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Kim Jae Wook Profile and Facts

Kim Jae Wook Profile: Kim Kim Jae Wook Facts and Ideal Type

Kim Jae Wook (김재욱) is an actor, model, and singer under Soop Management. He is best known for his roles in; Coffee Prince (2007),  Antique (2008), Who Are You? (2013), Voice (2017), The Guest (2018), and Her Private Life (2019).

Stage Name: Kim Jaewook (김재욱)
Birth Name: Kim Jae Wook (김재욱)
Birth Date: April 2nd, 1983
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 183 cm (6′)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @jaeuck.kim

Kim Jae Wook Facts:
– He has an older brother.
– He knows Tae Kwon Do.
– He learned to speak Japanese before Korean because he was raised in Japan until he was 7 years old.
– When he began elementary school in Korea he didn’t understand any Korean and had to learn it.
– He had a difficult time getting used to having to wear uniforms & the hairstyle regulations.
– Due to his difficulties in elementary school, he did not want to go to High School.  He changed his mind when he realized he wanted to participate in band activities like his brother.
– He auditioned for the band Kaksital when he was a freshman in high school and got accepted.
– He appeared on the MBC TV show Akdong Club.  He was offered to audition for an idol group, but he refused.
– During his sophomore year, Jaewook started modeling for the fashion magazine ‘YuHaeng Tongshin’ and appeared in fashion shows.
– Jaewook attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts
– Even though he was modeling, Jaewook still wanted to focus on his music career and majored in music while he attended SeoulArts.
– He formed the rock band WALRUS which at the time consisted of only three members (2011-2014).
-He was the guitarist and singer in the band Walrus.
– in 2002, The MBC Producer, Park Sungsoo advised Jaewook to consider acting in TV dramas.
– His acting debut was in the MBC drama Ruler of Your Own World where he performed as an Indie Rock band member. It was an unpleasant experience and Jaewook decided against acting completely.
– In 2007, Jaewook decided to give acting another chance and acted in KBS2 drama Dalja’s Spring as the lead character’s friend.
– That same year he also acted in the MBC drama Coffee Prince as a supporting character named No SeonKi. The drama had high ratings and gained Jaewook his recognition.
-The public referred to him (and his two other male co-stars) as “꽃미남 프린스” – meaning “Handsome Flower Princes”.
– When Jaewook auditioned for Coffee Prince it was originally for the character Jin Halim who was a bright kid but also a womanizer. Instead, he was given a more introspective and silent role in order to make him more comfortable.
– Then came his role in the Movie Antique where he played a highly talented patissier (someone who makes or sells pastries or cakes) who also happens to be a homosexual.
-Though Jaewook was enthusiastic to play the character he admitted in an interview that it was “difficult playing Min SeonWoo and expressing the character’s gay tendencies in a natural way.” He was so successful at performing the role that some netizens started rumors that he was homosexual in real life.
– After the role in Antique, he took a year off from acting.
– In 2010, Jaewook returned in the SBS drama Bad Guy, a character that possed a more dynamic nature than any of his prior characters.  He was cast for the role after just one meeting with the director.
-In the KBS2 drama Marry Me, Mary Jaewook’s character moved from Japan to Korea and he was able to speak Japanese during the drama.
– In April of 2013, Jaewook completed his Military Services.
– His hobbies include baseball, reading, and soccer.
– He likes to clean in his spare time, and it takes him 4-5 hours before he is finished.  He says that a clean home gives him a sense of pride.
– He uses that time to contemplate the thoughts running through his mind.
– His style is easy and as a personal rule, he never washes his jeans.

Kim Jae Wook Dramas:
 Ruler of Your Own World (네 멋대로 해라) | MBC/ as an Indie Rock band member (2002)
 Dalja’s Spring (달자의 봄) | KBS2/ as Kang Taebong’s friend (2007)
 Coffee Prince (커피 프린스 1호점) | MBC/ as No Seonki (2007)
 The Land of the Wind (바람의 나라) | KBS2/ as Chu Balsu (2008-2009)
Give Me Your Memory ~ Pygmalion’s Love (キミの記憶をボクにください 〜ピグマリオンの恋〜) | BeeTV/ as Kim Gyeon (2010)
 Bad Guy (나쁜남자) | SBS/ as Hong Taesung (2010)
 Marry Me, Mary! (매리는 외박중) | KBS2/ as Jungin (2010)
 Who Are You (후아유) | tvN/ as Lee Hyungjoon (2013)
 Inspiring Generation (감격시대: 투신의 탄생) | KBS2/ as Kim Soo Ok (2014)
Sweet Temptation (달콤한 유혹) | Webdrama/ as Seokmin (2015)
 Voice (보이스) | OCN/ as Mo Taegoo (2017)
 Temperature of Love (사랑의 온도) | SBS/ as Park Jungwoo (2017)
 Hand: The Guest (손: The Guest) | OCN/ as Choi Yoon (2018)
Quiz from God: Reboot (신의 퀴즈 리부트) | OCN/ as AI Joo On (208-2019)
Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) | tvN/ as Ryan Gold (2019)
Sweet (달콤) | TBA / as Cha Min Ho (TBA)

Kim Jae Wook Movies:
Antique (서양골동양과자점 앤티크) as Min Seonwoo (2008)
C’est si Bon (쎄시봉) as Cameo (2015)
Planck Contestant (플랑크 상수) as Kim Woojoo (2015)
Two Rooms, Two Nights (두 개의 연애) as Insung (2016)
The Last Princess (덕혜옹주) as Takeuki (2016)
Another Way (다른 길이 있다) as Soowan (2017)
Butterfly Sleep (나비잠) as Chanhae (2018)

Kim Jae Wook Awards:
 2007 1st Korea Drama Awards | Netizen Popularity Award (Coffee Prince)
2008 16th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards | Best New Actor (Antique)
2008 Asia Model Festival Awards | Fashionista Award (N/A)

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