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Who’s your favorite vocalist in BTS?

Who’s your favorite vocalist in BTS?

BTS is full of talented members. Their vocal line consists of these four members; Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Each one of them has their own unique and charismatic style of singing. In your opinion, who’s your favorite vocalist in BTS?

Jin (born December 4, 1992) – Vocalist

Jimin (born October 13, 1995) – Lead Vocalist

V (born December 30, 1995) – Vocalist

Jungkook (born September 1, 1997) – Main Vocalist

Update!: In order to put an end to any unfair additional mass votings and continuous conflicts, you can now simply comment below your favorite BTS vocalist! Consider this an original style of comment poll.

Please read: What this page is really asking for are personal opinions on who’s your personally favorite BTS vocalist purely and solely based on your own personal preferences and likes on a singer. This page was not created with any intention to degrade the worth or talent of any of the BTS members but more as a fun game between the fandom so let’s keep it that way <3

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Who’s your favorite vocalist in BTS? Whose style of singing do you like more?  🙂

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  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Tbh I think V is the most stable so I’m voting for him

  • Lia Giba

    They are all great vocalists in their own way, and shine differently. Jin’s Epiphany and V’s Singularity are both very different from each other, but they both showcased their talents and skills perfectly. Same goes for Jungkook’s Euphoria and Jimin’s Serendipity.

    Jungkook is the main vocal for a reason, but they are all beautiful.

  • مارينا

    jungkook and jin are the most clear and stable live hence my vote

  • Seon Seok

    For Me, aside from Jungkook and Jimin, Jin must be a lead vocalist, he has a very clear voice and stable

  • Amber

    All of them are great

  • Jin all the way <3

  • qeti

    v is my bias, I think he has a very good vocal, but not because that he’s my bias… I liked hes voice from day that I liked kpop…

  • Joshua Marinas Alto

    Jungkook & Seokjin have the most clear voice… In my opinion, Seokjin must be a main/lead vocalist… (No hate on Jimin though)

  • Seif Haddad

    well , technically , V and jungkook , voice clear will go to jungkook and jin , jimin tbh is the weakest technically but has the best color , no hate on him , but jin or V should be a lead vocalist , but jin is better than jimin techincally and more stable in stages and more voice clear and also he has great color and better at doing high notes , in the other hand , jungkook has lack of emotions while singing and he is the 3rd best high note in the group , so idk , but jin and jungkook for me is the most well rounded vocalists , but technically , V wins , but when it comes how their voices fit their songs , jimin and jungkook fit the most , but jin also fit too , so he should be a lead vocalist more than V , V is great and imnt saying he is bad , but he should stay as a vocalist since his voice doesnt really fit , but some songs it does fit , also he is stable at lives , so
    1) jungkook
    2) jin
    3) V
    4) Jimin
    1) V
    2) jungkook and jin ( both are good technically )
    3) Jimin
    1) jimin
    2) jin
    3) jungkook
    4) V
    1) jin and V ( cant decide between both )
    2 ) jimin
    3 ) jungkook
    High notes
    1 ) Jin
    2 ) Jimin
    3 ) jungkook
    4) V
    so in my opinion , jungkook will stay as a main vocalist , his voice fits alot their sings and he is the most well rounded and stable in the live , but jin in my opinion should be also a lead vocalist with jimin
    note : the high notes are based on my opinion , but technically , i dont know yet , since i didnt study vocals that much yet , i just know the main basics of it , and not advanced , but jimin lose sometimes his stability while doing high notes , so that gives jin a point as the best high note singer …
    edit : i V in early stages was better technically , but jin and jungkook improved alot , so jungkook is over V in technique now , so jungkook is #1 in that case ( i will edit now ) , jin and V are the same , jin has the best breathe control over them , but nasality is still there also , i asked my teacher about the highnotes , he said that jin has the best high note , and jimin doesnt have much good note but better than jungkook’s and V still , since V should stick to the low notes not high notes and i will tell you why , V and jimin are on their way to ruin their vocals if they keep pushing themselves for high notes and they arent trained well , V is a tenor and has a deep voice , and tenors should stick with low notes , they can sing high notes still , but needs a lot of training , jimin needs more training before doing high notes , the only one capable techinically of high notes is jin here , his voice wont be ruined if he does some high notes , but still , if he trains more for high notes , he can kill them all , also , i couldnt find alot of high notes for jungkook , but i managed to see some notes ( i didnt ask my teacher about him tho , i forgot , sry , so thats my opinion about him ) , his arent bad , but still not better than jimin’s since jimin is actually a high pitched and can be look more beautiful and nice , tho , i can see jungkook can do high notes without destroying his voice , unlike jimin , jin still is the best in high notes technique , tho , idk if you watched his high note in ”awake” live , but it does sound good , but he needs to be more comfortable while doing it and you can notice that he wasn’t comfortable at all while doing it , if you are comfortable while doing a high notes it will be better …..
    and jimin still #2 since it does ”sound” good , but if he trains more , it will be really great , so this is the edit
    Stability : the same as before
    technique :
    1) jungkook
    2) jin and V
    3) jimin
    Color : the same as before
    emotions : the same as before
    high notes : the same as before
    also , as a group , BTS is considered a weak vocalists and they aren’t vocal legends , in terms of rap and dance , they are , but in vocals , i don’t think so , and i’m saying in technique , not preference , because in preference , i would say that their vocal color is really insane and i really like their voices , but vocaling is a talent you need to train for , voice is something you have and you do change it easily and it doesn’t need any technique , vocal technique is like the control of air , the high notes , etc… to make it more clear you know for who don’t know what technique means here
    i didn’t expect that i will write that alot , but i’m just talking about all things here ,not just preference , again , imn’t yet experienced , also my teacher didn’t have time to tell me all the things and listen to them clearly , so he told me the basics and a little advanced , because if he wanted to be advanced , he would tell me D4 , A7 ,and that things that i still need to study , so yeah ….

