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Dowoon (Day6) Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

Dowoon (Day6) Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type

Dowoon (도운) is a member of the South Korean instrumental band Day6 under JYP Entertainment. He debuted as a soloist on September 27, 2021 with the single “Out of the Blue”.

Stage Name: Dowoon (도운)
Birth Name: Yoon Do Woon (윤도운)
Birthday: August 25, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @d.ddablue
Twitter: @Dw_day6_drummer

Dowoon Facts:
– Dowoon’s hometown is Busan, South Korea.
– Dowoon has an older sister.
– Education: Busan Arts College.
– Dowoon was not part of the original Day6 lineup, known as 5LIVE.
– When Dowoon joined the group in 2015 the bands name was changed to Day6.
– Dowoon’s favorite color is red.
– In Day6 his position is Drummer and Maknae.
– He auditioned for a band position at JYP Entertainment in April of 2015.
– Dowoon can play “Shoot Me” 2 times faster, on a toy drum set.
– Dowoon has lines in the songs: “Dance Dance”, “Lean on Me”, “Pouring”, “Warning!”, “Beautiful Feeling”,
“Everybody Rock”, “Be Lazy”, “365247”, “Finale”, “Day and Night”, and “Wanna Go Back”.
– He started  playing the drums when he was sixteen.
– He is currently taking vocal lessons.
– He has a cat named Hosun and a dog named Tory.
– During one of Day6’s concerts in November 2017, Dowoon revealed his abs.
– When Dowoon feels shy or embarrassed his ears turn red.
– His favorite flavor of ice cream is green tea.
– His favorite Korean word is “Hwaiting”.
– Dowoon was born on the same exact day as former Wanna One member, Ong Seungwoo.
– During a game of would you rather, Dowoon confessed to eating ants as a child.
– He can imitate a sloth and a snail.
– Dowoon on trained for 4 months, at JYPE, which is a much shorter period of time then the rest of his members.
– Many people say that Dowoon resembles Sehun, the maknae of EXO.
– Dowoon has a really deep voice.
– Most of the members think that he is the cutest among the group.
– Dowoon preformed a rap about his hatred of mosquitoes on Weekly Idol.
– If he could have a super power it would be the ability to never have to sleep and to never feel tired.
– Dowoon had to get braces for his health.
– He has a very extensive face cleansing routine that involves oils, a foam cleanser, and soap.
– His favorite movie is My Name is Khan.
– Dowoon’s favorite genre of music is jazz.
– One of his hobbies is taking the bus alone, which his members tease him for.
– Dowoon wants to perform in Incheon, South Korea because he wants to visit Wonpil‘s hometown.
– He tends to get mad whenever Wonpil wants to share a bed with him.
– Whenever Day6 is performing, but Dowoon does not have a drum set, he will use a cajón, which serves as a seat and a surface for him to drum on.
– Dowoon knows some of the dances of other JYPE artists such as: “TT”-Twice, “Gashina”-Sunmi, “Again and Again”-2pm.
– When asked what word best describes MyDays, Dowoon said “Life” because he will spend most of his life with them.
– Once Dowoon cried at a showcase, because he thought about how hard his members were working writing and composing so many songs.
Jae says that Dowoon is his A++ student in English.
– His favorite food is meat.
– ‘Douner’ is one of his nicknames.
– One of Dowoon’s famous quotes is “I am drum,” which he said during an episode of After School Club.
– Dowoon, Young K, and Jae used to be roommates. (Bugs! live)
– Update: He has his own room in the new dorm.
– He debuted as a soloist on September 27, 2021 with the single “Out of the Blue“.
– Dowoon’s Ideal Type: He liked girls with pretty smiles. He also prefers long hair, and somebody who is tall and sexy.(Ariran Radio interview)

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