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Solbi Profile & Facts

Solbi Profile & Facts

Solbi (솔비) is a South Korean solo singer, painter and television personality under MAP Crew. She made her solo debut on June 19, 2008 and held her first solo exhibition as a painter in 2012

Stage Name: Solbi (솔비)
Birth Name: Kwon Ji-an (권지안)
Birthday: September 30, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Website: www.kwonjian.com
Facebook: Solbi 솔비
Twitter: solbBest
Instagram: solbibest
YouTube: 솔비타임즈 SOLBI TIMES
VLive: MAPCREW (inactive)

Solbi Facts:
— She was a member of Typhoon. The group debuted in 2006 and disbanded in 2010
— She was a host of Sang Sang Plus (Season 2) along with Lee Hyori and Shin Junghwan
— From March 2008 to March 2009, she was a host of Music Core along with BIGBANG‘s Daesung and Seungri. She was replaced by SNSD‘s Tiffany and Yuri
— In February 2008, she was cast in We Got Married. During the Lunar Special episode, she was paired with Hong Kyeongmin, but for the rest of the series her partner was Shinhwa‘s Andy
— On July 15, 2008, she released a Korean version of Way Back into Love from the 2007 movie Music and Lyrics starring Kim Jongwook
— She was one of the main MCs for Infinite Girls (season 2), but stepped down allegedly due to conflicting schedules with her upcoming album
— In October 2015, she took part in Infinite Challenge
— In 2017, she was appointed as an ambassador for the Central Election Commission
— She was a special guest teacher in Idol School, focusing on Psychological Health Management by the use of art therapy
— She started painting in 2010 for healing purposes and has since shown her skills as a painter
— Starting with ‘fantasy’ of ‘Trace’ in 2015, she introduced self-collaboration, a new form of art between her two different selves (Kwon Ji-an and Solbi)
— The self-collaboration consists of five pieces. In particular, Solbi is seen as side effect of “hyperism”, which means that if modern desires and higher expectations aren’t addressed, the opposite side effect is the sense of deprivation
— “Hyperism-Red” performed an unprecedented “Red” performance on the subject of women’s pains on Music Bank, causing major shock
— In March 2018, she introduced the sound of “Class” of “Hyperism-Blue” to her YouTube channel. “Class” is a criticism to class society
— She’s been leading the sharing of talent donations and good deeds to a nursery in Gyeonggi Province since 2012
— In 2016, she released Find, a song whose purpose was to introduce “Finding Project” to promote the search for missing children
— That same year, in December, her company released “Son Mo-ah gloves” to improve the perception towards deaf and hearing impaired children and help them to enjoy healthy lives
— In 2017, she took part in A Night of Support for Multicultural Children and donated five million won along with offering a special performance
— She has continued to paint pictures of the victims of the Sewol Ferry accident since 2014. She also expressed special condolences
— In January 2018, she appeared as a lecturer on New Year’s Special Talk for the Future of the Year, pointing out that the punishment for stalking and dating violence is too bland. She proposed a bill that was decided as a comprehensive measure to prevent damage at the National Assembly presided over by then Prime Minister Lee Nakyeon and enacted as a law to punish stalking
— In June 2018, she took part in the Muko Multi-Particular Anti-Terruption Event Association and encouraged families
— During that same period, she was chosen as the MC of Play-learn TV’s Museum of Fine Arts of Roman Princess
— She was under Pastel Entertainment but has since moved to MAP Crew

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