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EVERGLOW Members Profile: EVERGLOW Facts
EVERGLOW (에버글로우) a girl group under Yuehua Entertainment. There are six members: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren. They debuted on March 18, 2019.

EVERGLOW Fandom Name: For Ever
EVERGLOW Official Fan Colour:

EVERGLOW Official Accounts:
Twitter: @everglow_twt / @EVERGLOW_STAFF
Instagram: @official_everglow / @everglow_everday
TikTok: @everglowofficial

EVERGLOW Members Profiles:

Stage Name:
 E:U (이유)
Birth Name: Park Jiwon (박지원)
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday: May 19th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean

E:U Facts:
– Her representative color is Purple.
– She was the fifth member to be revealed.
– E:U like Americanos and black noodles.
– Her unique points are her small hands, her passion and her husky voice.
– Her role model is Lee Hyori.
– E:U’s nicknames are Protractor and Sweet Unnie.
– She hates peppers and raisins.
– She likes fried food.
– In her free time, she likes watching mukbang videos, Running Man and Law of The Jungle.
– She watches American TV Shows. Her favourite is 13 Reasons Why.
– Her stage name means ‘Especially for U’.
– She posted some vlogs on Yuehua’s YouTube Channel predebut.
– Fans say she looks like a mix of CLC‘s Elkie and Sorn.
– E:U and Sihyeon have matching flower earrings.
– E:U and Sihyeon often joke about dating each other.
– E:U has a dog named Kongsam. Her sister named it because his eyes look like beans.
– E:U has an older sister that’s 2 years older than her.
– E:U has a Peppa Pig stuffed toy.
– E:U has Mia as 미아⭐은지 on her phone.
– E:U likes taking the subway.
– E:U likes mangos and melons.
– E:U likes hamburgers and frenchfries.
– She is the oldest member.
– She was a model for the brand STARE Shoes.
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Stage Name:
 Sihyeon (시현)
Birth Name: Kim Sihyeon (김시현)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face Of The Group
Birthday: August 5th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Sihyeon Facts:
– She was in Produce 101 (Ranked #40).
– She was in Produce 48 (Ranked #27).
– She was a trainee for 2 years and 10 months.
– Sihyeon’s favorite late night snack is tteobokki.
– She was the first member to be revealed.
– Her representative color is Green.
– She’s known for her strong resemblance to Suzy.
– Sihyeon like Americanos and black noodles.
– Sihyeon is bad with directions.
– Sihyeon likes taking the bus.
– Sihyeon like corn dogs and cheese sticks.
– Sihyeon is a fan of Electric Shock by F(X).
– Sihyeon likes melons.
– Sihyeon and E:U like Oreo Cheesecake.
– E:U and Sihyeon often joke about dating each other.
– Sihyeon loves Rice cake and noodles.
– E:U and Sihyeon have matching flower earrings.
– Sihyeon wants to lie on the couch and watch TV all day.
– Her specialties are singing and dancing.
– Her unique points are her bunny teeth, her healthy hair, her hard work and her long neck.
– Her nicknames are Positive Queen, Flower Sihyun and Syeon.
– She likes Frozen.
– She loves pets.
– Her favourite colour is purple.
– Her role models are Sunmi and U-Know Yunho.
– She hates red vegetables.
– Her hobbies are cooking and collecting. She also loves nail-art.
– She is good friends with all the IZ*ONE members, especially with Yena (company mate) and Eunbi.
– Sihyeon and E:U are roomates
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Stage Name:
 Mia (미아)
Birth Name: Han Eunji (한은지)
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Birthday: January 13th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit
Height: 163 cm (5’4”)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Mia Facts:
– She’s in charge of girl crush.
– She was the second member to be revealed.
– Her unique points are Satoori and her low voice.
– She has many role models: BoA, Hyorin, Park Hyoshin and Ailee.
– Her nicknames are Haneunji Maneunji, Mya, Han Mia and Miji
– She hates hospitals and everything related to them.
– She’s afraid of the dark and of thunders.
– Her favourite music genre is Indie Pop.
– She loves pets.
– If they had a free day, Mia said she will sleep all day because she loves sleeping and she wants to sleep for 24 hours.
– Onda, Mia, and E:U are right-handed.
– Mia is from Gimhae.
– Mia loves chocolate.
– Mia and Onda are EVERGLOW’s overspenders.
– Mia love taking selfies.
– Mia and Onda are roommates.
– Her favourite food is chocolate.
– Her representative color is Red.
– Her stage name Mia means “beautiful child”.
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Stage Name:
 Onda (온다)
Birth Name: Jo Serim (조세림)
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: May 18th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 165 cm (5’5”)
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Onda Facts:
– She was on Idol School (Ranked #40).
– She was the third member to be revealed.
– Onda, Mia, and E:U are right-handed.
– Onda has flexible fingers which can make a heart.
– Onda is the easiest member to scare.
– Onda love taking selfies.
– Mia and Onda are EVERGLOW’s overspenders.
– Onda is good at magic eye.
– Mia and Onda are roommates.
– Her representative color is Pink.
– Onda was introduced as “4D charm girl”.
– Her unique point is her smiley expression.
– For 18 years, she thought her Blood Type was A, but it’s B.
– Her role models are SNSD (especially Taeyeon) and Ariana Grande.
– Her nicknames are Ebuki, Sloth, Serm.
– She’s a fan of Harry Potter and Twilight.
– She hates cold and bitter things.
– Her stage name means “come to me” in Korean.
– Motto: Always think deep and let’s work hard.
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Stage Name:
Aisha (아샤)
Birth Name: Heo Yoorim (허유림)
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: July 21st, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 174 cm (5′8.5″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Aisha Facts:
– Her representative color is Black.
– She was the last member to be revealed.
– Aisha and Yiren are roommates.
– Aisha can break open an apple with her hands.
– Aisha loves Day6 and listens to them everyday.
– Aisha is left-handed.
– She loves dance.
– She’s a former JYP trainee.
– She was born on the same day as ITZY‘s Lia.
– She can speak Japanese.
– Her unique points are her duality and her charming eyes.
– She is one of the tallest female idol in Kpop.
– Her nicknames are Yoom and Judy (from Zootopia).
– Aisha wants to go to beach with the members.
– She dislikes vegetables and fish.
– In the group, she’s best friends with Yiren.
–  she trained for 11 years
– Her favourite colours are purple, black and mint.
– Her role models are Sunmi and BLACKPINK.
– Her stage name is inspired by ‘Asia’, meaning she’ll be an idol who’ll take over Asia.
– She used to attend Hanlim Multi Art School.
– She took dance lessons at Night Dance Institute.
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Stage Name:
Yiren (이런)
Birth Name: Wang Yiren (왕이런) (王怡人)
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual, Center, Face Of The Group, Maknae
Birthday: December 29th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 42.3 kg (93 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Chinese

