one former NuBoyz trainee in each one. And the whole mission is mostly just to make sure I.M gets a bit more screentime before debut.
    The final song where all 9 are together, gives #Gun a nice going-away present by giving him center position. He’s good and fun on stage, but there’s no way that after debut, dozens of songs are going to be choreographed specially to accomodate his lacking skills. Also, I bet Starship wants to break up his friendship with Jooheon because for them 2 it takes precedence over group dynamics, and that’s not good in a group of 7 people. Heartbreak makes for good TV.

    1- Jooheon
    2- Shownu
    3- Kihyun
    4- Hyungwon
    5- Wonho
    6- I.M
    7- Minhyuk
    ELIMINATED–> Seokwan

    The debut results are exactly what my theory predicts, and it’s funny that the show chose to call out their names in order of the real rankings.
    It’s a shame that Minhyuk thinks his own spot will go to #Gun instead. He’s thought that he’ll be eliminated literally the whole competition and doesn’t realize he’s been getting better. Seokwan has known for at least a while that he’s about to get cut, that he was just getting lucky.

    THE END.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    This analysis of No Mercy makes so much sense and sounds so accurate. I can definitely see how each mission, rather than simply determining which trainees were “best” to lump into a new group, was intended to test each trainee’s compatibility with other trainees and their reactions to specific challenges, as well as checking how well they fit into the particular group dynamics Starship had in mind. Now I can understand why IM was brought in halfway through the show, and as much as I liked #Gun, you made good points about how his friendship with Jooheon, his rap style, and his lack of dancing ability would have crippled the group’s long-term success.

    I also really liked how you pinpointed exactly which actions and decisions proved Wonho had superior leadership skills over Shownu, and also which ones proved he was ultimately unsuitable for the official position of leader of Monsta X. I get a slight sense of residual awkwardness between the two of them to this day, and there is never as much skinship between them as they have with other members, although it could just be that they mesh better in other ways.

    All in all, the way you broke down the behind-the-scenes happenings in No Mercy was very insightful, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if your theory was dead-on as the truth 🙂

  • hoseok

    Korean age system is inclusive of 1st March aka wonho’s birthday, and that’s why he is the same age as wonho, also describes himself as the eldest because he and shownu are in the same “year” in school.
    During fighter era at a fansign, wonho says himself that he decided to be “friends” with minhyuk and call shownu “shownu-hyung”. This means that due to the age system he falls under the “same-age” as shownu due to his birthday
    So before: SN=WH> MH
    After he said that: SN> WH=MH
    Whether he regards him now as a friend to shownu, or a friend to minhyuk is his choice to make accordingly.
    Wonho can call himself the oldest, simply because he is the oldest when it comes to age hierarchy along with shownu, He is the oldest. Shownu is also the oldest.
    It’s not that deep really,

  • Ema

    Thank you. I’m impressed you took the time to read my long analysis… I think about MX a bit TOO MUCH. Hahaha.
    I’m not sure there’s so much “awkwardness” between SN and WH unless the leadership topic is brought up. I think it’s more that they’re both respected equally in the leadership regard by the other members. BTW- take a look at CH.MX ep.86 “Fighter Recording (Part Switch ver.)” …and it becomes painfully obvious what their behind the scenes dynamic really is. That’s by far my favorite episode and I have the feeling it’s exactly why we never see that part of their behind the scenes lives very much. Sure, we see them doing individual VLives, and behind recording on the set of X-ray and photoshoots… but not in those areas where Wonho is strong, not where the most important decisions are made. (I’m also a fan of CH.MX ep.105 because you get to see them just interacting.)
    If you ever pay attention to how they sit or walk into rooms during No.Mercy, you might see how all the trainees gravitate to Wonho, follow him, turn to him for approval, etc. Like it’s not even a question. Wonho speaks first at the table when I.M is introduced. In teams when they need to choose leaders: On Shownu’s team they vote as a courtesy, but on Wonho’s team Kihyun basically says “it’s obviously Wonho, is this necessary?” Hahaha.
    I think as time has gone on, all members have more confidence in themselves and in their own positions so it’s not as important anymore, there’s not so much “following” happening. And Wonho has indeed stepped back from things he doesn’t need to have input in. He actively lets Shownu take charge where official leadership stuff happens, while he can just “watch over” all of them for the larger-picture. He’s mellowed out to play evenly with the other members. It’s less stressful, because if he had everything on his shoulders, even he knows it’s unsustainable with how much he would have taken onto himself. On the other end, I’m sure he knows his own weakness is being put on the spot, in front of cameras, because he’s so unreliable then; sometimes he shines and other times he wilts like a flower. The difference is painful. It seems to me that he struggles with confidence, oscillating between the most confidence ever and the least ever. He has a “do everything right, but fail when it matters” disease, haha; while Shownu is the opposite. Both Shownu and Wonho go out of their way to agree with each other. I have a feeling though, that if we get more behind-the-scenes of their recording/decision-making/planning for the future/meetings with managers/concert practice/dance practice, etc, I’ll bet anything that Wonho is still the first in charge during those times. With Kihyun and Minhyuk as the second ones to speak up, because they don’t put up with much they don’t agree with.
    //EDIT:// More Wonho analysis….. WONHO does have an ego, and a huge thirst to prove himself individually. However, he knows it’s his downfall if he were to act on it. So he’ll always put the group before himself. No one can hate him or fault him if he’s lead them to victory and brought out the best in everyone around him. No one can turn on him and say he’s conceited. Knows that if he were to put the spotlight on himself, there’s a good chance for “do everything right, but fail when it matters” disease to strike, so it’s not worth it. Plus, then he wouldn’t have his team to fall back onto. If the team counts on him, needs him, that’s where his power and comfort comes from. Stroke his ego by telling him you love him individually though. He’s got a really soft core (like a child that never wants to grow up) and a very hard shell that protects it. We get to see glimpses of his softness in degrees that are highly controlled. In my opinion, Wonho is the glue of MX, why they’ll stick together and not fall apart as time goes on. Wonho wants victory, and the only way to do that for himself is to do that together.
    ….Shall I analyse the other members too?
    KIHYUN is a very by-the-numbers kind of person, rational and insightful, but he’s a closed-book. There’s not much emotion for him when decisions are made. He just does what he needs to do in a calculated and systematic way. It’s easy to fight him for looking like he doesn’t care, and easy to fight him for standing up for himself (stubborn when, if ever, he disagrees). He’s a good team-player because it benefits him to be so. I bet he’s secretly a little manipulative and it probably boosts his ego. Loves the spotlight on himself, to show you what he’s got, but not long enough that you can see any of his weaknesses. I bet that even when he yells, it’s not because he really really means it, it’s still something ephemeral that he can deal with. When he really wants to yell, which is probably extremely rare, something tells me he keeps it to himself. Solving his own problems makes him effective at not disturbing others.
    MINHYUK is a vitamin for the team, very playful, but also a troublemaker. He can get grouchy and lash out, probably to the point of hurting others, I bet. Loves to tease and push boundaries, it strokes his ego when he pushes others. If something upsets him, he’ll likely swear up a storm and throw a tantrum, badger you until you change your mind. He says what he wants to say. In the end, whatever happens, he’ll just put on a smile and get it over with. He’s good in times when it gets rough, because he can make the best of a bad situation, not make it worse. He gets a boost from being around others because that’s when he shines most, when he can play and interact. He’ll never ever give up or lose hope, and this is a huge asset when it comes to larger issues like the team’s success.
    SHOWNU knows his own limitation is being oblivious to what’s around him, but he’s gotten better. He’s very resilient. Nothing really upset him, nothing is out of his comfort zone. Rolls with the punches well. If you tell him a plan and he agrees to accomplish it, he’ll just go through the steps and do it, no matter the pain or pleasure. Seems to have good instincts on how to accomplish things well, even if he can’t always see the big-picture. In my opinion, he’s a very honest and open person. What you see is what you get. Loyal and proud of his team as if they are his family. Knows he needs his team to help him and complete him.
    I.M is a bit of a loner. Never sure how much to trust in someone else. At the same time, craves acceptance. He’s honest in a round-about way. Shy but not shy. His fearlessness comes from his loneliness. He’s likely to accept the darkest parts of someone because he feels he has those sides too. Understands that the world isn’t all happiness and rainbows and that compromise is necessary. Shower him with love and he won’t know what to do with it, even if he wants it so much. He’s not afraid to say and do uncomfortable things though. I find him to be resilient on the inside, even if he messes up on the outside, even if he cries, he still has hope for himself on the inside. When he puts effort and steels himself to do something, it’s like he’s always asking “What have I got to lose?” and it’s all good as long as the answer is “nothing to lose”. For this reason, he’s unlikely to do anything that will hurt his team (or inconvenience others), if the answer is “lose the team” because they give him a home to return to and to lean on, like a safety net.
    JOOHEON will complain; he’s probably the first to whine or throw a hissy fit. A small one if he’s in a bad mood, before he takes a breath and just does what you want. You might get him to do something he doesn’t want to do for a little while, but not for long. He’ll lose interest if his heart isn’t in it and give up. That being said, he’s good at everything, and because he won’t say no, he’s a work-horse. Altruistic. You can give him the worst/toughest/uncomfortable jobs and he’ll just do them, and do them well. It seems he gets taken advantage of because of this. When you need something done well, give it to Jooheon. He probably feels like he’s not in charge of his own life, struggles to find out for himself, and to decide what’s next that *he* wants to accomplish, not just do well what’s given to him. He’s a team-player because somewhere inside he probably feels inadequate without the others cheering him on, and even more because he knows that it gets lonely being on top. Probably has a fear of loneliness. I think he’s varnishing over a snarky and sarcastic side of himself when in front of cameras. He also likes proving people’s perceptions of him wrong.
    HYUNGWON is kind of independent, though you wouldn’t know it since he’s quiet a lot of the time. His interests and pleasures are his own and it doesn’t matter much if others accept him or not. However, to fit in and find his place as part of a whole is a longing and struggle, and something he’s working on. How to balance individuality with acceptance. He’s fine with making fun of himself because he knows he’s a little odd, but takes pride in the areas that he knows he’s capable of. I think he’s good at telling apart right and wrong and where he wants to go, what he wants to achieve, and has his eyes on the goal. Calm. Doesn’t need to speak up if it’s not necessary. He’s ok with a long road to victory, will just take it one step at a time, and not stress very much along the way. Deep down, not afraid of new things/challenges/standing out, even if you think he would be or if he is on the surface.

