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April 2020 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any song I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/k-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.)

March 20th
•DPR Live | ‘Is Anybody Out There?’ [Comeback]
•eaJ (Jae/DAY6) | ‘Rose’ [Release]
•Jackson (GOT7) | [Release]

March 21st
•PurpleBeck | ‘Starry Night’ [Comeback]

March 23rd
•Kim Yonja | ‘Ssuk Duk Koong’ [Release]
•Lee Minhyuk | ‘In It’s Time’ [Release]
•Kisum | ‘Primero’ [Release]

March 24th
•Kang Daniel | ‘2U’ [Comeback]
•ONEUS | ‘In It’s Time’ [Comeback]
•Xydo | ‘X’ [Comeback]
•Nafla | ‘u n u part. 2’ [Release]
•Sik-K | ‘GooseBumps’  [Release]

March 25th
•Ong Seongwu | ‘Layers’ [Comeback]
•Stray Kids | ‘Mixtape : 바보라도 알아’ [Release]
•Label Up | ‘Beautiful Tomorrow’ [Debut]
•K TIGERS ZERO | ‘愛(사랑 애)’ [Comeback]

March 26th
•MY.st | ‘몰라서 그래(Don’t know)’ [Debut]
•Winner | ‘뜸(Hold)’ [Pre-Single Release]

March 27th
•Gaho (PLT) | ‘A song for you’ [Release]
•Corbyn | ‘ODSEE’ [Release]

March 28th
•4Carat | ‘Be Breathless’ [Debut]

March 29th
•Coogie | ‘UP’ [Release]

March 30th
•Suho (EXO) | ‘Self-Portrait’ [Solo Debut]
•H&D (Hangyul & Dohyon) | ‘I’m unfamiliar (낯설어)’ [Pre-Debut Release]

March 31st
•TOO | ‘Reason for being : 仁’ [Debut]


April 1st
•The Fantastics | ‘Hey, darlin’ [Comeback]
•Seventeen | ‘Maiochiru Hanabira (Fallin’ Flower)’ [Japanese Comeback]
•Ji Jinseok | ‘Half & Half’ [Comeback]
•CIX | ‘Revival’ [Japanese Debut]
•Kwon Jinah | ‘뭔가 잘못됐어’ [Release]
•Hong Jinyoung | ‘Love is like a Petal’ [Release]

April 2nd
•ONEWE | ‘모르겠다고’ [Comeback]
•Code Kunst | ‘Flower ft. Jay Park, Woo (Woo Wonjae) & Giriboy’ [Release]

April 3rd
•eaJ (Jae/DAY6) | ’50 Proof’ [Release]
•Bandage | ‘Square One’ [Debut]

April 5th
•Cignature | ‘아싸 (ASSA)’ [Comeback]

April 6th
•Changmin (TVXQ) | ‘Chocolate’ [Release]
•(G-IDLE) | ‘I Trust’ [Comeback]
•Jeongmin | ‘The Day of Ours(그날 우리) ‘ [Comeback]

April 7th
•#Gun | ‘Wednesday’ [Release]
•Superbee | ‘MUD BOY’ [Release]
•Stella Jang | ‘Villian’ [Comeback]

April 8th
•J Soul Brother’s (JSB) | ‘Movin’ On’ [Comeback]
•UNVS | ‘SOLAR ECLIPSE’ [Single Release]

April 9th
•Winner | ‘Remember’ [Comeback]
•MCND | ‘떠(Spring)’ [Comeback]
•Dalsooobin | ‘DIVE’ [Comeback]
•Kassy | ‘이 마음이 찾아오면’ [Comeback]
•DeVita | ‘EVITA!’ [Release]
•Forestella | ‘Nella Fantasia’ [Release]

April 10th
•MC Mong | [Release]
•KEEMBO | ‘Thank you, anyway’ [Debut]
•MAXXAM | ‘Deep End’ [Comeback]

April 12th
•Baekchan (8eight) | ‘BAEKCHAN 01’ [Release]

April 13th
•A-PINK | ‘덤더럼 (Dumhdurum)’ [Comeback]
•안병웅 (Ahn Byeong Woong) | ‘Drown’ [Release]

April 14th
•GIRLKIND | ‘Future’ [Comeback]
•Cravity | ‘Hideout: Remember who we are’ [Debut]
•Loopy | ‘NO FEAR’ [Release]

April 15th
•Generations | ‘ヒラヒラ’ [Comeback]
•Monsta X | ‘Wish on the same sky’ [Japanese Comeback]
•SF9 | ‘Good Guy’ [Japanese Release]
•Hong Changwoo (홍창우) | ‘첫사랑’ ft. Jun, Donghun & Chan (A.C.E) [Project Release]
•C JAMM x Yang Hongwon (양홍원) | ‘불러’ [Release]
•BEYOOOOONDS | ‘Vitamin ME (ビタミンME)’ [Comeback]

April 16th
•Jang Deokcheol | ‘그대만이’ [Comeback]
•Junggigo | ‘Eyes on You ft. Jay Park’ [Comeback]

April 17th
•Kid Milli | ‘Beige 0.5’ [Release]
•DICPUNKS | ‘평행선’ [Release]

April 18th
•Zelo | ‘Day2Day’ [Release]

April 19th
•Kanto | ‘FAVORITE’ [Single Release]

April 20th
•GOT7 | ‘DYE’ [Comeback]
•BVNDIT | ‘Children’ [Pre-Release Single]

April 21st
•H&D (Hangyul & Dohyon) | ‘SOULMATE’ [Debut]
•IMFACT | ‘거짓말이야’ [Comeback Single]

April 22nd
•The Rampage | ‘Invisible Love’ [Comeback]
•APRIL | ‘Da Capo’ [Comeback]
•Paul Kim | ‘Heart, 2’ [Comeback]
•Hoppipolla | ‘그거면 돼요’ [Release]

April 23rd
•HA:TFELT (Yenny) | ‘1719’ [Comeback]
•Solar (MAMAMOO) | ‘SPIT IT OUT’ [Solo Release]
•Zico x Kang Daniel | ‘For The Love of It’ [Release]
•Cold Bay | ‘Circle’ [Single Release]
•Off the Cuff (OTC) | Going Out [Debut]

April 24th
•KATIE | ‘Echo is Echoing’ [Comeback]
•Giriboy | ‘Baby’ [Release]

April 25th
•Taeyeon & Hyoyeon (SNSD) | ‘Up & Down’ [Collab Release]

April 26th
•BEN | ‘Off The Record’ [Release]

April 27th
•NOIR | ‘Lucifer’ [Comeback]
•Chungha | ‘Stay Tonight’ [Pre-Release Single]
Oh My Girl | ‘NONSTOP’ [Comeback]

April 28th
•GWSN | ‘BAZOOKA’ [Comeback]
•IMFACT | ‘거짓말이야’  [Comeback Full Album]
•Ravi x Ailee | [Release]
•Minseo | [Release]
•NCT Dream |’Ridin’ [Comeback]
•HA:TFELT| ‘Life Sucks’ [Release]

April 29th
•NCT Dream | ‘Ridin’ [Comeback]
•BIBI | ‘KAZINO’ [Comeback]
•Giriboy | ‘Just Kidding’ (Prod. Zion.T)’ [Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the April combacks?

Are you excited for the April comebacks? Feel free to comment below! 🙂