Yiren Facts:
– She was in Produce 48 (Ranked #28).
– Yiren was voted to be the #1 Visual Center in Produce 48.
– She was a trainee for 2 years and 2 months.
– Her nickname is Pomeranian.
– Aisha and Yiren are roommates.
– Yiren’s favorite type of food is pasta.
– She is the youngest member.
– According to some of her friends, Yiren studied dancing for more than 10 years.
– When asked to describe her, Mia called her presence lovely and praised her caring and meticulous personality.
– She hates fish.
– In the group, she’s best friends with Aisha.
– She’s also very close to IZ*ONE’s Yena (company mate).
– Her role models are SNSD’s Yoona and Jun Jihyun.
– She was the fourth member to be revealed.
– Her representative color is White.
– Her speciality is Chinese dance.
– She was born in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China.
– Her hobbies are shopping and cooking.
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    Both Prosuce48 and her company romanized her name as Sihyeon

  • Lily Perez

    Onda was introduced as “4d charm girl”
    Her stage name means “wave” in Spanish and “come to me” in Korean
    Yiren has been introduced as the center
    Mia means “beautiful child” and she was introduced as part of the “main vocal maknae line”
    Sihyeon was said to look like Suzy during Produce 48

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    The 6th and last member is named Aisha. She was born July 21th 2000

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  • 백만100M

    E:U – MAY 19 1998 [NEW]
    SIHYEON – AUGUST 5 1999
    MIA – JANUARY 13 2000
    ONDA – MAY 18 2000
    AISHA – JULY 21, 200- [NEW]
    YIREN – DECEMBER 29 2000

  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ

    E:U’s representative color is purple and Aisha’s representative color is black.

  • felipe grin§

    Aisha fact:

    On February 26, 2019, he was confirmed as the sixth member of EVERGLOW.

    Excellent in Japanese

    He used to be an apprentice, JYP, he passed the auditions in JYP in 2008

    He studied at the Night Dance Institute.

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    I think Sihyeon could also be dance line (did dance position on pd101s1) and visual line with Yiren (known for her resemblance to Suzy)

    but here’s the thing I don’t see the point in putting positions on the profile until they’re confirmed by the company so like… does it even matter anyway

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  • Renan Lee

    Wang Ireon Facts;

    She is known as Tzuyu’s second look a like (after Minju)
    Fans thinks that

  • Renan Lee

    Wang Ireon Facts;

    She said that her nose is looks like Tzuyu’s (Twice)
    But Fans says that her and Kyulkyung have the strong resemblance.
    Among the Yuehua trainees, She is the most flexible, and her hobby is dancing Chinese modern dance.

    Kim Sihyun Facts;
    Her first grade on Pd101 is F, while on produce 48 is B.
    Among the best leader in produce 48, she ranked 2 (Produce 48 ep. 4)
    She lost weight for over 2 years from PD101 to PD48.
    On first episode (PD48), she said that Yujin (Iz*one) is so pretty and she wants to get close to her.

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    She did do the dance position in pd101 but in pd48 she said she had no idea what she was doing and that she was a mess, she made a few mistakes in her performance and she’s pretty stiff

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    Their debut date is March 18th 2019

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  • YoonTaeKyung

    Their Chinese Names:
    E:U : Pu Zhiyuan (朴智媛)
    Shihyun: Jin Shixian (金施贤)
    Mia: Han Enzhi (韓恩智)
    Onda: Cao Shilin (曺世林)
    Aisha: Xu Yulin (许庾琳)
    Please remove 왕이런, because it’s Yiren’s Korean name not her birth name. Pronunciation of 왕이런: Wang Yireon

  • jisoo

    i thought
    Yiren-Red because of the concept photos

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Facts about the members:
    – She was born in Bundang-Gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea.
    – She’s an only child.
    – Nicknames: Queen Shihyun, Flower-Shihyun
    – She has an older sister.
    – She attended Gyeonggi International Trade High School.
    – She attended Hanlim Multi Art School.
    – She has an older sister.
    – She was born in Hanzhou, Zhejiang, China.

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    왕이렌 (Wang Yi Ren) not 왕이런 which is (Wang Yi Reon)

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    her name is 이런, just written as yiren. romanisation doesn’t always directly translate into hangeul, which is why it’s yiren/이런.

