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What is your Favorite BTS era?

No More Dream



Boy in Luv

Just One Day


I Need U



Burning Up (Fire)

Save Me

Blood Sweat & Tears

Spring Day

Not Today


Mic Drop

Go Go

Fake Love


Boy With Luv

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What's your Favorite BTS Era?

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  • Just One Day <3

  • Linnea Boqvist

    Just One day have always been their best ERA.

  • Minari

    MIC Drop is after DNA, please edit

  • ♡ BBIBBI

    Just One Day was the BEST era

  • Sugar! Suga?

    Danger and Save Me was one of my personal favorites

  • Aimee Noa Waning

    I love Run, I need U and Spring Day era

  • Eejay Santillan Gravino

    I chose no more dream era and blood sweat and tears era and spring day era.

  • N.O, Boy in Luv, and Run are my faves ♥

  • FeloniaX

    aLL oF tHeM

  • Jordan JungKimMin

    #1 Save Me – I don’t know why but i think THIS was their era. Their vocals and rapping was amazing in the music video and they had very tasteful fashion in the music video, plus its my favorite song on this list so that probably pushed it to be my top one on this list lmao.
    #2 Boy With Luv – The music video was definitely a throw back. Jimin’s and Namjoon’s hair reminded me of their older days, the umbrella reminded me of the staff Namjoon had in Bulletproof. Yoongi’s solo stage rapping definitely threw me back to the days were his verses would take as long as a blink lmao. Plus the vocals were on fleek and the distribution for lines was definitely one of their fairest! Sound effects line shined in this music video!
    #3 Just One Day – I dont like how close this one is to bubblegum pop (in my opinion) but I definitely love the fact that jin hobi and yoongi all hadd lines even if it wasnt much. I also enjoyed the relaxed choreo a lot and the rapping in it was definitely enjoyable (Im a hoe for rap line’s rapping)

  • DADA 1630

    I think SPRING DAY is the best❤

  • Yoongi’s Man

    Can I pick ALL of them.

  • roo_0m

    In my opinion, I don’t like any of the clothe style in any of them.
    I like style but if I were to pick a song, as in beat, vocals, rapping, it’d be danger.

  • dancingbella

    3. I NEED U

    iconic af.

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    I joined army while BST era! This era was my fav!

  • Pappillon Bleu

    je les aiment pratiquement toutes ” les anciennes ” c’est dur de donner des préférence, quoi BS&T sera toujours en première place 🙂

  • gabby

    RUN era deserves better

  • ħopeƑul

    boy in love for me
    i knew them during this time ❤
    boy in luv & I need you are my faves songs by BTS ♥

  • Yugyeom

    Spring day forever

  • Link Dragneel

    Run is the most iconic. Jimin’s orange hair, Joon’s pink hair, and Yoongi’s green hair were truly iconic.

  • Samia


  • sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs

    HYYH era overall was my all time favourite. The music is just so beautiful… i really missed their old style (their newer music isn’t bad, it’s just not my taste, but if it makes them happy then they should continue that path)



  • Ellen iloa

    Just 3 choices is not enough…😅

  • Kitty Girl Gaming


  • katherbyie Tata

    like duh!! all of them!!!

  • Yiyi

    yeah I’ll want told them but does’t mean that we don’t love BTS from now

  • mari

    omg I literally picked all three of those omg

  • kyo

    honey no, NCT paved the way. now MOVE

  • Charles & ???

    Ohh i think you got the fake tea. Bts paved the way.

  • Charles & ???

    Huhuu i want to pick all :<

  • kyo

    stream Highway To Heaven for brain cells and stan NCT for actual talent and visuals

  • ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ

    NCT is my ult boy group but I still realize that they did not pave the way. Poeple like you make our fandom look bad and delusional.


    oi the pics for idol, fake love and boy with luv r concept pics for THE WHOLE ALBUM not just a single song.
    also this site is good lol

  • Steffie Carter

    NO, let them flop sis like every other group in Korea. BTS is the best thing to happen to music out there. Show some respect

  • Sophia Ochoa

    The question is why are you on something related to bts?

