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Wu Jinyan Profile & Facts

Wu Jinyan Profile & Facts
Wu Jinyan
Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) is a Chinese actress under Huanyu Entertainment who made her debut in 2010. Her first credited apparition, however, was in the 2011 movie The Law of Attraction.

Stage Name / Birth Name: Wu Jinyan (吴谨言)
Korean Name: Oh Geun-eon (오근언)
Birthday: August 16, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Chinese

Wu Jinyan Facts:
— She was born in Chengdu, China
— She began studying ballet at the age of 3
— In 2000, she began her training at the Dance School Affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy to become a professional ballerina
— While at the Affiliated school, she had the chance to become an actress. The director even invited her parents to try and convince her to participate. Ultimately, she gave up this opportunity as her role required her to shave her head, which would affect her dance presentation
— After seven years of boarding school, she joined the National Ballet of China but had to quit after suffering multiple injuries
— In 2009, she enrolled in Beijing Film Academy, majoring in Acting
— During her sophomore year, she took part in filming a time-travel TV series which is yet to be aired
— In 2011, she signed with Zijun Entertainment
— In 2013, she received a nomination for Most Popular Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival for her performance in Beauties at the Crossfire
— In 2016, during the shooting of Waitan Zhong Sheng, she met Chinese screenwriter and producer Yu Zheng
— Later that year, she joined Huanyu Entertainment
— She gained attention through her roles in Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) and The Legend of Haolan (2019)
— In August 2019, she ranked 65th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list
— In October 2019, she appeared on the 2019 edition of Forbes’ “30 under 30” China list

Wu Jinyan Movies:
The Law of Attraction | 2011 — Huang Juan
Mr. Six | 2015 — Zheng Hong
Forever Young | 2018 — Lin Huiyin
Born to Be Wild | 2018 — Xue Qi

Wu Jinyan Dramas:
古今六人行 | unaired — Mao Mao
青海花儿 | 2012 — Wu Xiaoyu
屏风美人 | 2013 — Qing Qing (TV movie)
New Editorial Department Story | 2013 — young lady (ep. 13)
Beauties at the Crossfire | 2013 — Qing Ping / Hong Yu
The Four | 2014 — He Xiaoyu
Young Sherlock | 2014 — Li Qian
Royal Romance | 2015 — Wan’er
Fighting | 2015 — Jiang Ziyun
Singing All Along | 2016 — Xu Yanzhi
The Flame of Youth | 2016 — Bei Batian
Magnificent Sword with Beauty | 2016 — Mei Ting
Guardian of Beauty | 2017 — Zhu Qiqi
Head Above Water | 2017 — Mi Xiaoran
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors | 2017 — Ya Meiren
Untouchable Lovers | 2018 — Feng Ting
Story of Yanxi Palace | 2018 — Wei Yingluo
Waitan Zhong Sheng | 2018 — Du Xinmei
The Legend of Haolan | 2019 — Li Haolan / Zhao Ji
You Are My Answer | 2019 — Bai Xiaolu
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures | 2019 — Wei Yingluo
Zhaoge | TBA — Daji / Yue Hao / You Ji
Shanghai Picked Flowers | TBA — Yao Li
Fighting Youth | TBA — Zhang Xiaoyu
We Are Young | TBA — Qian Xixi
Happiness Will Knock Again | TBA — Fang Yan
Legacy | TBA — Yi Zhongyu

Wu Jinyan Variety Shows:
Youth Periplous | 2019 — cast member

Wu Jinyan Music Videos:
The Story of Us (JJ Lin) | 2019

Wu Jinyan Awards:
7th iQiyi All Star Carnival (2018) | Popularity Award (Actress)
15th Esquire China’s Man At His Best Awards (2018) | Breakthrough Actress
24th Huading Awards (2018) | Best Actress (Ancient Drama) (“Story of Yanxi Palace”)
5th The Actors of China Award Ceremony (2018) | Best Actress (Web series) (“Story of Yanxi Palace”)
10th China TV Drama Awards (2018) | Young Rising Actress (“Story of Yanxi Palace”)
4th China Quality Television Drama Ceremony (2019) | Sina Weibo Most Talked About Celebrity Online
6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards) (2019) | Best Actress (“Story of Yanxi Palace” and “The Legend of Haolan”)
China Entertainment Industry Summit (Golden Pufferfish Awards) (2019) | Most Promising Commercially Valuable Artist

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