  • Sim

    hyungwon confirmed in the 081318 vlive that he grew 2cm, he is now 183cms/6ft.

  • Ema

    Shall I talk about Wonho’s work-out addiction? Because every time he says it’s relaxing to work out, what I hear him saying is that he finds it comforting to know that he’s maintaining his only weapon, the only thing that makes him special. He knows he’s too big, knows all that muscle almost looks odd on his tiny frame, but also knows how to play the game. The second he said he might lose weight a few months ago, fans jumped to his defense and told him not to. Ha. Way to bring only more attention to his physique. haha. Wonho’s not gonna stop working out until he’s made a name for himself as a brilliant producer. 😉

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    The Korean New Year starts in the first part of February, so Wonho’s birthday actually wouldn’t be included in the previous year. If he’s described as the same age as Shownu, then it would have to be because he was also born in 1992.

  • hoseok

    No it is inclusive of March 1st specifically because that is the day that grade school begins, therefore his parents made the decision of him attending school early making him same age to Shownu. Early March is the time that students are also applicable to attend school early. Go search it up, its written in kr websites too. Idk why youre trying to push your narrative selectively choosing what to remember or not. The fansign amongst other situations prove that he started school early therefore being same age to Shownu.

  • KProfiles

    Thank you a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Bailey Woods

    I don’t know if this is here or not, but Jooheon and I.M both have SoundCloud accounts: @주 honey and @I.M

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    But why are there times that jooheon doesn’t call Hyungwon a hyung?

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Another instance where Wonho is said to be the oldest is in this very recent interview! At 8:04 when asked how they all ended up on No Mercy, IM pointed to Wonho and said, “He was the oldest trainee in Starship.” And both Wonho and Shownu were nodding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=siWwIyoXDFs

  • Sim

    Who is the center?

  • Venneris

    Kihyun is a Scorpio, not a Sagittarius, according to his birth chart! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/28436be6288b33f530ccc95ab5f4a458d9f27f426e498c90632e80d6c59502b2.png

  • prince eric

    Jooheon’s older sister is Tem (a former member of 4ten) https://youtu.be/4UsraPfMCRA

  • dying_mochi

    Jooheon’s mixtape release has been confirmed for the 31st of August. The date was posted on the official_monsta_x instagram account.

  • qare

    she isn’t his real sister, she said she is just close to him like a sister
    please check the comments here:

  • Ema

    I believe the MX members have said several times that none of them has a sister, and they laugh at the coincidence.

  • Eveline

    Lol I can’t stop laughing!
    They admitted so many times that Wonho is the oldest, then the next day Shownu says he’s the oldest. Really guys? ^^”
    It’s like they act all genuine and tell the truth, then someone reminds them and they change the age order again…
    I’m already convinced that Wonho is the oldest.
    Thanks for posing this!

  • li

    They don’t have a center or fotg??

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    none because they just change centers in every interviews or etc.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    None because they just change centers in every interviews or etc.

  • ahgase

    Monsta X chose their own English name during fansigns

    Shownu – Aiden
    Minhyuk – Edward
    Kihyun – Ron
    Hyungwon – Alexander
    I.M – Daniel / Danny

  • bkaur

    Wonho is actually the oldest member according to MonstaX-Ray 3, episode 1 🙂

  • Sarcastic Blues

    heads up November 22 is a Sagittarius not a Scorpio…..dont mean to be rude at all you guys are cool

  • Sarcastic Blues

    The zodiac sign for November 22 is Sagittarius. Astrological symbol: Archer. This symbol suggests high purpose, creativity and ambition but also a sympathetic person open to new experiences. It is characteristic for people born between November 22 and December 21 under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. stated by google but then once again idk am just a random someone

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the comment! 🙂 We also had his sign listed as Sagittarius, until a few days ago when someone commented and told us that according to Kihyun’s birth chart he is a Scorpio not a Sagittarius.

    22 November is actually the limit between Sagittarius and Scoripo and a person born that day could be either, depending on the time, year and place of birth.
    The birth chart uploaded by the commenter:
    We verified this on a Zodiac calculator website and it showed approximately the same results when we entered his birth date and place of birth, please check (if you hover the mouse over the sun in the birth chart it shows that in S. Korea on 22 Nov 1993 the sun was still in Scorpio no matter the exact time of the birth)

    The cusps between 2 zodiac signs always give us lots of trouble. =/

  • li

    oh okay thanks

  • dying_mochi

    Jooheon has released his mixtape and music video – it was released on 31.08.18

  • im jisoo, im ok

    jooheon released his mixtape ‘DWTD’ and released his music video ‘RED CARPET’

  • Wim

    Hyungwon is underweight

  • Tatjana T

    He said several times that he had troubles with gaining weight. Its jot because he doesnt want to its because he cant. So be a little bit more considerate -.-

  • im jisoo,im ok

    Also Another Music Video ‘Should I Do

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • a nerd

    sagittarius starts at november 22. thus, jooheon is a sagittarius not a scorpio.

  • a nerd

    i’M whEEziNg r O N

  • Rosy

    You wrote that Jooheon debuted with his first solo “DWTD” but it’s not his first mixtape, it’s his third mixtape.