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    Is Yiren Chinese or just born in China and grew up in Korea? I´ve heard both versions

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    Their style is quite badass strange girl crush? I assume for the trailer.
    Or mysterious badass concept but for sure thanks to the trailer, no cute nor so much cutie girl crush.

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    They have a vlive channel

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    It’s her Korean name but she chose Yiren

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    So excited for their debut. Please edit Yiren‘s name. You wrote Yireon but her name officially is Yiren!!

  • Zahra Bakhtiyari

    It’s officially Yiren but the pronunciation of her name in Korean is Yireon!! So it should be written YIREN not Yireon.

  • Snow-chan

    Huge possiblity for your dream wonyw come true

  • Renan Lee

    Wang Yiren Facts;
    • She said that her nose is look like Tzuyu’s.
    • Fans says that she look like a mix of Kyulkyung and Tzuyu.
    • She voted as #1 Visual in produce 48, winning over Kim Minju (Iz*one)
    • Her hobby is dancing modern Chinese songs.
    • She is flexible.
    • She said that she wants to be tall as YG K+ Trainees.
    • She is close to all Iz*One Members, Especially to Yena. (Company Mate)
    • Her English name is Yiren, but written in Korea as Ireon. (Because Korean letters (Hangul) don’t have “Yi” vowels.)

    Kim Shiyeon Facts;
    • One of the best leaders of Produce 48. (PD48 ep 6)
    • On Produce 101, her first grade is F, but in reevaluation, she got D.
    • On Produce 48, her first grade was B.
    • Produce 101: Rank #40.
    • Produce 48: Rank #27
    • Fans says she look like a mix of Bae Suzy, and Momo (Twice)

  • Holy Pudu

    Mia is not a dragon, she’s a rabbit because the year of he rabbit lasts from Feb.16,1999 Feb.4,2000

  • Oren

    From Yiren’s hand written profile:
    -Her charming points are her hair and visuals.
    -Her nickname is Pomeranian.
    -Her role models are snsd’s yoona and jun jihyun.
    -She likes every fruit,shopping,dogs,chocolate,cake,bags,clothes,Aisha,unicorns,sausage stew,flower scent,vacation,mint color,vegetables,purple,pink,black meat and izone’s Yena!
    -She hates fish.

  • Natalie

    Quick question. When IZONE disbands is Yena gonna join EVERGLOW?

  • booty guru

    possible positions:

    – E:U: leader, main rapper,
    lead dancer, vocalist

    – Sihyeon: lead vocalist,
    lead rapper

    – Mia: main vocalist,
    lead dancer

    – Onda: lead vocalist??

    – Aisha: main dancer,

    – Yireon: lead dancer,
    vocalist, visual, maknae

  • Léonora

    Mia dislikes hospitals, Chinese medicine, injections, exercise, very spicy food and to be alone in the dark
    Mia likes bread, yoghurt, strawberry, pastel colours and cats

  • Oren

    I guess so

  • T______T

    yes, that’s her stage name, but in hangeul it’s written 이런/yireon (or ireon if you want to get into specifics, but “yi” is pronounced “i” in mandarin as well)

  • T______T

    yes but in hangeul it should be written yireon ^^ pinyin and romanization don’t always line up and you’d sound like a fool if you tried to pronounce 人 as rehn

  • Aurora Snow

    If that is indeed Yiren’s true height and weight then I am very worried about her health, she’s dangerously underweight 🙁

  • LoonaInventedLife

    Yiren’s name is spelled wrong in the poll

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    Aisha sounds islamic.

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  • ChuuPenguin
  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ
  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ
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    debut mv – bon bon chocolat https://youtu.be/HvGql8HwOIM

  • mei

    aisha is 180cm

  • Czannina Therize Maravella


  • felipe grin§

    E:U isn’t a Lead Dancer, is a Main Dancer

  • mei
  • sihyeon should be the visual ugh

  • ChuuPenguin

    E:U introduced herself as the power Dancer of the group so she probably the Main Dancer

  • JQ

    Is Aisha really 180cm??

  • Kurumi
  • lu

    Aisha said to be 174cm tall, not 180

  • xoyeolfiexo

    Yeah she’s around 174-6 definitely not 180

  • Lina

    Aisha confirmed that she is 180 cm

  • Lin Lin
  • Lily Perez

    Aisha said she is 174cm and not 180cm and she’s the tallest

  • xoxoxo

    Confused if Aisha is 174 or 180cm.

  • lu

    no, when she saw the 180cm in her profile she said that it was a misunderstand and that shes 174.

  • Mulki Ali

    lots of muslims are named aisha, but its not religious

  • Mulki Ali

    how do you pronounce Yiren

  • Blackpink Extraordinaire


  • felipe grin§

    Please, E:U isn’t a lead dancer.
    E:U introduced herself as the power Dancer of the group

    then your position would be main dancer


    mia is sucha dancer. i can say that she really is a main dancer. Watch her slay the dance break

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Nope!! She’s 174cm

  • Nadiya Maya

    Aisha height is 174cm not 180cm

  • Bubble Tea

    Mia is so talented! Main dancer as well as main vocalist!

  • Ario Febrianto

    i think Onda, Sihyun and Yiren know some of fromis_9 members and Izone members….

  • disqus_8FS9eDht5K

    I think onda is one of the visual, they introduced her during the showcase as someone who’s in charge of vocal and visual

  • Great Saiyaman


  • Chris

    Sian is not from yuehua

  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ

    Sian is under stone music company.

