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FLAVOR Member Profile

Flavor (플레이버)
debuted as a sub-unit of the girl group FANATICS. On November 26th, 2018, they debuted with their first single ‘MILKSHAKE.’
The sub-unit consists of Chiayi, Doah, and Yoonhye.

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Instagram: fent_fanatics
YouTube: Fanatics

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Stage Name: Yoonhye (윤혜)
Real Name: Jung Yoonhye (정윤혜)
Position:  Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: October 4, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Height: 173cm (5’6″)

Yoonhye Facts:
-Yoonhye is a former trainee at JYP Entertainment.
-She is in charge of dancing and acting.
-She is the tallest member. She has long arms and legs.
-When she was in grade 6 she was 168cm.
-She laughs in her sleep. She sometimes wakes up because of the sound of her laugh.
-She has mono-lids but her eyes create creases so she also has double-lids.
-She has been learning dance for 10 years.
-She can do Korean Dance, ballet, and contemporary dance.
-She is good at massaging.
-Favourite colour: red.
-Her dislikes are ghosts and worms.
-When she has  free time, play with her friends, or have time alone.
– Her favourite flavors are  Cheese and anything that has a cool taste.
-In the future she would like to visit Japan and Maldives.
-In elementary school, she was the President of the student committee, showing strong leadership.
-Yoonhye can guess the member’s voice with her eyes closed.
-She is flexible.
-Yoonhye’s special talents is doing the forward splits and bending her legs while doing the splits.
-She is interested in writing song lyrics and writes songs with her younger sibling.
-Since 2017, she writes one song every day.
-She has a younger sibling.
-She is good at staring contests. People think she would be terrible because her eyes are round and large.
-She likes to eat MongShell
– Yoonhye and the other two members had Subway often together while promoting in Flavor.


Stage Name: Chiayi (지아이)
Real Name:  Li Chiayi (李嘉義)
Position:  Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Visual
Birthday:  January 22, 2000
Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius
Blood Type:  O

Chiayi Facts:
-She was born and raised in Taiwan.
-She can speak Chinese and Korean
-She is in charge of vocals and dance.
-She has been dancing since she was young, since 10 or 11 years ago.
-She majored in Chinese dance.
-She can do acrobats and can do mid-air flips.
-She can do Chinese dance, ballet, and contemporary dance.
-Chiayi had braces.
-She is said to look like a deer.
-Favorite food :  jokbal, ice cream, vegetables, chocolate, sweet potato, carrot cake,  and cheese tteokbokki.
-Favorite flavors:  Sweet, chocolate and cheese
-Hobbies: cooking, exercising, and photography.
-In the future, she wants to see Japan, the US, and Europe.
-Favourite colour:  pink and purple.
-Instead of seeing a doctor for back problems, she goes to Yoonhye instead of a massage.
-She is good at doing planks.
Her special talents are: dance, splits, waacking and
-She can do a crab from standing up (exercise).
-She can do a cartwheel and finish into a split.
-She can play the piano.
-Chiayi and Sika are always doing things together, Chiayi says together they are ‘one piece.’ Once they unintentionally wore the same clothes
-She likes Honey Butter Chips, they are her and Sika’s most favourite chips.
-She likes ‘Ghana Hazel Nut Milk Chocolate’ because it is soft and delicious
-She drinks almond milk on her diet.
– She really loves banana milk.
– Chiayi and the other two members had Subway often together while promoting in Flavor.
-She likes her tanned skin tone.


Stage Name: Doah (도아)
Real Name: Kim Doah (김도아)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: December 4, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O

Doah Facts:
-Doah was a contestant on Produce 48 and ranked 23rd.
-Doah is said to look like Kim Sohye.
-On Produce 48 her nickname was Ribbon Girl.
-Her close friend is Kim Nayoung from Banana Culture. They joked together about getting pizza with each other after being eliminated.
– Education: SOPA Music Department. Along with IZONE‘s Yujin and Fromis_9‘s Jiheon.
-Hogwarts house: Slytherin.
-Favourite food: Rice cakes, green tea, and cherries.
-Favorite colors: magenta and gray.
-She enjoys listening to ASMR and disco music.
-Allergies: cat hair.
-When she has free time, she will sleep, rest, eat, and have healing time.
-Doah is a character on the web-drama “I Am Not a Robot” (로봇이 아닙니다)
-She would like to visit Hong Kong and the U.S.A.
-Her role model is Krystal Jung she is also a fan.
-Instead of seeing a doctor for back problems, she goes to Yoonhye instead of a massage.
-She has asymmetrical eyelids. Her left eye has 2 creases but her right
eye has 1 thick crease. She thought that it changed once she got older, but it stayed the same
since she was a baby.
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