  • Rosy

    I.M made a solo song called “Fly with me”

  • Rosy

    Jooheon and I.M made a solo song together called “be my friend”

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Rosy

    yes but you didn’t change it lol, his first mixtape is “Jung Ji”

  • KProfiles

    Please check if now it’s ok. 🙂

  • Xaizhun
  • Markiemin
  • Xaizhun
  • KProfiles

    @xaizhun:disqus Thanks a lot! As usual, once all the comeback photos will be released, we’ll update the profile all together. 🙂 I think we’ll choose the close up pics from each concept, so their faces could be easily seen.

  • KProfiles

    @markiemin:disqus Thanks a lot! As usual, once all the comeback photos will be released, we’ll update the profile all together. 🙂 I think we’ll choose the close up pics from each concept, so their faces could be easily seen.

  • Xaizhun
  • Xaizhun

    Thanks! We’re all so anxious we couldn’t wait. XD

  • Rosy


  • KProfiles

    @xaizhun:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂 The profile has been updated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_kXbK31kv7q:disqus The profile has been updated. It usually takes several hours until an admin checks all the updates needed to be added that day, but within 24h the profiles are usually updated. Thanks for the patience and for bearing with us! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    There’s no problem at all! Either if the photos are posted in turn, as soon as they are released, or all together, when all the teasers are out, that’s still great! Thanks once again! 🙂

  • Park Jimin-ah
  • KProfiles

    @park_jimin_ah:disqus Thanks for sharing the alternative concept photos, it’s much appreciated! 🙂 However, I think we’d better keep the 1st round of concept photos because their faces can be seen clearer. Thanks a lot anyway! <3

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb
  • Avital_kuku

    OMG can someone please change Kihyun’s zodiac sign from scorpion to sagittarius !!!!

  • Arnest Lim
  • kpop ♡


    Their latest comeback, Shoot Out !!

  • Walaa Mohey 🔆

    who is the main visual in monsta x plz ??

  • qare

    Hyungwon is the main visual but Wonho and Minhyuk are also part of the Monsta X’s visual line

  • qare

    he’s born in the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius but if you check an expert astrology site the sun was all day in Scorpio in Korea on November 22, 1993

    check this comment below:
    “The zodiac sign for November 22 is Sagittarius. Astrological symbol: Archer. This symbol suggests high purpose, creativity and ambition but also a sympathetic person open to new experiences. It is characteristic for people born between November 22 and December 21 under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. stated by google but then once again idk am just a random someone”

    and then the admin’s reply:
    “We also had his sign listed as Sagittarius, until a few days ago when someone commented and told us that according to Kihyun’s birth chart he is a Scorpio not a Sagittarius.

    22 November is actually the limit between Sagittarius and Scoripo and a person born that day could be either, depending on the time, year and place of birth.
    The birth chart uploaded by the commenter:
    We verified this on a Zodiac calculator website and it showed approximately the same results when we entered his birth date and place of birth, please check (if you hover the mouse over the sun in the birth chart it shows that in S. Korea on 22 Nov 1993 the sun was still in Scorpio no matter the exact time of the birth)

    The cusps between 2 zodiac signs always give us lots of trouble. =/”

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    istg Kihyun is such an underrated visual 😭

  • kwaapp

    I came here to say the same thing!! He snapped in the Jealously comeback I swear!!!

  • daunie95

    How come you guys didn’t add Monsta x starred in cameo for Hit the top kdrama 2017 for all members???

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Wonho is the Power of the group(the strongest in the group)
    source: idol room with monsta x

  • Walaa Mohey 🔆

    aha thank you

  • Dowoon Yoon

    Someone please give these babies some chapstick :'(

  • Rosy

    Jooheon is too underrated, he’s a rap god

  • mariana

    Anyone else think Kihyun is underrated? (Monsta X)

  • Zuraini Redwan

    Do u guys still remember what the members said when had i.m is the new trainee in ‘no mercy’ ? My heart was really broke after hearing whats members feel about i.m . especially minhyuk, kihyun and jooheon

  • Shonwu is least popular?! What the heck, I just came from watching one of their live performances and I was like, “wow that guy in the beginning probably is the one everyone fan girls over”, and now I come here to find out who it is and he is the least popular? im shook

  • sarah

    got impressed by dem titty vibrations lol. same tho same

  • sarah

    lol, got impressed by the vibrations. they ARE powerful.

  • sarah

    Shownu is sooOOo underrated I srsly cant. He is such a charismatic performer, stunningly handsome, a caring leader, adorable, has a beautiful voice, and the most lovable personality. Stop sleeping on Shonwu he isn’t a bed.

  • Vanessa Nguyen

    Hi, i’m a new monbebe and Minhyuk is literally my soulmate. We have the same birthday and I’m a ugly chubby girl, the exact opposite. lol :/:)

  • Vanessa Nguyen

    New Monbebe in the house!!! Can y’all give me videos to watch?? Give me the titles, not links. thx <3


    Same omg i just checked them out today!!!

  • Jojo_is_a_MBB

    You should listen to:

    1. Beautiful
    2. Jealousy
    3. Hero
    4. Trespass
    5. All In

    AND if you get the chance, listen to Dramarama as well. I’m just trying to space out the eras :)))

    AND watch Monsta X Ray 1, 2, and 3!!!

  • Lungile Luthuli

    I literally came here for the guy with the vibrating tiddies. I thought he was such a charismatic performer and people would appreciate that and he’d be more popular 💁‍♀️

  • naмυ joon

    can i just say
    i can’t believe i was sleeping on them since last friday
    i am a monbebe longer, but i wasn’t giving them much attention since i decided to watch no.mercy
    now, my top 3 kpop groups ranking looks like that
    1. BTS and Monsta X
    2. MAMAMOO
    3. iKON

  • Keriona Thomas

    Hyungwon stared in the drama Please Find Her alongside Apink’s Hayoung


  • AyaChi

    Wonho was born in 92

  • Kimchi~

    He’s my bias and i did the lil poll thing at the end i got sad seeing him down there along with Jooheon…
    He’s so soft and squishy, his vocals are amazing, he’s such an amazing dancer, he’s so caring, and i just wanna hug him uwu
    (p.s. is the Jungkook i see? :))

  • Kimchi~

    lmao, i got into Monsta X because of Shownu and i hnstly felt like he wouldn’t be that popular but he’s my bias, so… he hnstly needs more apprecation
    Idk how, but i can tell who would be the most popular and the least popular in a group just by looking at them :/

  • lucy


  • Nobodyknows

    Wonho is a 92 liner and 26 years old.
    https://youtu.be/B3SZcQ0AbMs Here he introduce hhimself and he says he’s 26 years old

  • Eveline

    26 years old is his Korean age
    Korean age is always +1 year older than the western age, because when a baby is born in Korea the baby is considered as 1 year old (they count the months the baby was in the womb as well)
    26 years in Korean age = born in 1993

  • Nobodyknows

    Ahhh, thank you! I forgot about this fact! (I’m sorry for my English)

  • TenAndJihoonLover

    Yeah his vocal is underrated af

  • The4DWorldandMe

    When I.M was in Boston, he lived in Chestnut Hill.
    (He says so here, around 1:15)

  • Bob X

    Now i wanna tell all monbebe to know real wonho’s age 😊i already know it because wonho said by himself and y’all don’t be confuses anymore Ok?
    Wonho said by himself he’s 26 year old (korea age) but in western age he’s 25
    And also shownu said he’s 27 years old (korea age) 26 year old in western age
    Shownu comfirmed his age is 27
    Wonho confirmed his age is 26
    It’s truely shownu is older than wonho 1 year
    I’m confirmed shownu was born in 1992 and wonho was born in 1993😊😊😊

  • Raven Willow

    These make a lot of sense for me, but what fascinates me is that what’s safe about Monsta X is that Starship specifically also tried to choose mostly members who would never really leave the group, and for those that would, is keeping a tight hold on them in some way or another;
    You can basically tell what Starship wants to repress in each member by what they don’t let them do.