  • Yiren
  • Random Guy #KILLthisLOVE
  • Random Guy #KILLthisLOVE

    Sounds like US Gangsta rapper

  • Amberlie Vu

    This group really dislikes vegetables lol

  • yo this group is fire!!!! I didn’t expect them to have the best girl crush concept out of all the debuts in the past year. The song goes so hard it’s insane. can’t wait to see where they go from here. also sihyun totally does look like suzy in the mv, i can def see it now. also they’re actually not that young, really nice to see bc their dance is pretty provocative and it’s not uncomfortable to watch.

  • Raynanana

    IKR 🤩

  • LCY_Fangirl03

    Sihyeon is also a Visual, and Aisha’s height is 5’8.5″ or 5’9″, since it rounds up

  • Twinkle twinkle

    I think sihyeon should be lead dancer.

  • jk

    Mia’s positions are main vocal and LEAD dancer. Please change it. Thank you!!!https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a60eed55ea6c806327b25f584d07bec84e866d63850249ecaa9691b474058c64.png


    5’8.5″ is roughly 177cm not 174cm. If Aisha was the tallest female kpop idol she would have to be taller than some nine muses members who are 176cm

  • sparrow

    Finally a female idol who is the same height as me. Honestly can’t wait to see Aisha at award shows in her 174cm glory being taller than a quite a few male idols 😂

  • Holy Pudu

    please change Mia’s Chinese Zodiac!!! She’s still the rabbit because the rabbit period hasn’t ended at that time. Chinese zodiacs don’t start every Jan 1st, they start during the end of Jan or mid Feb and end and end Jan or mid Feb. So Mia is still the rabbit. PLEASE CHANGE IT THANK YOU

  • ChuuPenguin

    Where did you get it??

  • rnbwflavor

    onda isn’t a lead vocalist.

  • 안예지

    No She’s 174cm, So 5ft7

  • 안예지

    Her Korean name is pronounced Yi-Ron with a rolling r (Siren) but her Chinese name is pronounced Yi-Ren (Also rolling r)

  • 안예지


  • 5’9 is 175 cm… How is 5’8.5 roughly 177 cm?

  • Yes


  • xoyeolfiexo

    Actually she is 5’8 as 5.8” is 172.7cm so she is 5’8.5

  • xoyeolfiexo

    She’s 5’8 as 5’8 starts at 172cm

  • 🌸 present: vee 🌸

    Actually 5’9″ is centimeters ranging from 180-ish cm to 182-ish cm. 5’8″ is centimeters ranging from 177 cm to 179 cm. An inch is 2.54 cm, meaning a foot is roughly 30 cm, give or take.

  • erica

    Aisha said(in the showcase) that she was the youngest(Maknae)!!!!!

  • GGholic

    The profiles are awesome! I appreciate it.
    But there is something I want to say. If Aisha is actually 174cm tall, she’s not the tallest in kpop. Joanne from Zgirls is 177cm tall.

  • peachanhee

    Wow, so many tall members 😭😭 Yiren really made me stan Everglow.

  • etsat

    181 is ~5.94 feet, so you if multiply .94 by 12 then 181 cm is ~5’11” and a quarter.

  • Feriel Heronstairs

    girl 174 cm is 5’8.5
    5’7 is 170.5cm / 171cm

  • Feriel Heronstairs

    no when she read 180cm she said it’s a misunderstanding and she’s in fact 174cm , if she’s 180cm the height difference between her and her members would be very big but it’s not

  • alyanqyh

    is aisha the tallest? cus she made me shookt and end up stan everglow!!!
    applause to that tall girl, she literally made my heart beat fast n i still dont know her name , LOL

  • jk

    Here are additional facts about EVERGLOW


    E:U: Her shoe size is 210 mm.


    Sihyeon: She studied at Sampyung Middle School and Neulpurun High School.
    Family: parents


    Mia: Family: parents, older sister
    Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer (not main dancer)


    Onda: She’s studying at Gyeonggi International Trade High School.
    Her position is only a vocalist.


    Aisha: Family: parents, older sister
    She graduated at Hanlim Multi Art School.
    Her position is only a vocalist.


    Yiren: She studied at Hangzhou 13th Middle School.
    She was born in Zhejiang, Hangzhou
    Her positions are only Vocalist, Visual, Center, Maknae

  • Kpoooooop

    Help Aisha and E:U

  • 6

    Nope she is actuall5’8,5’8 is 174cm i checked my height recently 😊

  • Peyi’s tae

    Actually you are wrong 5’8 is 174 jist checked my height recently

  • Sorry but what? Just google 5’9 in cm and u get 175 cm.

  • :-)

    yiren is the younger tho

  • Okaiday

    ZGIRLS is not kpop

  • Durati Liban

    yiren is flexible

  • Dramorian

    so, how tall Aisha actually is?

  • Fabric softener

    Omg Onda looks like a female version of Ren from Nu’est sksksk

  • rnbwflavor

    where did they confirm their representive colors?

  • 안예지

    My country doesn’t use feet so that’s what I got from google..

  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ
  • ฅ≧ω≦ฅ

    Ummm…sorry for this comment but namu is not now a reliable source cuz some of the other profile girl group position are wrong and can be change…

  • LCY_Fangirl03

    174 centimeters (~5’8.5″)

  • LCY_Fangirl03

    This is an unreliable source

  • Thirstysnowball

    hehe time to compare with other idols! I’ve always wanted to see their real height. us tall ones can never trust the profiles

  • 클로에chloe

    zgirls isnt kpop, its zpop according to the company they are under.

