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Choyoung Profile & Facts

Choyoung Profile & Facts

Choyoung (초영) is a South Korean R&B independent artist who made her debut on April 20, 2016 with the digital single MusiCoreAmerica.

Stage Name: Choyoung (초영)
Birth Name: Ahn Choyoung (안초영)
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: ChoYoungAhn
Facebook: choyoungmusiq
Instagram: cahncho

Choyoung Facts:
— She loves R&B, neo-soul and jazz. In particular, she likes Jhenè Aiko.
— She loves making music without imposing restrictions on herself and in different genres.
— She tends to give away any song when she doesn’t think it fits her own albums.
— She writes whenever she finds that she is in the right mood to make music.
— She decided she’d become an artist when, during 11th grade, she received a visit from some senior students who advised her to choose whatever she wanted to do and just follow it.
— At first, she was afraid to tell her parents that she wanted to make music, but, after doing a lot of research, she managed to convince them.
— She attended Berklee University. During her time there, she formed a band with some friends. They played in Boston and New York, but also in South Korea.
— She thinks her self-acceptance and self-awareness are what makes her different from other artists.
— Sometimes, ideas pop in her head and she tries them out with a tune. She likes rearranging songs that she already knows.
— When writing music, she follows two methods: she either starts with the chord progression, followed by the melody and lyrics, or does the other way round.
— Music is everything to her because she focus on living her life through it and she’d love listeners to be drawn by it.
— She says that the music industry is small to the point that, if she mentions a fellow musician, she’s sure that some of her friends also know them.
— She prefers focusing on her own thing rather than doing anything to become famous as she likes putting her life, her feelings and her thoughts into her music.
— The best venue she has performed in is the Fenway Center in Boston in 2014, at a benefit concert for Haiti.
— Her favorite place in Korea is the Hongdae area as she feels it has a unique atmosphere and many inspirational places.
— When she has a free day, she either hangs out with her friends or just chills at home. When she is with her friends, she likes checking out popular places, watching shows by fellow musicians or go for drinks.
— On her working days, she teaches at a college, art high school and sometimes also gives private lessons. She might also compose music, either on her own or with her friends, or could be rehearsing with her band to prepare for upcoming gigs.
— The most important lesson she has learned so far is to communicate on her audience, as it makes her feel connected to them through her music.
— She decides on band members based on their understanding of their music and their humanity.
— Before a rehearsal session, she sends out demos to the other members; then, they play together based on those demos.

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