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Mo (ALAMAT) Profile, Bio , & Facts


Mo is a Filipino-American singer and member of the boy group Alamat under Viva Records.

Stage Name: Mo
Code Name: Dawg
Birth Name: Aaron Joshua Baldos Mitchell
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 30, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Instagram: @alamat.mo
TikTok: @alamat_mo

Mo Facts:
– He comes from Castillejos, Zambales.
– His other name is “Dawg”.
– He is half-Filipino and half-Black American.
– His favorite local term/expression is’swabe’ (tagalog slang for smoothe).
– His favorite musicians are Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Arthur Nery, and J. Cole.
– His favorite body parts are his eyes and lips.
– Mo has no body issues and is confident in his body.
– His favorite cuisines include fried chicken, American BBQ, and dinengdeng.
– His favorite colors are maroon, navy blue, and black.
– His favorite local expression/word is’swabe’ (tagalog slang for smoothe).
– He has one older brother and two older sisters; and he has one younger brother and two younger sisters.
– He is fluent in English.
– What makes him happy is equality, making others happy, music, and helping those in need.
– His inspirations are God, family, relatable music, meaningful songs, and being a rapper/singer who is passionate about his art.
– His dream destinations are Paris, Maldives and Palawan.
– His childhood dream was to join the NBA and become a successful businessman.
– He loves coffee.
– He’s maarte (finicky) with his hair especially when it’s long
– He has large feet
– He has tattoos
– Things that makes Mo sad are discrimination, racism, colorism, bullying and disappointing others
– Things that make Mo happy are equality, making others happy, music and helping others in need
– His inspirations are God, family, music he can relate to, meaningful songs, rappers/singers who are passionate in their craft
– Mo’s hobbies are deep talks, watching movies/series, road trips and riding a motorcycle
– His celebrity crushes are Ylona Garcia, Maja Salvador and Jorja Smith
– Motto: “Be your own biggest fan and your own biggest believer.”

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