  • Tracey Kim

    Yiren was joined on Mixnine too 🙂

  • ftkaisoo

    aisha isn’t the tallest in kpop though. dal shabet’s subin is 175 cm, making her 5’9″..

  • Softro

    Shihyeon can play the guitar!!💓

  • melon

    dal shabet’s subin is one cm taller than aisha, so aisha isn’t the tallest female idol in kpop.

  • Musa Jahun

    lots of Dragons, 2 Rabbits and 1 Tiger

  • Lily Perez

    She said she was one of the maknaes, she’s 2nd youngest

  • felipe grin§

    Really?? :”(

  • How?

    According to the showcase they’re all visuals apparently…

  • Renan Lee

    Wang Yiren Facts;
    • She said that her nose is look like Tzuyu’s.
    • Fans says that she look like a mix of Kyulkyung and Tzuyu.
    • She voted as #1 Visual in produce 48, winning over Kim Minju (Iz*one)
    • Her hobby is dancing modern Chinese songs.
    • She is flexible.
    • She said that she wants to be tall as YG K+ Trainees.
    • She is close to all Iz*One Members, Especially to Yena. (Company Mate)
    • Her English name is Yiren, but written in Korea as Ireon. (Because Korean letters (Hangul) don’t have “Yi” vowels.)

    Kim Shiyeon Facts;
    • One of the best leaders of Produce 48. (PD48 ep 6)
    • On Produce 101, her first grade is F, but in reevaluation, she got D.
    • On Produce 48, her first grade was B.
    • Produce 101: Rank #40.
    • Produce 48: Rank #27
    • Fans says she look like a mix of Bae Suzy, and Momo (Twice)

  • j

    Aisha fact:
    – A lot of fans say she looks like Jeon Somi and IZ*ONE’s Yena.

  • Annie ✨ Multis ‘R Us

    Z-Girl’s Joanne is 177cm/5’10” so Aisha is definitely not the tallest girl in kpop 🙂 and if you’re one of those people who don’t consider Z-Girls to be kpop; Dal Shabet’s Subin is 175cm/5’9”.

  • heartppallion

    Dont forget lee seem from nine muses as well 5’9 too

  • How?

    Not sure if Z-Girls is really kpop, but even then Aisha isn’t the tallest since Subin is 175cm and there are about 5 former 9muses members who were 174cm…as well. Even then the tallest female idol seems trivial title to attribute to any idol unless that idol is like ridiculously tall compared to the others. I’m talking a 6ft tall female idol…there are quite a few idols who might around the 173cm to 178cm range since height varies by a few cm depending on the time of day. Now if we see a 180cm idol, I’d be interested.

  • Kpop

    Aisha isn’t the tallest female idol in Kpop, please update

  • lover

    zpop is not kpop . btw there is a member of sonamoon owns height 174 cm .also , subin is not longer active as an idol . and the tallest female is idol is sowon gfriend . she is 177 / 178 cm . she just a lil bit shorter than shownu that 181 cm . and also lee sem of nine muses is 176 cm

  • Amberlie Vu

    Mia: Main Vocalist , Lead dancer
    Aisha and Onda: Vocalists
    Thats it but I know Sihyeon is visual with Yiren

  • emma

    Is yena will be debut with this group after izone?

  • Hyeri Lia

    Aisha is really tall.

  • How?

    All of them are good at dancing though, might as well add Onda as a lead dancer as well…but that would mean that every member has a dance position which I don’t think is the case. Dance line is E:U – Mia – Yiren.

  • How?

    Yeah they’re at least 18 years old, I’m not a fan of idols who are underage doing girl crush concepts

  • Chelle I

    shiyeon looks like suzy and momo mixed together

  • Everglowfact

    A new Instagram facts account for EVERGLOW @everglowfact

  • Yebin also is very flexible

  • Bubble Tea

    E:U likes watching mukbang videos,Running Man, and Law of the Jungle

  • Taki

    Thank you

  • donghyuck’s wife

    so proud of aisha cuz she be the TALLEST female idol (active) <3

  • donghyuck’s wife


  • donghyuck’s wife

    yes aisha is the 174cm model <33

  • mavi

    It is impossible. She cant be 1.74 1.74 person looks like very tall. But she doenst. She looks like same with others. I’m 166 my sister 1.74. My sis looks so longer than me. Aisha can’t be 174…..

  • G-Colourized

    I thought Aisha Hangul like this 아이샤

  • 12oliv

    Nope, in the official profiles written in Hangul, Aisha is just spelled 아샤.

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Aisha is one of the tallest girls in kpop. The tallest is Lee Sem (former 9muses member. She’s 176 cm)

  • Moonie

    hiii i hope you fix onda’s birthdate it’s july 21st not may 18th she confirmed it herself <3

  • Sihyeon and E:U are roomates, Sihyeon confirms it in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMyd3dlbLeg
    Yiren can do really cute aegyo (same link)

  • kalinaaaaa

    Aisha isn’t the tallest active female idol. Dal Shabet’s Subin is 175 cm, so she is taller than Aisha. Though Dal Shabet haven’t been active as a group, Subin has released a solo album so she’s active. Also, Joanne from Z-Girls is the tallest female idol at a whopping 177 cm (making her taller than Subin). It’s just many people don’t count Z-Girls as Kpop.

    But I’m in awe by how tall Aisha is (especially at that age)!

