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September 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

August 20th
•Choi Suhwan |〚별,밤(Starry Night)〛[Pre-Release]
•MCND |〚nanana〛[Comeback]
•Hoppipolla |〚let’s〛[Comeback]
•GREE |〚Humming (Ft. Ravi [VIXX])〛[Release]

August 21st
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[English Release]
•Twice |〚More & More〛[English Release]
•Red Velvet |〚Milky Way〛[Rearranged Release]
•AREAL |〚Wake Me Up〛[Debut]
•James Lee |〚Liar〛[Release]

August 22nd
•Seven O’clock |〚HIGHWAY〛[Pre-Release]
•Sojung [Ladies’ Code] |〚ISLAND〛[Comeback]

August 23rd
•Kim Jaehwan |〚Can’t Goodbye〛[Comeback]
•Byulzzi |〚BBIBBOBBIBBO〛[Debut]

August 24th
•CRAVITY |〚Flame〛[Comeback]
•JENYER |〚To this which the world all are bad (세상 모든 나쁜 이들에게)〛[Comeback]
•Bitsaeon [MONT] |〚Moonlight〛[Solo Release]
•ATEEZ |〚THANXX〛[Release]
•KASPER |〚여름잠 (Over Summer) (Feat. 한요한)〛[Release]
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[EDM & Acoustic Remix Release]
•Seventeen |〚24H〛[Japanese Comeback]
•The Rose |〚Black Rose〛[Release]

August 25th
•Kim Yohan [WEi] |〚No More (Prod. Zion.T)〛[Solo Debut]
•DEMIAN |〚YES〛[Comeback]

August 26th
•JO1 |〚OH-EH-OH〛[Comeback]
•Botopass |〚Flamingo〛[Debut]
•KARD |〚GUNSHOT〛[Comeback]
•Purple Rain |〚Miracle〛[Comeback]

August 27th
•OnlyOneOf |〚얼음과 불의 노래 (a sOng Of ice & fire)〛[Comeback]
•K/DA |〚The Baddest〛[Pre-Release]
•Huh Gak |〚듣고 싶던 말 (Without you)〛[Release]

August 28th
•Blackpink |〚Ice Cream (Ft. Selena Gomez)〛[Pre-Release]
•MONT |〚Shadow〛[Comeback]
•NTX |〚Black Hole〛[Pre Debut-Release]
•ScreaM x EXO-SC |〚10억뷰 (1 Billion Views) (Ft. MOON)〛[Remix Release]
•Fanxy Red |〚Sanlitun Girls〛[Release]
•BTS |〚Dynamite〛[Tropical & Poolside Remix Release]

August 29th
•Seven O’clock |〚Hey There〛[Comeback]

August 31st
•DAY6 (Even of Day) |〚파도가_끝나는_곳까지〛[Unit Debut]
•Lee Eunsang |〚Beautiful Scar (Ft. Park Woojin [AB6IX])〛[Solo Debut]
•Sori |〚Initial S〛[Comeback]

September 1st
•Lovelyz |〚Obliviate〛[Comeback]
•SuperM |〚호랑이 (Tiger Inside)〛[Pre-Release]
•Mighty Mouth |〚Woo〛[Release]

September 2nd
•CLC |〚HELICOPTER〛[Comeback]
•LUNARSOLAR |〚노는 게 제일 좋아 (OH YA YA YA)〛[Debut]
•South Club |〚Rock Star〛[Comeback]
•A.C.E |〚도깨비 (Favorite Boys)〛[Comeback]
•H1GHR MUSIC |〚The Purge〛[Release]

September 3rd
•Jamie |〚Numbers (Ft. Changmo)〛[Comeback]
•Super Junior D&E |〚B.A.D〛[Comeback]
•Devine Channel |〚Faded (Ft. Loopy & Chanyeol [EXO)〛[Release]

September 4th
•AleXa x TheFatRat |〚Rule The World〛[Release]
•Jackson [GOT7] x Galantis|〚Pretty Please〛[Collab Release]
•Wonho |〚OPEN MIND〛[Debut]
•AOMG |〚Somewhere〛[Release]

September 6th
•Mia |〚오늘은 다를거야 (Like a fool) (Ft. nafla)〛[Release]

September 7th
•Taemin [SHINee] |〚Criminal〛[Comeback]
•Namjoo [A-Pink] |〚BIRD〛[Solo Debut]
•YooA [Oh My Girl] |〚숲의 아이 (Bon Voyage)〛[Solo Debut]
•Jang Woohyuk  [H.O.T] |〚HE (Don’t Wanna Be Alone)〛[Comeback]

September 8th
•Flor_us |〚Do Not Forget〛[Comeback]