    Kihyun; I originally thought he wanted to just go solo after MX, but no (he’s the only one with real solo singing potential anyway). He’s smarter than that. He graduated from DIMA not on vocal performance, but took acting classes instead. Has also been one of the better dancers out of the more skilled main vocalists in kpop and has been actively improving his dancing.
    I think he wants to do musicals. He’s mentioned it before, and Starship doesn’t let him do musicals, and it’s 100% not because of singing or schedule issues. Musicals are Kihyun’s best route for the post-MX career. Yeah, he’s a great singer but if MX doesn’t work out, musicals are a lot safer. Most main vocalists dabble in musicals, anyway, and they’re a safer source of income if Kihyun doesn’t improve his vocals more (i bet he will though, if Monsta X gets more famous). Kihyun actively makes industry friends and has a lot of them already. He’s already somewhat prepared for MX to disband.
    ALSO: Starship has kinda made MBBS forget that Kihyun composes and plays guitar and piano. Every other idol who can do anything at all is shown off to hell and back, but no, Starship shuts it down. If I had to guess, Kihyun could be a Yoo Seungwoo in disguise (good potential to be a self-sufficient solo singer, which scares starship). Starship refuses to really play up Kihyun’s singing. It’s not a coincidence that he has nothing solo compared to Jooheon, who has 3 mixtapes??
    Case in point; compare Kihyun and Hyorin, or even Soyou. Kihyun gets nothing but OSTs. Shownu gets a collab before Kihyun does. Kihyun doesn’t get to go on a single music program. Kihyun doesn’t even do variety that much, even though he’s one of the better members. Kihyun, who does this little, is the most popular member in Korea. Starship is definitely scared of something, and it’s Kihyun, who might actually be one of the most well-rounded and well-set up members out there. (there’s the fact that kihyun tries to have the best staff and company relationships that also matters- the boy wants to keep his rep for being obedient good) Kihyun will only be a team player for as long as it benefits him; if he ever becomes more famous than MX, he’s leaving. case in point; kihyun likes rock and rock ballads and jazzy music; if MX ever start to flounder, the sacrifice of never getting to sing his preferred genre is gonna start getting to him.
    (Kihyun doesn’t seem extremely close to his family, and would probably be ashamed of wanting help).

    Wonho: We all know. Producer. Not one of those faceless ones. Wonho knows he’s weak on variety, not cut out for acting, and not cut out for solo singing, and he knows he’s at least a halfway decent pop producer. He’s smart about producing, anyway. We all know he’s constantly on the grind to better himself; he’s one of the most popular internationally but not as high up in Korea, which he NEEDS. Wonho might pull Kihyun to work with him if Kihyun goes solo, anyway, because it’s very clear that those two are close. Starship isn’t that scared of Wonho, and that probably means that they want to keep him after MX. He would not do so hot if MX disbanded now, though. (Wonho also knows that he doesn’t have the freedom that someone richer or with a richer family does.) Wonho loves being part of a team but might be happier alone and doing what he wants, and his emotional qualities would’t be nearly as much of a detriment if he works more bts.

    Kihyun and Wonho seem goal-driven in every thing they do, really.

    Minhyuk: Minhyuk and Kihyun are a bit similar in some respects in how they both have an ego fed by being with people; minhyuk’s only options are variety/hosting and acting. for someone who’s so career-driven, minhyuk hasn’t showed any acting interest- this probably means he isn’t all that good at it and probably knows variety is safer for him. Minhyuk NEEDS MX to do well. if MX does well, minhyuk can get more invites, more experience, and more industry contacts. minhyuk has pretty much given up on any vocal stuff really, because he just won’t shine next to Kihyun. I think Minhyuk is very career-driven too, and that’s part of why those two mesh so well. Minhyuk is smart, and if he plays his cards and Mx’s cards right, he could become a sort of Eun Jiwon- one good program with the right people could make him a variety career. Minhyuk both needs the ego boost he gets from being on the team but would chafe if MX ever didn’t benefit him. He would have to leave starship if he wanted to go variety without music or acting.
    Starship both supports him and doesn’t; if minhyuk succeeds, it will be good for MX, but that’s one step further he’ll be taking from being under their control.
    Minhyuk might be the one starship is scared of most; he’s so unpredictable and will never watch his mouth; sometimes i think i’m watching a more manipulative, toned-down kim heechul with him. he’s the one that could make or break starship’s claim on him.

    The ‘careers’: min/wonho/kihyun are very very close to each other

    Jooheon: Rapping is the only way for him. Starship is a little bit scared of Jooheon, but not that much. Jooheon would probably stay in Starship X after MX. He’s not well-known enough to just leave, and he doesn’t get enough creative freedom to showcase himself fully except for mixtapes. Jooheon has quite a few famous rapper friends, and it’s very clear where he wants to go. But first, he needs to become known as a better rapper AND he needs to become a better rapper/lyricist. He’s been improving his vocals lately- he’d definitely need to sing for a solo career, and he has a very unique voice. Starship doesn’t really want him singing in their songs, cause he makes everyone but kihyun look a little worse. Jooheon, i think, has slowly come to terms with the fact that he’ll be alone at one point and that he needs to be more career driven, especially since he’s only more recently become closer to the careers. He’s not safe if MX goes down, and he knows it. He might be in the most danger if MX goes down, anyway, because it might be saying something about his worthiness to be in the industry (because MX’s reputation is rap. rap rap.) Jooheon doesn’t WANT MX to go down because he really shines in MX and he needs the support system. He gets the ego boost from being one of the best performers, the best rapper, and spotlight stealer, really.
    Starship doesn’t send him on variety as much as they could, but if he works, he could probably be pretty self-sufficient.

    Shownu: dancing. Starship actually might try to send him solo but he just somehow doesn’t have the draw to be like other soloists? He’s a fine vocalist, but he needs to shape up his projection first. his big issue is the fact that his voice is basically just suited for ballads and he really can’t dance with HIS body to that. Shownu-dancing is boring to the industry. Focusing on what Starship wants to hide with him: every other fandom screams about idols choreographing but Starship tries to hide it. Shownu is a hell of a choreographer and a hell of a dancer, and his dancing has been fast improving (he’s also slimmed down since debut-to let himself be better at dancing, most likely). He probably has potential to work in dance performance stuff, not sure. He also always has the backup option to go back to backup dancing, and his family seems to be well-off enough for it to be fine. He also has this thing where older people LOVE HIM. Super advantageous for casting, partnerships, working at a dance studio, or getting his foot in the door for choreo. He might be safe if MX goes down.

    Hyungwon; he closed the door on modeling a while ago, and it’s really too late for him to be a model. That leaves DJ-ing and acting for him. He could probably do decently well as an actor if he kicks the rest of his satoori; he’s pretty and has good height, and actors really don’t do variety. He could probably even do an OST. He’s probably smart enough to know that dancing and singing are not where his strengths post-MX lie, anyway. Dj-ing he’ll really only be fine at if MX blows up before they go down because Dj-ing really will be more about how much of his fanbase he keeps; hyungwon has a huge fanbase compared to his role in the group, and if he can use that to his advantage, he’ll be super safe after MX. He might even be the most safe. The only problem is that he’s not particularly motivated to leave the group or for disbandment. He’s kinda the Dasom of Mx; not noticeable in variety, pretty, good at acting, no real lines in the song. The non-mains are always the ones who don’t wanna disband.
    also; hyungwon REALLY doesn’t get the acting opportunities most visuals would get. starship probably thinks he wouldn’t stay with them as an actor, and I don’t think hyungwon likes starship that much, either.