  • AT

    Mia is not the lead dancer she is the main they said it themselves

  • Ausgezeichneter Stoff

    Onda’s Birthday is May 18th > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QweEOLePdHQ
    July 21st is Aisha’s Birthday

  • Ayan_18

    Yeah I thought I was the only one who had observed that. She is so pretty💖 Mix of momo and Suzy 👍

  • Rosy

    Sihyeon :
    Her nickname is flower-Sihyeon
    She has bunny teeth
    She likes riding bicycles
    She likes cocoon snacks
    She likes being always positive
    She has a long neck
    Her habit is to bite her lips a lot
    Motto: “Life is a straight line”
    Yiren :
    She thinks her charming point is her visual
    She doesn’t like grilled fish
    Her abit is to fall asleep in the living room unknowingly
    Motto: “Never give up and try your best”
    E:U :
    Her nickname is sweet-sister
    She has small hands
    She’s good with angles like a protractor
    Her habit is to crack her fingers
    Motto: “Let’s live with a positive mindset”
    Aisha :
    She thinks her charming points are her height and attractive eyes
    She dislikes vegatables
    Motto: “Let’s spend each day happily”
    Onda :
    Her nickname is ebugi
    She likes watching films, especially the fantasy ones like “Harry Potter” or “Twilight”
    She hates coldness
    She’s the happy virus
    Motto: “I can do it” (she says that in English)
    Mia :
    She likes chocolate
    She dislikes horror movies
    Motto: “I can do it” (she says that in Korean)

  • Rosy
  • Rosy
  • Pitra Agung

    Mia likes Indie Pop? That means she also likes The Neighbourhood or The 1975 for sure lmao.

  • Pitra Agung

    I was about to say that Joanne is the tallest female idol too. Even though Z-Girls might not be considered as K-Pop by most people, smh

  • Rosy

    Yiren doesn’t not like fish, just grilled fish

  • Lina

    wow they debuted on my bday

  • Oren

    From Yiren’s hand written profile:
    -Her charming points are her hair and visuals.
    -Her nickname is Pomeranian.
    -Her role models are snsd’s yoona and jun jihyun.
    -She likes every fruit,shopping,dogs,chocolate,cake,bags,clothes,Aisha,unicorns,sausage stew,flower scent,vacation,mint color,vegetables,purple,pink,black meat and izone’s Yena!
    -She hates fish.

  • G-Colourized

    Oohhh… Thank you for your explainer, I’m curious about that😁

  • Kuroishi

    I hope you guys remove the “predebut” asterisk when you have the time, and add the group in the drop down for the girl groups banner

  • Shawna Odron

    didn’t it say that Aisha was 180 or something in their showcase

  • LCY_Fangirl03

    Not true lol

  • felipe grin§

    Aisha isn’t a Lead dancer

    She only introduced herself as a vocalist and not as part of the dance line https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5b7b6413901823d3f4cf68eaae9c2a69888411ae832a23722dc9fb3257ebc69.png

  • felipe grin§
  • felipe grin§
  • felipe grin§
  • felipe grin§
  • Hello


  • E:U lover

    Please, can You help E:U? Please if You can vote for her… Thank You

  • Exotic Kpop Trash 4ever

    She looks hella tall tho?
    And of course your sis looks tall compared to you with that height difference, 8cm difference is very noticeable imo, my cousin is maybe a bit shorter than you and I’m 170 and I look really tall next to her.

    Aisha might not look tall because the other members might be fairly tall too, meaning the height difference won’t be that big and noticeable, I personally won’t really even notice a few cm difference, and in the mv a few of them wore heels so that also affects how tall she looks.
    But when I look at Aisha I can’t help but think that she looks hella tall, I heard somewhere that she’s 180 and I would totally believe that tbh

  • felipe grin§

    xd, I’m really sorry
    I did not forget about her, I had problems when I was going to upload her image.

    Here is the image and video where I got information from.

  • felipe grin§

    in my opinion the positions would be

    E:U: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

    SiHyeon: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face Of The Group

    Mia: Main Vocalist , Main Dancer

    Onda: Lead Vocalist

    Aisha: Vocalist, Lead Rapper

    Yiren: Lead Dancer, Visual, Center, Vocalist , Maknae

  • felipe grin§

    Please update the gugudan profile

  • chunghwa

    onda looks like nana komatsuno some times

  • Enidia G

    Mia my bias 😊

  • SaMi Lovers

    안무 mean choreography

  • Twisted

    According to this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xklx4QFIIZE Mia is apparently the youngest???
    Might be a mistake in the video or there might be a mistakes in the birthdates idk https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2bd0210845f2043895d52afc6946074477815adc39040e6d0bd68b0eb0c8b286.png

  • Oren

    Facts about everglow from pops in seoul:

    Yiren can make facial expressions that matches the mood of the song.
    She can do an impression of Mario.

    She said that she has a sweet singing voice.
    She has a tiny waist.
    She can twist and untwist her arms.
    She can do a voice impress of yebin from the drama “sky castle”.

    She said that she has an alluring gaze.
    She can pose according to the concept.
    She never loses in the game:”rock paper scissors splits”.

    She said that she can spread her happy virus to everyone with her happy smile.
    She can do a voice impression of a minion.
    She can imitate the facial expressions of the sloth from Zootopia.

    She said that she’s the mother of the group.
    She can change the facial expressions very quickly .
    She said that people tell her often that she looks like a beaver.
    She can do the cheese burger aegyo very well.

    She can sing trot songs.

  • Can’t Pick a Name

    Do you see Yiren’s shoes in her profile photo? They are so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Aisha sometimes looks like Soojin from (G)I-DLE and Jeon Somi.

