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Minty Profile and Facts

Minty Profile and Facts
Minty (민티) is a South Korean singer under CoronaX Entertainment. She debuted on February 22, 2019 with a digital single You Do.

Stage Name: Minty (민티)
Birth Name: Kim Arin (김아린)
Birthday: N/A
Height: 158 cm (5’2″)
Instagram: mintyarin
Twitter: musicofminty
Facebook: musicofminty
YouTube: Minty
SoundCloud: Arin Kim (Minty)

Minty Facts:
-Her debut song You Do was her submission video for ‘High School Rapper 2‘.
-She was under fire for lying about her age. She managed to land a spot on ‘High School Rapper 2‘ by saying she was 17 when she was actually around 28/29.
-Her company revealed that she was a producer for the girl group Girls’ Alert, however, due to health issues she sent them to a different company.
-She is the CEO of Alpaca Production.

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