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Girls2ooo Members Profile

Girls2000 Members Profile

Girls2ooo, also known as Little Princess Project (소공녀 프로젝트) is a four-member k-indie girl group who made their debut with “Butterfly Dance” on March 5, 2020, under Donggyeong Planning and LAMIA MUSIC. The group currently consists of SeolheeHana, Chaeli, and MyoU.

Girls2000 Fandom Name: –
Girls2000 Official Fan Colors: –

Girls2000 Official Sites:
Instagram: @girls2ooo
Daum Cafe: 소공녀 프로젝트
Youtube:  소공녀 프로젝트
Website: Girls2ooo

Girls2ooo Members Profile:

Stage Name: Seolhee (설희)
Birth Name: Ban Seolhee (반설희)
Nationality:  Korean
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 13, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @1004doll
Youtube:  반설희달리반설희
Soundcloud: 반설희
Twitter: @1004dolly
Tiktok: @1004doll

Seolhee Facts:
-She is most confident with her eyes.
-In school she was best at working hard in club activities, fighting with seniors who fell over friends.
-Her foot size is 235cm.
-She has a fear of Pulmonary.
-She can speak English.
-She went aboard for a while which is why she knows English.
-Her favourite subject in school was Korean.
-Her childhood dreams were to become a Scientist, lawmaker, post office official.
-The foods she doesn’t like are coffee with syrup, hot coffee, sweet pumpkin, red bean porridge, Chinese medicine, cooked fish.
-Her favourite colours are light gray, silver, grayish pink.
-Her favourite food is Iced Americano.
-Her favourite exercise is ballet and bowling.
-The game she likes to play is the Vegetable village.
-The advantage of her personality is that she looks quiet but is rude.
-She made her solo debut on 24th January 2020.
-Her personality type is ENTP.
Life Motto: After 100 years, there is no one.
Ban Seolhee individual profile…


Stage Name: Chaeli (채리)
Birth Name: Kim Chaeli (김채리)
Nationality:  Korean
Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: May 25th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 159 cm (5’2″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @chae_li
Twitter: @CHAE_LI_

Chaeli Facts:
She is most confident with her shoulders, collarbone, and pelvis.
-Her future goal is to complete everything she wants to do.
-She hates all bugs.
-She doesn’t want to regret before she dies.
-Her biggest fears are horror movies.
-She can speak Korean, Japanese, and English.
-Nicknames: Steamed bread, dumplings, and goldfish.
-At school, she liked self-study time the most.
-Her childhood dream was to become a Cartoonist.
-She wants to be remembered for being funny, good at singing, cute, good at work, and good at nothing.
-She hates it when people say she hates what she loves.
-Her favourite fruit is tangerine.
-Her favourite words are “Hey, you are amazing.”
-Her favourite colours are red, black and blue.
-Her favourite food is Korean food.
-She doesn’t have a favourite exercise.
-She likes playing with friends, taking pictures, Tempura and tofu, bean sprouts, and Korean food.
-She said she cried the most when she ate at a Seoul restaurant for the first time.
-She thinks her humour is the best about her personality.
-Her personality type is ESFP.
Ideal Type: Everyone.
Life Motto: Don’t miss the chance and do what you want to do when you are young, even for a day
Kim Chaeli individual profile…


Stage Name: Hana (하나)
Birth Name: Lee Hana (이하나)
Nationality:  Korean
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: September 7th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 168 cm (5’6”)
Weight: –
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @Lee2_1Hana

Hana Facts:
-The body part she is most confident with is her hands.
-She likes all insects because they are cute.
-Her future goal is to be a good influencer.
-Her foot size is in-between 240cm and 245cm so she wears 245cm.
-Her childhood dream was to become a doctor.
-In school, she liked Math and Science the most.
-She wishes she could believe in ghosts.
-The food she hates is Pork, giblets, and pupae.
-Her favourite fruits are Banana, Lemon, and Mango.
-Her favourite colour is blue.
-She likes so many foods (too many to list…)
-She likes Crime Scene, Escape Room, Board Game, Pokemon.
-Her personality type is ENFP.
Life Motto: Life is once.
Lee Hana individual profile…


Stage Name: MyoU (묘우/ミョウ)
Birth Name: –
Nationality:  Japanese
Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: March 23, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @usamyonmyon
Youtube: ミョウ
Twitch: usamyonmyeon
Tiktok: usamyonmyon

Myou Facts:
-She is most confident in what she likes.
-The body part she is confident with is her neck.
-One thing she can’t give up in life is a Hamster and Cat.
-She wants to sing on a large stage until she dies.
-Her foot size is 245cm.
-Her biggest fear is life without the internet.
-She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and a bit of Chinese.
-Her hamster is called Songi.
-In middle school, she was in the top 5 of every school for the best grades.
-She wants to be remembered as a versatile person who does everything well.
-Her childhood dream was to become an announcer.
-Her favourite fruit is Apple.
-She hates spicy foods the most, she cannot eat spicy food.
-Her favourite colour is light pink, but she also likes pastel yellow, yellow, sky blue and purple.
-Her favourite season is Winter because she likes warm and soft clothing.
-Her favourite foods are chocolate cake, cheesecake, cream cheese, and crispy food.
-Her favourite exercise is Taekwondo.
-She likes raising a hamster, cats, and take a nap surrounded by dolls.
-A disadvantage of her personality is she hates to wait.
-Her personality type is INTP.
Ideal Type: A small and cute person!
Life Motto: Say Goodbye.
MyoU individual profile…

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