  • nahnah

    im pretty sure in the self introduction Mia said she was the youngest not yiren

  • KEYA

    She said “one of the youngest” 🙄 she’s a part of 00line and whole 00line is maknae line

  • realdefmonie

    She was joking

  • You’re right

    I first came here with my frist three bias Sihyeon, Yireon and Onda. Twelve days later, I’m checking Mia, Aisha and E:U, as my first three bias. Damn bias wreckers 😄

  • EeZEe Vee

    sihyeon looks like twice momo

  • Feriel Heronstairs

    did mia say she’s the maknae on their latest appearance on pop seoul on arirang?

  • Chanell

    E:U’s introduction is “I exist especially for you!” ( Everglow Member’s Self Introduction )

  • GN

    I feel like a more accurate description of their positions right now would be

    Sihyeon: Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Center
    Mia: Main Vocalist, **Main Dancer
    Onda: Lead Vocalist, Dancer
    Yiren: Maknae, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group
    E:U: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Aisha: Sub Vocalist

    **=in the pops in Seoul video Mia specifically says she’s the main/best dancer

  • Mipozz

    Yiren is so pretty💋💋

  • Aya Valderama

    She said that she is one of the youngest members ^^

  • andredrw

    She is one of the youngest members

  • itschris10ann

    fun facts:
    – making diverse facial expression according to the mood of the song

    special talent:
    – mario impression

    fun facts:
    – sweet vocals
    – ant waist
    – smile angel

    special talents:
    -untwisting my arms
    -voice impression of Ye-bin and Su-han of “SKY Castle”

    fun facts:
    – tallest member
    – alluring eyes
    – different poses

    special talent:
    -rock-paper-scissor spilts

    fun facts:
    – happy smile
    – outer corner of my lips are curvex upward

    special talents:
    – voce impression of the Minions
    – facial expression of the sloth in “Zootopia”

    fun facts:
    – changing my facial expressions freely
    – winking like a beaver

    special talent:
    – “Cheese Burger” act

    fun facts:
    – main vocalist
    – main dancer
    – youngest member of everglow

    special talent:
    – trot

    source: arirang pops in seoul

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    Onda looks like NCT’s Na Jaemin

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    yiren is the youngest member but okay

  • rainbow

    that’s true 🙆

  • Pitra Agung

    Why is Onda so underrated???

  • Luna200412

    Is it just me or does Yiren look a lot like Tzuyu from Twice?

  • ローキーデッドインサイド


  • Skyler Wolfenia

    This is my opinion but I think Fromis_9 Nagyung and Everglow Yiren look alike well Nagyung with dark brown hair color, that’s when they look alike to me

  • hyora

    yiren or mia is the youngest? i really confuse x_x

  • itschris10ann

    yeah, i’m confused too but that’s what mia said on pops in seoul

  • Jojo

    Mia is actually the maknae it was said on pops in seoul.

  • Binh

    Sihyeon is so pretty !! And she resembles Suzy as much 🥰

  • Tsktsk

    Aisha is friends with Stray Kids Chan (she was a ex jyp trainee)
    Source: She greeted Chan at the first Stray Kids win

  • they are underrated!!
    bon bon chocolat was a bop

  • Arixa

    Maknae means youngest, she’s not the youngest member. There are cases where members introduce themselves as the youngest of the group because of the Korean age system (When everyone turns a year older during new year) like F(X)’s former member Sulli, GFRIEND’s SinB, or the youngest members of WJSN. Sulli was mistaken as the youngest of the group because her birthday was close to Krystal but Krystal was actually the one who held the title of maknae. Same with SinB, she introduced herself as the maknae on I Can See Your Voice but everyone knows she’s just born on the same year as Umji. WJSN’s maknae always introduced themselves as the maknae of the group even though Yeonjeong is actually the youngest. It’s just the Korean age system but if you actually go by birthdays, Mia is not the maknae. She’s the oldest of the maknae line but she isn’t the actual maknae.

  • MiYeon Kwon

    Sihyeon is a face of the group and visual too

  • Feriel Heronstairs

    mine doesn’t use it either , but i got used to using it

  • felipe grin§
  • felipe grin§
  • felipe grin§

    E:U is a Main Dancer

  • Rurouni Anatinus

    Yeah sorry that’s just you

  • Pitra Agung

    Yes, you’re the only one…

  • Kagura

    If her name is Asia, why is it Aisha? It doesnt mean Asia

  • Qi Xiayun

    In China, E is pronounced like ‘eo’ in Korea.

  • Lily Perez

    Imo don’t use Namu Wiki as your source it’s about as reliable as Wikipedia

  • Charlotte Taricani

    I don’t think I saw Everglow under the downbar of girl groups

  • Kim Lian-na

    Onda looks like Nako. Or she is just reminds me of Nako.

  • Nutella Queen

    Her name is “Inspired.” By Asia, read it right.

  • Queen Rosie

    What’s the name of the Fandom?

  • stan everglowing skin

    I only had to choose between Aisha E:U and Onda, turns out i can atleast vote 3 ~( 0_0 ~)

  • blinkeu


  • kep

    i thought jinsol is from loona?

  • Long Quân Nguyễn

    They don’t have it yet

  • Long Quân Nguyễn

    There is no Jinsol here lol.
    BTW there are 2 Jinsol, one from April and one from LOONA

  • Long Quân Nguyễn

    yeah only you

  • stay_and_everglow


  • stay_and_everglow

    for me she look like one of member blackpink

  • Onda last? TT Please support my baby

  • Kensley Cruz

    Many fans are saying that Aisha looks like a mix of Somi and Soojin from (g)-idle

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Would you take a look at their birthdays??