    IM: Im has to go into rapping if he wants to stay, but I can’t tell if he wants to stay. If MX gets super famous, he might be okay; he has a surprising number of industry friends and he might make it. Otherwise, he’s kind of more of a free spirit. He might go back to regular life, because he’s one of the least generally-known members it would be easy for him. he’s another dasom, minus the visuals and acting and lack of lines. he doesn’t seem to be working towards a particular career?
    TLDR; kihyun and wonho might benefit from disbandment; IM, hyungwon, and Minhyuk will flop if MX goes down too soon, and shownu is really up in the air. Jooheon is surprisingly unsafe.
    Hyungwon and kihyun would want to leave, probably. Shownu might be forced to by his career choice. Wonho might stay. Minhyuk, Jooheon, and IM would leave.
    Kihyun and Wonho and Minhyuk might stay friends, but the others are so unpredictable with their careers that it might not work.
    most importantly, ALL the members need monsta x to do well and they all seem to be very smart about strengths and weakness because of no mercy.

  • Lauren Grzywa

    hyungwon said he was 26??? maybe he’s talking about korean age but still, he should be 25 in korean age… i’m confused

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    So HAHAHAHA We finally solved Wonho’s birth year and now we are about to argue Hyungwon’s age 😂😂😂

  • Mona

    Aww why are shownu and jooheon so unpopular whyyyy

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    During shoot out promotions, Other people didn’t know about Shownu’s name so they called him “The Vibrating guy” because he was vibrating when he appeared in the MV and in the performance

  • *~Nyx~*

    It’s because his birthday is early in the year, so he’s considered to be a part of the previous year. He’s two years older in Korean age instead of one. That’s why he’s the “same age” as Kihyun and Minhyuk. He probably went to school with 93′ liners instead of 94′ as well.

  • Qesha

    Hyungwon starred in High-end Crush drama or Please FInd Her ? Cause im pretty sure it called Please Find Her .. ?

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Why do I feel like Hyungwon is a 1993 liner? Since he never(or at least what I think) called Minhyuk and Kihyun a Hyung and he introduced his age as 26(same age as Wonho Kihyun and Minhyuk)

  • *~Nyx~*

    He’s a 94′ liner. He was born earlier in the year so he’s two years older instead of one in Korean age. He probably went to school with the 93′ liners as well. That’s why he’s the “same age” as the 93′ liners.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    yeah I just feel like he’s a 93 liner but I know that he is a 94 liner

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    In the new dorm, Minhyuk and I.M share a room together (amigo tv season 4 episode 1)

  • KProfiles

    @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_KLygUEfBaO:disqus Yes, he starred in both dramas, thank you for the heads up! 🙂

  • Lucy

    these are their english names. they probably aren’t official but i’m sure that changkyun’s is.😁😁https://twitter.com/wonho__/status/982441933392891904?lang=cs

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Hailz

    Jooheon drinks lots of water when nervous info from no mercy programme episode one !

  • Bryn Moow

    Hyungwon’s Height has green highlight on the dots!

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    wait so I’m born in January so does that make me two years older?

  • Natasha Van Es

    I have a feeling that most of the members grew a bit more. From all of the tv shows and other things

  • Hailey Goodwin

    i love all of them they are all really good looking

  • just another jhoe

    Jooheon said on ‘When You Call My Name’ that he was born in Seoul and he grew up in Deagu (but you guys wrote that he was born in Deagu and grew up in Seoul which is wrong) https://youtu.be/O3IhlgaK7dA

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Taller or closer with each other?

  • Exessen

    Very surprised Shownu is the least popular.

  • Nasha Othman

    Guys , i think Jooheon only has an older sister . And i dont think half of them have younger brother 😂

  • *~Nyx~*

    Shownu was Lee Hyori’s backup dancer, not just for “Bad Girls.” He was also in her music video “Going Crazy and performed with her during promotions/concerts (“Bad Girls,” “Going Crazy” “U-Go-Girl”)
    He appeared in BESTie “Pitapat” music video
    “Knowing Brothers” (ep.136)
    He was on every episode of Lipstick Prince season 1 and 2, not just the one’s that are listed. (my mistake from before)
    He appeared in the drama “Dae Jang Geum is Watching” (ep. 9-10)
    “Hello Counselor” (ep. 385 with Kihyun)
    “Running Man” ep. 319

  • That’s not his actual sister, just a really close family friend. I think the one they messed up on was that I.M. has an older brother not a younger one.

    This post talks about their siblings: http://m-onstax.tumblr.com/post/159981130126/do-the-members-have-siblings-i-know-kihyun-has-a

  • JM | MELODY 💙

    Jooheon competed in Show Me The Money 4 but got eliminated on the Third Round.

  • FLY !!!

    I.M is bae <3

  • lyn loves mx

    Kihyun’s height is actually 174cm. He said himself here: https://twitter.com/gdtothetop/status/1064013142391324672 and the rest of the members say theirs but i’m pretty sure they’re already right here?

  • Jehan Nurdina

    Kihyun said Wonho knows everything about him because Kihyun and Wonho stay at home a lot together (Amigo TV season 4 ep.3)

  • Lauren Grzywa

    i’m born in february, could that make me 2 years older as well?

  • Juliana

    The official fan color is now Red ❤

  • wenny

    was this officially announced?
    they announced the official fan colors long time ago O__o

  • anahigarcia0514

    the official fan color is red ❤️ They announced it during a fancon

  • wenny

    @@soompi-55128e1956bbe2c942761759c0e4252b:disqus any link for that please?
    I wonder why they changed…. and if that is official, cause they already announced the official fan colors before

  • KProfiles

    @jehannurdina:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @lynlovesmx:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

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    @osu-af9334ca5d626fa689d4bbb5141d5b7e:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @GoddessNyx:disqus Thanks a lot for the correction and for the additional info, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @justanotherjhoe:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Raven Willow

    IM and Kihyun are the same height, so you should probably change IM’s height too

  • Raven Willow

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why starship thought #gun and jooheon’s friendship is a liability to group dynamics? especially bc we know now that kihyun and wonho are closer than #gun and jooheon? also, starship pretty much underplayed all of kihyun’s friendships. we now know that only jooheon and kihyun talk to #gun anymore, and that kihyun and minhyuk were really close even during the show, etc.. I think starship might have wanted #gun out from the start- they made him friends with only jooheon. also, i’m betting on the fact that starship was trying not to have kihyun in the group, either. reason: 1. they tried to play down the vocal competition (vocal is where kihyun is miles better than the rest). 2. they didn’t show kihyun’s personality/friendships at all (this could’ve been attributed to kihyun not being that great for tv at the time, but if he hadn’t sung hyeya, i wouldn’t have cared about him) 3.shownu and wonho were picked over kihyun for nuboyz, despite the lacking vocals and kihyun’s time at starship (less than wonho, but a good 2 years more than shownu). shownu was new when they put him in nuboyz, and nuboyz was some sort of failed test-run for monsta x. i think they wanted to have a lot of really good dancers in monsta x, and debut kihyun solo/ in a vocal group but in the end, shownu and wonho were too weak as vocals to handle the music.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    I was, too. Their popularity rankings vary on different sites, though. Hyungwon (my bias) is often the least popular one on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    Their popularity rankings depend on the site, though I actually am surprised that Shownu and Jooheon are the least popular on here. If you look up their popularity on other sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s often Hyungwon (my bias) who is the least popular while Jooheon is usually one of the most popular.

  • Claryssa Crapo

    They didn’t say that it’s confirmed, jooheon just said “I think the official color is red like monbebes hearts”

  • Claryssa Crapo
  • MonBebe

    according to their recent talk their heights aren’t the same

  • Taeyong56

    excuse me? i think you spelled thicc wrong for Hyungwon its THICC not THICK

  • Taeyong56


  • Minhyuk used to have a tattoo but later on removed it because fans were complaining (he said during fan con)

  • qare

    it’s the same thing just that you wrote it in slang 😀

  • Elane Divino

    Please correct the info for Wonho and Kihyun in new dorm stating that they are sharing rooms. They do not share. They each have their own room.

