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What Was Your Favorite NCT Era?

What Was Your Favorite NCT Era?
NCT era

The 7th Sense (NCT U)

Without You (NCT U)

Timeless (NCT U)

Fire Truck (NCT 127)

Chewing Gum (NCT Dream)

Limitless (NCT 127)

My First and Last (NCT DREAM)

Cherry Bomb (NCT 127)

We Young (NCT DREAM)

Boss (NCT U)

Baby Don’t Stop (NCT U)


Touch (NCT 127)

Yestoday (NCT U)

Black On Black (NCT 2018)

Chain (Japanese) (NCT 127)


Regular (Korean Ver.) (NCT 127)

Simon Says (NCT 127)

Regular (Chinese Ver.) (WayV)

Wakey Wakey (Japanese) (NCT 127)

We Are Superhuman (NCT 127)

We Boom (NCT Dream)

What Was Your Favorite NCT Era?

What was your favorite NCT era? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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  • JiminsCrookedTooth

    can you change all the empathy songs to one category

  • kpoopqueenie

    I did think of doing that but then I thought that each person would have a different opinion on each song so even though ‘Yestoday, Boss, Baby Don’t Stop, Black On Black, Touch, and Go’ are all in the same era, I thought it would be better if I just made each song it’s own era. Hope you understand. 🙂

  • jeno love bot

    we go up just hits different, such a happy and fun time

  • bambam’s_wife

    Boss, Simon Says, and Baby Don’t Stop.

  • this was hard tbh but i loved boss!

  • lilith

    Cherry Bomb era for sure. There was so much crackheadery happening that I just had to choose that one lol.

  • ibustedanuwuforjungwoo

    We Go Up (the era that made me cry), Chain (mainly because Yuta and Winwin partly got lines and Taeil’s high note (ft. haechan), also Yestoday (because they look hella cool and they didn’t overshadow each others, and ya know taeyong got to say his story)

  • Devita

    This is so hard i love all of era 🙁

  • Julianna

    For U- Timeless. s i g h, I just love our angelic vocal trio. that song is a blessing.
    For 127- CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN! taeil’s undercut was just so freaking gorgeous and so were his heccin high notes, wtf stop sleeping on him. also, ty’s rapping in that was 11/10.
    For Dream- We Go Up. I’m sorry, I love chewing gum, we young, and my first and last, but I loved the theme and hair colors for wgu.

  • Hccgjn

    I can’t forget My First and Last!
    It was the best for me!

    But honestly they were all so good

  • Doyoung sun

    Yestoday is too great, but really underrated :’(

    Btw all era was so great, i can’t choose just three of them. So i just choose bob 😀

  • kyo

    some opinions cuz why not

    1. wakey-wakey was a terrible comeback, and that’s the tea
    2. limitless deserves to have more votes. . . “686” is sickening
    3. i cant believe GO has way more votes than Chewing Gumーwhy is Chewing Gum so low on the poll? c’mon yall
    4. and lastly… Boss is, right 👏🏼 where 👏🏼 she 👏🏼 deserves👏🏼 to 👏🏼 be

  • ooommmggg same except i picked Go instead of Boss but that song is still a fucking bop