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Ken (NEXZ) Profile & Facts

Ken (NEXZ) Profile & Facts
Ken from NEXZ
Ken ( 建 / 켄) is a South Korean singer and a member of the upcoming boy group NEXZ under JYP Entertainment. He was a contestant on the survival show Nizi Project Season 2.

Stage Name: Ken (建 / 켄)
Birth Name: So Geon (소건)
Japanese Name: So Ken (蘇 建)
 September 13th, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Blood Type: O
MBTI Type: –
Nationality: Korean

Ken Facts:
– He auditioned in Tokyo, Japan.
– Family: Parents, a sister, two older sisters (2002 & 2003), and one younger sister (2011).
– Ken can speak a bit of Korean.
– Religion: Protestanism
– He is good at playing soccer and table tennis.
– Ken loves to sing and dance with his sisters.
– Greeting Phrase: “I can We Can So Ken.
– He ranked 4th place in the finals of Nizi Project Season 2.

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