  • Seif Haddad

    i disagree , jungkook wasnt the main vocalists for no reason , one of the reasons is that he is the most stable one in live stages while dancing , etc…. , tho , V is stable too

  • Stan talent stan TEN

    Jungkook by a mile.

    It should be:

    1. Jungkook
    2. Jin
    3. Taehyung
    4. Jimin

    Taehyung has a large range, whereas Jimin is technically the worst (he is also a bit unstable)
    Jungkook is by far the best vocalist in bts, he is also the most stable in the group. Jin has a good breathing technique. Jimin needs a vocal coach, as well as Taehyung, both of them are on their way to ruin their vocals. Both have beautiful voices, but BH needs to get them a vocal coach.

  • Rolinaa

    I agree. Even though i usually like jimin’s parts in songs most followed by jin, i think Jungkook is the over all the best. Jin is the second best over all in my opinion. Jungkook deserves to be the main vocalist.

  • Rolinaa

    Kindda agree, i don’t think there’s a big gap between vocal line abilities thou, Jungkook is the best, he is the most stable and clear since day one that’s why he is the main vocalist. Jin, in my opinion, is the second best in stability but i think his voice is more clear than jungkook. Jimin has a very beautiful voice color i love listening to his parts but it’s hard to credit his live singing.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognizes Jimin’s not really the BEST singer lol… on twitter 24/7 people are talking about how he’s the greatest singer ever and how ‘no one else can ever sing like him’ ;/ I agree that Taehyung and Jimin could probably use more vocal training bc both of their voices could be really really great

  • Ambisha Gurung

    just say all of them instead of ranking them even though you don’t know how to sing ;-;

  • Alina

    Wow!!!! Jimin gained more than 100 votes in less tha an hour! This is why voters are less than votes

  • Seif Haddad

    Yeah , agree with you , jimin’s parts are really.nice and his voice makes it better , his voice color is insane and jin , for me , has alot of lines that are really memorable like jimin

