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Quiz: How Well Do You Know NCT?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know NCT?
NCT quiz
Let’s check this quiz and find out how much of a NCT fan are you. 🙂

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Post by kpoopqueenie

What’s your result? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

  • Finny Mayasin

    U should include nct2018 as a subunit too.😶

  • iiBanished

    11 out of 11! This was the first time I got 100% with these quizzes on my first try! 😊

  • kathleen

    this was way too easy 😀

  • YoonTaeKyung

    i don’t think it’s a subunit since all the members are there, btw their name is nct 2019 now

  • Finny Mayasin


  • breakundown

    jungwoo’s voice: ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs sᴏ ᴇᴀsʏ

  • orbit

    You guys don’t know that Lucas is also a Thai member and it shows

  • eve

    nct 2018 is not a unit, it’s a project where all units united.

  • alyssa

    but lucas is thai aswell? isn’t he half thai and half hongkongese? but on another note i got 100% and i’m so happy cause it’s the first quiz i’ve got 100% on on the first try. i love nct and they’re all so talented.

  • Mahadhir Safiee

    I cannot believe i get 10/11
    I thought i get so many incorrect

  • But he was born in Hong Kong anyways.

  • alyssa

    yeah but he’s actually the only one who’s ethnically thai

  • Slash


  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    Hell yeah!!!!! 10/11 i freaking guessed too

  • Shawna Odron

    11/11 sis

  • Cha Frances Imere


  • alyssa

    okay, well i guess that makes sense.

  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    11/11 I know this one!!!! 🙂

  • aswooi

    11/11!!! lesgeddit!! !

  • Winwimkickedmark

    Is there another one? these were too easy

  • jungkookie “Allana Henriquez”

    11/11 easy!

  • EeZEe Vee

    actually tho, wayv has members of nct in it, but it isn’t a sub-unit bc it’s under a different label than nct it’s not in sm

  • EeZEe Vee

    ayy 11/11 I love NCT sooooo muchhhhhh

  • Yay 11/11 !!

  • Stlaus17

    11/11 yeaah i’m the one of real Czennies💚🙃

  • Stlaus17

    Yeaah 11/11 , i’m the one of real czennies

  • Isreta Ibrahim

    11/11 too easy, i cant express how much i love nct

  • Isreta Ibrahim

    Yukhei is half thai

  • kandyce4ever

    Wayv is a sub-unit of nct because they share the same brand name and share some members of other nct groups. As they stated on weekly idol nct will have a china line. Wayv is the china line of nct. Some fans may be confused since it is not nct china, but it’s all the same anyways.

  • jisung_park_02


  • jisung_park_02

    i can’t express how much i love nct

  • chanhae

    They are a sub-unit and they are under SM just a different Label of SM

  • 11/11 OwO

  • 11 ❤️

  • BangtanLuv12613


    I Got The Question Were Its About Someone Being In Ten’s MV

    I Answered: Yuta

  • BangtanLuv12613

    What One Did You Get Wrong?

  • ghoffffffff127

    i got 10/11.. i didn’t get the one of lyrics right cuz i did not listen to yestoday yet

  • MintyMark

    I guess 11 really is my lucky number 😂

  • carat cute

    7/11 and I just stan them like 1 months ago

  • taeyongshelix

    lol me too

  • nsh

    i got 11/11
    that was easy *hairflips*

  • nctbemynana

    10/11 because i clicked the wrong one and didnt know for which group was first. Im a loyal fan of two years owo

  • kpopanime

    9/11 and I’m a new fan ^v^ happy yay NCTzen forever !!!!

  • EeZEe Vee

    11/11 i love nct

  • XiuminLove12

    11/11 (Technically 10/11 because the screen shifted when I clicked but whatever 😉 )

  • ibustedanuwuforjungwoo

    11/11 uwu

  • Lia Giba

    11/11 yass
    I couldn’t believe myself from a month ago when I was scared of stanning 21 members…Glad I gave them a chance (I learned all their names in under 10 mins– that’s how hooked I was lmao)

  • TensgayokI’mrightyourwrongshut

    11/11 YAY!

  • lily

    this actually not fair cuz u didnt specify what u meant by ‘in what year did nct debut’
    i clicked 2018 cuz i thought u meant as a whole cuz it said NCT like nct as a whole
    but whatever i got them all right in my heart

  • carm3n


  • Saeyeon

    11/11 :>

  • Aleysia Kim


  • Ofocodododo Fmfkrjfkro

    8/11 im A new nctzen

  • aya


  • 9/11 and I’m not even a stan im so proud lol

  • Taeyong’s little sister

    Now, get back to my thesis 😅

  • Melissa

    I can’t even be called Nctzen but ¡Wow!
    That was very easy hehe

  • Subakzen

    First 3 nct unit is debut in 2016, and 2018 is when they start their project(nct 2018). And we can say that a whole nct is debut on 2016. Cmiiw

  • yutaissoft

    group debuted in 2016, in 2018 we got nct 2018, not debut as a whole