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LO VOLF Profile and Facts

LO VOLF Profile and Facts:

LO VOLF is a South Korean rapper who debuted in 2018 with the EP Stay Geek 4 The Night.

Rap Name: LO VOLF
Birth Name: Kang Taewon / 강태원
Birthday: 5th of January, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: lovolf
YouTube: LO VOLF
SoundCloud: lovolf

LO VOLF Facts:
– Born in Busan, South Korea.
– He’s currently based in Seoul, South Korea.
– A member of the crew MONEY BABY CREW with MentalAge7 and HaifHaif.
– Former contestant on SMTM8, he was eliminated against Yunhway.
– He wants to tell his story through his songs.
– Has yet to take an MBTI-test.
– His reasoning for listening to music is to hear good beats.
– The type of music he listens to depends on his mood that day.
– He’s friends with unofficialboyy.
– His favorite song of unofficialboyy is ‘꽃 / flower‘.
– Artists he listens to the most are Rocky, Carti, Lil Tjay, Thouxanbanfaouni and Mazo Kream.
– An artists he listens to almost every single day is xxx.
– His top five rappers are X, Ye, Carti, Been and 50cent.
– He wants to feature JENNIE from BlackPink on a song.
– The rappers around him are the best in Korea.
– He’s known for his good memory.
– When he was 22, he felt depression for the first time.
– Songs he recommends when someone’s feeling tired, depression or numb is club music.
– In March of 2020, he made an appearance on HIPHOPPLAYA‘s YT alongside Owen.

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