    Also, please add Kihyun actually is a well speaker of English and often helps I.M overseas.

  • Марти Парти

    22nd of November is still Scorpio

  • Nutella Queen

    22nd november is Sagittarius

  • Марти Парти

    No it’s not.

  • rika

    where did you find that they have separate rooms?

    also, Kihyun speaks some English, but he’s not fluent. did you see some videos where he speaks fluently English? if yes, please share

  • rika

    22 November is the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, so the zodiac sign depends of the exact time of birth

  • Sabi

    Jooheon has an older sister and a niece!

  • aca Dila

    I copy paste from others user previous comment.. (That’s not his actual sister, just a really close family friend)

    This post talks about their siblings: http://m-onstax.tumblr.com/

  • Taeyong56

    yeah ik XD

  • *~Nyx~*

    Shownu was on Real Men 300 (ep. 9-12 & 14-17).

  • 7RedMonbebeArmy

    isnt Jooheon the main dancer also? I also think that he should be the FOTG, or once was. He’s been on many variety shows by himself, and also his dancing is one of the best in the group.

  • lyn loves mx

    jooheon isn’t a dancer, the dance line is officially shownu hyungwon and wonho. and i don’t think they have a fotg:)

  • lyn loves mx

    kihyun’s not fluent but he’s one of the best in the group. changkyun is fluent and then jooheon and kihyun are some of the more confident speakers after him

  • Venomous

    Kihyun & Wonho do not share a room, they each have their own in the new dorm. Confirmation here (3:58): https://youtu.be/OcSjwMt2vIM?t=238



  • I love Minhyuk so much <3

  • KProfiles

    @JessiVenom:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @elanedivino:disqus The room arrangements have been updated! Thank you for the heads up! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_JagGXogehL:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

  • Deedeecanwake

    Here is the link about their height, they were pretty honest about that.

  • Stan ExO&TwiCe

    Kihyun is center

  • Qara

    I don’t think they have a center. True, Kihyun is in center when he sings, but all of them are usually in center when they sing. Since Kihyun is the Main Vocal is obvious that he gets more time in the center (because he sings more). But when the songs end usually Wonho is the center. So, I don’t think there is an obvious center in Monsta X.

  • nori-chan

    i agree. usually most centers like irene, soyeon or taeyong always end up in the center for the chorus/end of the choreo, but that’s not the case for mx. IF there was a possible center in monsta x it would definitely be kihyun,,, or hyungwon and wonho

  • Rosy

    He’s not the center. He just always has the chorus because he’s the main vocalist

  • Rosy
  • arvy

    They’re really out here tryna murder us with these visuals…………..

  • Rosy


  • Bts Stanner
  • Bts Stanner

    IM DYINGGGGGG jooheon looks gooood🔥🔥💜💜

  • tal
  • joobx
  • Rosy


  • wwinko

    Jooheon changed his stage name to Joohoney!

  • Bts Stanner

    Lmao..hyungwon is bias wrecking me all the freaking time🙄😂😂

  • Haneul

    apparently Jooheon has now changed his stage name to Joohoney according to the hashtags used in their the new comeback concept photos tweet: https://twitter.com/OfficialMonstaX/status/1093132237707464704 [no idea if it’s actually an official confirmation but it’s on their official page so idk]

  • Marty Asr

    hello! just wanted to inform you jooheon officially changed his stage name to joohoney! (you can check their official sns accounts for confirmation)💞

  • Rosy

    Mood 😂

  • Teagan Freeman
  • Rosy

    I Am What I.M Man

  • KProfiles

    @whynotrosy:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @btsstanner:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_Y8JbQYgJLa:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • Karolina Pietluch


  • Kpoptrash
  • Nur Dalila Darus

    Hello can someone please change their photos to concept photos #4 ? It looks more sharp and clean. Thank you…♥

  • Sseoula

    Hyungwon is the weakest member because every time he wakes up he coughs even his members can imitate him xD idk from what show it was but it was after them filming amigo tv

  • Rosy
  • Rosy

    I’ve just uploaded it. Hope kprofiles will see it soon uwu

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @whynotrosy:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_jeDF7FTNbp:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

  • Andreea Deea

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C3hIJg4rHo Here is their recent comeback

  • Rosy
  • Tera

    Please change the Korean comeback!!
    They have a new song called Alligator!!!!

  • Andreea Deea
  • rosé

    MONSTA X had a now comeback today, this is the song:

  • arvy
  • Hannagw
  • xkinohuff

    Latest Comeback MV ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lian Chan

    Do they have a Center??

  • Louise

    Isn’t Kihyun underweight?

  • I think it’s Kihyun, correct me if i’m wrong (someone lol)

  • Lille

    Shownu last place??? That doesn’t sound right at all

  • 永遠

    weekly idol ep 395 profile update

    shownu 181cm 74kg
    hyungwon 183cm 60kg
    kihyun 175cm 63kg
    wonho 177cm 77kg
    minhyuk – i wasn’t able to see his profile
    changkyun 175cm 62kg
    jooheon 177cm 67kg

  • 永遠

    I believe it’s Shownu

  • 永遠

    he was during Beautiful and Shine Forever eras. He started gaining them back during Jealousy until Alligator

  • Samkpoptrash

    I’m confused, many monbebes have told me that Wonho is the oldest? Or that Wonho and Shownu is the same age? Please explain

  • *~Nyx~*

    They don’t have a center.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Honestly, no one knows for sure. It has been back and forth since debut. The only way to find out if Wonho is actually a 92′ liner is if he enlists for the military with Shownu next year. All 92′ liners have to enlist next year, so we will get our answer at that time. However it is possible Shownu and Wonho enlist together so that it cuts down on the time the group is separated. But than again, they already have two other 93′ liners that have to enlist in 2021, so either way at one point, 4 maybe 5 members (depending on Hyungwon) will be in the military at the same time.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    They constantly change center every comeback so there is no center for Monsta X 😊

  • Bts Stanner

    Shownu is the oldest as he’s born in 1992 and Wonho was born in 1993

  • Diabolic Angel

    Shownu is the eldest according to the western age. Wonho is eldest according to S.Korean age. (But people in S.Korea are starting to not use the S.Korean method of adding an extra year) However, judging from the way they speak to each other, they probably equally accept each other as friends of the same age and don’t mind about their age difference.

    Here’s a more detailed explanation on how the S.Korean age system works:

  • Karolina Pietluch

    There is an updated info on their height and weight by the way. Source is Weekly Idol:
    Shownu: 181cm 5’11”, 74kg, 163lbs
    Hyungwon: 181cm 5’11”, 132lbs
    Kihyun: 175cm 5’8″, 63kg, 139lbs
    Wonho: 177cm 5’9″, 77kg, 170lbs
    I.M: 175cm 5’8″, 62kg, 136lbs
    Jooheon: 177cm 5’9, 67kg, 147lbs

    Minhyuk was not visible 🙁 Sorry if I made any mistakes with the conversion to lbs tho

  • KProfiles

    @karolinapietluch:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • *~Nyx~*

    That’s not how it works though. If Shownu is older in western age he has to be older in Korean age because his birthday (July) is after Wonho’s (March). The only way for Wonho to be older than Shownu, no matter the age system, is if he was born in 92′ and not 93′.

  • Diabolic Angel

    I’m not sure if you comprehensively understood what I wrote but that is how it works in South Korea. Not everything revolves around the Western culture, you know.
    I’ll repeat myself. Because Wonho went to school at the same year as other 1992’ers because he was born early, he is given a pass in South Korea as a 1992’er. In western culture, he is still 1993 so he is younger than Shownu.
    Of course, as I said, South Korea is starting to change that rule to not let people with early birthdays become older anymore.
    Hope this clears it up.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Obviously I’m aware that everything doesn’t revolve around western culture. Don’t treat me as an ignorant person. According to what you are saying it would be the same for Hyungwon because he’s an early 94′ liner who went to school with 93′ liners. Why has he never said that he is older than Kihyun or Minhyuk and addresses them as hyung?

