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May 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any song I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

April 20th
•GOT7 | ‘DYE’ [Comeback]
•BVNDIT | ‘Children’ [Pre-Release Single]

April 21st
•H&D (Hangyul & Dohyon) | ‘SOULMATE’ [Debut]
•IMFACT | ‘거짓말이야’ [Comeback Single]

April 22nd
•The Rampage | ‘Invisible Love’ [Comeback]
•APRIL | ‘Da Capo’ [Comeback]
•Paul Kim | ‘Heart, 2’ [Comeback]
•Hoppipolla | ‘그거면 돼요’ [Release]

April 23rd
•HA:TFELT (Yenny) | ‘1719’ [Comeback]
•Solar (MAMAMOO) | ‘SPIT IT OUT’ [Solo Release]
•Zico x Kang Daniel | ‘For The Love of It’ [Release]
•Cold Bay | ‘Circle’ [Single Release]
•Off the Cuff (OTC) | Going Out [Debut]

April 24th
•KATIE | ‘Echo is Echoing’ [Comeback]
•Giriboy | ‘Baby’ [Release]

April 25th
•Taeyeon & Hyoyeon (SNSD) | ‘Up & Down’ [Collab Release]

April 26th
•BEN | ‘Off The Record’ [Release]

April 27th
•NOIR | ‘Lucifer’ [Comeback]
•Chungha | ‘Stay Tonight’ [Pre-Release Single]
Oh My Girl | ‘NONSTOP’ [Comeback]

April 28th
•GWSN | ‘BAZOOKA’ [Comeback]
•IMFACT | ‘거짓말이야’  [Comeback Full Album]
•Ravi x Ailee | [Release]
•Minseo | [Release]
•HA:TFELT| ‘Life Sucks’ [Release]

April 29th
•NCT Dream | ‘Ridin’ [Comeback]
•BIBI | ‘KAZINO’ [Comeback]
•Giriboy | ‘Just Kidding’ (Prod. Zion.T)’ [Release]

May 1st
•Jang Hanna | ‘RUNNAWAY’ [Debut]
•BURVEY | ‘Swing Bebe’ [Debut]
•Wengie | ‘Learn to Meow’ [Comeback]
•Amber Liu x James Lee | ‘Alright’ [Collab Release]
•Yesung (Super Junior) x Suran | ‘Still Standing’ [Collab Release]

May 2nd
•Lim Jaehyun & Moon Seongwook | ‘밤’ [Collab Release]
•Changmin (2AM) | [Comeback]
•Neighbro | ‘전해지지 않는 마음’ [Comeback]

May 3rd
•Sung Sikyung | [Comeback]

May 4th
•Astro | ‘Knock’ [Comeback]
•Fanatics | ‘VAVI GIRL (바비걸)’ [Comeback]
•Taeyeon (SNSD) | ‘Happy’ [Comeback]
•Kim Sunjae | ‘A Drive’ [Comeback]
•sokodomo | ‘LOL’ [Release]

May 5th
•2Z | ‘Nostrum’ [Comeback]
•GB9 | ‘Milky Way’ [Release]

May 6th
•Ra.D | ‘Open it up’ [Release]
•IU | ‘Eight (에잇)’ ft. Suga [Comeback]
•Changmo & STORMZY | ‘Own it’ [Collab Release]
•Chahee | ‘Puzzle’ [Release]
•SRG (Shim & Hyangs) | ‘Nah’ [Debut]
•ERIK | ‘Em Không Sai, Chúng Ta Sai’ [Comeback]
•Monday Kiz x KEN (VIXX) | ‘견뎌야 하는 우리에게’ [Collab Release]

May 7th
•Natty | ‘NineTeen’ [Debut]
•Moon Jongup | ‘Headache’ [Debut]
•Nafla | ‘I’m in Love’ [Release]
•Lee Sooyoung | ‘Masque’  [Release]
•Yang Jiwon | ‘태양을 향해’ [Comeback]
•Aivan | ‘이번 봄이 가기 전까지 (Until this spring)’ [Comeback]
•BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4) | ‘Butterfly and Cat ft Baekhyun (EXO)’ [Pre-release]
•Theo (Zhu Zheng Ting) | ‘EMPTY SPACE’ feat. BOOGIE (Wang Ziyi) [Release]

May 8th
•pH-1 | ‘X’ [Release]
•LUCY | [Debut]
•BADCUPID | ‘Shining Arrow No.VI’ [Release]
•The8 (Seventeen) | ‘那幕 (Falling Down)’ [Solo Release]

May 11th
•Nu’est | ‘The Nocturne’ [Comeback]
•DAY6 | ‘Zombie’ [Comeback]

May 12th
•BVNDIT |’Jungle’ [Comeback]
•Ong Seongwu & Baek Jiyoung | [Collab Release]
•Raiden x CHANYEOL | ‘Yours’ Ft. LeeHi & CHANGMO [Collab Release]

May 13th
•Jun.K (2PM) | ‘THIS IS NOT A SONG’ [Japanese Comeback]
•NMB48 | ‘Datte Datte Datte’ [Comeback]
•Busters | ‘Paeonia’ [Comeback]
•BOL4 (Bolbbalgan4) | ‘품’ [Comeback]
•The Boyz | ‘GENERATION Z’ [Comeback]
•JUNIK | ‘짙은 너의 향기조차 못 느끼게’ [Release]