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Look at their birthdays…

  • *insert clever username*

    Omg y’all, it’s Jinsoul

  • kep
  • Nellie

    Sihyeon kind of looks like Momo from Twice

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    Onda, the best girl

  • IronPupper

    Did you put the birthday date right? In pop in seoul show,
    Mia said she is the maknae.

  • Sunhee

    finally, someone that sees too

  • YES

  • Aisha is known for looking like Somi (Ex-i.o.i)

  • Queen Rosie


  • Blink&Once

    Lmao Aisha Is My Name

  • Fatima

    These girls are all so beautiful 💖dont have a bias yet but i love Sihyeon Onda
    and Mia😍

  • Luna Moor

    no, she said she is ONE OF the youngest members, not the youngest. 🙂

  • cerise

    the pronunciation is similar to the korean pronunciation of asia, more like ah-sha

  • woof
  • g.rrr

    Yiren is so pretty and also talented. Wish I had her flexibility tho. 😂

  • SG Lopez

    they say Mia was the youngest? i watched it from here


  • Rio Blossom

    Says who? She looks nothing like her lmao

  • From some angles they look a lot alike. Many fans say this.

  • Shouldn’t Aisha’s name be spelt 아이샤???

  • YoonTaeKyung

    아이샤 is how the arabic name “aisha” is in korean. but her name isn’t the same as the arabic name

  • ahhh, ok.

  • I think that they also meant she acted like the youngest.

  • ~ 🅗🅐🅝🅔🅤 ~

    Sihyeon radiates visual energy

  • CJ Tauwhare

    Mia is Dreamcatchers Gahyeon’s cousin 🙂

  • mich

    but we don’t know if it’s true or not

  • T______T

    mia, onda, yiren, and aisha are all the same age (born in the same year) but yiren was born the latest

  • T______T

    no thats her stage name lmao her birth name is 정진솔 or jung jin-sol

  • T______T

    onda is friends with fromis_9’s nakyung (and probably the rest), ho1iday’s haru, izone’s yuri, and pink fantasy’s yubin

  • May Rucif

    Omg Really? 😱😱

  • May Rucif

    I love Yiren because she’s voice beautiful and voice very cute.

  • siopaoo

    Wasn’t Sihyeon nicknamed Queen Sihyeon in Pd48?

  • Guest

    Yiren shares her birthday with Sana from Twice.

  • mich

    it’s just a rumor

  • Evil Queen

    Everyone says that she’s a mix between Somi and Gidle Soojin so I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion

  • Charlize Mac

    Sihyeon and BTS Jin are cousins, it was said by an article and even Everglow members confirmed it.

  • Saidy

    Are They? How do you know that? I don´t think so

  • cara

    – Her nickname is Flower-Sihyeon
    – Her charm are her bunny teeth
    – She likes riding bicycles,
    – She hates cocoon snacks
    – He habit is biting her lips
    – Her motto is Life is a straight line
    – Nickname: Pomeranian
    – Charm: Her visuals and confidence
    – Likes: Aisha
    – Hates: Fish
    – Habit: Falling asleep in the living room
    – Motto: Never give up and try your best
    – Nickname: Sweet-sister
    – Charm: Her cute, small hands
    – Likes: Eating
    – Hates: Raisins
    – Motto: Let‘s live with a positive mindset
    – Habit: Cracking her fingers
    – Charm: Height and eyes
    – Likes: Yiren
    – Hates: Vegetables
    – Motto: Let‘s spend each day happily
    – Habit: Hugging and holding her members
    – Nickname: Ebugi
    – Charm: Her lips
    – Likes: Movies, especially fantasy ones
    – Hates: Coldness
    – Motto: I can do it
    – Habit: Stretching her fingers
    – She‘s the happy virus and cutie
    – Charm: Cuteness
    – Likes: Chocolate
    – Hates: Horror movies
    – Motto: I can do it
    – Habit: Zoning out
    Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QweEOLePdHQ&list=PLcOf-jV0-p1hu9aK3zniNVBcOUVPMhHQ_&index=4

  • Feriel Heronstairs

    she is

  • Lou

    Another one of Sihyeon’s hobby’s is doing sudokus

  • Rice Cake

    They have tiktok, it‘s @31516261473

  • Yuka Mochida

    Aisha is 174cm tall, but that’s not 5’8 ft, that’s 5’7. xx

  • 172 is 5’8″…I know, because I’m just about 5’8″ myself. If Aisha is 174 cm, she’s either 5’8″ or just hitting 5’9″.

  • mich

    aisha looks more than 174 eye-

  • Copfer

    actually 174cm is 5’8.5

  • Yiren as lead dancer? I don’t feel it. But, I think Yiren is the center. I think E:U AND Mia would be main dancers.

  • Agreed!!! I feel like those are the “official” postitions except the FoTG

  • Which is in the middle, can still count as pretty close to 5’9″.

  • Is the best Blackpink

    She looks like Somi.
    Are you blind?

  • ChuuPenguin

    Really hope that Yena will be added

  • Jaca Faca

    Joanne isn’t an idol,btw her members said that she is taller than 174cm

  • Jaca Faca

    they have never introduced themselves as kpop group,but zpop

  • Jaca Faca

    who is then?

  • Jaca Faca

    wtf joanne isn’t a kpop idol don’t call her like that

  • tHE aNIMEduDE

    can you link the article

  • Is the best Blackpink

    Who is Yena?

  • Jaca Faca

    a member of izone,she is their company mate… she was supposed to debut with them,but ranked 4th on produce 48 and ened up debuting with izone. many fans say she will be added after izone disbandement,i hope she wont…