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Mokyo (모쿄) Profile

Mokyo Profile and Facts

Stage Name: MOKYO (previously known as Thurxday)
Real Name: Choi Myung-Hwan (최명환)
Birthday: July 21, 1991
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Blood Type:
Instagram: @mokyofuckyo
Soundcloud: @mokyo
Youtube: Mokyo

MOKYO facts:
– He was born in South Korea
– In 2019, he officially debuted under H1GHER with ‘Daddy’ and ‘Something’
– ‘Daddy’ and ‘Something’ are songs about his parents
– His mother is his biggest influence
– Used to produce under the name ‘thurxday’, but he changed it to MOKYO recently (Malibu DF)
– Thursday in Korean is ‘목요일’ which is similar to ‘모쿄’ (Malibu DF)
– His Grandfather is Japanese, which influenced his new name (sounds like Tokyo.) (Malibu DF)
– Mokyo has a unique way of making music and inspiring others (pH-1 Malibu DF)
– Mokyo is hard to get in touch with and doesn’t answer his phone much (pH-1 Malibu DF)
– Really close friends with pH-1 as well as Jooyoung
– Produced many songs such as, Like Me – pH-1, Malibu – pH-1, Your Shape – Kwak Jin Eon.
– He has collaborated with artists such as: Woo Won-Jae, CHE and pH-1
– Released his 1st Mini Album ‘Hold’ in 2019
– Also released ‘Daddy’ and ‘Something’ in the same year
– Has decided to not renew his contract with H1GHER (pH-1 Soul Food)
– Mokyo doesn’t want to have children as he thinks he would be a bad father (Uncut interview)
– He released ‘Daddy’ for people who also struggled with their parents (Uncut interview)
– Mokyo has a lot of tattoos
– Mokyo also has a pet cat
– He hopes to become a standard in the music world
– He has 4 unreleased tracks on his Soundcloud
– Mokyo has officially been signed to you.will.knovv (DEAN’s label)
– He will be releasing new music soon!

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