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M.Pire Members Profile

M.Pire Members Profile and Facts
M.Pire (엠파이어) is a seven-member South Korean group under CMG Chorok Stars. M.Pire combines the words ‘music’ and ‘vampire’, signifying the need for the group to live off of music. The group debuted on August 1, 2013 with six members: Taehee, Yooseung, Lumin, Haru, Red, T.O, and Jerry. Lumin joined the group in October 2013.

M.Pire Fandom Name: M.U.S.E (뮤즈) (Mind, Understand, Special, and Encourage.)
M.Pire Fandom Color: –

M.Pire Official Accounts:
Fan Cafe: M.pire

M.Pire Members Profile:
Stage Name: Taehee (태희)
Birth Name: Lee Tae Hee (이태희)
Birthday: August 24, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: August 24, 1989
Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @taeheeyam
Twitter: @taeheeyam

Taehee Facts:
– He is a former member of BB.BOYS.
– His number one inspiration is JYJs Junsu.
– He originally debuted in a duo, BB.BBOYS with Yooseung in 2011.
Taehee’s ideal type: miss A‘s Suzy.

Stage Name: Yooseung (유승)
Birth Name: Seo Yooseung (서유승)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: January 26, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @huna126

Yooseung Facts:
– His inspiration is Big Bang‘s T.O.P.
– He is a former member of BB.BOYS.

Stage Name: Lumin (루민)
Birth Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: March 20, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @LUsyndrome

Lumin Facts:
– He is a former member of F.CUZ (under the stage name LeeU).
– He is friends with JYJs Jaejoong and former U-Kiss member Kibum.
– He didn’t join the group until October 2013.

Stage Name: Haru (하루)
Birth Name: Oh Hyun Jun (오현준)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: December 26, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @5hjjun
Instagram: @5hjjun

Haru Facts:
– He is a fan of VIXX.
– His inspiration is Shinhwa.

Stage Name: Red (레드)
Birth Name: Guo Jin (国进)
Korean Name:  Ko Jin (고진)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: December 4, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @RedG1204

Red Facts:
– He is Chinese.
– His inspiration is Super Junior.
Red’s ideal type: Secret‘s Sunhwa.

Stage Name: T.O (티오)
Birth Name: Go Hyun Woo (고현우)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 3, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @hwoo110

T.O Facts:
– His inspiration is Beast‘s Yoseob.
– He debuted as soloist in 2014.

Stage Name: Jerry (제리)
Birth Name: Moon Young Seo (문영서)
Position: Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: September 15, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @dudtj7942

Jerry Facts:
– His inspiration is Big Bang‘s Taeyang.
Jerry’s ideal type: IU.

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profile by kpoopqueenie

Who is your M.Pire bias?

Latest Korean comeback:

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  • Rea

    Lee Taehee – 이태희
    Seo Yooseung – 서유승
    Oh Hyunjun – 오현준
    Guo Jin – 过金/구오진 (Korean name: Ko Jin/고진)
    Go Hyunwoo – 고현우
    Lee Seunghyun – 이승현
    Moon Youngseo – 문영서

  • Qi Xiayun

    Idk if Guo Jin’s name is spelled correctly because I have a different one:

    Guo Jin: 国进 = Kook Jin (국진)

  • kpoopqueenie

    Thank you for the information! It has been added to the profile

  • Gabriel Brito

    Actually, Jerry is the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper and Maknae.
    Yooseung is the Main Rapper
    Red is the Visual and Vocalist
    And Taehee is also a Main Vocalist, not Lead

  • Gabriel Brito

    T.O is also in the j-pop group called B.Crown.
    T.O speaks japanese.
    T.O is the funniest member of the group.
    Lumin is good friends with I’M (Topp Dogg former member Seogoong).
    Lumin was a famoud ulzzang before his debut with F.CUZ.
    Lumin’s father is a famous trot singer called Sul Woon Do.
    Lumin was a solo singer under the name ‘U’.
    Lumin is friends with DGNA/The Boss members.
    Lumin studied 2 years in the USA.
    Lumin can speak english and japanese.
    Lumin is friends with SuG’s Takeru and Chiyu.
    Jerry’s favorite song is ‘Tyga – Dope’.
    Jerry’s dream was to be a backup dancer before the debut.
    Jerry is good friend with Xero from XENOS-T/Topp Dogg
    Jerry has a shoulder tattoo.
    Their song ‘On My Mind’ was composed by JYJ’s Jaejoong and Yooseung.
    Red real name is Zheng Guo-jin and his Korean name is Jung Goo-ki.
    Red is half dutch.
    Red stage name stands for the color red on China’s flag.
    Red is also an actor, and played important roles on two chinese dramas.
    Haru is a fan of Beyoncé.
    Haru is the best dancing girl group songs among the members.
    Haru used to be a model before the debut.

  • KatPas

    I miss them so much.