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Shin Seol Hee Profile & Facts

Shin Seol Hee Profile & Facts

Shin Seol Hee (신설희) is a South Korean pop-rock singer. She debuted in 2013 with the album Hills of the Time

Stage Name / Birth Name: Shin Seol Hee (신설희)
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Facebook: 신설희 / Shin Seol Hee
Twitter: suriemusic (private)
YouTube: Shin Seol Hee

Shin Seol Hee Facts:
— She’s based in Seoul, South Korea
— In 2016, she travelled to Europe to perform some shows
— She has been fascinated with music since she was very young
— When she composes a song, she usually creates a rough sketch with guitar or piano, then uses a software on a computer to add shape to the faint image she originally pictured
— She constantly changes her work method to avoid falling in a routine
— When she was young, she was fascinated by Björk’s music and one of her dreams was to travel to Iceland and possibly live there. As she finally visited it in 2016, she found it even better than what she expected, to the point that now she believes it’s the most beautiful place in the world
— She grew up listening to a wide variety of genres
— Her biggest musical influence comes from artists such as Radiohead and Bon Iver. Due to this, she’s always obsessed over creating something new, eye-opening
— The basis of her motivation changes every time. She feels that her life in itself is entwined in music
— She believes that musicians shouldn’t worry about the business side of the industry. Nonetheless, she also thinks that as people’s lifestyles become lighter, so do their thoughts, which makes them prefer music without substance
— She feels that performing in different countries is a new and thrilling experience
— She felt that the most impressive concert she had was in Paris because the audience was very open-minded and prepared to be receptive to everything
— When she has to prepare a new stage, she usually tries to wait for a good idea
— She’s involved in the creation of all the images and videos. She works closely with the art director to decide on the artwork
— She always feels that she’s lacking because she seeks perfection in her work. She feels she’s constantly changing and facing different challenges in life
— She thinks that fear is impossible to overcome and must be accepted instead as it can become a source of powerful energy
— Her song Childhood is a tribute to that phase of life. She sometimes reminisces about it, other times she longs to return to it, but also wants to convey happiness through this song
— The most surprising thing that happened to her in her career is the chance to hold concerts in foreign countries. Even though she’s unfamiliar to the general audience, she received a warm welcome and also experienced the feeling of surpassing the language barriers all while finding a connection between her music and the audience
— When she feels frustrated, she just lets it go as she has to follow a work routine and feels there’s no way to overcome it
— When on stage, she’s attracted by a series of factors such as the energy from the audience, the chance to share her music from others and the enjoyment from playing with her band. Even though they change all the time, performing is an enjoyable moment that she never wants to miss
— Her promotions are still quite weak but she has already passed the age of attracting listeners with just the music itself, so she just accepts it and finds her way regardless
— In her spare time, she likes playing games, in particular Starcraft, watching movies, reading and going out dancing when she’s frustrated
— She hopes to find new sources of inspiration and show a level of maturity by introducing orderly compositions to everyone in a timely manner

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