  • Diabolic Angel

    I did not mean to treat you as an ignorant person and I apologize if you felt that way. Again, South Koreans are starting to pull away from that age rule. That’s like asking why doesn’t Wonho say he is older than Shownu or call him 형 (Hyung). For both cases (Shownu×Wonho, Minhyuk×Kihyun×Hyungwon) they most likely see each other equally as friends. I don’t think I have ever seen Hyungwon call Minhyuk or Kihyun as 형 either.
    Side Note: The most likely reason why S. Koreans are pulling away from that rule is because it complicates friendships. For an example, only considering that Wonho was born on 1993, Hyungwon could potentially become his friend too since there is only a ten month difference between their birthdays. But, Wonho is friends with Shownu (because of his early birthmonth), who is much older than Hyungwon and that puts him back to being younger than Wonho and being friends with Minhyuk and Kihyun. It’s tough to explain through words but it sets a picture as to how the rule messes with formality and age differences.
    Hope this helped a bit.

  • Diabolic Angel

    I did not mean to treat you as an ignorant person and I apologize if you felt that way. Again, South Koreans are starting to pull away from that age rule. That’s like asking why doesn’t Wonho say he is older than Shownu or call him 형 (Hyung). For both cases (Shownu×Wonho, Minhyuk×Kihyun×Hyungwon) they most likely see each other equally as friends. I don’t think I have ever seen Hyungwon call Minhyuk or Kihyun as 형 either.
    In my opinion, the most likely reason why S. Koreans are pulling away from that rule is because it complicates friendships. For an example, only considering that Wonho was born on 1993, Hyungwon could potentially become his friend too since there is only a ten month difference between their birthdays. But, Wonho is friends with Shownu (because of his early birthmonth), who is much older than Hyungwon and that puts him back to being younger than Wonho and being friends with Minhyuk and Kihyun. It’s tough to explain through words but it sets a picture as to how the rule messes with formality and age differences.
    Hope this helped a bit.

  • *~Nyx~*

    Yeah I understand that it complicates everything with friendships and what not. It’s really confusing lol I think most people are constantly asking who’s older because Wonho has said himself numerous times that he is older than Shownu, but then later Shownu says he’s older. It’s been back and forth since debut and everyone is confused. That’s why it never made sense for Wonho to be a 93′ liner because he’s in the same position as Hyungwon who has never stated to be older or acts older than Kihyun and Minhyuk. By the two age rule, wouldn’t it be the same for Hyungwon to be older than Minhyuk and Kihyun as it is for Wonho to be older than Shownu?

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • crazykpopfan

    But who is center position?

  • flywithIM

    there’s not one specific center, but in choreos it’s usually wonho! though this is not official

  • crazykpopfan

    O oke thnx

  • Cecil17

    i just heard about hyungwon changing his stage name to h.one. i don’t if that’s true or not.

  • emma

    no that’s just his DJ’s name

  • M.

    I think 92′ liners have to enlist in 2021 and not next year. Quick example: Xiumin who is 90′ liner still haven’t enlisted, Sunggyu who is 89′ liner started his service last year. So we still have 2 years to enjoy Monsta X in current line up 🙂

  • *~Nyx~*

    They changed the law last August. Idols have to enlist by the age of 28.


    Hello! I’m an alli-alligator

  • gabi

    monsta x is also under Maverick Agency as of Feburary 26th,, if you’d like to put that somewhere (,:

  • Orifiel M. Blancarte

    By the two age rule, wouldn’t it be the same for Hyungwon to be older than Minhyuk and Kihyun as it is for Wonho to be older than Shownu?

    ^ Exactly this. Hyungwon has never been mentioned to be considered older than Minhyuk and Kihyun, just that he’s grouped into the 93 line with them. If Wonho was also just considered to be grouped into the 92 line due to his birthday, he wouldn’t have been called the oldest member several times.

    On this Vlive with Shownu and Wonho, Wonho nearly slips up disclosing something about their age at around the 23:46 mark, but he stops himself and Shownu says they’ll talk about age just between them: https://www.vlive.tv/video/106815?channelCode=FE123

    While I’m not saying this indicates that Wonho was born in 1992, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be considered *older* than Shownu if he was born in 1993.

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_friEiES8zB:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • arvy

    WATCH OUT paengpaenghaejin i ginjanggam sok ᵈᵃⁿᵍᵉʳ neol hyanghae teotteurineun keun BANGER hoo
    neon pochakdwaesseo naye R A D A R

  • mereee

    how would joohoney be spelt in hangul? im kunfused

  • Klara A-Lind

    주헌이 i think

  • Sojungyek

    western names of each member (chosen by themselves)

    Shownu: David Son
    Wonho: Cameron Lee
    Minhyuk: Edward Lee
    Kihyun: William Yoo
    Hyungwon: Alexander Chae
    Jooheon: Matthew Lee
    IM: Daniel Im

  • Nur Dalila Darus

    Ya it looks nice 🙂 Thank you Rosy

  • Rosy

    No problem uwu

  • christian f Pino
  • Rose Dawny

    Shownu actually trained for 7 years, according to his google Q&A. Plz add that.

  • Rea Cuyopan

    Eh?? Why did they change Agency?…

  • gabi

    they didn’t change agencies. they are still under starship but maverick is a u.s agency to help them get better coverage in western media since sse has no control over it

  • Caesar_Wu

    한번 작정하면 절대 놓지않어 alligator
    두 눈 희번덕이며 달려가지 숨이 차도 hah hah
    제어가 안돼 제어가 안돼 나조차도 주체가 안돼
    I can’t control myself ye yeah

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Hyungwon is thr furst idol to have a family name of Chae

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Chinese names of the members:
    Shownu: Sun Xianyou (孫賢祐)
    Wonho: Li Huxi (李虎錫)
    Minhyuk: Li Wenhe (李玟焃)
    Kihyun: Liu Jixian (柳基現)
    Hyungwon: Cai Hengyuan (蔡亨願)
    Joohoney: Li Zhouxian (李周憲)
    I.M: Ren Chuangjun (任創均)

  • Rea

    I wonder why Jooheon changed his stage name to Joohoney…it’s cute
    Joohoney Hangul = 주헌니

  • lilith

    Apparently the reason for it is that he wanted his stage name to be easier to pronounce for international fans.

  • Lauren Grzywa

    shownu is a gemini / cancer cusp

  • Lauren Grzywa

    aww that’s cute, i thought it was because he always says “jooheony one hunnet”

  • Sharifah Syamimi

    Monbebe official fandom color is red

  • Tera

    I think these are their positions–(just my opinion)
    Hyunwoo- Leader, Main dancer, lead vocal
    Hoseok- Lead dancer, lead vocal
    Minhyuk- vocalist visual
    Kihyun- Main vocal
    Hyungwon- vocalist, visual
    Jooheon- Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist
    Changkyun- lead rapper, vocalist maknae


    Hi! Just wanted to kindly remind that Hyungwon is actually now 183 cm, which makes him 6’0″ :)))

    Thank you for sharing the members info!

  • MonMon

    I think these are their positions
    Shownu- Leader, Main dancer, lead vocal
    Hoseok- Lead dancer, lead vocal, visual
    Minhyuk- vocalist, visual
    Kihyun- Man vocal
    Hyungwon- vocalist
    Jooheon- Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist
    Changkyun- Lead rapper, sub vocal, maknae

  • Lauren Grzywa

    Jooheon main dancer??? nahhh dude. Also hyungwon is lead dancer, he’s an amazing dancer.

  • *~Nyx~*

    The positions already listed are correct.

  • Tera

    Jooheon is a MUCH better dancer than Hyungwon.