  • Sophia Ochoa

    I Stan both NCT and BTS as they are my ultimate boy groups but I think you should just keep the comment to yourself to not cause problems.

  • kyo

    “show some respect” says that as she dragged the whole industry…
    and i OoP-

  • gabby

    ‘run’ era will forever be superior

  • multi_stan_bella

    I think boy WITH luv is not their best era. Just because it’s the newest song it’s not automatically the best. Don’t judge me ok i like BTS they are wonderful humans and i love their songs but this era is not the BTS i once knew and the song is not as good as others but Dyonisus is nice. It’s just my opinion sry. My favrourite is Boy IN luv and the whole SCHOOL LIV AFFAIRE era. There are my most favourite songs of BTS. I love that era. And danger. Danger was a very good era too ^^ ♥

  • multi_stan_bella

    I can understand why you are thinking like that but remember that without Big bang there would not be the bts like it is today. Jungkook for example got inspired to get am idol from Gdragon. I am not even a VIP (bigbang fan) but i think big bang was part of those bands who made kpop. Big bang had succsess in america before BTS just as 2NE1 and PSY. I dont say BTS are not good. They rly are good i rly loke there music. But i think it gets much when people think Kpop is BTS. BTS is kpop but kpop is not BTS guys ok xD.

  • Adrianna Persona

    i love FIRE and BST… BWL is not really my taste because it looked like cute concept. In BWL MV, they wear like pink feminine clothes and the color of lipstick is bit bright…but still BWL is a good song just I don’t really hype when it released.
    I also like MIC DROP and FAKE LOVE so much because I became an ARMY because of these songs!

  • miachimmy

    i think the blood sweat and tears is their best era

  • Aleesa Hana

    Yo.Chill.I get that you’re an NCT stan but you shouldn’t diss bts.You should have some respect to other fandoms as well like what did us ARMY’s do to you?If you just continue to diss bts infront of armies then that’s just downright rude and bad.And people might start thinking of you as a bad person and one more thing, why would you even be here if you’re not even an ARMY.If you’re just here to diss bus then you should just leave.

  • Umi

    Idol and Run are my favorite eras

  • Umi

    Did anyone say BigBang and Psy didn’t pave the way? Ofc they did. Now bts paving the way. accept the truth

  • Zizi

    Not Today is so underrated, but why?????

  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    I think HYYH series & YNWA era are my favorite era…

  • minhyungs

    i-it’s not that deep

  • minhyunglees

    nct great but you a lil bit delulu

  • MinYoogi ISMINE

    I like Boy with luv,Run,Not today,Idol and Blood sweat and tears

  • elle

    dang, N.O is a bop.

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    tbh my fav eras of Bangtan are 1st MIC Drop 2nd Not Today 3rd I Need U

  • Talia

    You still need to be respectful to the rest of industry. Bts did pave the way but that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful to the rest of the kpop industry. I get that you may only Stan BTS but that’s not to say other groups don’t work just as hard and are just as talented. So please, be respectful when making comments because at the end of the day, armys like you are the type of armys who make others hate our fandom

  • 태희

    no offense but like… g.o.d., 2pm, snsd, bigbang?

  • Sai Srinidhi

    Guys stan everyone that’s the best.. I mean just listen to other group songs that’s it u don’t have to be a fan of them.

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Just letting every Army know that BTS almost disbanded during N.O era yet they still continued because it is their dream 💜 yet N.O is such an underrated song 😭🥺

  • Rosie

    Spring day was beautiful and I need another comeback like that also I Need U was
    P.S Why y’all sleeping on N.O I fking love that song

  • wooshinkl

    wtffff didnt know OMG so shooked

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Well now you know 😊

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    It’s because bighit didn’t have that enough money to continue bts but rm said he will do anything just to keep bts and now look at them dominating the world now with their music 💜

  • qwertasdfgzxcvb

    Old bts songs are the best tbh 💜 no hate on the new songs but gotta be honest tho their old songs are still the best

  • wooshinkl