May 14th
•Vinxen | [Comeback]
•GRAY | ‘Moon Blue’ [Release]
•Grizzly | ‘Fake Red’ [Comeback]
•SAAY | ‘DON’T KNOW (feat. Punchnello)’ [Comeback]

May 15th
•UNVS | ‘Give you up’ [Comeback]
•Doori (GBB) | ‘Beauty Advisory’ [Solo Release]
•Woo!Ah! |’Exclamation’ [Debut]
•Jo Woochan (조우찬) |’Honey Dance’ [Release]
•Hitchhiker x Sokodomo |’Sugar’ [Release]

May 17th
•Reddy | ‘50000’ [Comeback]

May 18th
•TXT | ‘Can’t you see me?’ [Comeback]
•SOLE | ‘haPPiness’ [Comeback]
•CHEEZE | ‘Today’s Mood (오늘의 기분)’ [Comeback]
•Chungha x Zion.T | ‘Song FARM!’ [Collab Release]

May 19th
•NCT 127 | ‘Punch’ [Comeback]
Victoria | [Debut]
RSQ (Red Square) | ‘Colorfull’ [Debut]
Secret Number | ‘Who Dis?’ [Debut]
Rohann | ‘Neverland’ [Release]
Xydo | ‘Mint Chocolate ft Ravi (VIXX) [Release]
Yonghwa (CN Blue), Lee Joon, Doojoon (Highlight) & Kwanghee | ‘Would you Marry me?’ [Collab Release]

May 20th
•Ken (VIXX) | ‘Greeting’ [Solo Comeback]
•Woogie |’Better Ft. Golden’ [Comeback]
•Sujeong (Lovelyz) | ‘Tiger Eyes’ [Solo Debut]
Crush x Joy (Red Velvet) | ‘자나깨나’ [Collab Release]

May 21st
•Yubin | ‘넵넵 (ME TIME)’ [Comeback]
Only One Of | ‘angel’ [Comeback]
Eunkwang (BTOB) | ‘Dear My Dear’ [Pre-release]

May 22nd
•D-Crunch | ‘Pierrot’ [Comeback]
•AgustD (BTS) | ‘대취타’ [Release]
•Mateo (마테오) | ‘미안해 (Sorry)’ [Release]
•Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) | ‘Friend to lover(친구에서 연인)’ [Release]

May 23rd
•Dindin | ‘DoDoDoDo (돼버릴거야) ft. Wheein (Mamamoo)’ [Release]
•Lee Woo | ‘Because I love you(남자가 사랑할 때)’ [Release]
•BÍCH PHƯƠNG x BIGDADDY | ‘Khui Hè Hết Nấc’ [Collab Release]

May 24th
•Minzy | ‘Lovely’ [Comeback]
•Hwang Inwook | ‘취했나봐’ [Release]
•Muzie | ‘Me Before You(그대를 알기 전에 내 모습으로)’ [Release]

May 25th
•Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) | ‘Greed’ [Solo Debut]
•Baekhyun (EXO) |’Delight’ [Solo Comeback]
•DKB | ‘LOVE’ [Comeback]

May 26th
•Monsta X | ‘FANTASIA X’ [Comeback]
•Park Jihoon | ‘Wing’ [Comeback]
•TIGER JK | ‘kiss kiss bang bang ft. twlv’ [Release]
•ONEWE | ‘End of Spring’ [Comeback]
•Youra | ‘행복은 도피여야 해’ [Release]
•MOON | ‘이 밤이(2NIGHT) ft. Vince’ [Collab Release]

May 27th
•SF9 | ‘Good Guy’ [Japanese Release]
•Roy Kim | ‘Linger On’ [Release]
•Punch(펀치) | ‘Say Yes ft. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)’ [Collab Release]
•Punch(펀치) | ‘안부’ [Japanese Release]
•Shin (Cross Gene) | ‘Trust Me’ [Solo Comeback]
•Sandeul (B1A4) | ‘House of Thoughts’ [Solo Release]

May 28th
•Sik-K | ‘TELL YA!’ [Release]
•Kim Jinho(김진호) | ‘Came to collect them(그거 모으러 왔나 봐요)’ [Release]
•Sunwoojunga (선우정아) | ‘Idle Idle(뒹굴뒹굴)’ [Release]
•BLACKPINK x Lady Gaga | ‘Sour Candy’ [Collab Release]
•MOMOLAND | ‘TIKI TAKA(티키타카)’ [Release]

May 29th
•Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) | ‘Absence’ [Comeback]
•Lee Jinah | ‘Dangerous Dream’ [Release]
•Jvcki Wai x Coogie x Paloalto x The Quiett x 뱃사공 | ‘Fadeaway’ [Collab Release]

May 30th
•Jungwoo Kim (김정우) | ‘City of Lights’ [Release]
•Chungha | ‘My Friend (여기 적어줘)’ [Release]
•Bang Chan (Stray Kids) | ‘I Don’t Want to Admit’ [Release]

May 31st
•Woollim Entertainment (INFINITE/Lovelyz/GoldenChild/Rocket Punch) | ‘Relay’ [Company Collab Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the May combacks?

Are you excited for any May comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