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Yuzion Profile and Facts

Yuzion Profile and Facts:

Yuzion / 유시온 is a South Korean rapper who debuted independently in 2019 with the EP Young Trapper.

Rap Name: Yuzion / 유시온
Birthday: 18th of May, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 155 cm / 5’1″
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: yuz1on
YouTube: Yuzion
SoundCloud: yuzion

Yuzion Facts:
– Joined Yng & Rich Records in Jan. of 2020.
– In Feb. of 2021, her contract expired.
– Debuted on SC in July of 2018, ‘Home Got Ma Back‘.
– Latest SC release was an album, ‘Yours Truly‘.
– Her favorite food is shrimp.
– In 2020, she released albums with Futuristic Swaver and Lil Yu.
– Collaborated with SUPERBEE, UNEDUCATED KID and twlv for three singles.
– Her alongside the rest of the Yng & Rich members collaborated with DF, ‘Trop Trap.
– ‘Summer!‘ MV was made during a 2nd collaboration with DF in June of 2020.
– In May of 2021, she released an visualizer for ‘I’m Not Sorry‘.

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Latest Release: I’m Not Sorry

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