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Kim So-Hyun Profile and Facts

Kim So-Hyun Profile: Kim So-Hyun Facts and Ideal Type
Kim So Hyun actress
Name: Kim So-Hyun (김소현)
Birthday: June 4, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @hellokimsohyun
Instagram: @wow_kimsohyun

Kim So-Hyun Facts:
– She was born in Australia but her nationality is Korean.
– She began her career when she was seven years old (2006).
– Her father passed away when she was nine years old.
– She has a younger brother.
– In 2006 she debuted as a child actress under Sidus HQ. She left Sidus HQ in 2015.
– In December 2015, she launched her own one-person agency, E&T Story Entertainment, in partnership with LOEN Entertainment
– She learned how to play piano from her drama “Page Turner”.
– She had her first kiss with Yeo Jin Goo for their drama “Missing You.” It was both their first kiss.
– When going out, Sohyun usually wears jeans, hoodies or jumpers. (Union Bay)
– Sohyun’s personality changes from time to time.
– She prefers sad and slow ballads rather than idol music.
– Sohyun listens to Brown Eyes, SG Wannabe & Bruno Mars the most.
– She prefers to eat cold noodles with beef/chicken.
– Sohyun wants to learn how to cook.
– Sohyun beat 500 girls to land the role as Joo Hyerim in “Man of Vendetta”.
– Her favourite colours are Navy & Brown.
– She likes apples and watermelons.
– She wants to go on a backpacking trip with her friends.
– Sohyun loves to read webtoons on her spare time.
– Sohyun’s mum name is Jiyeon.
– She likes to wear shorts, floral pattern dress and suspender skirt.
– She doesn’t drink coffee yet.
– Sohyun wants to travel to Sapporo Japan because of her love for heavy snows.
Kim So-Hyun’s ideal type: Yoo Seung Ho

Kim So Hyun Movies:
Man Of Vendetta | 2010 – Joo Hyerim
Sin of a Family | (2011) – Jung Myung-Hee
Spy Papa | (2011) – Soon-Bok
I Am The King | 2012 – Sol-Bi
Killer Toon | 2013 – Seo Mi Sook.
We All Cry Differently | 2014
Pure Love | 2016 – Soo Ok.
The Last Princess | 2016 – Deok Hye.

Kim So Hyun Dramas:
Que Sera Sera | 2011 – Ok (young)
The Duo | 2011 – Geum – Han Eun-Soo (young)
Bread, Love and Dreams | 2010 – Koo Ja-Rim (young)
The Thorn Birds | 2011 – Seo Jung-Eun (young)
Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats | 2012 – Jung Ji-Na (teen)
Moon Embracing The Sun | 2012 – Yoon Bo-Kyung (teen)
Rooftop Prince | 2012 – Hong Se-Na  | Crown Princess Hwa-Yong (child)
Love Again | 2012 – Jung Yoo-Ri (Ji-Hyun’s daughter)
Ma Boy | 2012 – Geu-Rim
I Miss You | 2012 – Lee Soo-Yeon (young)
IRIS 2 | 2013 – Soo-Yeon (teen)
Secret of the Birth | 2013 – Jung Yi-Hyun (young)
I Can Hear Your Voice | 2013 – Jang Hye-Sung (young)
The Suspicious Housekeeper | 2013 – Eun Han-Gyeol (Sang-Chul’s first daughter)
Reset | 2014  – Seung-Hee (Woo-Jin’s first love) / Jo Eun-Bi
Triangle | 2014  – Hwang Shin-Hye (young)
The Girl Who Sees Smells | 2015  – Choi Eun-Seol (Moo-Gak’s younger sister)
Who Are You: School | 2015 Lee Eun-Bi / Ko Eun-Byeol
Nightmare High | 2016 – Kang Ye-Rim
Page Turner | 2016 – Yoon Yoo-Seul
Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight | 2016 – Kim Hyun-Ji
Goblin | 2016-2017 – Queen (special appearance)
The Emperor: Owner of the Mask | 2017  – Han Ga-Eun
While You Were Sleeping | 2017 – cameo

Kim So Hyun Awards:
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards | Best Young Actress (“Missing You”, “Ma Boy”).
2013 13th Korea Youth Film Festival | Best Young Actress (“Moon Embracing The Sun”, “Missing You”).
2013 13th MBC Entertainment Awards | Best Female Newcomer in a Variety Show (“Show! Music Core”).
2013 21st SBS Drama Awards | New Star Award (“The Suspicious Housekeeper”).
2013 6th Herald-Donga TV Lifestyle Awards | Style Icon Rookie Award.
2014 28th KBS Drama Awards | Popular Actress in a One-Act / Special Drama (“We All Cry Differently”).
2014 14th MBC Entertainment Awards | Most Popular Award in a Variety Show (“Show! Music Core”).
2015 8th Korea Drama Awards | Star of the year (“Who Are You: School 2015”).
2015 30th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards | Rising Star Award
2015 29th KBS Drama Awards | Best New Actress, Netizen Award Actress, Best Couple with Yook Sungjae (“Who Are You: School 2015”)
2016 Multimedia & Film Technology Awards | Shining Actress Award

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  • ipek

    she announced that she left her company (SidusHQ) and she’ll build/set up(?) her own company. she said this on fancafe
    btw sorry for if my english is wrong

  • annie

    she indeed left her company but she denied the rumors that she wants to set up a company

    On August 31, Kim So Hyun parted ways with her agency SidusHQ, and she denied rumors she was preparing to launch a label for herself. She said through her fan cafe, “There’s been talk of me setting up a one-man agency, but I’ve never even thought of the idea. It’s not true. I’ll let you know when I decide on a new company.” – Allkpop

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  • 이서연

    She starred with Yoon Do-Joon in Radio Romance this 2018

  • Thessalonica Llegado

    It’s Go Eun Byul not Ko Eun Byeol

  • ria

    actually both variants are accepted, it just depends on the translator
    Korean hangul has more accepted variants since a character represents more than 1 letter
    for ex. ㄱ can be translated to both K or G


    Who else can’t wait for her upcoming drama (Love Alert) in 2019???

  • JuliusN

    Exactly, thats why people with the family name 강 are written as Kang and in 한강 the 강 usually is written as “gang”, I love it when koreaboos are trying to correct the spelling of a name that isnt even in English 🙂

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    she’s an mc for Under19 (Mbc survival show)