  • Seif Haddad

    Techincally. V and jungkook are the best followed by jin , but overall. I would rank them like you
    edit : jungkook now is the best technically , but V and jin are both the same in techniques as basics ,im not much advanced yet in vocals , so cant decide between both , but jin has the best breathe control and high note , while V has the best vocal range ,

  • Seif Haddad

    You dont really need to sing to rank them , im studying music , so its obvious I will know even tho im bad singer. But ofc , I need to learn how to sing , but not now , u should study singing techniques then go to sing

  • Seif Haddad

    They are just his biases , no hate intended , but its okay to say that your bias is weak at something.and needs improvement

  • Loui

    I think Jin’s technique is much better than Taehyung thou?

  • Loui

    Jungkook and Jin are the best.
    Jungkook has always been the best in stability since debut but he needs to control his breathing while singing, while Jin trained hard till he became the second stable. I also think jin has the best technique among them and the most clear voice while singing, his voice is still nasally thou and a bit more training he will be just perfect. But if I was choosing the best vocal color, it’ll be jimin but he is the weakest stability and technique. However he is the best to sing with emotions followed by jin. V is in the middle for me, I don’t really like baritones but I have to admit he has a very unique voice! he also has the widest range in the group and I think his song singularity was probably my favorite but he sometimes sings flat and out of tune and if he is still training couple of years will make him a great vocalist.
    BTS has very unique vocalists all of them need training thou specially V and Jimin, their recorded songs are GREAT but when they sing live you can tell specially The Truth Untold.

  • Bucky

    Sometimes many hardcore fans who bias Jimin will tend to say Jimin is main vocal, main dancer, and best visual. Jimin has high-pitched vocal and his singing is shaky while dancing, but he has distinctive voice which everyone likes.
    I think the best vocal in my opinion is
    1. Jungkook (stable, there’s a lot of air in his vocal, wide range vocal)
    2. Taehyung (distinctive, wide range vocal)
    3. Jin (unique vocalization if you listen more to how he sings, his vocal is not distinctive but there’s something special in the way he pronounces something/he sings)
    4. Jimin (High pitched vocal, very distinctive, but sometimes unstable)

    I’m having a hard time because my best friend is an army and I am just a multifandom kpoppers which I like almost every kpop songs and groups, and I just critic that it’s okay an idol has flaws and need improvement, after all they are humans and they have fans, and i still love them. but my best friend hates me and it seems like she said that i shouldn’t talk about BTS anymore because she feels like I always talked bad things about them, while i was just saying for example that Jimin was unstable on one performance and i think Jungkook is very stable and then she’s mad lol. but i’m okay i don’t care about their fandom, i care about their skills and music after all. and i support them.

  • Joshua Alto

    The moral lesson is Support the artists, not their fandom…

  • Stan talent stan TEN

    yeah, twitter is the worst of them all. People are really dumb there. I try to stay the best away from there lol

    But it’s actually quite concerning how much Jimin ruining his voice by hitting those high notes that he isn’t capable of. He is constantly straining his voice and that might cause him bad things in the future. BH needs to let him sing in his own range and stop forcing him those high notes. And it isn’t helping that his fans are telling that he is doing a good job and pitying him. In general i feel like some armys treat Jimin as a baby who cries everytime he hits a high note. Instead of saying that he needs good training. And no, Jimin is far from the best vocalist. Like, really far.

  • Seif Haddad

    i would like to edit it , Jungkook is the best in technique now , but V and jin are in the same stages , since jin improved alot , im studying music and i know the basics of vocals , tho , not that advanced in it yet to choose between them

  • wooshinkl

    dont worry she will understand sooner or later
    I am Army and it hurts to hear critics because if the history they had, but I know critics are need it so they can improve even more
    say to ur friend is okay to get critics, artists need them

  • wooshinkl

    I am between Jin and Jimin, but I love Jin soothing voice, he calms me so much!!!

  • LouisFib

    All of them are the best vocalist and my favourite is Jin…

  • Hhh

    Someone is spamming votes for jimin, 200 votes in an hour!

  • Brie

    They all are good