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Taeil (Block B) Profile and Facts

Taeil Profile: Taeil Facts and Ideal Type

Taeil (태일) 
is a South Korean singer and member of Block B. He debuted as a singer with Block B‘s Do U Wanna B? on April 13, 2011, and as a solo artist on March 27, 2015, with Shaking.

Stage Name: Taeil (태일)
Birth Name: Lee Tae Il (이태일)
Birthday: September 24, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)
Shoe Size: 270 mm
Blood Type: AB
Twitter: BB_taeil
Instagram: 2taeil2
Agency Profile: @TAEIL

Taeil Facts:
— Born in Seoul, South Korea.
— His hobby is raising fish, collecting shoes, hats, and Star Wars figures.
ㅡ He has multiple tattoos, including a bat on his throat, knuckle tattoos thay read “Qing” and “Kiss”, 777 on his wrist and many more.
— His childhood dream job was to be a firefighter. (ColorsOfKorea 2011)
— In the dorm, he was in charge of cleaning but usually did laundry.
— His special talent is singing.— Members call him Taeil Hyung.
— He is a big enthusiast of tropical fishes.
— He has an older sister two years older than him and a younger brother nine years younger than him.
— He likes freshwater fishes called Corydoras.
— He is a part of Block B Sub-Unit with U-Kwon called T2U.
— He’s interested in motorcycles. His mom allowed him to buy one and ride it to school. He doesn’t borrow his motorcycle to anyone because if they will get into an accident he will feel bad.
— Korean artist he likes is singer Moon Myung Jin.
—  Japanese artists he likes are singers Ken Hirai, and Shota Shimizu.
— He says that his most charming feature is his laugh.
— He is the lead vocalist in Block B since their debut on April 13, 2011, with Do U Wanna B?
— In Block B ‘Be the Light’ MV he slammed the car door really hard and his hand got caught in it and bled.
— In his opinion, he won’t be outdone by another member in jumping rope.
— The first thing he does in the morning is to drink water.
— His most surprising gift from a fan is an adult toy.
— He thinks he’s the real man when he exercises.
— When a fan is sad he wants to say “I like you the best”.
— It makes him happy when fans say that they like him the most.
— When he visits Tokyo he always goes to Harajuku.
— His favorite place in Tokyo is Harajuku, and Don Quijote.
— According to Zico, he gives kisses a lot when he’s drunk.
— He released his first solo digital single on March 27, 2015 titled “Shaking/흔들린다”. (x)
— He collaborated with singer Sejeong on a song titled ‘I Like You, I Don’t’. Park Kyung composed, produced, and wrote lyrics for this song.
— He sang the OSTs of MBC ‘Woman with a suitcase’ and ‘Radiant Office’ dramas.
— He participated in several music variety shows like “Duet Song Festival”, “The Call”, “The Masked Singer” (as Whistle), “Singing Battle”, and “Inkigayo”.
— In the music variety show “Inkigayo” he performed with SHINee Onew, B1A4 Sandeul, and VIXX Ken their team was called Leesanim because they all have the same surname “Lee”. (x)
— In the music variety show “The Call” he preformed with Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook took him to the gym to decide on the song they’re going to sing. (x)
— He was a child who did not listen a lot to his parents and liked playing around.
— Among comic characters, he looked up to Batman and collects figures of Batman and Robin.
— He had no interest in singing during his childhood until he entered high school. He went to a karaoke place with his friends that convinced him to sing, after that he got praised by them. That’s how he got into singing and eventually joining a band unit where he was in charge of vocals.
— He became quite popular among the students after performing at school festivals and events.
— His mom was against signing him up to vocal lessons and eventually said that she will let him go to a vocal school if he will rank number one in a district singing competition. He won and received a TV as a prize that he donated to a nursing home.
— He presented himself as a “tropical fish otaku” in the variety show ‘The Geeks’.
— He got into tropical fishes after taking care of his aunt’s fishes. He had to take care of 3 of them that started breeding and having many baby fishes, he found it fascinating and that’s how his journey with breeding fishes begun.
— He started raising Guppies, but now he mainly raises Corydoras because they have about 200 baby fishes at a time. He has raised about 1000 of them as of 2017.
— He says that somehow he started collecting glasses and it’s mostly round frames. He has a favorite optical shop, the store’s boss sends him a picture when a new product arrives and when Taeil picks something it gets designed according to his request.
— He relieves his stress by spending time totally immersed in things he likes.
— He finds drinking alcohol fun. He doesn’t drink fine alcohol but often soju and during hot days he drinks beer.
— His favorite snack to drinking alcohol is sashimi.
— The first thing he notices in a woman is her smile. He likes it when girls have a gentle smile and her eyes get very thin when laughing.
— He enlisted in the military on June 10, 2019, and is set to discharge on January 04, 2021.
— Taeil’s Ideal Type: “Specifically, I like the actress Lee Young Ah. No matter the age gap. Someone who can respect my unusual hobbies, and loves workout. I prefer short women.”. In interview from 2016, he said “I personally don’t have an ideal type. I think I will like someone whom I can have a good conversation with.”.

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