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CHANGMO Profile and Facts

CHANGMO Profile, Facts and Awards:

CHANGMO / 창모 is a South Korean rapper and producer.
Debuted with, ‘Gangster‘ on the 10th June of 2014.
Signed under AMBITION MUSIK (1LLIONAIRE sub-label).

Rap Name: CHANGMO / 창모
Birth Name: Ku Changmo / 구창모
Birthday: 31st of May, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 183 cm / 6’0″
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: changmo_
SoundCloud: changmo

– His MBTI is INTP.
– He was born in the year of the Dog.
– Born in Jeongseon County, South Korea.
– Family: Parents and a younger sister.
– Education: Namyangju Jugok ES, Deokso MS and High School.
– In Oct. of 2016, signed with the label AMBITION MUSIK.
– He’s in a relationship.
– Had a Ferrari F8 Tributo in red.
– He sold his car in 2022 due to his enlistment.
– Fandom name is Children Who Make Money.
– His shoe size is 290 mm or 46 in EU sizing.
– Refers to himself as “underground rockstar”.
– CHANGMO can play the bass and keyboard.
– Learned how to play piano when he was 5.
– Ever since he was 5 years old, he has had a fear of heights.
– In middle school, he helped a friend who went through bullying.
– Participated in SMTM3, but was eliminated in the 1st preliminary round.
– Featured on ‘NUMBER 1‘ as a backup rapper in SMTM4.
– He featured in Junoflo‘s ‘Twisted‘ during SMTM6 alongside Keem Hyo-Eun.
– Former producer on SMTM777 alongside The Quiett.
– Featured on Lee Youngji‘s ‘GO HIGH‘ in HSR3 alongside Woo Wonjae.
– Alongside Way Ched, he participated in HSR4 as a producer.
– CHANGMO checks the most searched keyword section on MelOn before starting his work.
– Also checks charts to know the ratings of himself.
– The first South Korean artist to be nominated for the BET award.
– His collaboration with Hyolyn topped the charts as the best man-woman collab, ‘Blue Moon’.
– Collaborated with Suran on her single ‘Winein 2017.
– Reached Top Charts’ 1st, 2nd and 3d place for; ‘METEOR‘, ‘Wine’ and ‘Blue Moon‘.
– In 2020, he was nominated for “Artist of the Year” at KHA 2020.
– Also nominated for “HipHop Album of the Year” with ‘Boyhood‘.
– At KHA nominated to “Music Video of the Year” for ‘Meteor’.
– With ‘Swoosh Flow Remix‘, nominated for “Collaboration of the Year” in 2021.
– In Nov. of 2021, CHANGMO was nominated at MAMA for the “Best HipHop & Urban Music”.
– In Aug. of 2017, he collaborated with Kim Samuel for ‘Sixteen‘.
– Him and CHUNG HA collaborated in 2020, ‘PLAY‘.
– He released UGRS listening sessions in Dec. of 2021.
– In Dec. of 2021, collaborated with GAEKO, Don Mills, Los, DeVita, SOLE, SINCE and BE’O.
– He released ‘TAIJI in December of 2021.
– In March of 2022, featured on ZENE THE ZILLA‘s track ‘A Blessing In Disguise‘.
– He released ‘Just the Two of Us‘ in March 2022.
– Enlisted on the 14th of March 2022, and he’ll be returning on the 13th Sept. of 2023.

– In 2017, CHANGMO won the “Discovery of the Year in HipHop”.
– With ‘Meteor‘, he won the “HipHop Track of the Year”, and the “Best R&B HipHop” award in 2020.
– Won “Best Rap / Hip Hop Song” with ‘TAIJI‘ at KMA in 2022.
– At the KHA 2022, he won “HipHop Track” and “Music Video of the Year” with ‘TAIJI‘.
– Won “HipHop Album of the Year” with ‘Underground Rockstar‘ at KHA.
– At KHA 2022, he also won the “Artist of the Year” Award.

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Latest Release: Just the Two of Us

Latest Collaboration: B.O.T.B.

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