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March 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs im missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/k-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

February 23rd
•UNVS | ‘Timeless’ [Debut]
•Donghae (Super Junior) ft. BewhY | ‘Harmony’ [Solo Debut]
•Daydream | ‘Very Very’ [Debut]
•Astro | [Special Release]

February 24th
•Spectrum | ‘Showtime’ [Comeback]
•Ravi ft. Paloalto | ‘Rockstar’ [Comeback]

February 25th
•Luna | [Special Release]
•Ahn Yeeun | ‘O O O’ [Comeback]

February 26th
•Elris | ‘Jackpot’ [Comeback]
•Xenex | ‘It’s Gonna Hurt’ [Debut]
•Geunsu | ‘Flower’ [Comeback]

February 27th
•MCND | ‘Ice Age’ [Debut]
•Taemin (Shinee) | [Comeback]
•GRAY, Changmo, Ash Island, Junggigo  | ‘PAYDAY’ [Collab]

February 28th
•Chai ft SAAY | ‘Gimme That’ [Comeback]
•Say Sue Me | ‘Good for some reason’ [Comeback]


March 1st
•Naeun & Jinsoul (April) | ‘Matter of time’ [Project Release]

March 2nd
•Sungjae (BTOB) | ‘Yook O’Clock’ [Special Release]

March 3rd
•CRAXY | ‘Aria’ [Debut]
•O.V | ‘Do Something’ [Mixtape]

March 4th
•In2It | ‘I’m Your Joker’ [Japan Release]
•JO1 | ‘PROTOSTAR’ [Debut]
•VIINI | ‘Moon & Butterfly’ [Comeback]

March 5th
•Yezi (Solo/Former Fiestar Member) | ‘Home’ [Comeback]

March 6th
•NCT127 | ‘Kick It’ [Comeback]
•AleXa | ‘Do Or Die’ [Comeback]
•BTS ft LAUV | ‘WHO’ [Collaboration Release]

March 8th
•Classmate | ‘안 된다는 말보다 늦었다는 그 말이 더 아파’ [Special Release]

March 9th
•Victon | ‘Howling’ [Comeback]
•ITZY | ‘WANNABE’ [Comeback]

March 10th
•Lee Woo | ‘You’ [Comeback]
•NUNSSEOP | ‘Take me Home’ [Comeback]

March 11th
•Dreamcatcher | ‘Endless Night’ [Japan Release]
•Jaejoong (JYJ) | ‘Brava!! Brava!! Brava!!/Ray of Light’ [Japan Release]
•Mamamoo | ‘HIP’ [Japan Release]
•Favorite | ‘또 LIE’ [Comeback]
•DAVN | ‘기억소각’ [Comeback]

March 12th
•NOEL | ‘ Suddenly (문득)’ [Single Release]

March 13th
•Cleaun | ‘KEEP KISSING’ [Comeback]
•Astro | [Special Release]
•Aivan | ‘사랑해봤자’ [Comeback]
•CIX | ‘Revival’ [Japan Comeback]
•Superbee | ‘Rap Legend 2’ [Release]
•Park Boram | ‘못하겠어’ [Comeback]
•Eyedi | ‘J.us.T’ [Comeback]

March 14th
•Jung Dongha | ‘Stay with Me (그대 밖은 위험해)’ [Comeback]

March 15th
•DONGKIZ | ‘Lupin’  [Comeback]

March 16th
•Hong Eunki | ‘undefinable:LOVE’ [Comeback]

March 17th
•Sejeong (Gugudan) | ‘Plant’ [Comeback]

March 18th
•Stray Kids | ‘SKZ2020’ [Japan Debut]
•Park BoGum (Actor) | [Japan Release]
•Hwasa (Mamamoo) & Dua Lipa | ‘Physical’ [Collab]

March 20th
•DPR Live | ‘Is Anybody Out There?’ [Comeback]
•eaJ (Jae/DAY6) | ‘Rose’ [Release]
•Jackson (GOT7) | [Release]

March 21st
•PurpleBeck | ‘Starry Night’ [Comeback]

March 23rd
•Kim Yonja | ‘Ssuk Duk Koong’ [Release]
•Lee Minhyuk | ‘In It’s Time’ [Release]
•Kisum | ‘Primero’ [Release]

March 24th
•Kang Daniel | ‘2U’ [Comeback]
•ONEUS | ‘In It’s Time’ [Comeback]
•Xydo | ‘X’ [Comeback]
•Nafla | ‘u n u part. 2’ [Release]
•Sik-K | ‘GooseBumps’ [Release]

March 25th
•Ong Seongwu | ‘Layers’ [Comeback]
•Stray Kids | ‘Mixtape : 바보라도 알아’ [Release]
•Label Up | ‘Beautiful Tomorrow’ [Debut]
•K TIGERS ZERO | ‘愛(사랑 애)’ [Comeback]

March 26th
•MY.st | ‘몰라서 그래(Don’t know)’ [Debut]
•Winner | ‘뜸(Hold)’ [Pre-Single Release]

March 27th
•Gaho (PLT) | ‘A song for you’ [Release]
•Corbyn | ‘ODSEE’ [Release]

March 28th
•4Carat | ‘Be Breathless’ [Debut]

March 29th
•Coogie | ‘UP’ [Release]

March 30th
•Suho (EXO) | ‘Self-Portrait’ [Solo Debut]
•H&D (Hangyul & Dohyon) | ‘I’m unfamiliar (낯설어)’ [Pre-Debut Release]

March 31st
•TOO | ‘Reason for being : 仁’ [Debut]


Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)