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Xion (ONEUS) Profile and Facts

Xion (ONEUS) Profile and Facts

Xion (시온) is a member of South Korean boy group ONEUS.

Stage Name: Xion (시온)
Birth Name: Son Dong Ju (손동주)
Position: Sub Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: January 10, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Xion Facts:
– He was born in Seoul but moved to Gwangju then Yongin and lives in Suwon now (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– He has a fraternal twin brother (Dongmyeong from ONEWE) who is older than him by 1 minute
– In his free time he watches dramas, movies and musical (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– He is quite sensitive to sound when he sleeps (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– He is straightforward (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– Favourite food: pork belly and chicken (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– He thinks his attractive points are his cold appearance at first but bright and playful personality, long eyelashes and pretty eyes
– His motto is “If not, then whatever!” because his teacher told him that he can try what he wants and if it doesn’t work out, whatever
– He can’t eat raw tomatoes, he doesn’t like the smell (ONEUS x OSEN #Star Road 01)
– ‘Xion’ was originally supposed to be Seoho’s stage name
– He went to Taejang Middle School (Graduated) and Taejang High School (Graduated)
– He was in a musical club ‘AAM’ in high school
– His favorite member is Seoho (Weekly Idol EP454 ONEUS, Monsta X (Minhyuk, Kihyun))
– He received a lot of casting proposals as a student but rejected them as he wasn’t thinking of becoming an idol at that time
– He is considered the ‘mom’ of the group even though he’s the youngest because he always nags at the members
– Xion has a perfume/cologne with a prominent smell that the members can tell him by
– He and his brother were MCs for V HEARTBEAT WEEKLY’s K-Pop Chart & News (episode 8 to 26)
– Xion’s speciality is acting
– He was introduced as a RBW Boyz (later renamed ONEUS) trainee on 10 April 2018
– He, along with Leedo, were the last ones to join RBW Boyz.
– He was originally supposed to use the stage name ‘Leedo’
– Xion likes to eat a lot. (Oneus We Will Debut ep. 2)
– He is allergic to crustaceans but whenever he wants to eat prawns/shrimps he just eats them and get allergy shots later. UPDATE: A few months ago, he went for an allergic test at the hospital and the test came back saying he wasn’t allergic to shrimp so they don’t know what was causing the hives. The doctor also mentioned he might have overcome the allergy but it is still a mystery (Xion’s Day 3)
– However, they found out that Xion has a level 3 allergy to egg yolks but since he hasn’t had any major reactions, he continues to eat them (Xion’s Day 3).
– His childhood dream was to be a doctor
– Xion doesn’t like caramel macchiatos because they are too sweet (Xion’s Day 3).
– His favorite coffee drinks are iced Americanos, lattes, or mocha (Xion’s Day 3).
– He enjoys malatang with no green vegetables, enoki mushrooms, sausage, cheese rice cakes, and ramen (sometimes adds shrimp skewers but not all the time) at Level 1 spice (Xion’s Day 3).
– He doesn’t enjoy trying new food if he knows there is something he likes to eat at that place (Xion’s Day 3).
– Xion learned to play the piano, violin, and guitar when he was young, and he also played soccer and basketball in elementary school at sports centers (after school clubs). Another thing he tried was Taekwondo. (Xion’s Day 3)
– Whenever he told his mom he wanted to try something, she would try to get him into lessons so he could find his passion or things that interested him. (Xion’s Day 3)
– Xion has always wanted to be a singer but since he wasn’t very good at singing when he was younger, he assumed he’d never achieve that dream (Xion’s Day 3).
– Xion thinks his parents listen and understand him the most. He also often writes to his mom when he needs advice. (Xion’s Day 3)
– He enjoys cooking but always tends to make too much when it’s for more than just himself (Xion’s Day 3).
– Xion knows how to do barista work from teaching himself from Beautiful Snack Bar is Open because at one point in time he wanted to be a certified barista (Xion’s Day 3).
– He has long eyelashes, he can actually place a toothpick on his eyelashes
– Nickname: Doongdoongie
– He hates working out because he doesn’t like to sweat
– He can sit in the M shape
– Leedo said that Xion is in charge or aegyo in the group (“I Shall Debut” ep.2)
– He doesn’t believe in fate (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– He doesn’t click his fingernails, he bites them (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– Xion considers himself to be bossy (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– He bites the members because he finds their reactions funny but he doesn’t like how they have started biting him back. (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– Leedo also said that Xion bites pretty hard and will often leave marks (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– Xion prefers dogs (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)
– Xion shaves every morning (m2 Tingle ASMR Interview)

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