  • Chloë Beks

    Absolutely not. Stop acting like Hyungwon isn’t one of their best dancers..

  • qare

    can you provide the source, please? is that an official source? according to their profile on Weekly Idols, Hyungwon is 181 cm

  • *~Nyx~*

    I love Jooheon, but no. If anything he’s better than Wonho, but definitely not Hyungwon.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Shownu fact:
    Shownu taught Stray Kids’s Bang Chan how to cook Ramen when they used to share room in their dorm when Shownu was a trainee in JYP


  • Reagan Richardson

    They have new concept photos for their album We are Here:

  • Shu_Shu_Girlr

    I would say that both are amazing dancers so stob it :))

  • 이은별

    I have two change suggestions I think you should really input here:
    Kihyun is not only the Main Vocal, but he is also the Center*
    Minhyuk is not the Visual*, he is the Face of the Group*

    For the people in the comment section, if you don’t know the difference here ya go hun:
    *Center = Usually the person that is in the Center during many parts of the dance + Most importantly in the Chorus of the song ++ The person is USUALLY one of the Mains(Main Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, etc.)☆
    *Visual = Most good looking by Korean Beauty Standards☆
    *Face of the Group = The member that you would immediatley think about when you hear the group’s name, USUALLY is the member incharge of bringing attention to the group by being active(Participating in Variety Shows, Hosting for Music Shows, etc.) or most possibly the most popular member☆

    Star Notes☆☆☆:
    ☆I don’t know if you can be a Visual and the FotG at the same time, so please correct me if I’m wrong<3
    ☆Not all of these are the same for every group, except for the Visual, but not every Visual is actually a Visual, remember that the Visual is chosen by the company, so the company obviously chooses who they think is the most good looking by the Beauty Standards they want to follow
    ☆FotG and Center are two different things, but there are some people in groups that can be both
    ☆For me the Visual thing doesn’t even matter in Monsta X, literally all of them are Visuals♡

    Thanks for reading till the end♪

  • *~Nyx~*

    By your explanations, the members you picked make no sense lol
    There is no center in Monsta X because they all get center during their parts. However, Shownu would be there more because of dance breaks. I would say the center positions would be more towards Shownu, Wonho, and Kihyun, but not enough to make one of them an “official” center.
    Face of the Group is no doubt Shownu, if they ever announced one. He gets the most offers for CF’s and represents them the most on variety shows/special guest appearances. He is most recognized outside of the fandom.
    Monsta X has a visual line. That’s why Minhyuk is mentioned as a visual. However, Hyungwon is the official visual.

  • Elle

    Hyungwon is now 6ft tall

  • nori-chan

    maybe minhyuk was the FotG like in 2016-17?? but ever since shoot out, shownu has been getting a lot of attention internationally/nationally and has the most appearances in variety shows than all the members. even in individual rankings, shownu is the highest among all of the members.

    and minhyuk is the visual. like the comment above mine, wonho & min are a part of the visual line, but hyungwon is the main visual. but i agree with kihyun being the center … &mx are literally a visual group <3_<3

  • nori-chan

    hyungwon didn’t train for years for y’all to deny his lead dancer position

  • 이은별

    True, True.
    I actually meant to change the FotG after posting this to Shownu, but I couldn’t find my comment only till now.

  • 이은별

    Yes, I was supposed to change the FotG after posting this, but I couldn’t find my comment until now, thank you so much for using your time to read my comment🙏🏻
    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • Lauren Grzywa

    hyungwon isn’t visual to you? are you crazy?? he’s also a lead dancer for a reason, he’s fantastic at dancing.

  • Lauren Grzywa

    hell no. they’re all great dancers but hyungwon is better, right behind shownu. check out his fancams and his dances he’s choreographed.

  • Haru Min

    I’ve heard that Jooheon changed his name because he faced hardships and thought his name brought bad luck. (Lee Ho-joon to Lee Ji-hwan to Lee Joo-heon) 🙁

  • NTheQ

    I like how it says in Kihyun’s facts that he’s the best vocalist of the group. Like yeah, he’s the Main Vocalist I would hope he’s a good vocalist which isn’t he’s an amazing vocalist.

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    Hero was my first kpop song knowing that it was Korean and let me just say that I didn’t even know how to explain what I saw. It was magnificent and I just found it so cool that there was a choreography. This was all in like February 2017 and I got into kpop in mid-July 2017. I wasn’t really thinking about getting into kpop but if I did I thought that Monsta X would be my first group but I was wrong about that because BTS was my first group but I listened to a lot of Monsta X songs before I got into kpop but then had the audacity to say that I wasn’t into it. I got into them after dramarama came out and now I have unlimited love for them. They deserve the whole world.

  • seasoakedheart

    idk if this is something that should be on here, its just interesting to me. when shownu was with JYP, he roomed with Bang Chan from stray kids (source: the latest Finding Skz)

  • Lauren Grzywa

    hyungwon is 6ft !!

  • Sung Hanji

    Hyungwon lived for 3 months with his family in Wiesbaden, Germany

  • Chae_hyungwon

    I don’t believe jooheon is second last!I I would’ve thought hwon and jooheon would be swapped
    *shook* by the many votes of hyungwon!

  • Chae_hyungwon

    hyungwon is 6ft👌🔥💗😚💞💚😚

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    Monsta X were in one of the episodes for We Bare Bears https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=J9dQ8T2VQEo also Minhyuk playing with ice bear’s ears at around 0:40 and saying “Wow so cute hehe” is actually the cutest thing ever and anyone that hurts my child’s feelings can get ready to catch these hands. Also, Shownu’s “People call me a polar bear” and Ice Bear’s “Okay” is actually adorable.


    pleasee..go my instagram @qilttokki__ …..pleasee…i like IM , WONHO and MINHYUK….

  • chae hyungwon

    I love this precious angel so much. He’s my ultimate bias among male idols of all generations. He’s one of the main reasons why I stan Monsta x. He never fails to flatter my heart with his surreal visual, his angelic voice and amazing personality. For me, he’s just a whole package. I could watch him all day and I won’t get tired of it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2faf11c1b4d5b2d5c339bb25263f912a266bafdc73ce4afad620159b30f78364.jpg

  • produk 29

    joohoney has a sister and niece, you can see on youtube.

  • Claryssa

    That’s not his actual sister, she’s an ex idol

  • Luna

    Is it weird that all of my biases in each K-POP group has a birthday close to mine? Or is an Aquarius♒️?

  • gabi

    update; monsta x has signed with epic records,, this may mean they left maverick

  • MathiHS

    Why is Shownu so low on the poll??

  • Lauren Grzywa

    why do you feel need to put down cusps only for idols who are sagittarius / scorpio but not for people who are cusps with other signs??

  • Kpop Lover

    Ummmmmmmmm yes it is get ur facts straight

  • NTheQ

    In Hyungwon’s facts, it says he’s the first idol to have the family name Chae, but MYNAME’S Jinsuk has the family name Chae and debuted in 2011.

  • Not weird at all!?!??! it is proven that not only do opposites attract but also people with the same sign are extremely attracted to each other, and not just romantically 🙂 Aquarius people are naturally attracted to each other because there is no resistence met, whether our sign is wind or water, both follow the path of least resistnece and go with the flow hence why we hardly ever fight, unless provoked to do so and so we become either tsunamis or whirlwind tornados, a force to be reckoned with, mother nature XD <3

  • kookie_bay
  • Alice Smith

    wait so you mean to tell me that Jooheon actually changed his name to his pet name Joohoney???

  • ShootOutTheAlligator~~

    Jooheon is really close friends with Got7 Jackson. Please add to Jooheon facts…

  • Kihyun’s Dimples

    This probably has already been said but i don’t get it why all the popular groups i’ve saw have only the scorpio / sagittarius cusp but not for any other zodiac.

  • Arisa me Monbebe

    Jooheon to Joohoney his new stage name