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How Well Do You Know NCT?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know NCT?
NCT quiz
Let’s check this quiz and find out how much of a NCT fan are you. 🙂

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How Well Do You Know NCT? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

quiz by kpoopqueenie

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What’s your result? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • Finny Mayasin

    U should include nct2018 as a subunit too.😶

  • iiBanished

    11 out of 11! This was the first time I got 100% with these quizzes on my first try! 😊

  • kathleen

    this was way too easy 😀

  • YoonTaeKyung

    i don’t think it’s a subunit since all the members are there, btw their name is nct 2019 now

  • Finny Mayasin


  • breakundown

    jungwoo’s voice: ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs sᴏ ᴇᴀsʏ

  • orbit

    You guys don’t know that Lucas is also a Thai member and it shows

  • eve

    nct 2018 is not a unit, it’s a project where all units united.

  • alyssa

    but lucas is thai aswell? isn’t he half thai and half hongkongese? but on another note i got 100% and i’m so happy cause it’s the first quiz i’ve got 100% on on the first try. i love nct and they’re all so talented.

  • Mahadhir Safiee

    I cannot believe i get 10/11
    I thought i get so many incorrect

  • But he was born in Hong Kong anyways.

  • alyssa

    yeah but he’s actually the only one who’s ethnically thai

  • Slash


  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    Hell yeah!!!!! 10/11 i freaking guessed too

  • Shawna Odron

    11/11 sis

  • Cha Frances Imere


  • alyssa

    okay, well i guess that makes sense.

  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    11/11 I know this one!!!! 🙂

  • aswooi

    11/11!!! lesgeddit!! !

  • Winwimkickedmark

    Is there another one? these were too easy

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    11/11 easy!

  • EeZEe Vee

    actually tho, wayv has members of nct in it, but it isn’t a sub-unit bc it’s under a different label than nct it’s not in sm

  • EeZEe Vee

    ayy 11/11 I love NCT sooooo muchhhhhh

  • Yay 11/11 !!

  • Stlaus17

    11/11 yeaah i’m the one of real Czennies💚🙃

  • Stlaus17

    Yeaah 11/11 , i’m the one of real czennies

  • Isreta Ibrahim

    11/11 too easy, i cant express how much i love nct

  • Isreta Ibrahim

    Yukhei is half thai

  • kandyce4ever

    Wayv is a sub-unit of nct because they share the same brand name and share some members of other nct groups. As they stated on weekly idol nct will have a china line. Wayv is the china line of nct. Some fans may be confused since it is not nct china, but it’s all the same anyways.

  • jisung_park_02


  • jisung_park_02

    i can’t express how much i love nct

  • chanhae

    They are a sub-unit and they are under SM just a different Label of SM

  • 11/11 OwO

  • 11 ❤️

  • BangtanLuv12613


    I Got The Question Were Its About Someone Being In Ten’s MV

    I Answered: Yuta

  • BangtanLuv12613

    What One Did You Get Wrong?

  • ghoffffffff127

    i got 10/11.. i didn’t get the one of lyrics right cuz i did not listen to yestoday yet

  • MintyMark

    I guess 11 really is my lucky number 😂

  • carat cute

    7/11 and I just stan them like 1 months ago

  • taeyongshelix

    lol me too

  • nsh

    i got 11/11
    that was easy *hairflips*

  • nctbemynana

    10/11 because i clicked the wrong one and didnt know for which group was first. Im a loyal fan of two years owo

  • kpopanime

    9/11 and I’m a new fan ^v^ happy yay NCTzen forever !!!!

  • EeZEe Vee

    11/11 i love nct

  • XiuminLove12

    11/11 (Technically 10/11 because the screen shifted when I clicked but whatever 😉 )

  • ibustedanuwuforjungwoo

    11/11 uwu

  • Lia Giba

    11/11 yass
    I couldn’t believe myself from a month ago when I was scared of stanning 21 members…Glad I gave them a chance (I learned all their names in under 10 mins– that’s how hooked I was lmao)

  • TensgayokI’mrightyourwrongshut

    11/11 YAY!

  • lily

    this actually not fair cuz u didnt specify what u meant by ‘in what year did nct debut’
    i clicked 2018 cuz i thought u meant as a whole cuz it said NCT like nct as a whole
    but whatever i got them all right in my heart

  • carm3n


  • Saeyeon

    11/11 :>

  • Aleysia Kim


  • Ofocodododo Fmfkrjfkro

    8/11 im A new nctzen

  • aya


  • 9/11 and I’m not even a stan im so proud lol

  • Taeyong’s little sister

    Now, get back to my thesis 😅

  • Melissa

    I can’t even be called Nctzen but ¡Wow!
    That was very easy hehe

  • Subakzen

    First 3 nct unit is debut in 2016, and 2018 is when they start their project(nct 2018). And we can say that a whole nct is debut on 2016. Cmiiw

  • yutaissoft

    group debuted in 2016, in 2018 we got nct 2018, not debut as a whole

  • Cyrup

    i got 9/11…..I dont even know them that well lol.

  • Destiny

    I’m a newbie and I got 8/11



  • 에리카

    11/11 uwu im so proud

  • Kendrah raymond

    9/11. Wow!!! I thought I’d do ok but that’s awesome. Lololol


    i got 5/11 haha im not even a nctzen so i guessed

  • ch0vuu

    I got 11/11. 💚💚

  • kpop-my-life

    I got 10/11 yay 👍🏾💚

  • Kpop_Winner_YG

    I got 10/11 I wanted 11/11 but its fine

  • EeZEe Vee

    11/11 nct is my life gonna go to their concert on the 17

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    11/11 uwu but I got into them last year when Baby Don’t Stop, Touch, Boss, Go, and Black on Black came out so I guess it makes sense. Anyways stan NCT

  • Chae_hyungwon

    omggg 6/11 I know I suck but I’m not a new nctzen https://media1.giphy.com/media/eLkIny2NXXntvjCmzv/giphy.gif

  • ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ

    11/11 ez clap

  • vampire hunter


  • Indah Wijaya

    Yeay i got 9/11

  • Saeyeon

    11/11 whoop whoop whoop whoop proud czennie~



  • Ana
  • nctzenzonetrue

    11/11 😍😍😍👏👏 im not a fake nctzen

  • JenoBebe

    Does NCT 2018 not count as a sub-unit…?

  • KPOP TRASH 19010503314


  • tiffany

    NCT 2018 is NCT but with 2018 added to the end. It’s not a sub-unit, just the group as a whole.

  • Kpopobop

    #7 is wrong because it should be yestoday not baby don’t stop…. Go to the mv of yestoday and go to Lucas’ rap, you can find the lyrics “do you think about me too, do you always cry.

  • dj

    10/11 I got mistake when I chose NCT 127 who debuted first instead NCT U! I think that was NCT U’s 7th Sense, right?!?!? AAAAAAA—-

  • Luna de Mielk

    11/11 ;)))