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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Iz*one?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Iz*one?

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How Well Do You Know IZ*ONE? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

Post by roastedpotats

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  • effe

    didn’t know who appeared on iKON’s #WYD MV and who debuted on a group called Ye-A
    happy anyway

  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    I got 9/10 i didn’t know who was on ikon’s wyd mv

  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    But im proud of myself

  • YoonTaeKyung

    stan chaewon, stan talent

  • yeon ʕ•ع•ʔ ssi

    I got 10/10, my WIZ*ONE heart uwu ♡♡♡

  • Trashhhhhh

    I got 10/10 yeyyyy

  • Yna Talua

    I got 10/10 for real, no cheating & no searching anything ♥️🤗 i’m so proud of myself ♥️

  • Yna Talua

    its minju who appeared in iKON’s #WYD MV and the one who debuted last 2014 in Ye-A is Eunbi

  • k h

    9/10 Even tho I don’t know much about them! Yesss

  • Sad Cate

    I don’t know the iKon M/V question. 9/10

  • 26.

    i got it all correct , i didn’t expect that

  • effe

    thank you!

  • Nicholas Matthew Kesuma

    8 of 10 , cool but i must get 10 of 10

  • Namu’s 💓💓

    it’s minju

  • Daneilla Mae D. Francisco

    I got 10😱 no cheating. I know them.

  • Dimas Febria Prabowo

    9/10, i got confused by “dancing queen” thing. lmao

  • Rhany6


  • Viichan


  • Jasmine 💕


  • James Baldesimo

    10/10 ^_^

  • Allison

    Easy 10/10:)

  • Kawaii_Happiness

    i got 10/10, but why? i didn’t expect that

  • 10/10 :))

  • Kpop_Trivia

    10/10 right!
    I’m surprised. o_O

  • Jericho Noveno


  • Mash’Allah Kasim

    That’s the one I got wrong too

  • Nicolo Jefferson

    All right

  • Nicolo Jefferson

    yah its minju and she is cute

  • Lalisannie

    9/10 I thought Chaeyeon appeared on iKON #WYD MV XD

  • irene’s daughter eunbi

    I got 10/10 omgg even tho I wasn’t sure about who appeared in ikon’s video I got it right 🙂

  • Maria Popa

    10/10 lol

  • I Love Renjunnie

    I don’t even know anything about them and I got 10/10 😂

  • Janine Mahometano

    10/10 love you IZ*ONE

  • ZE:A & SVT

    you should have added a question about who the center is though lol

  • James Baldesimo

    10/10 love you Iz*Oneeee!!! ^_^

  • Rocoberry

    I’m SHOOK! 10/10 Advantages for watching Pd48 tho

  • chng theng

    I got 10/10 supported them since PD 48 watched because of Stone music entertainment trainee but ik Chaeyeon from the audition but dk that she participated in sixteen before only found out after she 1000%

  • alla

    I got 9/10 and I don’t even stan 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • クリスティーナ キム

    i want more!! i got perfect 10

  • Dian Sukmawening

    I got 10!

  • トリシャ¹¹

    i got 9/10 and i don’t even stan them. imma stan them now

  • A cup of Tae and Suga cubes

    I got 10 and I don’t even stan them…….

  • SG Lopez

    i got 10/10 and i didn’t even know them that well.

  • MRizard

    i got 10/10! i’m proud being WIZ*ONE!

  • Stray kids love you

    I got 10/10

  • Gibo Buenviaje Cagnaan

    I got 10/10!

  • song habbang

    i think the questions are too easy, because I’m not wizone but I got 10/10 kekeke

  • Joshua Marinas Alto


  • suglosh

    try me bitch 10/10

  • Glicel Casale

    whats my result?

  • Glicel Casale

    i dont know whats my result huehue

  • Gooo G

    8/10 hmm… Not good

  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    6/10. Damn. I suck.

  • Rice Cake child

    10/10 yeet yeet i don’t even really stan them

  • Vivivi24

    Yass 10/10!! Go goo IZ*ONE ♥

  • krystianna jade venus ace

    10/10 yeyy

  • krystianna jade venus ace

    10/10 yeyy violeta

  • 10/10

  • Catherine Lee

    I got 8/10😆

  • Hara Nimmm