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SOLE Profile and Facts

SOLE Profile, Facts and Ideal Type:

SOLE / 쏠
is the first female solo artist to debut under Devine Channel and Sony Music.
She’s under Amoeba Culture, and she officially debuted on the November 3, 2017 with the digital single “RIDE (ft. Thama)”.

Stage Name: SOLE (쏠)
Birth Name: Lee Sori (이소리)
Birthday: October 5, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 166 cm (5’6”)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: SOLE – 쏠
Instagram: sounditsme
SoundCloud: sounditsme
TikTok: sounditsme_official
Facebook: Sounditsme.Official

SOLE Facts:
– SOLE was born in Busan, South Korea.
– Her MBTI is ENFP-T, the Activist.
– She was born in the year of the Rooster.
Family: Parents, grandma, younger brother and sister.
– She has a nose piercing.
– She owns a cat named Shinbi.
– Fandom Name: Jjack jjacks.
– She’s a free spirited and open minded person.
– SOLE is the first female artist signed under Devine channel.
– She’s an artist under Amoeba Culture alongside HA:TFELT, GAEKO and HUH!.
– SOLE is an R&B singer, songwriter and producer.
– She was part of a five-member vocalist girl group, LiveHigh / 라이브하이 under MK Music.
– The group was only active from 2011 to 2013.
– Appeared on Superstar K3 and Superstar K4 along with other members of the group.
– She appeared solo on The Voice of Korea 2.
– Her inspiration for writing songs comes from her own thoughts and emotions.
– She’s very eco friendly so she encourages people to use more eco friendly products.
– Before she took the MBTI test, she thought her personality was quiet and introverted.
– She gets scared easily.
– SOLE cannot watch horror movies otherwise she gets nightmares.
– She watches a lot of fantasy, but if movies contains a bit of thriller, she watches them at daylight otherwise she cannot sleep.
– A snack she has become obsessed with is Spicy Shrimp flavored cracker.
– She’s in love with every chocolate containing snack.
– Her favorite foods are all kinds of food.
– She loves eating her grandma’s dumplings, kimchi and baekkimchi.
– Noodles, ramen and tteokbokki are food she likes the most.
– She dislikes leather bags, so she uses casual bags instead since they’re comfortable.
– “The Best things in Life are Free by The Ink Spots is a song she often listens to.
– “Drivers Licenseby Olivia Rodrigo is also a song she can be seen listening to.
– It’s very rare that she gets curious over a song on the radio.
– Her favorite song of her own is “Slow”, she always tears up listening to the song.
– Something she really wants to do is travel abroad, and just relax and no thoughts of work.
– A place she wants to visit again is New York as she loved the streets there and enjoyed the sunshine.
– Her happiest time of the day is when she’s eating and resting with her cat Shinbi.
– She has very sensitive skin which means that she gets red easily.
– She applies lots of lip balm before going to bed.
– As she likes having a matte face complexion, she applies sunscreen after the makeup.
– She always sprays her perfumes on the top of her head and neck.
– Her favorite fashion items are earrings and necklaces, she feels anxious if she isn’t wearing earrings.
– A clothing brand she buys most of her clothes is DARKVICTORY.
– She can be seen wearing jeans with some unique details on.
– SOLE prefers platformed shoes so she wears NIKE Air Force 1 most of the time as adds to her height.
– The outfits she wears when she’s performing are fitted with the songs.
– She dislikes dressing up with too much of the same color as she doesn’t like being too matchy.
– SOLE spends most of her time in her studio so she always wear casual.
– She has a snack box in her studio which is filled with chocolate.
– SOLE doesn’t any secrets in taking care of one’s throat during singing.
– She has a Brown Eyes Soul album which was given to her by Naul and Youngjun.
– SOLE has a book of Van Gogh which she bought at an exhibition.
– She still has a waterbottle that Travis Scott drank out of which nobody is allowed to drink from as she’s saving it.
– She loves using the poop emoji as she think it’s cute.
– SOLE loves taking pictures with her fans.
SOLE’s Ideal Type: Someone funny, adorable / cute, and kind. A bonus would be if he can sing, but not a necessity.

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