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SF9 Tattoos & Meanings

Let’s talk about SF9 Members Tattoos!

Dawon (다원)

  • Dawon has a tattoo of Michael Jackson on his right hip
  • Michael Jackson is a big inspiration to him. When asked which artist he wants to resemble the most he answered “Michael Jackson. I think his influence to the world even after his death is really great. I want to be an artist who works for a long time. I want to move freely across boundaries, including music.” (Singles Magazine Korea)
  • Dawon also has a crown on his right shoulder blade which seems to be inspired by BIGBANG GDragon’s tattoo on his arm
  • The word ‘GRAZIOSO’ is tattooed on the right side of his chest. It’s the Italian word for ‘gracefully/pretty’
  • Under that there’s another tattoo of Roman numbers which we don’t know the meaning of
  • “I have a tattoo. It might be a bad influence to teenagers and I don’t want that” – Dawon (Mnet K-POP)
  • When a fan asked him if getting tattooed hurt he answered “Yes. So don’t do that”

Youngbin (영빈)

  • Youngbin has the phrase ‘sic parvis magne’ on his left chest. It means ‘from small things comes greatness’
  • He once mentioned that he’s not sure about the prunounciation of his tattoo because it’s in a foreign language
  • His other tattoo is a big ‘Shine Forever’ on the right side of his stomach. It’s the translation of the Chinese characters of his name: Young = forever/time and Bin = shine
  • He said he wants to get more tattoos on various places like his arm, leg, abdomen and also a hidden place

Hwiyoung (휘영)

  • Hwiyoungs tattoo got exposed on a V-Live stream (SF9 3rd Anniversary: From SF9 at about 1:13:26)
  • It’s ‘the tree of life’. He chose it because he wants to contain the meaning of truth
  • The tattoo is not done yet. Hwiyoung said that it’ll probably be finished when he’s around 30 because he’s so busy and it’s expensive
  • It’s currently only on his lower back but it will probably expand to his whole back
  • He once referred to it as ‘tree friend’
  • Taeyang applied the ointment for his tattoo because he can’t reach it himself
  • When asked if he wants to get another tattoo when his ‘tree friend’ is done he answered with “Yes on my waist/side”

Other Mentions

  • A fantasy asked Taeyang if he wants a Tattoo. He replied with “Yes” and she asked if he wants a small one but Tae said he wants a big one. He also told her he won’t get it just in case it turns out bad. She then proceeds to ask about Hwiyoungs tattoo and Taeyang says “He is a cool rapper [so he can pull it off]”

Inseong, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang and Chani don’t have tattoos which are known to the public.

Made by Hwiyowoung

Which on the tattoos is your favorite?

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Which of the tattoos is your favorite? Feel free to comment below. 🙂