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TUNECHILD (Yellopumpy) Profile & Facts

TUNECHILD (Yellopumpy) Profile

TUNECHILD (튠차일드) previously known as Yellopumpy (옐로펌피) is a South Korean rapper.

Stage Name: TUNECHILD (튠차일드)
Former Stage Name: Yellopumpy (옐로펌피)
Birth Name: Lee Dong-hoon (이동훈)
Birthday: October 29, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Facebook: Yellopumpy
Instagram: yellopumpy
Twitter: wsc4576

— He’s based in Seoul, South Korea
— Education: Kangwon Tourism College.
— His stage name before “Yellopumpy” was “Lil Mind”. (hiphopkr)
— His hometown is Mugeuk-ri, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. (hiphopkr)
— His music is for having fun and giving good vibes to many people. (hiphopkr)
— He would recommend his song “I Slay” to first-time listeners that can be found on SoundCloud. (hiphopkr)
— In middle school, he became interested in hip-hop because he discovered Michael Jackson and Eminem. (hiphopkr)
— On a school trip, he performed Epik High’s song “Fly” and many people loved it. (hiphopkr)
— His favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Big Shaq. (hiphopkr)
— The artist that inspired him is Lil Wayne because he started from the bottom with no money and built himself up. (hiphopkr)
— His family is supportive of his music career. (hiphopkr)
— On the first day of SMTM6 auditions, Tiger JK failed him. He didn’t understand why since he knows he is a good rapper and decided to go the next day and DEAN passed him. (hiphopkr)
— He passed the first round of auditions for SMTM6 but chose not to go back due to personal reasons that he can’t say. (hiphopkr)
— He would consider auditioning for Show Me The Money again. (hiphopkr)
— He’d pick Chance the Rapper for the ultimate dream collaboration. (hiphopkr)
— He is a part of his own crew “VLACKSQUAD” that he started after leaving his previous company.

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