September 9th
•Perfume |〚Time Warp〛[Comeback]
•CHANMINA |〚Angel〛[Comeback]
•Noo Phước Thịnh |〚Em Đã Thương Người Ta Hơn Anh〛[Comeback]
•Chuther |〚귀차나서 (lazygirl)〛[Debut]
•Lee Woo |〚A Reason To Break Up (헤어져야 하는 이유)〛[Release]

September 10th
•HA:TFELT |〚La Lune〛[Comeback]
•MAMAMOO |〚WANNA BE MYSELF〛[Special Release]
•Nafla & Bloo |〚내 탓〛[Release]

September 11th
•Khakii |〚Midsommar (Ft. Leellamarz)〛[Comeback]
•Serri [Dal Shabet] |〚다가와〛[Solo Debut]

September 12th
•VOID |〚move on〛[Comeback]
•Jeonyul |〚MAMACITA〛[Debut]

September 13th
•Lay [EXO] |〚BOOM (R3HAB Remix)〛[Release Remix]

September 14th
•Moonbin & Sanha [ASTRO] |〚Bad Idea〛[Sub-Unit Debut]
•Stray Kids |〚Back Door〛[Comeback]
•CL |〚POST UP〛[Comeback]
•H1GHR MUSIC |〚Gotta Go〛[Release]

September 15th
•VAV |〚MADE FOR TWO〛[Comeback]
•B.O.Y |〚보고싶다〛[Comeback]
•Jeonguk |〚Corner〛[Comeback]
•MAX |〚Blueberry Eyes (Ft. Suga [BTS])〛[Release]

September 16th
•TWICE |〚#twice3〛[Japanese Release]
•Fromis_9 |〚Feel Good [Secret Code]〛[Comeback]
•Perfume|〚Time Warp (Long Ver.)〛[Release]

September 17th
•KNK |〚RIDE〛[Comeback]
•Junoflo |〚ANGELS〛[Release]
•punchnello |〚fine! (Ft. Kid Milli)〛[Release]
•Sam Kim |〚What About (Ft. Penomeco)〛[Release]
•Solar [MAMAMOO] |〚Ddun Ddun Ddun〛[Special Release]
•Pink Sweat$ x Joshua & DK [SEVENTEEN] |〚17〛[Release]
•Chanyeol [EXO] & DJ Raiden |〚Yours〛[Release]
•DUSTIN-ON |〚You | NG (쿵쳐)〛[Special Release]
•The BLANK Shop |〚사랑노래 (Ft. Wonpil [DAY6]) | We are all Muse (Ft. Baek Yerin)〛[Comeback]

September 18th
•TREASURE |〚사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)〛[Comeback]
•2Z |〚Not without U〛[Comeback]

September 20th
•CORBYN |〚ALL MINE〛[Comeback]

September 21st
•The Boyz |〚The Stealer〛[Comeback]

September 22nd
•Cignature |〚ARISONG〛[Comeback]
•Xydo |〚DOLL (Feat. YUNHWAY)〛[Comeback]
•10CM |〚Tight〛[Release]
•XUM |〚Ddalala〛[Debut]
•SuperM |〚One (Monster & Infinity)〛[Release]
•NTX |〚SURVIVE (Drama Ver.)〛[Release]

September 23rd
•Pentagon |〚Dr. BeBe〛[Japanese Release]
•H&D |〚우산 (Umbrella)〛[Special Release]
•BDC |〚Shoot The Moon〛[Comeback]
•GHOST9 |〚Think of Dawn〛[Debut]
•UNVS |〚Sand Castle〛[Comeback]
•eaJ X Seori |〚It just is〛[Collab Release]
•If Enough |〚8:01〛[Release]
•Q6IX |〚Hello Summer〛[Debut]
•ZELO |〚티 내줘 (Fault)〛[Release]
•Chungha x Christopher |〚Bad Boy〛[Collab Release]

September 24th
•Up10tion |〚Light〛[Comeback]
•Wiz N |〚Between Us〛[Debut]
•ONEWE |〚소행성 (Parting)〛[Release]

September 25th
•SuperM |〚One (Monster & Infinity)〛[Comeback]
•Bae Jinyoung [CIX] and Kim Yohan [WEi] |〚I Believe〛[Special Collab Release]

September 26th
•Young and Wild |〚Thirsty〛[Release]
•YONGYONG |〚Don’t think about it (그런 생각은 하지마) (With. Ash Island)〛[Release]

September 27th
•Narachan [MONT] |〚SEPTEMBER HILLS〛[Solo Release]
•Stray Kids |〚아니 (Any)〛[Release]

September 28th
•Super Junior D&E |〚No Love〛[Special Release]
•Primary |〚Cloud (Ft. ChoA)〛[Release]
•Vitamin |〚학교 가는길’ (The Way To School)〛[Comeback]

September 29th
•NECTA |〚Hourglass〛[Debut]

September 30th
•OWV |〚UBA UBA〛[Debut]
•The Savage |〚SunLight Yellow〛[Debut]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the September Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any September comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